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Hello everyone and welcome to Mom's Library, the official web site of the Yahoo Genealogy Chat Friends Group. Special thanks to Rootsweb for hosting our site. The goal of our site it to provide a robust, yet easy to use repository of links to sources of information useful to anyone interested in researching their ancestry. We welcome all genealogists regardless of their experience to participate and use our information. Our group observed its 8th anniversary in February and we are very proud of each and every member.

We would like to thank Family Tree Magazine for selecting our library as Site of the Day for April 7, 2001. We are honored to include their link and Image on our site.

Our site is named Mom's Library after one of our group's founding members Rita Lace or momlace. Mom has been doing genealogy as a hobby for over 30 years. She continues to be an active researcher as well as mentor and helper to our new genealogy members.

Our members come with a wide range of experience, beginners just starting out to professionals doing this for many years. Many of our members have volunteered their time and effort as mentors to new genealogists. You can find a list of these members in the Mentor link section of the library.

Some of our members conduct lessons on a wide range of topics, from genealogy to how to build your own web site. Even if one of these classes are not currently underway, we have stored summaries and actual chat transcripts in the library Education section that you are welcome to read through and use at your convenience. Our instructors are very willing to answer any questions you may have. Their email addresses can be found in the pages specific to their classes.

Our library is constantly changing as we add more information, more links and more areas. The newest are just added is the Terminology section. These contain pages with definitions of some terms you could come across in your research, from Early Disease names, to Occupations to general Genealogy terms.

In our Surname Links section, we have links to web pages pertaining to a specific surname or group of surnames. We catalog the surnames into separate pages based on the first character. We then provide links to those pages. Our Surname Link pages are also fairly new section and we would love to add a link to your site. You can find an email link to the webmasters that you can provide us the URL, Name and Surname List of your page. We will do the rest and let you know when your page is 'up' on our pages.

Since Mom's Library is a growing thing, please come back often and look through our offerings. We are also open to any suggestions on ways to improve our site. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions to improve our site, please send an email to the Webmasters

Thank your for visiting, we hope our efforts here help you in your genealogy research. Please sign our guestbook and let us hear from you!

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