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187_ --1989


Miss Alice Umelia Goggin, daughter of  William Hugh and Adeline (Lyons) Goggin, and granddaughter of Edmund T. Goggin, taught the first school, which was a private school, in Pottsville during the summer of 1876. 

The first school building was on the Hoover ranch. The next school building was built in 1879 across the creek near the cotton gin in Pottsville. Jim Fagan taught at Pottsville in 1901. There were nine grades in Pottsville High School in 1911. In 1916 a two-story brick school building was erected. Additions to the school facilities occurred also in 1914 and in 1929 when A. G. Reinert, W. F. Albrecht, E. C. Sadler, W. B. McPherson, J. C. Smith, W. B. Hurley, and N. E. Wilkins served on the school board. In 1924-25 W. B. McPherson, Hugh Isaac Moore, J. W. Northcutt, J. W. Bryan, W. R. Clements, Van Zschiesche, and Charlie Riley were on the Pottsville School Board and R. L. Boling, Miss Myrtle Jones, Miss Kate Waggoner, Miss Agnes Smitherman and Miss Eva Maples were teachers. Another brick school was added in 1950. In 1936 C. J. Ford was Superintendent at Pottsville and the teachers were C. G. Jackson, Mrs. F. B. Whitlock, Mary Jo Slaughter, Grayce Pruett, Mrs. C. J. Ford, and Edna Harris. Others who taught in the Pottsville School included: James Elber Sills, and Robert Mark SillsRodney C. Love became principal in 1936.

In 1944 the Pottsville Bobcats were the Hamilton County basketball champions. Mary Margaret Rea coached the team which was composed of: Billie Ray Jones, Betty Sue Register, Frances Zschiesche, Jo Nell Hamilton, Norma Jean Ball, Tommie McPherson, Dorothy Kemp, Lou Ella Gromatzky, Bell Lynn Fincher, Ola Jean Rudd, Emma Lou McPherson, and Mary Elizabeth Lund.

Pauline Etherton McPherson taught at Pottsville in the late 1940's.

The last graduating class of Pottsville High School in 1989 included: Mischelle Bell, Cristhel Brannlund, Raye Ann Bynum, Salvia Costa, Deborah Craig, Daryl Easterling, and  Barbara Rainerl.

Pottsville School consolidated with Hamilton ISD in the fall of 1989.

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