Web Page Class 12 Transcript

This is the transcript from the 12th Web Page Development Class held May 1, 2001

Aunt_Jay says, ready
lookin_back_2 says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, a couple of things I want to discuss before we get into tables
sealin2 says, hi, vicky
Cub_2 says, wb susan
  angelbear_s says, wb susan
ladyfish86 says, wb susan
susan1415 says, thanks
  angelbear_s says, wb susan - needs vicky's duct tape
Cub_2 says, The first thing is URL's
Cub_2 says, I wanted to point out that there are 2 different kinds of URL's
Cub_2 says, relative and actual
Cub_2 says, it might be technically something other than actual, but I will call it that
Cub_2 says, does anyone not know what a URL or not remember the term?
Cub_2 says, good
Cub_2 says, The reason I am bringing this up is because of the images we have been using
Cub_2 says, there was a bit of confusion why images would show up some places and not others
Cub_2 says, img = picture or background img etc...
Cub_2 says, some of you, when you created your page, copied the background image to your C drive
Cub_2 says, which is what you should do...
Cub_2 says, you then added the background attribute, you used just the image name as the URL
Cub_2 says, does anyone not know what I am talking about?
Cub_2 says, I want to make sure you understand this..
sealin2 says, RH
Cub_2 says, sealin
sealin2 says, I'm not sure I know what you mean about using the image name
Aunt_Jay says, LIke when I didn't put the C:/ in front of the background name?
sealin2 says, I copied to my C drive and myhtml folder...how do I get it now?
Cub_2 says, the file name that you saved it as
sealin2 says, including the c:?
Cub_2 says, lets say you downloaded the gcflogo.jpg
sealin2 says, I could NOT get that to work
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, and saved it on your C drive in your myhtml folder
Cub_2 says, when you create your page, you could use just put in the file name as the value
Cub_2 says, for the attribute...
Cub_2 says, BACKGROUND="gcflogo.jpg"
ladyfish86 says, ok cool
Cub_2 says, and as long as your web page was opened from that location, the image would show up
sealin2 says, I see...I don't need the c:/myhtml too
Cub_2 says, but as soon as you moved the page, like uploaded it to rootsweb
Cub_2 says, you would not see it
Cub_2 says, this is what is called a relative URL
Cub_2 says, if you do not specify a specific location as part of the URL, it will look in the current folder for the image
Cub_2 says, if you had a directory called myimages and had gcflogo.jpg there
Cub_2 says, then you would need to specify the actual location...
Cub_2 says, BACKGROUND="http: //C:/myimages/gcflogo.jpg"
Cub_2 says, then, anyone who open the page, regardless of where it is, will look at C: /myimages folder for it
Cub_2 says, which still works as long as you are viewing the page...
Cub_2 says, anyone else looking at it would have a different C drive
Cub_2 says, and unless they happen to have a myimages folder with gcflogo.jpg, they would not see the image
Cub_2 says, is everyone following me?
  angelbear_s says, y
lookin_back_2 says, yes
  Marieclassof86 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, thinkso
susan1415 says, think so
  vickyal_124 says, y
ladyfish86 says, yes, writing it down
Cub_2 says, sealin?
Aunt_Jay says, that is why we had to up load the flags to rootsweb
sealin2 says, I think so,...but I'd like a transcript of this class if possible
Cub_2 says, yes AJ
Cub_2 says, the flags are a good example
Aunt_Jay says, and the backgrounds
sealin2 says, I missed uploading the flags
Cub_2 says, some of you, when you added them, put them on your C drive and used a relative URL
Cub_2 says, when you uploaded your pages to rootsweb, if you did not also send the flag file, no one else would be able to see it
Cub_2 says, I helped you upload sealin...
Cub_2 says, its the same as uploading you html file
sealin2 says, ok
Cub_2 says, but we didnt go through it in detail
Cub_2 says, now... when you have an image on the internet...
Cub_2 says, you dont have a 'C' drive
Cub_2 says, what you do have is a domain...
Cub_2 says, www.genealogychatfriends.org is a domain name
Cub_2 says, within that, there are folders just like on your C drive
Cub_2 says, the logo is in a folder called images
Cub_2 says, so the URL we used was www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/
Cub_2 says, so the URL we used was www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/gcflogo.jpg  with the file name
Cub_2 says, we specified the actual location for the image
Cub_2 says, does that make sense to everyone?
Aunt_Jay says, yes
sealin2 says, y
  vickyal_124 says, y
  angelbear_s says, yes, but everytime i work on my page it takes me on line
lookin_back_2 says, y
  angelbear_s says, because of that link
  angelbear_s says, i am not able to work off line on those two pages
Aunt_Jay says, me too
ladyfish86 says, I believe it you are running IE it does it that way
Cub_2 says, yes it would...
Cub_2 says, there is a setting in your IE that says automatically connect to the internet
  vickyal_124 says, never has any trouble workin pages on line or off
Cub_2 says, if you aren't
Aunt_Jay says, couldn't you have a separate page by doing the save as, and in it don't put in that part until the page is finished
Cub_2 says, yes AJ
Cub_2 says, the other thing you can do is to comment out that img command
  angelbear_s says, but we don't have to link - we can up load our own image, can't we?
Cub_2 says, I will get into that tonight too
Cub_2 says, yes angel
  angelbear_s says, ty
Cub_2 says, if you do that, you will need to remember to change the URL when you upload it
Cub_2 says, or make sure the image is in the same directory as your page
Aunt_Jay says, I think I would like a transcript of this too Vicky if you can
Cub_2 says, which we have so far
ladyfish86 says, me to vicky please
susan1415 says, me too please
  vickyal_124 says, sure 
  vickyal_124 says, yes if i dont have your email i will need it
Cub_2 says, FYI... I have the last 3 transcripts ready to upload to the library
Cub_2 says, and will do that later tonight
Aunt_Jay says, thanks teacher
sealin2 says, ty, cub
Cub_2 says, the delay has been in my writing the recaps...
Cub_2 says, ok, back to the subject
Cub_2 says, does everyone understand the difference between a relative and an actual URL?
ladyfish86 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, y
  angelbear_s says, y
Aunt_Jay says, y
sealin2 says, y
sealin2 says, think so
Cub_2 says, does everyone understand why you need to upload the image from your C drive?
Aunt_Jay says, rh
sealin2 says, y
ladyfish86 says, yes
  angelbear_s says, y
lookin_back_2 says, y
Cub_2 says, yes AJ?
  vickyal_124 says,  y
Aunt_Jay says, the relative is the one that is only in our computer?
Cub_2 says, its not nec. just on your computer
Cub_2 says, you can use a relative URL if the image is in the same place as your page
Aunt_Jay says, so it is the one that is in the same place as the page
Cub_2 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, the actual one is where you put the full path, starting with the domain
Cub_2 says, on your local drive, you C is like a domain
Cub_2 says, its a starting point
Cub_2 says, you can use an actual URL on your computer by specificing the path
Cub_2 says, starting with the C:
Cub_2 says, does that make sense?
  angelbear_s says, y
  vickyal_124 says, y
sealin2 says, y
ladyfish86 says, y
Aunt_Jay says, not sure
Cub_2 says, ok, lets do this
Aunt_Jay says, i mean not sure if I understand
Cub_2 says, One of the things I would like us to start is working on war/conflict pages
Cub_2 says, lets  create a page on your drive that you can do this with
ladyfish86 says, using notepad?
Cub_2 says, open your state page in notepad, then click file>save as>war.html
Cub_2 says, susan, I will send you a file
susan1415 says, how do i do that
susan1415 says, thanks
sealin2 says, rh
sealin2 says, using the specific state page or the one that we first made titled "state"
sealin2 says, ?
Cub_2 says, whichever you want sealin
ladyfish86 says, wb AJ
Aunt_Jay says, hi am I back
  angelbear_s says, wb aunt jay
Cub_2 says, susan did you get the file?
Aunt_Jay says, nasty disconnect
Cub_2 says, let me know when you have a file
sealin2 says, can I ask another question while we waiT?
susan1415 says, got it cub
  angelbear_s says, got it
sealin2 says, never mind
sealin2 says, I'll ask later
Aunt_Jay says, got it , it is a copy of the state file yet
Cub_2 says, that might be best
  angelbear_s says, cub can we get rid of lesson 1 thru 5 pages?
Cub_2 says, if you want to
  angelbear_s says, ty
Aunt_Jay says, oh oh  poor susan
Cub_2 says, she is auditing really anyway...
Cub_2 says, she has not gone through all of the lessons yet
Aunt_Jay says, she is probably coming back
Cub_2 says, yes
ladyfish86 says, wb
Cub_2 says, everyone have a war page
Aunt_Jay says, wb susan
  angelbear_s says, wb susan
ladyfish86 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, wb susan
sealin2 says, y
  angelbear_s says, yes cub
Aunt_Jay says, wow
susan1415 says, got notepad cub
sealin2 says, tie susan into the room!!!
Cub_2 says, open the file I sent you
Aunt_Jay says, need a chain
susan1415 says, oka got both
Cub_2 says, hold on susan, I am gonna send you a different file one with less clutter
Cub_2 says, close notepad
susan1415 says, so delete that one
susan1415 says, okay
Cub_2 says, the rest of you, add an image to the top that says
Cub_2 says, < IMG SRC="gcflogo.jpg" >
Cub_2 says, then display your page
  angelbear_s says, hi trog
ladyfish86 says, i have a box with red x
sealin2 says, I got a box with a question mark in it
trog_lin says, good evening all
Cub_2 says, does anyone have the logo displayed
  vickyal_124 says, nope
  angelbear_s says, i do
sealin2 says, hi, trog
  vickyal_124 says, box w/? mark
ladyfish86 says, i dont
sealin2 says, no logo
Aunt_Jay says, It doesn't do anything since that isn't in my jpg file
Cub_2 says, yes, its a box with either a ? or x depending on if you are using IE or NS
Cub_2 says, this is an example of a relative url
Cub_2 says, add another line with the actual url
Aunt_Jay says, I take it back there is a little box with a red x
Cub_2 says, www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/gcflogo.jpg
Cub_2 says, (hint, you already have it in your page someplace)
sealin2 says, there it is!
Cub_2 says, when you view that, you should see the logo
Cub_2 says, that is because you are using the actual URL.. you are telling the computer where to find it
  Marieclassof86 says, it wouldn't view without the http://  on mine
Cub_2 says, yes, you need the http: //
susan1415 says, cub nothing hapens with that file
Cub_2 says, now, how could we make the logo appear from the first IMG tag without changing the tag?
sealin2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, sealin
sealin2 says, download that image to our htmlfolder/
sealin2 says, ?
Cub_2 says, yep
Cub_2 says, enough on URL's  that took longer than I wanted
Cub_2 says, lets do some tables shall we?
sealin2 says, YES!
  vickyal_124 says, sure
  angelbear_s says, yes sir
Cub_2 says, ok,  I think it would be best to start with a blank page for this
Aunt_Jay says, I did something wrong and got another box with a red x
  angelbear_s says, do we delete war?
Cub_2 says, so lets create a new html  file called tables.html
Cub_2 says, all it should have are the required tags
Cub_2 says, and we all know what they are right?????
  angelbear_s says, ok got it
Cub_2 says, let me know when you are ready
ladyfish86 says, yep
  angelbear_s says, ready
  angelbear_s says, can we delete war?
lookin_back_2 says, OK
Cub_2 says, if you want...
  angelbear_s says, ty
  Marieclassof86 says, k
ladyfish86 says, i think she needs to reboot her system
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, she needs more than that I think
  angelbear_s says, it looks so funny because the page is blank
  Marieclassof86 says, Cheeta
Cub_2 says, aj, you ready?
Aunt_Jay says, got html, head , title , body is that right?
Cub_2 says, you tell me  
Aunt_Jay says, need closing tags too I think
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, a;sdokjcnv[aoiunvcqa
Cub_2  stretchs fingers
  vickyal_124 says, ok i was goin to get out my bar of soap
  angelbear_s says, lol
  vickyal_124 says, there for  a sec
Cub_2 says,  
  angelbear_s says, i wondered if cub was cussing - glad he explained himself
sealin2 says, so we have a page with just the 4 basic tags...right  
Cub_2 says, yes sealin
sealin2 says, ty
Aunt_Jay says, sorry to keep you waiting
sealin2 says,  ::D
Cub_2 says, there should be nothing except maybe a blank line or 2 between the body open and close
sealin2 says,    ok
Aunt_Jay says, ok
lookin_back_2 says, OK
  angelbear_s says, yeppers
Cub_2 says, ok,  now each table needs 3 different tags
*** You have exceeded the maximum length of a message.  Try typing something shorter.
Cub_2 says, first of all, lets talk about what a table is in computer terms
Cub_2 says, a table is something that has rows and columns
Cub_2 says, rows go down the table top to bottom, columns go left to right
Cub_2 says, just like a spreadsheet in Lotus or Excel
Cub_2 says, in your file, put in < TABLE BORDER=2 >
ladyfish86 says, rh
Cub_2 says, on the next line put < TR >
Cub_2 says, yes lady?
ladyfish86 says, where at on the file?
ladyfish86 says, after opening body?
Cub_2 says, if you want to display it, where would you put it?
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, on the next line put < TD > A < /TD >
Cub_2 says, then save and display your file
lookin_back_2 says, COOL
Aunt_Jay says, got a little box with and A in it
  angelbear_s says, yes
ladyfish86 says, no box here just the letter A
  Marieclassof86 says, close the table?
Cub_2 says, not yet
Cub_2 says, do you have the border=2 lf?
ladyfish86 says, yes
sealin2 says, didn't get anything yet....
Cub_2 says, as an attribute to the TABLE tag
Aunt_Jay says, should it be border = 2if?
  vickyal_124 says, not gettin anything
Cub_2 says, no
sealin2 says, me, either, Vicky
Cub_2 says, < TABLE BORDER=2 >
ladyfish86 says, i have the letter A and not a box
ladyfish86 says, i have exactly what you said
Cub_2 says, marie, can you check NS to see if it views there for you
ladyfish86 says, i use IE
Aunt_Jay says, my box is a box inside a box with the A in the middle
Cub_2 says, take the space out before and after the < and >
ladyfish86 says, i dont have spaces
  vickyal_124 says, have all you said an no spaces
Cub_2 says, lady cut and paste what you have in the room
Cub_2 says, you too vicky and sealin
Cub_2 says, but before you send it, put a space before and after your < >
Aunt_Jay says, do I have the right thing?
Cub_2 says, 
Cub_2 says, yes AJ
ladyfish86 says, i just lost all my stuff now
Aunt_Jay says, thanks
  vickyal_124 says, 
vickyal_124 says, Cub_2 says, vicky, what is your next line Cub_2 says, do you have a < TR > ladyfish86 says, im sorry but i cant get it to copy and paste vickyal_124 says, i put it in but nothin happens Cub_2 says,
Cub_2 says, Cub_2 says, vickyal_124 says, have all that still nothing Cub_2 says, ok vicky and sealin, add another line < /TR > Cub_2 says, and < /TABLE > Cub_2 says, lady, you can try that too Aunt_Jay says, did you remember to save it Vicky? vickyal_124 says, yes vickyal_124 says, ok finally got a box w/a black A in it ladyfish86 says, nope sealin2 says, Finally got that box with the A also Cub_2 says, lady send me your file through Messenger sealin2 says, needed the closing tags Cub_2 says, so NS must need the closing tag vickyal_124 says, must cause shore wouldnt work before angelbear_s says, i read that ns needs closing tags - won't guess like ie does Cub_2 says, so everyone except lady has an A in a box in a box lookin_back_2 says, y Marieclassof86 says, y sealin2 says, Yes Aunt_Jay says, y angelbear_s says, y vickyal_124 says, y sealin2 says, [Vicky, I am glad you are usinG NS, too] vickyal_124 says, lol yw(sealin) angelbear_s says, lol Cub_2 says, ok... now everyone add a line after the sealin2 says, any spaces? Cub_2 says, LF put a space between TABLE and BORDER Cub_2 says, either way sealin sealin2 says, ok ladyfish86 says, got it now angelbear_s says, A in a box BCDE in a sep box Cub_2 says, remember, you have to have a space between tag names and attributes vickyal_124 says, A in box bcde by self but not in box Aunt_Jay says, A in a box next to BCDE in a box and all of them in another box ladyfish86 says, that looks cool Cub_2 says, what you are seeing is a table with one row, but 2 columns Cub_2 says, now, after the Cub_2 says, add another Cub_2 says, then a Cub_2 says, ladyfish86 says, neat sealin2 says, ahhhhh, another row angelbear_s says, another row and it expanded the a box Aunt_Jay says, the FGH is under the A sealin2 says, A box is same size as the FGH box onw Aunt_Jay says, yes sealin2 says, onw=now Cub_2 says, vicky, I didnt get it, email it to me ok? vickyal_124 says, k Cub_2 says, yes.. it did 2 things Cub_2 says, added a row and made the first column wider vickyal_124 says, k on its way Aunt_Jay says, this is great Cub_2 says, vicky, put the /table after the 2nd /TR Aunt_Jay says, can envision lots of use for this angelbear_s says, yes Cub_2 says, you tags should be in this order: table tr td /td /tr tr td /td /tr /table vickyal_124 says, k Cub_2 says, did that fix it? Cub_2 says, now what are these tags I have talked about Cub_2 says, the table is fairly obvious... it is starting the table definition Cub_2 says, tr is also fairly obvious, it starts the definition of a row in the table sealin2 says, tr does the row and td does the column ladyfish86 says, wb lb lookin_back_2 says, ty Cub_2 says, the td stands for table data Cub_2 says, you technically do not define the columns Cub_2 says, you define the data 'cells' Cub_2 says, a cell is the box that your data is in Cub_2 says, our table has 3 data cells Cub_2 says, everyone follow that? lookin_back_2 says, yes Marieclassof86 says, yes sealin2 says, yes angelbear_s says, y Aunt_Jay says, y Cub_2 says, so can anyone guess how you define the number of columns in your table? ladyfish86 says, rh? Cub_2 says, lady ladyfish86 says, count each box that is in the table itself Cub_2 says, very close Cub_2 says, but not quite Cub_2 says, how many columns does our table have? ladyfish86 says, 3 sealin2 says, 2 Aunt_Jay says, 2 angelbear_s says, 2 ladyfish86 says, yep ladyfish86 says, 2 ladyfish86 says, oops Cub_2 says, how many data cells does your table have Aunt_Jay says, 3 ladyfish86 says, 3 lookin_back_2 says, 3 Cub_2 says, yes Cub_2 says, now, how do you define how many columns in your table Aunt_Jay says, rh Cub_2 says, AJ Aunt_Jay says, How many TD lines you have Cub_2 says, thats part of it... Cub_2 says, how many tds do we have in our file? ladyfish86 says, 3 sealin2 says, 3 lookin_back_2 says, 3 angelbear_s says, 3 Aunt_Jay says, we have 3 and 2 columns back to the drawing board sealin2 says, 2 TRs Cub_2 says, you are very close though AJ Cub_2 says, What do the TR's define? ladyfish86 says, rh Cub_2 says, lady ladyfish86 says, columns Cub_2 says, no sealin2 says, rows Aunt_Jay says, could it be how many TDs that are together without between them Cub_2 says, < t "R" > angelbear_s says, rh Cub_2 says, angel angelbear_s says, return Cub_2 says, TR stands for Table Row angelbear_s says, to start a new row Cub_2 says, aj has it ladyfish86 says, that makes sense Cub_2 says, but I would say it is the number of data cells (TD /TD) pairs in a row Cub_2 says, now.. the number of columns is NOT based on the first row Cub_2 says, it is based on the row that has the most TD's Cub_2 says, in your file... duplicate the td in row 2 two times Cub_2 says, so your 2nd row with have the tr td /td td /td td /td /tr Cub_2 says, what do you have? Aunt_Jay says, neat have three data boxes in the second row and three data boxes in the first row but one is empty ladyfish86 says, not a thing, i dont understand what you want us to do Marieclassof86 says, a two row by three column table? Cub_2 says, lady, the TD in your second row.. copy it Cub_2 says, then paste it 2 times Cub_2 says, so you end up with 3 td's on your 2nd row sealin2 says, so that the second row has 3 data cells that have FGH in them sealin2 says, Cub_2 says, exactly sealin sealin2 says, ty sealin2 says, I didn't understand at first either Cub_2 says, lady, did you get that? ladyfish86 says, i dont know if its right or not Cub_2 says, k.. I will help you after class... angelbear_s says, hi dianna Cub_2 says, I just want to touch on a couple other things Aunt_Jay says, two rows of boxes with three boxes in each row dianna_1962 says, hello I was having trouble getting into night sealin2 says, hi, dianna Aunt_Jay says, Hi dianna dianna_1962 says, Hello all Marieclassof86 says, Hi Dianna dianna_1962 says, what is happening tonight Cub_2 says, ok.. technically speaking... we have 2 rows... Cub_2 says, the first has 2 data cells Cub_2 says, the 2nd has 2 data cells Cub_2 says, 3 data cells Marieclassof86 says, Web Design Class Cub_2 says, you actually define the number of columns for each row dianna_1962 says, all okay never get here in time to be in on it from the beginning dianna_1962 says, so I will just set back and learn Cub_2 says, with the TD's dianna_1962 says, lol Cub_2 says, does that make sense? Aunt_Jay says, ask vicky for transcripts sealin2 says, yes Marieclassof86 says, yes vickyal_124 says, y angelbear_s says, y Cub_2 says, ok there are just a couple of attributes I want to tell you and will call it quits Cub_2 says, we dont have to go over them now, but you may want to write them down Cub_2 says, so you can play with them this week Cub_2 says, for the TABLE tag... the attributes are Cub_2 says, WIDTH="80%" Cub_2 says, BGCOLOR="blue" ( or whatever you want) Cub_2 says, for the TR tag.... sealin2 says, RH...can the width be different inside thE " marks, too? Cub_2 says, ALIGN="left" (or center or right) Cub_2 says, yes, you can experiment with different values in all of these sealin2 says, ty Cub_2 says, you can also specify the width as a number of pixels by leaving the % off Cub_2 says, you may want to try that too Cub_2 says, still on TR Tag Cub_2 says, BGCOLOR="######" (or whatever) Cub_2 says, the TD tag Cub_2 says, in fact the same attributes as the TR Cub_2 says, WIDTH, ALIGN, BGCOLOR Cub_2 says, ok? vickyal_124 says, k Cub_2 says, play around with different numbers of rows, cells Aunt_Jay says, ok Cub_2 says, see about making each cell a different color maybe sealin2 says, TR has width, too??? sealin2 says, not just table? Cub_2 says, yes sealin Aunt_Jay says, will try on club schedule of meeting dates sealin2 says, ok Cub_2 says, oops Cub_2 says, NO, TR does NOT have WIDTH Cub_2 says, my bad Aunt_Jay says, ok Cub_2 says, what you may want to try is to make a calendar of the month of May sealin2 says, but TD and TABLE do have WIDTH? Cub_2 says, TD and TABLE have WIDTH Cub_2 says, the Table is how much of the page width Cub_2 says, the table will use Cub_2 says, the TD width is how much of the table width does that cell use Aunt_Jay says, wb dianna sealin2 says, RH dianna_1962 says, lol was just doing some quick surging Aunt_Jay says, will practice Cub_2 says, sealin? sealin2 says, can you use the data, when you are filling in text data like for our state pages... Cub_2 says, sure sealin2 says, to define the width of thE TD? Cub_2 says, yes sealin2 says, like we just did with letter sealin2 says, ty Cub_2 says, you can put anything within a data cell Cub_2 says, you can put an image, a link or another table Cub_2 says, You can also use things like the FONT tag, Lists etc... lookin_back_2 says, Can the font or font color be specified Cub_2 says, yes Cub_2 says, so each cell can have its own font color Cub_2 says, or font size Aunt_Jay says, wow Cub_2 says, think of it as each data cell is a mini page without the HTML, HEAD, TITLE or BODY tags Cub_2 says, Let me warn you... Cub_2 says, be very careful about closing tags Cub_2 says, and about the 'scope' of the tags Cub_2 says, meaning how long are they in effect Cub_2 says, for example... each TD must have its own FONT statement if you put it there Cub_2 says, ok? keep your tables simple for now Aunt_Jay says, OK must go now Marieclassof86 says, nite AJ Aunt_Jay says, will practice Cub_2 says, dont get into tables within tables yet... except maybe Marie if she wants to be daring angelbear_s says, bye aunt jay Cub_2 says, nite AJ sealin2 says, bye, AJ...have a good night lookin_back_2 says, Nite AJ Cub_2 says, thanks for coming vickyal_124 says, nite aj Marieclassof86 says, Aunt_Jay says, bye all Cub_2 says, does anyone have any questions? sealin2 says, yes Cub_2 says, Lady, send me your file again sealin2 says, aboutthe email vickyal_124 says, no Cub_2 says, yes sealin angelbear_s says, i need to run along - see yall next time sealin2 says, I'm not sure How to address where to find that image for my page lookin_back_2 says, nite angel lookin_back_2 says, I gotta be going also, enjoyed the class Cub sealin2 says, after I downloaded it to my myhtml folder Cub_2 says, bye Lookin Cub_2 says, ok sealin remember how we uploaded the html file to rootsweb? ladyfish86 says, night angel ladyfish86 says, night lb sealin2 says, not off hand...I'll look into it again and email you...if you don't mind..I understand everything from tonight... sealin2 says, I think ladyfish86 says, did you get it yet cub? Cub_2 says, yes Cub_2 says, http://users.freepages.rootsweb.com vickyal_124 says, ok if we are all done i must head out Cub_2 says, then select upload using file manager sealin2 says, Is that OK, Cub?...I may figure it out on my own again..once I sit down uninterrupted

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