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SHIVE was settled in the 1870's and received its name from James W. Shive, a prominent resident in the 1880's. Mr. Shive’s distinguishing characteristic was that he was a strict Presbyterian who would not allow any sort of work to be done on Sunday. James W. and Robert L. Shive opened the first store in Shive and Robert L. Shive became the first postmaster on 18 January, 1884. The second postmaster of Shive Post Office was James W. Shive who was appointed 14 April, 1886. The Shive Post Office closed 30 November, 1936, when mail was moved to Hamilton. Shive is nine miles southwest of Hamilton.

Shive is located  9 miles southwest of Hamilton at the intersection of County Roads 221, 510, and 518.  From US 281 Shive is almost five miles west on CR221.

Lewis Paullin
, a Hamilton lawyer owned a 4,000 acre ranch west and south of Shive. The Connells, McKinleys, Nettletons, and Roddys were early Shive settlers. 

John Dillard Hunt
purchased 640 acres of land near Shive in 1883 and added to it until he owned 1630 acres all in one body. Mr. Hunt offered land to Hamilton County in 1886 on which to relocate the courthouse and countyseat after the courthouse in Hamilton burned. In order to satisfy residents of the southwestern corner of the county who had petitioned to move the countyseat to "Pegtown" after the Hamilton County Courthouse burned on 5 February, 1886, Hamilton County Commissioners released a portion of Hamilton County to Mills County before the election was held on 4 May, 1886. Hamilton County lost a strip of land from Sims Creek seven miles south of Center City to McGirk. The vote was 878 to 689 to retain the countyseat in Hamilton. (Piggtown received 3 votes in the election.)

In 1885 many German settlers arrived--Spitzenbergers, Peters, Knipsteins, Witschorkes, Zettlers, Bushes, Kelms, Seilheimers, and Kunkles. 

William C. Knutson
(b. 10 Dec., 1854, in Leon County, TX) and his wife Rebecca Jane (Webb) Knutson moved to Hamilton County in 1887 and lived on Lewis Paullin’s 4,000 acre farm. Mr. Paullin sold portions of his ranch to William C. Knutson, Joe and Bud Sipp, Joe Schwartz, Mr. Bethke, and Mr. Kunkle. William Knutson, who was a carpenter, helped build many houses in Shive

A. J Herrington
came to Hamilton County in November, 1890, and opened a blacksmith shop at Shive in 1891. 

Henry Denison moved into Shive on December 24, 1891, and purchased the general store of James W. Shive. Denison became the postmaster at Shive in 1892. 

Jasper Pool
, born 31 March, 1859, in Forsyth County, GA, arrived in Hamilton County in 1895 where he bought 469 acres three miles southwest of

A music hall provided music education (mainly organ music) for the citizens of Shive.

The streets in Shive were graveled in 1922. At that time Shive had two grocery stores, a drug store, a hotel, two gins, a post office, two shops--one of which was Bosse’s Garage, a hardward store, a telephone office, a stable, two churches, and two doctors... ... Shive also had a brass band which played for special occasions.

In 1911 Dr. T. E. Boyer purchased the first automobile in Shive.

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