Web Page Class 1
awp_44 says, when are they starting cub  march
Cub_2 says, first thing is I need to have anyone who has thier chat window maximized to unmaximize it
Cub_2 says, so you can see other open windows
trog_lin leaves
trog_lin enters
Cub_2 says, does anyone not know what I mean?
brbrooks99 says, me
sealin2 leaves
lookin_back_2 says, me
trog_lin says, that puts me down to one/maybe two lines
Cub_2 says, in the top right corner of your chat window...
  vickyal_124 says, doesnt do any good cub w/cheeta
Cub_2 says, is there 1 or 2 boxes next to the X
  vickyal_124 says, 1
Cub_2 says, you should be able to un-max cheeta vicky
lookin_back_2 says, 2
brbrooks99 says, no X or boxes onmine
  Marieclassof86 says, you can pull and stretch it
  vickyal_124 says, i have still covers whole screen
Cub_2 says, click on it looking
Cub_2 says, betty, top right corner of the window..
Cub_2 says, should be a _ box(s) and X
Cub_2 says, buttons
trog_lin says, I am so proud, that much I know
brbrooks99 says, ok, my whoile page, not chat
Cub_2 says, yes, whole browser
awp_44 says, cub i didnt think these were starting for a while. I just called in to say hi
brbrooks99 says, looking at chat only, sorry
  Marieclassof86 says, Vicky you can resize cheeta
trog_lin says, come on awp stay
  Marieclassof86 says, if you need
  vickyal_124 says, its fine 
awp_44 says, i will leave and catch up with you all later
Cub_2 says, if it is too big, you can use your mouse to resize the window
  vickyal_124 says, my other windows usually open in front anyway
awp_44 says, i have a few things to do today
Cub_2 says, put your mouse on the top left corner of the window
Cub_2 says, it changes to double arrows poing up and right
brbrooks99 says, ok, I.m down to smaller one
awp_44 says, its mid day here
  vickyal_124 says, k awp
trog_lin says, duty, duty, awp
Cub_2 says, hold the left mouse button and move the mouse
Cub_2 says, it will resize the window
awp_44 says, thats right the wife left me with some chores
Cub_2 says, how are you doin lookin?
trog_lin says, oh a honey do
awp_44 says, will see you later bye all
Cub_2 says, bye awp
lookin_back_2 says, I'm fine
trog_lin says, bye awp
awp_44 says, thats right
Cub_2 says, vicky?
awp_44 says, bye
  vickyal_124 says, cub got it 
awp_44 leaves
  vickyal_124 says, go to next step lol
Cub_2 says, ok, next, everyone click on the start button, then on 'RUN'
Cub_2 says, when it opens, type 'notepad'
brbrooks99 leaves
Cub_2 says, if it is maximized, un-maximize it too
lookin_back_2 says, OK
  Marieclassof86 says, k
Cub_2 says, the window should be named untitled-notepad
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, click on file -> save as
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, use the up arrow button until your 'C' drive is in the save as line
  Marieclassof86 says, k
Cub_2 says, then click on the yellow folder with the star in the top right corner...
Cub_2 says, this is a new folder button
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, when new folder is highlighted in blue...type myhtml
Cub_2 says, everyone with me so far?
  vickyal_124 says, k
lookin_back_2 says, k
brbrooks99 enters
  Marieclassof86 says, yep
Cub_2 says, in the save as file type box, click on the down arrow and select All Files
Cub_2 says, betty.. to catch up...
brbrooks99 says, ok
Cub_2 says, open notepad
Cub_2 says, then go to file -> save as
brbrooks99 says, ok
Cub_2 says, then use the up arrow folder to your 'C' drive
brbrooks99 says, ok
Cub_2 says, then use the new folder button (folder with star in corner)
Cub_2 says, name the folder myhtml
Cub_2 says, select All Files in the "save file as" box
Cub_2 says, enter Page1.html in your file name box and click save
brbrooks99 says, I don't have a "new folder" with a star
Cub_2 says, is there a yellow folder with a * in the top right corner
brbrooks99 says, no
  Marieclassof86 says, it was the third button from the left at the save in
  Marieclassof86 says, but no star on mine
  Marieclassof86 says, if that helps
Cub_2 says, are you in the save as box?
brbrooks99 says, ok, found it, to the right of save in
Cub_2 says, yep
trog_lin leaves
trog_lin enters
Cub_2 says, has everyone else saved their file?
  Marieclassof86 says, yep
  vickyal_124 says, think so
brbrooks99 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, to check if it is correct....
Cub_2 says, click on start... then documents... you should see a page1.html in it
Cub_2 says, let me know if you don't
brbrooks99 says, got one
lookin_back_2 says, ok
brbrooks99 says, as text document, is that right
Cub_2 says, no...
Cub_2 says, it needs to be page1.html  not page1.html.txt
brbrooks99 says, only two choices, tavt or all files
trog_lin leaves
Cub_2 says, if you have the .txt, you did not change the 'save file as' to all files
  vickyal_124 says, k got it
brbrooks99 says, changed it now
Cub_2 says, anyone else not see "page1.html"
  vickyal_124 says, mine says page1-notepad
brbrooks99 says, mine doesn't say page 1
  vickyal_124 says, but i saved as page1.html
Cub_2 says, when you click start then documents.
Cub_2 says, actually it will be page1 with a web page icon in front
brbrooks99 says, mine shows as myhtml.notepad
Cub_2 says, betty.. click file then save as
  Marieclassof86 says, Mine shows as Page1.html Notepad
  vickyal_124 says, sealin said she got booted
brbrooks99 says, ok- save as?
Cub_2 says, click on the black down arrow next to save in
Cub_2 says, then click on your 'C' drive
Cub_2 says, is there a folder called myhtml?
brbrooks99 says, yes
Cub_2 says, double click that folder
Cub_2 says, marie, you need to resave as well.
Cub_2 says, betty, is the save in at myhtml?
  vickyal_124 says, cub got folder but nothing about page1.html in folder?
  Marieclassof86 says, I fixed it
brbrooks99 says, ok, I have a "myhtml" file, that I saved in C:- doens't show in folder or as page 1
Cub_2 says, you do not have a folder call myhtml?
brbrooks99 says, now I do, had to put in a "
brbrooks99 says, new folder,
brbrooks99 says, but the folder is not named
Cub_2 says, not named or named new folder?
brbrooks99 says, just named new folder
Cub_2 says, you can rename the folder by right-clicking on it
brbrooks99 says, ok
Cub_2 says, then typing myhtml and pressing enter
Cub_2 says, make sure the save file as is set to all files (*.*)
Cub_2 says, then type page1.html in the file name box and click save
Cub_2 says, your notepad window should say mypage1 - Notepad
Cub_2 says, ugh  page1 - Notepad
lookin_back_2 is away (Auto-Away)
  vickyal_124 says,  k got that
sealin2 enters
Cub_2 says, wb sealin
lookin_back_2 is back.
lookin_back_2 says, mine says page1.html-Notepad
sealin2 says, ty...I got booted, then couldn't get back in!
  vickyal_124 says,  
Cub_2 says, lookin, you need to save again.. making sure the save file as is set to all files and not txt files
Cub_2 says, how far did you get sealin?
sealin2 says, you asked if knew how to minimize
Cub_2 says, ok.. open notepad...
sealin2 says, that means make the window smaller with the toolbar on top?
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, well, its actually called 'restore' not minimize
Cub_2 says, minimize is when it closes to your menu bar at the bottom
sealin2 says, is notepad the same as wordpAd?
Cub_2 says, no
Cub_2 says, similar though
Cub_2 says, click start. run... then type notepad
sealin2 says, o
Cub_2 says, I am determined to get everyone a web page tonight.... lol
  vickyal_124 says, lol
Cub_2 says, and it wont always be this difficult
  vickyal_124 says, o good o bad seal
brbrooks99 says, finally- got that
Cub_2 says, I
Cub_2 says, Does everyone except sealin have notepad as page1 - notepad?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, mine still says page1.html-notepad
brbrooks99 says, yes
sealin2 says, vicky< Imaystill need transcript
  vickyal_124 says, k 
Cub_2 says, ok lookin, we will fix that in a little bit
lookin_back_2 says, k
Cub_2 says, everyone should have a blank notepad window
  vickyal_124 says, k
lookin_back_2 says, k
Cub_2 says, on the first line... type < HTML >
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, on the second line type < HEAD >
brbrooks99 says, ok
lookin_back_2 says, OK
brbrooks99 says, brb
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, on the third type < TITLE > Cubs Web Page < /TITLE>
Cub_2 says, but use your id not cub
Cub_2 says,  
Cub_2 says, 4th line sb < BODY >
brbrooks99 says, back
  vickyal_124 says, hold on a sec.
Cub_2 says, betty, did you get line 3 and 4?
brbrooks99 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, k got it
brbrooks99 says, does the sb go in there too
Cub_2 says, no  sb = should be
Cub_2 says, sorry
brbrooks99 says, ok,
Cub_2 says, 5th line sb    This is Cubs Web Page
brbrooks99 says, no <>
Cub_2 says, no < >
brbrooks99 says, ok
lookin_back_2 says, ok
sealin2 says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, line 6 sb  < /BODY >
Cub_2 says, with the < >
Cub_2 says, line 7 sb < /HTML >
  vickyal_124 says, k
sealin2 says, ok
brbrooks99 says, ok
Cub_2 says, Does everyone have 7 lines?
  vickyal_124 says, yep
sealin2 says, we type those in right?
brbrooks99 says, y
Cub_2 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, yes
brbrooks99 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, Y
sealin2 says, I have 7 lines
Cub_2 says, ok.. click on     file -> save as
Cub_2 says, in the save as window.... you should see myhtml
Cub_2 says, sealin, you may not
  vickyal_124 says, mine went to c:window
sealin2 says, I may not what?
  vickyal_124 says, but the folder is there
Cub_2 says, if you dont... you will need to navigate to the myhtml folder
  vickyal_124 says, k 
Cub_2 says, sealin.. in the 'save file in' area... does it say myhtml?
lookin_back_2 says, K
  Marieclassof86 says, mine says  C\My Doc\myhtml
Cub_2 says, ok Marie, you didnt get all the way to  the c drive when you saved at first
Cub_2 says, you just need to remember where it is
brbrooks99 says, I have both files, myhtml and page1
sealin2 says, my notepad is not untitled anymore...it's myhtml.txt
  Marieclassof86 says, I wanted it in My Doc. is that ok?
Cub_2 says, you clicked save didnt you sealin?
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, yes Marie
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  Marieclassof86 says, thanks
sealin2 says, yes, Cub...save
Cub_2 says, you went too fast...
Cub_2 says, click file save as again
sealin2 says, uh-oh
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, where it says save in... click on the arrow on the right
Cub_2 says, then click on the 'C' drive
sealin2 says, arrow on the right?
Cub_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, ok...I'm to C drive
Cub_2 says, click on the folder button that has what looks like a star in the upper right corner... 3rd from the right
Cub_2 says, then type myhtm and press enter
Cub_2 says, my html
Cub_2 says, myhtml  one word
Cub_2 says, grrrrrrr
Cub_2 says, fat fingers
Cub_2 says, find it?
brbrooks99 says, sticky keys
Cub_2 says, sealin???
sealin2 says, create new folder?
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, name the folder myhtml
sealin2 says, done
Cub_2 says, now double click that folder
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, at the bottom where it says "save file as" click on the arrow on the right hand side
Cub_2 says, and select 'All Files (*.*)'
Cub_2 says, then in the file name field type ...    page1.html
Cub_2 says, then click save
sealin2 says, I don't see "save file as"
Cub_2 says, everyone can save if you havent
brbrooks99 says, to??
Cub_2 says, save as type  sorry
Cub_2 says, page1.html betty
brbrooks99 says, ok
lookin_back_2 says, K
sealin2 says, have file name, and save as
Cub_2 says, and click yes to replace it
vickyal_124 is away (Auto-Away)
Cub_2 says, does it say 'text files (*.txt) somewhere?
Cub_2 says, or Text Documents
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, to the left of the cancel button
sealin2 says, got it
Cub_2 says, click the arrow and select All Files
sealin2 says, says "save as type"
sealin2 says, I've got page1.html
Cub_2 says, in the file name?
sealin2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, click save
sealin2 says, did the all files first
Cub_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, clicked save
Cub_2 says, ok, has everyone saved page1?
sealin2 says, notepad now titled pagae1.html
  Marieclassof86 says, yup
lookin_back_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, pagae=page
Cub_2 says, ok,  now click on your start button...
Cub_2 says, then on Documents
Cub_2 says, then on 'Page1'
brbrooks99 says,  showed up
lookin_back_2 says, cool
vickyal_124 is back.
  vickyal_124 says, k got it
sealin2 leaves
Cub_2 says, just  the body part brb?
  vickyal_124 says,   sealin out the door
Cub_2 says, I bet it opened in her chat window
brbrooks99 says, never mind, I had an extra thing in there, took it out nd it is ok
  vickyal_124 says, cub mine just says this is vickyal webpage
brbrooks99 says, had <*body>
Cub_2 says, did you use a '
  vickyal_124 says, a'?
Cub_2 says, what did you type in the file?
brbrooks99 says, had   < * BODY >  took out the * before body and i doesn't show up ther now
brbrooks99 says, it
brbrooks99 says, This is Cub's Web Page
  Marieclassof86 says, that should be the Title header for your page
Cub_2 says, k betty...
Cub_2 says, no... its not
Cub_2 says, that should show as text in your web page
brbrooks99 says, that is all that shows wqhen Iopen it as a document
Cub_2 says, the title should be Cubs Web Page
sealin2 enters
brbrooks99 says, boy, when I open it
Cub_2 says, in the title bar at the top betty
Cub_2 says, vicky, what did you type in?
sealin2 says, what did I miss
brbrooks99 says, what I just coied and pasted above is what is there
  vickyal_124 says, mine says vickys page at top
  vickyal_124 says, i sub my name lol
brbrooks99 says, This is Cub's Web Page
  Marieclassof86 says, I missed the stuff between the body tags
  Marieclassof86 says, but I fixed it
sealin2 says, I got the page with the title but lost this room
brbrooks99 says, Cub's Web Page
brbrooks99 says, took out "This is"
Cub_2 says, what is on the title bar betty
  Marieclassof86 says, Mine now says Marie's Web Page at the top...and then in the page it self text This is Marie's Web Page
brbrooks99 says, Betty's Web Page
  vickyal_124 says, same here w/my name
lookin_back_2 says, me to
Cub_2 says, thats what it should say
  Marieclassof86 says, I think we all missed the body part
  vickyal_124 says, nope got the body to
  Marieclassof86 says, cause we thought you were restating the title 
sealin2 leaves
  vickyal_124 says, title says vickyal_124 webpage
  vickyal_124 says, body says this is vickyal_124 ....
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  Marieclassof86 says, well I missed the body part at first....
Cub_2 says, well dang, mine is not right now...
brbrooks99 says, Betty's HTML Lessons Web Page
brbrooks99 says, This is fun, just change and save,
brbrooks99 says, sorry, I have to go, is there more tonight Cub
sealin2 enters
ebell60 enters
Cub_2 says, no.. just to go over the tags we typed
sealin2 says, the body of mine has This is etc
  vickyal_124 says, hi ebel
brbrooks99 says, ok,  I'll work on it
Cub_2 says, thats what it should havae sealin
brbrooks99 says, night
  ebell60 says, Hi vicky....how you been doing....
  Marieclassof86 says, Hi Ebell
Cub_2 says, night betty
brbrooks99 says, Night all
brbrooks99 leaves
Cub_2 says, everyone.. .keep playing with the text in your file
  ebell60 says, Hi Marie, cub...
lookin_back_2 says, night betty
Cub_2 says, you do not have to be logged on to the internet to do this
sealin2 says, are the "tags" the messages we typed not in <>?
Cub_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, ty
Cub_2 says, we used 4 tags toning
Cub_2 says, html head title and body
sealin2 says, I only got 2
sealin2 says, 3
vickyal_124 leaves
vickyal_124 enters
Cub_2 says, which one dont you have?
  Marieclassof86 says, vicky you bungeed
  vickyal_124 says, AOL shut down on me
  vickyal_124 says, so have i missed anything
  vickyal_124 says, while i was bouncin
  ebell60 says, Vicky, just me asking how you were doing....
  vickyal_124 says, ok
  Marieclassof86 says, Kents figuring out which tag sealin is missing
sealin2 says, page for html, title & body...no hea
Cub_2 says, < HEAD > should be between HTML and TITLE tags
sealin2 says, I have the four <> words...only have 2 
sealin2 says, is that right?
forteaca enters
Cub_2 says, there should be a < /TITLE > at the end of the line
  ebell60 says, sealin , what are you trying to do, make a page?
sealin2 says, yes, ebell
  Marieclassof86 says, Hey Fort
  vickyal_124 says, ebell your late for class...
  vickyal_124 says, hi fort
sealin2 says, Cub, and  on line 6
forteaca says, hi everyone  
sealin2 says, hello, fort
  ebell60 says, Vicky, I didn't know there was a class tonight, I just happen to pop in.
lookin_back_2 says, he fort
  vickyal_124 says, lol ebell glad ya did
Cub_2 says, yes sealin and < /HTML> on line 7
lookin_back_2 says, he=hi
sealin2 says, Cub, I'm computer challenged & Have dyslexic fingers! ;-)
  ebell60 says, To tell you the truth, I was going into the AO club chat to see if anyone in there, trying to find a old shipmate of mine.
Cub_2 says, lol
  vickyal_124 says, lol
sealin2 says, also have line 7 like that
Cub_2 says, then save your file and you have it
  vickyal_124 says, sounds fun ebell
sealin2 says, didn't I already save it?
Cub_2 says, yes, but you changed it didnt you?
Cub_2 says, by adding the HEAD tag?
sealin2 says, I was able to pull it up...no, I didn't change it
  ebell60 says, I do have a question for the genie people though. 
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  vickyal_124 says, k
sealin2 says, I SEE...I had the  didn't have anythiing after that on the line
sealin2 says,  
Cub_2 says, k
  ebell60 says, When y'all make the pages, do you use the whole name of Indiviuals in your page, or just put the surnames.
Cub_2 says, so you have all 4 tags
sealin2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, well, you have your first web page...
Cub_2 says, even though its not on the web yet
  vickyal_124 says, talkin of the surname page
sealin2 says, but what do they mean, exactly....the html & the head
  vickyal_124 says, ?
  vickyal_124 says, or just one we do our own 
sealin2 says, COOL!
Cub_2 says, HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
  Marieclassof86 says, you mean when we do make a web page about our research
sealin2 says, Vicky...it's MOMX7's web page
Cub_2 says, it tells the browser what how to use the file
  ebell60 says, Yes marie, 
  vickyal_124 says, haha 
  Marieclassof86 says, I put the names...and dates of deceased
  Marieclassof86 says, and names of living...usually no dates unless its mine...and I don't care if anyone knows how young I am
sealin2 says, and Head?
  ebell60 says, Ok, I had a family member to tell me not to use any of her family names on the page, so I just put surnames on it and let them contact me.
Cub_2 says, it is the 'heading' of the page
Cub_2 says, we will get into what goes there a little later...
sealin2 says, we left that blank?
  Marieclassof86 says, my family is pretty ok with the name thing
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, for now
  Marieclassof86 says, I just don't feel right giving the dates...but its up to the person
vickyal_124 leaves
sealin2 says, ty for your patience with me, Kent...and for teaching this class!
vickyal_124 enters
Cub_2 says, tje TITLE tag put the name on the top of the page
  vickyal_124 says, ugg AOL bad tonight
sealin2 says, I was so psyched for it before getting the boot
Cub_2 says, and the BODY tag has the actual page information in it
sealin2 says, so I can add more to the body?
  vickyal_124 says, ebell to answer ? i do a bit of both depending on type of page
Cub_2 says, yep
  ebell60 says, Would y'all belive that I went to school for HTML and computer programing, and now I can't remember anything about it.
lookin_back_2 says, Cub...will you be having this class every Tue nite?
Cub_2 says, yes lookin
sealin2 says, only text, right now?
  Marieclassof86 says, I don't remember chemistry
sealin2 says, for the body
Cub_2 says, We will build on our pages each week
Cub_2 says, yes... but you may find it doing some peculiar things
sealin2 says, this will be so much fun!
  ebell60 says, Vicky, after that family member said that, myself thinks it safe just to list the Surnames.
ebell60 " BELLFLOWER, BLAND, BRASWELL, BULLOCK, DAY"  BELLFLOWER PAGE  http://www.geocities.com/ebell60/index.html"
sealin2 says, peculiar?
lookin_back_2 says, looking forward to learning more
sealin2 says, ME, TOO
Cub_2 says, add a line after the 'this is cubs page' lline
  vickyal_124 says, i only add names an dates of the dead
Cub_2 says, save it and see what it looks like
  vickyal_124 says, of livin i add only name an put living
sealin2 says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, no dates
lookin_back_2 says, I put no living information on my page
  ebell60 says, Vicky I don't do that anymore, if someone want information, I let them contact me.
  vickyal_124 says, put living no info
sealin2 says, I'll loose this room while I check to see what happened, though
  vickyal_124 says, they have to find the right one too
Cub_2 says, you dont have too
Cub_2 says, open another browser window
  vickyal_124 says, but that should be next lesson for some 
  ebell60 says, I made a lot of contacts that way too and found a lot of information for my database.
sealin2 leaves
forteaca is away (Auto-Away)
  vickyal_124 says, seal doesnt know how or cant 
  Marieclassof86 says, to late for file/new/window
  vickyal_124 says, get new browser up
ebell60 is away (be right back)
forteaca is back.
  ebell60 says, That is one reason I'm glad I use Cheeta for chating.
ebell60 is back.
  vickyal_124 says, me 2
  vickyal_124 says, even gettin booted i didnt miss any class either
forteaca says, I use frontpage 2000 and Ancestral Quest (surname pages) for my web page.
Cub_2 says, thats good fort
  ebell60 says, Fort, I havent' heard of Ancestral Quest...what is it.
Cub_2 says, These classes are very basic and hopefully will give people an idea what the page builders are doing
forteaca says, Genealogy Program  www.ancestralquest.com
Cub_2 says, its not meant to be 'the' way to build web pages
Cub_2 says, but it is so when you look at web page source, it makes it a little more easy to read
  ebell60 says, Thanks Fort. 
ebell60 is away (be right back)
ebell60 is back.
  vickyal_124 says, wb ell
  vickyal_124 says, ebell
  vickyal_124 says, gees cant type
  ebell60 says, Fort, do you have a page on the net where you used Aq
  ebell60 says, yes Vicky?
  vickyal_124 says, nothin just cant type your name lol
  ebell60 says, Now I see what happen, your finger got to fast for the keyboard.....
forteaca says, www.cadvision.com/fortea
  ebell60 says, Thanks forteasca, I just want to look at it and see how it looks.
forteaca says, under "Ancestors" button
  ebell60 says, Going to it now....
forteaca says, Under the WALLACE surname I have add thumbnail sized pictures.
ebell60 is away (be right back)
vickyal_124 leaves
vickyal_124 enters
ebell60 is back.
  vickyal_124 says, uugggggggggggggggg
  ebell60 says, Fort, it looks nice.....
lookin_back_2 is away (Auto-Away)
forteaca says, thnaks...been working on it for a while now
  ebell60 says, Vicky, you still getting kick 
  vickyal_124 says, AOL keeps booting for somereason
  ebell60 says, I think I going to redo mine too.   I use family ties for web pages, and working I use Family Orgins
  ebell60 says, I always had trouble when using AOL for some reason.

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