Web Page Class 10 Transcript

This is the transcript from the 10th Web Page Development Class held Apr 17, 2001

  angelbear_s says, hi vicky
Cub_2 says, she also said to look at land records
  Marieclassof86 says, Hi Vicky
ladyfish86 says, hi Vicky
Cub_2 says, hi vicky
lookin_back_2 says, The children were born after the came to PA
  vickyal_124 says, hello all
ks_beth99 says, hi vicky
Aunt_Jay says, how real is the news broadcast that says ellis island is available online?
Aunt_Jay says, Hi vicky
Cub_2 says, then there needs to be a record someplace
  vickyal_124 says, www.ellisisland.com
  angelbear_s says, i have not been able to find naturalization papers on my guy
Cub_2 says, to prove that they are the same as your George and John
  vickyal_124 says, or something like that aunt jay is the url
  angelbear_s says, aunt jay -it's been on the news here today
  vickyal_124 says, elis isle has been on line for least 2 years
lookin_back_2 says, I'm hoping since this will take me back 3 more generations
  vickyal_124 says, its on the ships an immigration page
  vickyal_124 says, of the club 
  angelbear_s says, that would be great lookin
  vickyal_124 says, or should be
lookin_back_2 says, I'll have to do some more digging now that you have pointed me in the right direction
Cub_2 says, if not, vicky will be glad to add it  
lookin_back_2 says, I haven't done any searching this far back yet
  vickyal_124 says, should be there if i recall correctly lol
Cub_2 says, good luck lookin
  Marieclassof86 says, I think they are adding more to the site..I  have seen it before
  Marieclassof86 says, Vicky I think you are right
  angelbear_s says, my pa  names SCOTT SHAUB BEAR BAIR and others
  angelbear_s says, lancaster and york cos
lookin_back_2 says, angelbear: I have Schaub
  angelbear_s says, ohhhhh
vickyal_124   AVERY,BAILEY,BARGER,
vickyal_124 If ya spot my folks let me know! 
  angelbear_s says, what county lookin
lookin_back_2 says, vicki: I have Price in Ohio and Michigan
  vickyal_124 says, my price an cubs all stuck in AL
  angelbear_s says, my price was in nc
lookin_back_2 says, Dont know where in PA on the Schaub  They were later in Berrien Co Michigan
ks_beth99 says, I gotta go all just found out my adopted daughter broke her back
Cub_2 says, ouch
  vickyal_124 says, ouch 
  vickyal_124 says, sorry to hear that
  angelbear_s says, oh my gosh
lookin_back_2 says, I hope she is OK beth
  Marieclassof86 says, ouch bye
  Marieclassof86 says, hope she is ok
  angelbear_s says, i do too
Cub_2 says, does anyone see sealin on line?
Aunt_Jay says, no
ladyfish86 is back.
ladyfish86 says, i dont have them on my list
lookin_back_2 says, Cub, I have my Michigan page up but got sidetracked with genealogy and haven'
lookin_back_2 says, finished my Indiana page yet
Aunt_Jay says, do we have to download WS_FTP?
Cub_2 says, no
Aunt_Jay says, good
  angelbear_s says, what is that?
Aunt_Jay says, I changed the background to a better color mine looks a lot better now
Cub_2 says, It a program to ftp files
  angelbear_s says, ok ty
  angelbear_s says, do we have to have a home page?
  vickyal_124 says, jl said he may not make it to class he has meetings today
Cub_2 says, what do you mean a home page
  angelbear_s says, an index page
  vickyal_124 says, no shes not on icq
Cub_2 says, k
  angelbear_s says, these two pages are kind of just out there
  vickyal_124 says, nor aim
Aunt_Jay says, rootswebs directions gave me the impression I needed a FTP program if I didn't have AOL which has  one built in
Cub_2 says, I want her to come even though I havent done the last 2 weeks lessons
Cub_2 says, you have an ftp program AJ
Cub_2 says, even without AOL
Aunt_Jay says, where is it ?
  angelbear_s says, cub was so kind helping us get our pages up last week - and gentle too  
  Marieclassof86 says, Hey Sealin  
Aunt_Jay says, hi sealin
Cub_2 says, hi sealin, thanks for coming
  angelbear_s says, hi sealin
lookin_back_2 says, hi sealin
Cub_2 says, sorry I haven't gotten the last 2 weeks lessons up
  vickyal_124 says, hi sealin was just lookin for you
sealin2 says, hello all!  
Cub_2 says, bbbaaaaaaaaadddddddd teacher  
ladyfish86 says, hi sealin
  Marieclassof86 says, Grab a chair
Aunt_Jay says, I got permission from a guy in Massachusetts to use his family page address
sealin2 says, Cub, I haven't been doing well this allergy season so if you can post last week's lesson, i'd really appreciate it
Cub_2 says, last week wasnt much of a class
Cub_2 says, you really didnt miss much
Aunt_Jay says, that is good since I missed it too
Cub_2 says, and I will go through most of the important stuff tonight again
sealin2 says, ok..thanks
Cub_2 says, in fact, tonight I am not gonna teach anything new...
Cub_2 says, I want to let people work on their pages, and ask questions etc....
Cub_2 says, and I will help you upload them to rootsweb
sealin2 says, ack...nothing new...can I go to bed and nurse my sinus infection then  :-0
Cub_2 says, etc....
Cub_2 says, if you want
  angelbear_s says, awww poor sealin
Aunt_Jay says, goodie
  vickyal_124 says, poor sealin
sealin2 says, vicky...how is paw-paw
  vickyal_124 says, not good
  Marieclassof86 says, poor thing...I know how those sinus infections are
Aunt_Jay says, hope you feel better soon sealin
  angelbear_s says, oh vicky so sorry
Cub_2 says, I think we have done a lot and want people to just practice stuff for a bit
  vickyal_124 says, all he does is sleep
ladyfish86 says, i feel sorry for you sealin
sealin2 says, ty all for the sympathy
ladyfish86 says, i have been there
sealin2 says, each year it gets worse in the state oF Misery
  angelbear_s says, we had snow flurries here today - last week we had 90 degrees - my allergies got a reprieve
Cub_2 says, sealin, you dont need to stick around if you are not feeling well
ladyfish86 says, we had snow too
Cub_2 says, we had snow yesterday
sealin2 says, angelbear, are you in MO???That's what we had, too
ladyfish86 says, thats when we had it Cub
  angelbear_s says, no - i'm in tennessee
  Marieclassof86 says, We have freeze warnings for tonight
sealin2 says, Cub, I want to learn how to get my NH page up on the web
  vickyal_124 says, we went from hot as blazes to wind strong enough to blow ya to 
  vickyal_124 says, maine if ya let it
  vickyal_124 says, over night
sealin2 says, freeze warnings here tonight, too....husband is out covering plants
  angelbear_s says, we do too
sealin2 says, angel...we had the same weather as you
  angelbear_s says, crazy weather
Cub_2 says, k everyone its that time
Aunt_Jay says, ready teacher
  angelbear_s says, may is my worst month here
  angelbear_s says, ready - sorry
sealin2 says, ok...teacher...I may bow out though
Cub_2 says, like I said earlier.. tonight is a catch-up night
Cub_2 says, thats fine sealin.. I will get the recaps up sometime  
sealin2 says, ty, sir Kent
Cub_2 says, lol
sealin2 says, rh
sealin2 says, never mmind
Cub_2 says, I dont mind
sealin2 says, lol
Cub_2 says, I want you all to work with your pages...
Cub_2 says, add links if you need to.. play with images and colors and font sizes
Cub_2 says, backgrouns etc..
sealin2 says, I had a question, but remembered that I figured out the answer myself...but I have another question about the color codes
Cub_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, I've tried different hex. codes, but they aren't showing up right
sealin2 says, right..being like they are pictured online
Cub_2 says, which ones?
sealin2 says, I've been trying to get a dark blue and I've gotten green and red, but not blue!
Cub_2 says, what codes have you used?
sealin2 says, I don't have the list in front of me....but I've used every dark blue pictured at the site Marie gave us...except navy blue
Cub_2 says, I hope the rest of you are working on your pages!!!!
Aunt_Jay says, I tried 330066 and it worked
lookin_back_2 says, Yes I am
sealin2 says, Aunt Jay are you using Netscape?
Aunt_Jay says, no
Aunt_Jay says, explorer but I have netscape, don't usually use it
  angelbear_s says, why is it different colors with netscape?
  Marieclassof86 says, http://freepages.computers.rootsweb.com/~rmbeckman/pgbdglinks.html
Aunt_Jay says, I used 90000 too and it worked
Aunt_Jay says, no 990000
  vickyal_124 says, cub- i still have that banner right in middle of my basic links
  Marieclassof86 says, there are some diff. color page charts on there
  vickyal_124 says, an no reason for it now
Cub_2 says, 990000 should not be blue
Cub_2 says, did you add the " like I sent you?
Aunt_Jay says, brick red
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, an just reupload page 
  vickyal_124 says, still there
Cub_2 says, is your page on rootsweb vicky?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, whats your rootsweb userid and page name?
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/states.html
  vickyal_124 says, alpg2
Cub_2 says, ok, let me look
sealin2 says, Aunt Jay, I tried 330066 and it is black for me
Cub_2 says, sealin, what kind of monitor are you using?
Cub_2 says, what color is your text in the room here?
sealin2 says, Cub, I don't know...an old Packard Bell
sealin2 says, My text is royal blue, your's is black
Aunt_Jay says, 330066 was very dark blue
  Marieclassof86 says, 98AFC7  is blue
Cub_2 says, try using the words royal blue
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, vicky....your background link is wrong...
Aunt_Jay says, for link I used 9900FF
Cub_2 says, there are too many slashes before jvhal2074
  vickyal_124 says, http://cedesign.net/colors.htm  is chart i use fot color
sealin2 says, Cub, royal blue worked
sealin2 says, but darkblue does not work
Cub_2 says, plus, you should not be using a link to an html page for the backgroun
Cub_2 says, background
  vickyal_124 says, ok that got rid of the banner but no back ground up
Cub_2 says, k, cause the page isnt even finishing loading for me
Aunt_Jay says, for VLINK I used 330000
Cub_2 says, you also have a /body and /html tag right after the a name=index
  angelbear_s says, hi gvgore
Aunt_Jay says, Hi gore
Cub_2 says, the /body and body tags are what rootsweb uses to place a banner
sealin2 says, "daarkblue" makes red text
gvgore says, Hi everyone. How are you
sealin2 says, sorry...my keyboard doubles letters sometimes
Cub_2 says, is it part of a link sealin?
  Marieclassof86 says, hi gv
Cub_2 says, hi gv
gvgore says, Hi Marie I am just trying out my new computer
Aunt_Jay says, when I changed my background from blue to beige the color of the letters seemed to change from dark purple blue to dark brown
  Marieclassof86 says, does navy work
sealin2 says, not part of a link
gvgore says, What is everyone talking about tonight
sealin2 says, I'll try Marie
Cub_2 says, did you try it as 2 words or one word?
  angelbear_s says, we have been working on a web page gore
  Marieclassof86 says, We are working on our state pages
Aunt_Jay says, HTML lessons tonight
sealin2 says, navyblue = very light blue
Cub_2 says, do you do web pages gv?
sealin2 says, onewORD, CUb
Aunt_Jay says, what kind of computer Gore?
Cub_2 says, sealin, try it as 2 words within " "
sealin2 says, ok
gvgore says, No not yet on my pages. I just got a Gateway
  angelbear_s says, oh how do you like it
gvgore says, My old computer just couldn't keep up with all my genealogy
Cub_2 says, vicky, do you see what I was talking about in your page?
sealin2 says, Cub...I got dark red by using "NAvy blue"
  angelbear_s says, that's what my hubby tells me gore
  vickyal_124 says, nope
Cub_2 says, ok.. take the background attribute out
gvgore says, I love it so far but will have to get use to all it can do
  angelbear_s says, how much memory
gvgore says, 128m
Cub_2 says, did you do that vicky?
  angelbear_s says, hard memory
  vickyal_124 says, k should i take out the vlink ect to 
  angelbear_s says, like 20 40 10
gvgore says, do what cub. yes angel
Cub_2 says, gv, is your name vicky too???
gvgore says, Yes it is
Cub_2 says, ok, I was talking to vickyal
Cub_2 says, sorry
  Marieclassof86 says, wb Aunt Jay  
gvgore says, Sorry I fogot there was another Vicky
  angelbear_s says, hard dive memory?
Aunt_Jay says, Hit the wrong button
  angelbear_s says, oops drive
  vickyal_124 says, shouldnt do that aj ya see what happens when ya do lol
sealin2 says, RH
  angelbear_s says, we lose her
Aunt_Jay says, yahoo makes me download their program everytime I come in here
  angelbear_s says, that's why i use cheeta chat to get in here
  vickyal_124 says, you shouldnt have to AJ
gvgore says, 60 GB 7 M Ultra ATA 100 hard drive
  angelbear_s says, oh gv i am so jealous
sealin2 says, RH
Cub_2 says, vicky, did you take out the background?
  vickyal_124 says, body LINK="blue" VLINK=Red  Alink=green 
gvgore says, My husband got tired of my saying bad things to the old one
  vickyal_124 says, 
  angelbear_s says, i wish my hubby would get tired
Cub_2 says, see the /body
  vickyal_124 says, any of that need to be took out 
sealin2 says, gvgore...lucky you...wish my husband would take the hINT!
Cub_2 says, take out the < /body>
Cub_2 says, and the next line you have < /html >  take it out too
  angelbear_s says, my hubby says - yea make me feel bad lol
  vickyal_124 says, k
gvgore says,  I was totally surprised but said I send so much time on it that it would pay for itseld
sealin2 says, can anyone tell me how to get my page on the net?
Cub_2 says, yes sealin, do you have a rootsweb account?
sealin2 says, freepages
  angelbear_s says, the magic words
gvgore says, I still have a long way to go getting my files moved over.
Cub_2 says, go to " http://freepages.rootsweb.com
Cub_2 says, the 3rd line down says upload your files pages
Cub_2 says, see that?
  angelbear_s says, where are they now gv
Cub_2 says, click on that link
sealin2 says, ok...i got there & clicked
gvgore says, I backed them up on disk and my genealogy I had to print out so I will have to in put them again. But I got a rewritable disk so I can put them on that
Cub_2 says, go ahead and enter your username and password they sent you
sealin2 says, did that...waiting
  vickyal_124 says, those cd rw are a god send
sealin2 says, ok
  angelbear_s says, oh - you scared me first gv - i thought you were going to have to retype
Cub_2 says, find genealogy in the community box and click on it...
Cub_2 says, find it by clicking the down arrow
gvgore says, I am looking forward to using it. I will have to retype it to put on the disk
  angelbear_s says, yes they are vicky
  angelbear_s says, do you still have your old computer gv
gvgore says, Yes I am going to sell it
Cub_2 says, make sure you have a check mark in each of the 4 boxes on the next line then click Enter File Manager
sealin2 says, then click on filel manager/
  angelbear_s says, zip the info and send it to yourself
  angelbear_s says, on your new computer
gvgore says, How do I do that
  vickyal_124 says, turnit on 
  vickyal_124 says, an make all the files into zip files
  angelbear_s says, my cousin sent me his that way
  vickyal_124 says, an then mail to new puter
Cub_2 says, vicky, how is your page doing?
sealin2 says, Cub, ok
Cub_2 says, seal so you are at the dont know where to start etc... page?
  vickyal_124 says, well no banner in middle of the basics
Aunt_Jay says, me too cub
  vickyal_124 says, but no background either lol
  Marieclassof86 says, or you could slave the old drive off the new computer long enough to pull the info
Cub_2 says, you too AJ?
sealin2 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, yes have done all you said
Cub_2 says, vicky, where is the image for your background
sealin2 says, thanks, Aunt Jay...I don't feel so alone  
sealin2 says,  
Aunt_Jay says, me copycat
Cub_2 says, aj & seal  see where it says upload your files by clicking here
sealin2 :-D
Aunt_Jay says, yes
Cub_2 says, I was gonna ask you AJ but wasnt sure if you were here or working on your page
sealin2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, click here
Aunt_Jay says, click now?
Cub_2 says, yes
sealin2 says, done
Cub_2 says, it will take you to the file upload utility spot on the page
Aunt_Jay says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, cub it was one of my webpages i did long time agos background
Cub_2 says, click on the browse button next to the first open box
  angelbear_s says, is the background uploaded in genealogy vicky
Cub_2 says, it will open up a window very similar to your notepad
gvgore says, No
Cub_2 says, find your file you want to upload and click on it
Cub_2 says, then click open
Cub_2 says, ok, where is it stored vicky?
  angelbear_s says, gv do you have zip on old computer?
  angelbear_s says, i am assuming it's too big for floppy
  vickyal_124 says, the background is in my documents
gvgore says, I don't have zip on the old one
Cub_2 says, what is the path to the old one?
  vickyal_124 says, but i cant recall the page i got it from
Cub_2 says, do you know what page you are using it on?
Cub_2 says, AJ and sealin how are you doing?
sealin2 says, did all that you said
  angelbear_s says, lady - is your page up? - can i see it?
Cub_2 says, did it put your file name in the box next to the browse button?
gvgore says, It is really big. Could not store on floppy so printed to reinput and use new version on family tree so I could insert pictures
sealin2 says, the first box, by the browse button, has the name of my file there
Cub_2 says, something like C:\myhtml\states.html
sealin2 says, yes, Cub
Cub_2 says, k  do you have images on your page that you need to upload too?
sealin2 says, like the GCF logo?
sealin2 says, and the state flag?
Cub_2 says, the GCF logo you can use cause its already there... Like state flags or something like that
  vickyal_124 says, ok i found it its the old alabama page before updatin 
Cub_2 says, yes the state flag... did you download the image to your C drive?
Cub_2 says, what is the URL vicky
ladyfish86 says, sorry angel what was that you were asking me?
Aunt_Jay says, I have the main html , the flag on gif and the background on jpg
*** Your request has an incorrect format.  Please try again.
Aunt_Jay says, I need the logo yet?
  vickyal_124 says, ok i found it its the old alabama page before updatin 
Cub_2 says, you have them all AJ?
  angelbear_s says, lady - did you already upload your page?
  vickyal_124 says, http://hometown.aol.com//jvhal2074/alabamaclub.html
Cub_2 says, no the logo you can use from the club library
ladyfish86 says, yes i did but now im trying to change my background and its not working
Aunt_Jay says, then that is all I guess
sealin2 says, I don't know, Cub....didn't do it on purpose
Cub_2 says, sealin... the URL that you used on your IMG tag  did it start with html or C:
sealin2 says, http:
Aunt_Jay says, should I hit the send files now?
Cub_2 says, ok, then you are using the ones from the site.. you should download those to your puter then upload them to your rootsweb site
Cub_2 says, but for now, you can both click send files button
Aunt_Jay says, did that
Cub_2 says, when its done it should take you back to the dont know where to start
sealin2 says, done
Aunt_Jay says, should the page be online now?
  angelbear_s says, yes - can we see it
Cub_2 says, yes AJ it is online now
sealin2 says, ok..i'm back to that pg
Cub_2 says, if you scroll down in that window, you will see a directory list of the files you just uploaded
Cub_2 says, sealin, right click on your image then click 'save as'
Cub_2 says, see it AJ?
Aunt_Jay says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114
Cub_2 says, scroll down farther you should see your states.html file
  angelbear_s says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
  angelbear_s says, i like the text color
sealin2 says, cub, save as  what?
  angelbear_s says, do you see your page aunt jay?
Cub_2 says, what is the url for the image
  vickyal_124 says, give your picture a name sealing
Aunt_Jay says, It worked. It is online
Cub_2 says, is it a jpg or gif file?
Cub_2 says, AJ, are your images there?
  angelbear_s says, yes - it is aunt jay - cool huh
sealin2 says, ok...it's saved
Cub_2 says, now you need to send it to rootsweb
sealin2 says, in the second browse box?
Cub_2 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, I didn't understand the part about the save as that you were telling sealin
sealin2 says, ok...I'll see if I can find it
ladyfish86 says, Marie, will you help; me please?
ladyfish86 says, unless you are busy
Marieclassof86 is back.
  Marieclassof86 says, ok...what cha need
Cub_2 says, where did you get your images AJ?
ladyfish86 says, i cant get my background to change
ladyfish86 says, i have tried everything and its not working
Cub_2 says, and how did you get them to your C drive?
Aunt_Jay says, the flag from the site someone gave us a couple of lessons ago
Cub_2 says, are you pointing to it at the site or from your C drive?
Aunt_Jay says, the background from Absolute Background Textures
Aunt_Jay says, from the C drive
Cub_2 says, how did you get them to your C drive?
  angelbear_s says, right click and save as
Aunt_Jay says, the background has where you right click on the one you want and it opens a box where you download it to your computer,.  I think that is what happened anyway
sealin2 says, can't find it yet
Aunt_Jay says, the background is in a file on C drive called jpg
  vickyal_124 says, make sure your lookin in the right spot sealin
Cub_2 says, sealin.. right click on the image again and notice where it is putting it
  angelbear_s says, aunt jay - it looks like you up loaded it
Cub_2 says, do the save as again
  angelbear_s says, it's just not showing on your page
Aunt_Jay says, the flag is in a file on C drive called gif
Cub_2 says, AJ, so you basically did what I am telling sealin to do with the right click
  angelbear_s says, i see it at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/
  angelbear_s says, cub - did you view source?
Cub_2 says, what you have to do... is to change the link in your html page to the image at rootsweb
sealin2 says, fou
Aunt_Jay says, does it have the flag at the top under the advertisement and is it yellow background?
Cub_2 says, yes angel, I know what needs to be done, just want to bring AJ along slowly
Cub_2 says, an AJ
  angelbear_s says, sorry
Cub_2 says, no even
Cub_2 says, it will work for you AJ because you still have the images on you C drive that it can find
sealin2 says, I found it and sent it
Cub_2 says, but for those of us who dont have them we wont see them
Aunt_Jay says, what do I have to do?
Cub_2 says, sealin, you will have to do this too...
  angelbear_s says, hi dianna
sealin2 says, ok..do what?
Cub_2 says, change the url for the img SRC to the file on rootsweb
  vickyal_124 says, hi dianna
Cub_2 says, so it should be "http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~yourname/imagename.gif"
Cub_2 says, this will be in your HTML file.  For now, I would change it in notepad and upload the file again
sealin2 says, i'm not sure I understand what you mean cub
Cub_2 says, You used the IMG tag in your html file
Cub_2 says, right?
sealin2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, you have a SRC attribute that points to your image right?
  angelbear_s says, cub - question
Aunt_Jay says, to my C drive yes
Cub_2 says, sealin do you see what I mean?
dianna_1962 says, hello
  angelbear_s says, cub you said you saw my background last week - is used BODY BACKGROUND="beige1.jpg" is that not correct?
Cub_2 says, hi dianna
dianna_1962 says, hello cub
  angelbear_s says, hello dianna
dianna_1962 says, how it is going
Cub_2 says, yes, it is ok...
dianna_1962 says, Hi angle bear
  Marieclassof86 says, Hi Dianna
  angelbear_s says, hi czyckie
dianna_1962 says, Hi Marie
  Marieclassof86 says, Hey CZ
  angelbear_s says, good here and U?
Cub_2 says, as long as the image is in the same directory as the html file
czyckie says, hi marie
lookin_back_2 is back.
lookin_back_2 says, I have to go now here is the URL for my page http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~chey/michigan.html
czyckie says, hi angelbear
sealin2 says, yes
dianna_1962 says, hey I just posted new message about new books can someone add to the library
  Marieclassof86 says, I'll check on it 
Cub_2 says, thanks M
  angelbear_s says, lookin yours looks really great - i love the little bird, too
Cub_2 says, ok looking
dianna_1962 says, gave full titles and author and eplanation
lookin_back_2 says, ty angel
lookin_back_2 says, see ya'll next week
Cub_2 says, sealin are you there?
sealin2 says, I'm here
Cub_2 says, do you see what I mean by the SRC attribute?
sealin2 says, yes
dianna_1962 says, so what is the class about tonight
sealin2 says, I tried to copy it to show you but couldn't
  angelbear_s says, we are working on our web page
Cub_2 says, AJ and sealin, you both have to change the value of the SRC attribute
sealin2 says, pasate it here
dianna_1962 says, all ok
Cub_2 says, to point to your rootsweb image
dianna_1962 says, I need to work on mine but cannot seem to get the time
dianna_1962 says, need to add new links
Aunt_Jay says, do we have to do the same with the background?
sealin2 says, change it to the freepages ....where ~yourname = my user ID?
Cub_2 says, yes AJ
  angelbear_s says, what state are you working on dianna
Cub_2 says, yes and imagename = your image name
dianna_1962 says, all jsut working on my site at geocities
dianna_1962 says, mostly genealogy links
sealin2 says, ok
dianna_1962 says, I need to add and update the links
  angelbear_s says, is there one state in particular or just all states?
dianna_1962 says, all states but my research is mostly WV
  angelbear_s says, oh ok
  angelbear_s says, i don't have one state for my gnealogy lol
Cub_2 says, vicky... how is it going?
dianna_1962 says, looking for links to the melungeon surnames of Johson right now
  vickyal_124 says, nothings changed
dianna_1962 says, keep hitting brick walls
dianna_1962 says, lol
dianna_1962 says, with my head no less
dianna_1962 says, lol
Cub_2 says, you took out the /body and /html tags?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
sealin2 says, Cub, I changed the IMG SRC
  angelbear_s says, i went to a workshop and one topic was on melungeons in tennessee
  Marieclassof86 says, if I don't answer yall...I'm trying to help out Lady
*** You have exceeded the maximum length of a message.  Try typing something shorter.
  vickyal_124 says, i got rid of those now no banner in the middle but
Cub_2 says, oh thats right you just need to change the background img righte?
  angelbear_s says, ok marie
  vickyal_124 says, no image either
dianna_1962 says, yep my links are in WV  and PA
sealin2 says, do I need to change the background image, too/
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, yes sealin
sealin2 says, so I have to download it, too...etc?
sealin2 says, sigh
dianna_1962 says, well I think I will talk to you all later
  vickyal_124 says, http://hometown.aol.com//jvhal2074/alabamaclub.html  AN THE image is in my documents
dianna_1962 says, need to researh for a couple other people yet
Aunt_Jay says, now ready to edit the entry into the rootsweb
dianna_1962 says, bye all
  angelbear_s says, vicky - did you upload the background to freepages?
Cub_2 says, so vicky, you have the image on your c drive now right?
  vickyal_124 says, yes its in my groundgraphics folder as diamonds.jpg
Cub_2 says, do you want to use it from your hometown page or upload it to your rootsweb account?
  vickyal_124 says, no but it was supposed to link but it didnt
  vickyal_124 says, hometown page if possible
Cub_2 says, ok, so go to your hometown page and right click on the image on your file
Cub_2 says, not the file itself
Cub_2 says, http://hometown.aol.com//jvhal2074/alabamaclub.html
Cub_2 says, arg you are on NS arent you..
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, the URL for your background image should be:
Aunt_Jay says, please try my site now to see if it worked?
Aunt_Jay says, need address again?
Cub_2 says, "http: //hometown.aol.com//jvhal2074/backgrnd/diamonds.jpg"
Cub_2 says, without the space after : and before //
  angelbear_s says, yes aunt jay - cool!
  angelbear_s says, it looks great!
Aunt_Jay says, it worked. yellow with flag?
  angelbear_s says, yes
Cub_2 says, you can use whatever browse box is open sealin
  angelbear_s says, white flag with blue middle
sealin2 says, Cub, I have to go....I sent the page, flag and background
sealin2 says, can I work with you another time, please?
Cub_2 says, yep
Cub_2 says, what is your rootsweb name?
Aunt_Jay says, feel better soon sealin
  angelbear_s says, hope you feel better sealin
sealin2 says, rootsweb user ID is gcfnewhamp....
Cub_2 says, ok
sealin2 says, thank you all for your well wishes...see you soon..hpefully withouth this headache!
sealin2 says, night all
sealin2 says, ty Cub
sealin2 says, will you email a time and day that is convenient for yoU?
  vickyal_124 says, by seal 
  angelbear_s says, cya sealin
  vickyal_124 says, cub still no back ground 
  angelbear_s says, wb cub
Aunt_Jay says, I gather that the site I used to change the file is where I go to edit the page in the future
Cub_2 says, walks in swinging a bat at the yahell goblins
Cub_2 says, did you change it on rootsweb AJ or on your C drive and reupload it?
Aunt_Jay says, changed in both places
  angelbear_s says, cub aunt jay's page looks marvelous
  angelbear_s says, hi guitargirl
Aunt_Jay says, Hi guitar
guitargirl66 says, hey
Cub_2 says, I am still not getting the background or images though
  angelbear_s says, i see them on my screen - hmmmm
Aunt_Jay says, why would angel see them and not Cub?
Aunt_Jay says, sob
  angelbear_s says, that's what i want to know
Aunt_Jay says,  
Cub_2 says, you calling me an s.o.b.????
guitargirl66 says, what's the problem?
  angelbear_s says, rofl
Cub_2 says, It could be my connectiong AJ
  vickyal_124 says, i tried ie an ns no images for me either
Cub_2 says, for AJ file vicky?
Aunt_Jay says, no sob without the periods, crying pitiously
  angelbear_s says, the background is textured yellow and flag is white with blue middle
  angelbear_s says, right?
Aunt_Jay says, yes angel thanks
  angelbear_s says, ok good
Aunt_Jay says, at least one person can view my page
Cub_2 says, hold on a minute AJ
  vickyal_124 says, no mine
  angelbear_s says, it's a wavy flag too
Aunt_Jay says, yes
Cub_2 says, it is probably more our connections than your page
  angelbear_s says, i love those wavy flags
guitargirl66 says, what's the URL?
  angelbear_s says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
  vickyal_124 says, aj i got a yellow back ground w/ a flag just under the banner
  angelbear_s says, that's what i got vicky
Aunt_Jay says, http://freepages.genalogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114
guitargirl66 says, I can see it
  angelbear_s says, right above Mass....
guitargirl66 says, gotta go
guitargirl66 says, bye
Aunt_Jay says, I spelled genealogy wrong on that
  angelbear_s says, cya guitargirl
Cub_2 says, aj, how big are your img files?
Aunt_Jay says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114
  vickyal_124 says, aj thats just an index page 
  vickyal_124 says, not a state page
Cub_2 says, AJ, check for a > at the end of your IMG tag
Aunt_Jay says, yes  add massachusett.html
  vickyal_124 says, still got yellow background w/flag under the advertisement
  angelbear_s says, me too
Cub_2 says, thats what you should have vicky
Aunt_Jay says, where should the > go
Aunt_Jay says, after the "
Aunt_Jay says, ?
Cub_2 says, yes
  angelbear_s says, vicky did you get your background on your page?
Aunt_Jay says, will put it in
  vickyal_124 says, no
  vickyal_124 says, an ive tried just about everything short of goin in puter an 
  vickyal_124 says, painting it on there lol
  angelbear_s says, lol
Cub_2 says, what is the url to your page vicky\
Aunt_Jay says, did it
Cub_2 says, ok.. also, on the logo img tag, put a space before the ALT attribute
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/states.html
Cub_2 says, thats the same as it was before.. where did you make the changes?
Cub_2 says, did you upload it to your rootsweb account again?
Cub_2 says, AJ. you should only have the A NAME=Index once
Aunt_Jay says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
Aunt_Jay says, I need to remove the extra ones?
Cub_2 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, it did change
Cub_2 says, there should only be one NAME for each place holder
  vickyal_124 says, it got that nutsy banner out from the basic links lol
Cub_2 says, what did change?
Cub_2 says, hold on I am gonna reboot
Cub_2 says, I will brb
  vickyal_124 says, but the image wont show no matter what i do
  vickyal_124 says, i still dont get what cub is saying 
  vickyal_124 says, i only have one name per place
  angelbear_s says, can you see mine 
  vickyal_124 says, havent checked
  angelbear_s says, here's new mexico one http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gen4abear/newmexico.html
  vickyal_124 says, yea i know im missin the index at top
  angelbear_s says, here's north dakota  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gen4abear/northdakota.html
  vickyal_124 says, but i told cub that last week
  angelbear_s says, did you look at mine?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, both look nice
  angelbear_s says, could you see it
  angelbear_s says, oh good ty
  vickyal_124 says, i told cub weeks ago i didnt have the top index
  angelbear_s says, next you need to see if you can hear the music at http://www.geocities.com/teddybearcreek2000
  angelbear_s says, i changed it and it's supposed to be accessable to netscape
  vickyal_124 says, not gettin any music
  angelbear_s says, oh no - i will work on it
  vickyal_124 says, but could be bacuse i have a ton of pages open lol
  angelbear_s says, my problem - is i can't tell if netscape can hear it without u
  angelbear_s says, i have one more way to program it and maybe that will work
  vickyal_124 says, it shouldnt matter should hear it either way ie or ns
  angelbear_s says, i am really getting into tables - i hope cub teaches us more about them
  angelbear_s says, you can hear it on ie
  angelbear_s says, wb cub
Cub_2 says, ty
  vickyal_124 says, wb cub
  angelbear_s says, cub - will you be teaching us about tables?
Cub_2 says, yes angel
  angelbear_s says, oh great ty
Cub_2 says, but I want everyong to get a bit comfortable with what we have done
Cub_2 says, tables can be very confusing
  angelbear_s says, yes they can be
  angelbear_s says, but i think you will make it easy
Cub_2 says, what was AJ url again?
Cub_2 says, I dont think anyone can make tables easy
  angelbear_s says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
  angelbear_s says, lol vicky
Cub_2 says, much better
Cub_2 says, it must have been the other puter I was on
  angelbear_s says, i am really getting into them - but i think you can teach us the right way to do it
Cub_2 says, AJ.. your page looks great
Aunt_Jay says, did it
Aunt_Jay says, everyone can see it now?
  angelbear_s says, wb aunt jay
Cub_2 says, AJ, one suggestion though?
Aunt_Jay says, is this the address?  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
Aunt_Jay says, yes what?
Cub_2 says, move the index above the state information
Cub_2 says, so your index is at the top of the page
Cub_2 says, I guess Marie was more correct calling it the table of contents
Aunt_Jay says, good idea
  angelbear_s says, yes - great one
Cub_2 says, and put a space before the logo
Aunt_Jay says, how do I do that space?
Cub_2 says, < BR >
Cub_2 says, or < P >
Cub_2 says, blank line more than a space
  angelbear_s says, cub - do you know i can make front page not < p > everything - so i can have single space instead of double
Cub_2 says, not really.. I dont know frontpage that well
  angelbear_s says, when i hit the return it always double spaces
Cub_2 says, let me look at it and I will see what I can come up with by next week
  angelbear_s says, the only way to change it - is to go into the html and delete and retype < BR >
  angelbear_s says, it would seem like it should be a simple thing - i just have not been able to figure it out - i appreiate any help
Cub_2 says, I will look at front page some this week
  angelbear_s says, appreciate
Cub_2 says, vicky, did you reupload your page?
  angelbear_s says, it
  vickyal_124 says, not yet
Cub_2 says, k, is it working from your local drive?
Cub_2 says, LF, did you get your background changed?
ladyfish86 says, yes
Cub_2 says, thank you Marie for helping LF
  Marieclassof86 says, yw
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/statesar.html
  vickyal_124 says, but still no background
  vickyal_124 says, an i even tried to upload it
Cub_2 says, you tried to upload the background?
  vickyal_124 says, yep
Cub_2 says, take the space out of the background URL before hometown
ladyfish86 says, may i suggest something??
Cub_2 says, and take out one of the two // before jvhal2074
Cub_2 says, No LF  
Cub_2 says, j/k
  vickyal_124 says, nope no background
ladyfish86 says, try just using BACKGROUND="diamond.jpg"
  angelbear_s says, i don't see the background uploaded on the genealogy page
  vickyal_124 says, nope
  angelbear_s says, that should have said i see them
  angelbear_s says, but not on ark
Cub_2 says, vicky, I did those two things and the background is working for me
Cub_2 says, 
  angelbear_s says, cub - you can change vicky's page?
  Marieclassof86 says, you uploaded the file right?
Cub_2 says, I viewed her source then saved it on my local drive
  angelbear_s says, oh ok ty
  angelbear_s says, duh huh
Cub_2 says, she is pointing to her hometown page for the image
Cub_2 says, so the background="diamonds.jpg" would not work
  angelbear_s says, i see she uploaded it
ladyfish86 says,  
Cub_2 says, 
Cub_2 says, that works
  angelbear_s says,   
*** You have exceeded the maximum length of a message.  Try typing something shorter.
  angelbear_s says,   
  vickyal_124 says, thats what i have
Cub_2 says, did you refresh your page?
  vickyal_124 says, but for somereason im not seein a back ground on either ns or ie
  vickyal_124 says, yes several times
Cub_2 says, send me your file
Cub_2 says, better yet, upload it to rootsweb again just as you have it on your local drive
*** You have exceeded the maximum length of a message.  Try typing something shorter.
  angelbear_s says, do you know by now - i need to know why about stuff - does it drive you crazy?  I need to know why we can't use background="xxx.jpg"
  angelbear_s says, wb aunt jay
Aunt_Jay says, I made some changes
  vickyal_124 says, i hate yahoo evertime i type 2 words i have exceeded maxium
  vickyal_124 says, typin space
Cub_2 says, angel, you can use that
ladyfish86 says, that sounds like cheetah
Cub_2 says, if the image is in the same place as the html file
Aunt_Jay says, takes me forever to get into this room
  angelbear_s says, oh ok ty  - i did not underdstand the other
  Marieclassof86 says, brb
  angelbear_s says, ok marie
Cub_2 says, when you have lots of html files and lots of images, it is better to keep them
Cub_2 says, in directories (folders) of their own
Cub_2 says, in which case you have to use the folder name...
  vickyal_124 says, ok i got a back ground 
  angelbear_s says, ie image file, html file
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/statesar.html
Cub_2 says, yes, if you look at the logo image, it is in a directory called Images
Aunt_Jay says, anyone got time to let me know what they think of my changed page?
Cub_2 says, thats the /Images/ part of the URL
  angelbear_s says, i see it i see it
Aunt_Jay says, if not I will see you friday
ladyfish86 says, sure type in the url ah
ladyfish86 says, AJ
ladyfish86 says, sorry
  Marieclassof86 says, I can look
  vickyal_124 says, got all nite if ya wish
  angelbear_s says, it looks great aunt jay
  angelbear_s says, hi jl
Cub_2 says, good job AJ
Aunt_Jay says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jacq114/massachusetts.html
  angelbear_s says, hi jl
Aunt_Jay says, what happened to jl?
  angelbear_s says, revolving door
Cub_2 says, bungee
  vickyal_124 says, jl cant get in chats in yahoo these days
  vickyal_124 says, or his shadow gets in but at his end he gets page not showing
ladyfish86 says, looks great AJ
  angelbear_s says, hi jl
  vickyal_124 says, or a white page
Cub_2 says, hi jl
ladyfish86 says, hi jl
  vickyal_124 says, hi shadow an doggie are you in now
ladyfish86 says, poor guy
Aunt_Jay says, poor jl
  angelbear_s says, nope not yet vicky
  vickyal_124 says, lady hes not the only one tons of folks like that these days
ladyfish86 says, everyone is having problems
Aunt_Jay says, I tried the yahoo chat but the voice chat has ruined it
ladyfish86 says, everyone has renamed yahoo to yahell
  angelbear_s says, fugetabut getting in yahoo, even cheeta give me a problem at times
  vickyal_124 says, o i never have any trouble now w/voice chat
Aunt_Jay says, some of the people come in loud and clear but most are garbled at best
  vickyal_124 says, on old puter couldnt go in w/o gettin booted if on voice
ladyfish86 says, that might be there mic AH
ladyfish86 says, AJ
  angelbear_s says, lol @ lady
  vickyal_124 says, thats cause of there mic or mic settings
ladyfish86 says, its true angel
Aunt_Jay says, must go ,   butt is getting numb
  angelbear_s says, yahell
  vickyal_124 says, by aj
ladyfish86 says, bye AJ
Aunt_Jay says, Thanks to all of you
  angelbear_s says, nite aunt jay
ladyfish86 says, im going to get some duct tape for jl
Aunt_Jay says, Thank you teacher, I really appreciate your help
  vickyal_124 says, hes been that way for 2 days 
Cub_2 says, bye AJ
Cub_2 says, you are welcome
Aunt_Jay says, yahoo won't let me say some things
Aunt_Jay says, GOOOOD Teacher
Aunt_Jay says, night all
ladyfish86 says, goodnight
  angelbear_s says, what are you trying to day aunt jay lol
Cub_2 says, night aj
  angelbear_s says, nite nite aunt jay
  Marieclassof86 says, nite everyone
  vickyal_124 says, by marie
  angelbear_s says, nite marie
ladyfish86 says, nite Marie
Cub_2 says, nite Marie
Aunt_Jay says, tried the GOOOOOD teacher with all capitals but yahoo said no
Cub_2 says, thanks for you help tonight
Cub_2 says, I think they are working on some sort of spam guard
ladyfish86 says, gets tape ready
Aunt_Jay says, really going this time nite all
  angelbear_s says, what is your projected goal date to link us up to the library cub?
  vickyal_124 says, lol cub- dare to dream yahoo has been caught catering to porn
  vickyal_124 says, folks already
  angelbear_s says, will we continue to work on our state pages or another page?
Cub_2 says, I will hook you up right now if you want
Cub_2 says, I hope you will do other pages...
  angelbear_s says, are we going to do something else to the page
  vickyal_124 says, i have to add the rest of my links to mine an my state info
  vickyal_124 says, wanted to get the rest of it straighent out somewhat
  angelbear_s says, i've done both my pages uptill now
  angelbear_s says, state pages that is
Cub_2 says, I dont know that there is anything more specific to add to these pages
Cub_2 says, what are the url's angel?
ladyfish86 says, i would like to put a little irish wav in mine but.......cant find one and dont know how
  vickyal_124 says, the main thing is see for mine is i dont have the "index part"
  angelbear_s says, new mexico is at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gen4abear/newmexico.html
  vickyal_124 says, at the top
  vickyal_124 says, of page
Cub_2 says, vicky, the club can link to your page without the index
  angelbear_s says, north dakota is at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gen4abear/northdakota.html
*** You have exceeded the maximum length of a message.  Try typing something shorter.
  vickyal_124 says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, will add rest of links an send to you later this week
  angelbear_s says, even though it's linked we still can change
Cub_2 says, yes angel
  angelbear_s says, you may link  
ladyfish86 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~tfisher01/states.html
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/statesar.html
  angelbear_s says, lady your page looks great
ladyfish86 says, ty angel
ladyfish86 says, and yours does too as well
  angelbear_s says, oh ty
  angelbear_s says, i like what you did with the state facts
ladyfish86 says, ty
ladyfish86 says, ok everyone is quiet now
  angelbear_s says, lol
  vickyal_124 says, lol
  angelbear_s says, does cub still have a voice?
  angelbear_s says, or are his fingers to the bone?
  vickyal_124 says, think he has fainted lol
  angelbear_s says, lol
Cub_2 says, www.genealogychatfriends.org
Cub_2 says, go to the location specific then USA pages
Cub_2 says, you are all published web authors now
  vickyal_124 says, hum cub all i got was a back ground
  angelbear_s says, me too?
Cub_2 says, what
  angelbear_s says, it took me http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/Images/wall.jpg
  vickyal_124 says, the browinish background we used a couple weekago
  vickyal_124 says, showed
  vickyal_124 says, not the library
  angelbear_s says, when i clicked on the link you put up
Cub_2 says, it works for me
ladyfish86 says, thats cool
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/Images/wall.jpg  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/Images/wall.jpg
  angelbear_s says, i liked that brownest background
Cub_2 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/
  vickyal_124 says, is what shows 
Cub_2 says, http://www.genealogychatfriends.org
ladyfish86 says, i have a title now
ladyfish86 says, lol
  angelbear_s says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/
ladyfish86 says, first title i have ever had
  vickyal_124 says, doesnt matter what i click i get the wall,.jpg at end
  angelbear_s says, what is is under
ladyfish86 says, location specific
Cub_2 says, just go to the library
  angelbear_s says, just back it out vicky and hit send
  angelbear_s says, very cool!
  angelbear_s says, or kewl!
ladyfish86 says, thats what i thought angel
ladyfish86 says, i still have some things to change on mine
Cub_2 says, vicky, you have a couple extra letters on the last category name
  angelbear_s says, it's snowing here and it's sticking - ugh
ladyfish86 says, you can keep it angel
Cub_2 says, Vital and Census Recordshi
  angelbear_s says, i don't want it
  vickyal_124 says, ok got that to work
Cub_2 says, its pretty close to recordshit
ladyfish86 says, lol
  angelbear_s says, rofl
Cub_2 says, you may want to take the hi off the end ok?
  vickyal_124 says, cub i dont see that
  angelbear_s says, i did not see it till you pointed that out cub
Cub_2 says, look at your last category heading at the bottom of your pag
Cub_2 says, page
  vickyal_124 says, ok i see the hi
  vickyal_124 says, i dont see no recordshti
Cub_2 says, its recordshi close to recordshi t
  vickyal_124 says, ok i think i got it
  vickyal_124 says, dont know how the hi got there i dont rember puttin it in
Cub_2 says, thanks vicky
  angelbear_s says, maybe someone came in and you said hi
  vickyal_124 says, maybe
Cub_2 says, could be
  angelbear_s says, well - it's been fun - 
  vickyal_124 says, well think im goin to bow out now 
  angelbear_s says, i am going to hit the road here
  vickyal_124 says, nite all
ladyfish86 says, night vicky
ladyfish86 says, night angel
Cub_2 says, night angel, night vicky
  angelbear_s says, y'all take care - watch out driving in the snow

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