Gregg Bonner's Wills Collection
Gregg Bonner's
Collection of Wills
Thomas Barrett
The Will of Thomas Barrett of Ohio County, Kentucky. Thomas was born 1768 in Baltimore, and died 1819 in Ohio County, Kentucky. He married Mary Elizabeth Honaker about 1790, and had with her several children.
John Chappell
The Will of John Chappell of Monroe County, Georgia. John Chappell was born 1765 in Southwark Parish, Sussex County, Virgina. He married Sarah P. Heath, and had several children. He died before 08 DEC 1828.
Margaret (Cruse) Jones Cocke
The Will of Margaret (Cruse) Jones Cocke of the Parish and County of Henrico (Virginia). Margaret was the daughter of James Cruse and his wife. Mrs. Cruse maried second to Abraham Wood, making Margaret the step-daughter of Abraham Wood. She is commonly referred to as Margaret Wood, and is often mistakenly called the daughter of Abraham Wood. Margaret married Major Peter Jones. She married second to Thomas Cocke of Malvern Hill, Henrico Co., Virginia. She made her will as Margaret Cocke, dated 12 AUG 1718, and entered to probate 04 MAY 1719.
Daniel Coleman
The Will of Daniel Coleman of the county of Cumberland, and the Parish of Southam (Virginia). He married Patience (see below) and evidently had nine children. He was born probably circa 1686, and died before 22 JAN 1770.
Patience (Elliott[?]) Coleman
The Will of Patience (Elliott?) Coleman of the county of Cumberland, and the Parish of Southam (Virginia). She was born about 1687 in Cumberland County, Virginia, and died in July or August 1771 in Cumberland County, Virginia. She married Daniel Coleman (see above) about 1703 in Cumberland County, Virginia.
James Cottle
The Will of James Cottle of Chambers County, Alabama. The parents of James Cottle are unknown. He m1. Sarah Moore and m2. Melissa Jane Oliver, and had children by each.
John Dillahunty
The Will of John Dillahunty of Davidson County, Tennessee
31 May 1810
Daniel Dillahunty
The Will of Daniel Dillahunty of Kent County, Province of Maryland
Probate 18 August 1748
Agnes (Shelton) Gentry
Name: Agnes (Shelton) Gentry
County: Surry County, North Carolina
Will Date: 30 September 1813
Probate: February 1826
Joseph Gentry
Name: Joseph Gentry
County: Ohio County, Kentucky
Will Date:
Abraham Heath
The Will of Abraham Heath (Ancestral File Number: 1PJL-8DG). Abraham was born about 1746 of Halifax Co., VA. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran. He married Winnifred (said to be COTTON), who is seen variously as Wineford HEETH, etc. Abraham's will is dated 23 NOV 1807, and probated 04 JAN 1808 (Warren Co., GA, Will Book "A", Page 97).
Thomas Heath
The Will of Thomas Heath (Ancestral File Number: 9JWF-61). Thomas was born about 1713, probably in either Surry or Sussex County, Virginia. He married Sarah [--?--] about 1740, and with her had at least nine children. Thomas' Will is dated 13 JUN 1772, and probated FEB 1773 (Halifax County, North Carolina).
William Heath
The Will of William Heath, dated 20 SEP 1680.
William Heath
The Will of William Heath (Ancestral File Number: 9JWD-VB). William Heath was born about 1682, of Surry Co., VA. He married about 1713 to Elizabeth (said to be GEE). His will was signed 08 NOV 1745, and probated 16 APR 1746 (Surry Co., VA, Will Book 3, Page 526-527).
Hardy Jones, Sr.
The Will of Hardy Jones, Sr. He made his will 26 MAR 1845 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, but seemed to have moved there shortly before his death. He was previously in Chambers County, Alabama, and Troup County, Georgia. He must also have lived in Tennessee at some point. He was born probably between 1770 and 1780.
Richard Jones
The Will of Richard Jones, of Sumner County, Tennessee. He made his will 18 MAY 1827 in Sumner County, Tennessee. On the Sumner County Tax lists, he is listed situated "Madison's Creek". His Will was probated October Court, 1837.
James Knowles
The Will of James Knowles of Gibson County, Indiana (09 MAY 1757 - 23 OCT 1839). James married first Patience Marvel, then Elizabeth (Fugate) Clark.
Hans Casper Kulp
The Will of Hans Casper Kulp. He was born about 1715, and married Anna Felicitas (Miaden name unknown). His will was made 30 SEP 1769, and was probated 30 APR 1770, Charleston Co., SC. His last name has various spellings; Kulp, Kolb, Culp, etc.
Louisa Ann (Springer) Lentz
The Will of Louisa Ann (Springer) Lentz. Louisa Springer (b: 6 JUL 1831 in TN d: 28 APR 1916) was the wife of Samuel Jonah Lentz.
Samuel Jonah Lentz
The Will of Samuel Jonah Lentz. Samuel Jonah Lentz (Birth: 8 SEP 1826 in Bedford Co., TN, Death: 16 AUG 1910), was son of Benjamin F. Lentz and Penelope Ann Bussey.
Mark Manlove
The Will of Mark Manlove of Somerset County, Maryland. He was born about 1620, and died about 1666. He married firstly to Hannah (some say WILLIAMS), and had by her several children. She died in about 1658, and Mark remarried to Elizabeth (ROBERTS) Williams, a widow who had a child from a previous marriage. Together Mark and Elizabeth had three children.
Abraham Mayfield
The Will of Abraham Mayfield of Granville Co., NC. Abraham Mayfield was born about 1679 (said to be the son of Robert Mayfield and Sarah (maiden name unknown). His will was written 20 FEB 1769, and proved February Court, 1778. In his will, he names wife Elizabeth, and sons Abraham Mayfield and Valentine Mayfield, and suggests the existence of other (unnamed) children.
John Mills
The Will of John Mills (dated 1759, probated 1761).
William H. Moore
The Will of William H. Moore of Troup Co., GA. William H. Moore was born 16 APR 1776, of unknown parents, and married Mary Ann "Polly" (Formby) Day. His Will is dated 14 AUG 1854, and was presented for probate in September court, 1855 (03 SEP 1855). He died 15 AUG 1855.
William Neeley
The Will of William Neeley of Caswell Co., NC. William Neeley was born possibly in Lancaster Co., PA, about 1715, and married Eleanor, said to be a Carrington, and died 31 DEC 1782. On 29 DEC 1782, he made a verbal will.
John Newton
The Will of John Newton of Lower Machedach in Westmoreland County, Virginia. John was born about 1639 and died probably 1697. He was married at least four time, his surviving wife being named Rose.
Thomas Pickle
The Will of Thomas Pickle (1820-1901) of Bedford County, Tennessee. He was son of Henry Pickle and Rachel Neeley. He married first to Lucinda Beech Stephenson (daughter of Edward Stephenson and Rebecca Hamble) and second to Virginia Caroline Swiney (daughter of Littleberry J. "Jay" Swiney and Mary F. Haislip). In all, he had 20 children.
John Shearin
The Will of John Shearin of Warren Co., NC. John Shearin was born ABT. 1710, son of Joseph Shearin (for Will, see below) and his wife (said to be) Amelia, the widow of John Peebles. He married Lucretia (said to be) Rives. John made his will 10 MAY 1794, and which was probated November Court, 1795 (Warren Co., NC Will Book 8, pages 172-174).
Joseph Shearin
The Will of Joseph Shearin of Granville (now Bute) Co., NC. Joseph was born 1687 and died in 1752. He is said to have married Amelia, the widow of John Peebles. He prepared his Will 05 SEP 1751, and which was proved 05 SEP 1752. On file in Granville County unbound wills 1749-1879.
John Smotherman
The Will of John Smotherman of Rutherford Co., TN. He was born about 1770 in Virginia, son (or possibly grandson) of Samuel Smotherman. He married Mary (said to be a BARKER). His will was signed 23 FEB 1833, proved May Court 1833, and recorded 13 AUG 1833.
Elizabeth (Ramey) Spore
The Will of Elizabeth (Ramey) Spore of Gibson County, Indiana. She was born 12 Oct 1783, in Virginia, and died 31 May 1862. Elizabeth Ramey married Henry Spore on 22 Oct 1807 in Frederick County, Virginia. She signed her Will 05 MAY 1862.
Edward Stephenson
The Will of Edward Stephenson of Bedford County, Tennessee. He was born 09 SEP 1774 in Anderson County, Virginia. He married first to Elizabeth Campbell, and second to Rebecca Hamble, and third to Elisabeth R. [--?--]. His will was signed 31 JUL 1858. He died 25 MAY 1868.
Edward Stephenson
The Will of Edward Stephenson of Amherst County, Virginia. He was born circa 1714, and died between 17 September 1766 and 06 October 1766.
Elizabeth Stephenson
The Will of Elizabeth Stephenson of Madison County, Virginia (now Madison County, Kentucky). She was born circa 1715, and died between 08 February 1791 and 03 April 1792.
Robert Stephenson
The Will of Robert Stephenson of Jefferson County, North Carolina (now Jefferson County, Tennessee). He was born about 1742 in Virginia. He married Mary E. [--?--]. His will was signed 11 May 1793.
George Swallow
The Will of George Swallow of Kent County, Delaware. George was born circa 1715, probably in Kent County, Delaware. The name of his wife at the writing of his Will was Johana. He mentions his three sons, Silvenus, George, and John. His Will was written 07 FEB 1749/50. He named as executors his wife Johana and John Snow.
John Swallow
The Will of John Swallow of Montgomery County, Ohio. John was born 09 May 1748 in Kent County, Delaware, and had several children, supposedly by two wives, named Anne Mary (maiden name unknown) and Fannie (maiden name unknown). No wife is mentioned in his will. He died probably in March of 1831. In his will he mentions a grand daughter "Fanny Petty". I do not know which daughter of John could have been Fanny's mother.
Massey Thomas
The Will of Massey Thomas of Ohio County, Kentucky. Massey Thomas was born 23 MAR 1760, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). He married Dicey Tolbert. His Will is dated 18 MAR 1818. He died 23 MAR 1818.
George West
The Will of George West of Rutherford County, Tennessee. George West was born in Maryland about 1750, and died in Rutherford County, Tennessee about 1837. His wife was Mary ann Dillahunty. George West was a Revolutionary War Patriot.
Levi West
The Will of Levi West of Onslow County, North Carolina.
27 June 1787
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