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Ancestral Surnames List
This family derives from one James Akin, of Varina Parish, Virginia. He was born about 1632, and died 1712/13.
This family is of Danish origin, the surname being derived from the Danish patronymic "JESPERSEN" (pronounce the "J" like a "Y"). They can be found in St. Peter's Parish of New Kent County, Virginia at least as early as the late 1600s. From there, they went to Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, and then to Tennessee, and finally to Logan County, Kentucky. My branch continued on to Oklahoma.
From the Maryland area of perhaps Baltimore. They were later in Ohio County, Kentucky.
This family is most likely of English origin, and came to America very early (1600s). They were in Martin's Brandon and Albemarle Parishes in Virginia. My line moved from Prince George County to Troup County, Georgia, and stayed near the Georgia/Alabama border until circa the 1920s.
This family most likely was in Pennsylvania prior to their arrival in Sumner County, Tennessee. My line of Brigance married into the line of Abisha Williams (see below), and ended up in Bedford County, Tennessee.

This Brown family intermarried with the Willingham family, and owned land in that part of Troup County, Georgia that fell into Meriwether County, Georgia.
of Bedford County, Tennessee
Unknown origin, but likely in the Sussex/Surrey/Prince George Counties of Virginia. At least part of the line came later to Georgia.
Presumably from Mobjack Bay. This family can be found in the Chancery records of Cumberland County, Virginia. They, and the families into which they intermarried, will be found here, and additionally concentrated in Appomatox, Buckingham, Goochland, and Powhatan Counties.
Family of St. Paul's Parish, of what was then Stafford County, Virginia. They can be found there at least as early as the first half of the 1700s.
Family of unknown origin, but were in Troup County, Georgia in the middle 1800s.
The "Josias Cowdery" mentioned in the Duke of York Record.
North Carolina family which can be found in Troup County, Georgia, and many counties in Alabama in the middle 1800s to at least the middle 1900s.
Family of immigrant Johann Valentin Fliegel (Fliegel Fliggle Fluegel Flegle), who arrived 1738 on Ship Davy (Wm Patton, Commander, from Amsterdam, last from Cowes). Family then settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Frederick County, Maryland, then Preble County, Ohio. My branch continued on - Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and then Kansas.
Formby family of Virginia and Georgia. This page concentrates on the descendants and ancestry of Nathan Formby and Tabitha (Echols) Fomby.
Isle of Wight family which can later be found in Bedford County, Tennessee.
of Ohio County, Kentucky and who doubtless descend from the family of Samuel Gentry and Joseph Gentry (described in the 1909 work The GENTRY Family in America)
Family of German heritage from the dithmarschen area, near Heide, in Schleswig-Holstein. They were in the towns of Walle, Bruhnsdorf, and Lunden in Schleswig-Holstein, and my branch came to Iowa in the late 1800s. They branched from there into Pipestone County, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.
The Hamble family of Bedford County, Tennessee
The HARRIS family of Rutherford County, Tennessee
The Heath family of Surry / Sussex County, Virginia
The Horn family of Schleswig-Holstein (now northern Germany)
Family of Hardy Jones, born between 1770 and 1780, probably in Georgia. He must have been in Tennessee about 1810, where at least some of his children were born. He was on the 1820 and 1830 census of Troup County, Georgia. His will was written 26 March 1845, Tallapoosa County, Alabama.
Family of Martha Ann (Jones) Jones. Martha married Hardy Jones, Jr., 19 MAY 1831, in Troup County, Georgia.
Family of Richard Jones, born 08 June 1766, probably in what is present-day Guilford County, North Carolina. This Richard Jones married Mary Buchanan (daughter of Archibald Buchanan) 29 December 1785. Richard's will (dated 18 May 1827) was probated in Sumner County, Tennessee (October 1837).
Family of John Jones, born circa 1780, probably in South Carolina, and died probably before 1840. He is said to have married Nancy Trigg. Their son, William L. Jones, married Mary J. Phelps, 13 April 1834, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
Family of Elizabeth (Jones) Gentry. Elizabeth married Samuel Gentry, 03 April 1829, in Ohio County, Kentucky. She was probably the daughter of William S. Jones.
Family of Major Peter Jones, born about 1634 in Charles City County, Virginia. He married Margaret Wood 01 June 1655 in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia.
The Keith (also sometimes Keath or Keeth) family of (principally) Ohio County, Kentucky, and also Grayson County, Kentucky. My earliest ancestor identified to date is Bennett J. Keith, born about 1799. He seems to have been born in either Virginia or Tennessee.
My branch of the "Old Silverhead" line of Knowles. This family was in Delaware, and later came to Gibson County, Indiana.
This family by traditional accounts descends from Abraham L'Maistre. My branch was in South Carolina, and then Chambers County, Alabama. My branch was somehow related to Ralph Lemaster.
A German family of otherwise unknown origin. My line was in South Carolina, and then in Rowan County, North Carolina, and finally in Bedford County, Tennessee
Calendar of Kent County, Delaware probate records, (1680-1800) Dover, Delaware. Public Archives Commission, State of Delaware, 1944, Page 137. Manlove, Mark, Will. Made March 16, 1747.
Family of John Mills and his wife, Sarah (Beals) Mills
Family of William H. Moore, of Troup County, Georgia, and his probable brother, Israel Moore
Family of Orange County, North Carolina
Family of John Newton, a Yorkshire man with shipping interests who eventually came to live in and around St. Paul's Parish in (then) Stafford County, Virginia. He was born about 1640 and died about 1697.
Family moved from North Carolina to Tennessee about 1830 or prior, and can be found in Rutherford County, Tennessee in the 1850 and 1860 census.
of Bedford County, Tennessee, and almost certainly Orange County, North Carolina prior to that.
This family was probably in North Carolina about 1785, then probably Georgia about 1805, then possibly Tennessee, then probably Kentucky until circa 1815, and finally to Indiana (probably Gibson County).
Gregg's wife's Russell family were immigrants to Rhode Island from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland in the very early 1900s. They mostly stayed there through the 1940 census, but subsequent generations can be found in Florida and the Houston area of Texas, though some probably remain in Rhode Island.
of Chambers County, Alabama
The patriarch of my SMOTHERMAN family was from London, and was transported to Virginia as a convict. Later my branch of the family can be found in Rutherford County, Tennessee. My particular branch ends in the panhandle of Oklahoma.
This family seems to have been from the Frederick County, Virginia region. They came to settle in Gibson County, Indiana.
The patriarch of my SPRINGER family was probably Josiah Springer, who came to Bedford County, Tennessee sometime between 1806 and 1812. I believe Louisa Ann (Springer) Lentz was either a daughter of Josiah Springer via his second wife, or else a granddaughter via one of Josiah Springer's elder sons. I am still trying to find proof for this notion.
of Bedford County, Tennessee
This family is of unknown geographical origin, but probably came from what is now Germany. They were in New Jersey in the earlier part of the 1750s. They can generally be found later in Frederick County, Virginia. From there, the family spread out to Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and elsewhere. They can be most easily found in Ohio, in the counties of Clermont, Licking, and Warren, among others.
This is a Quaker family, which traces to Kent County, Delaware. My branch migrated to Montgomery County, Ohio, and branched out from there.
Family of Revolutionary War Veteran, Massey Thomas, born 23 March 1760
Family of Eleanor (Turner) Coleman, the wife of Gulielmus Coleman, of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia.
Maryland family some of whom moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee
WHEELER family of early Kent County, Delware. This family is affiliated with the Society of Friends (Quakers).
Family of the Abisha Williams who died in Bedford County, Tennessee, between 1850 and 1860. Abisha married Margaret "Peggy" Brigance, 13 March 1816, in Sumner County, Tennessee. Abisha is very likely related to, and is a probable brother of one Elisha Williams, who can also be found in the Sumner County, Tennessee records of that era.
Family of Mary Ann (Williams) Smotherman
Family of Mary (Williams) West, wife of Levi West. They were married 15 October 1749, in Maryland. Her descent is said to be Edward (married Abigail (maiden name unknown)); Edward (married Philadelphia Start); Andrew (married Prudence (maiden name unkown)); Mary.
Columbia County, Georgia > Walton County, Georgia > Meriwether County, Georgia > Randolph County, Alabama > Bowie County, Texas
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