Web Page Class 8 Transcript

This is the transcript from the 8th Web Page Development Class held Apr 2, 2001

Cub_2 says, lets get started ok?
  angelbear_s says, thanks marie
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  vickyal_124 says, k
  angelbear_s says, k
lookin_back_2 says, k
sealin2 says, okie-dokie
Aunt_Jay says, Thanks Marie
  Marieclassof86 says, yw everyone
Cub_2 says, does anyone have questions for me about their pages?
sealin2 says, ty, Marie  
Cub_2 says, I know Marie has been a lot of help to everyone too....
sealin2 says, no, sir...I finally got mine to work
Aunt_Jay says, good sites
  angelbear_s says, yes she has
sealin2 says, and ty Marie for the NY URLs
  vickyal_124 says, i think i got mine halfway to work
ladyfish86 says, yeah,  did you figure mine out yet cub?
Aunt_Jay says, Cub you said I have repeated a tag that I didn't have to
Cub_2 says, Tonight, I am gonna give you some new attributes to some tags we already have
Cub_2 says, I also have a couple new tags
Aunt_Jay says, It doesn't seem to be hurting but should I remove the extra tags anyway
Cub_2 says, it depends on the tag AJ... Tags like FONT and CENTER could cause a problem
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, ok, I want everyone to take a look at this site... Its kinda what your pages will look like after this weeks class....
Cub_2 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gcf2000/Education/HTML/state.html
Cub_2 says, It has a background, different link text colors
Cub_2 says, It also contains what is called an Unordered List.. This is what is putting the dots in front of the basic links
Cub_2 says, and I have removed all the CENTER tags from the page...
Cub_2 says, and added one called DIV
Cub_2 says, anyone have any questions before we get into it?
sealin2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, yes sealin?
sealin2 says, I see lots of little squares between the letters
sealin2 says,  that right??
Cub_2 says, does anyone else see that?
lookin_back_2 says, no
ladyfish86 says, no
sealin2 says, actually one box between each letter
Aunt_Jay says, no
  vickyal_124 says, no
Aunt_Jay says, no boxes
sealin2 says, should I try to reload it?
  angelbear_s says, no
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, there should be a kind of beige background
sealin2 says, still there...brownish beige background, though
Cub_2 says, go ahead and open your state page
Aunt_Jay says, what color did you use for that , it looks like taupe
Cub_2 says, dont know why sealin.. has to do with your browser I think
Cub_2 says, Its not  a color AJ, its a background image
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, Background is going to be the first attribute we learn tonight
Cub_2 says, it is an attribute of the BODY tag...
Cub_2 says, so who can tell me where we would put it?
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, AJ
Aunt_Jay says, after Body
Cub_2 says, more specific please
lookin_back_2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, lookin
lookin_back_2 says, inside the body tag
sealin2 says, in the brackets/
Aunt_Jay says, Like where we put background color
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, inside the opening BODY tag
Cub_2 says, Does anyone not know what a URL is?
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, aj
Aunt_Jay says, what we call addresses?
Cub_2 says, yes... it is the full address to something
Cub_2 says, the URL for the library main page is http://www.genealogchatfriends.org
Aunt_Jay says, Hi jl
ladyfish86 says, hi jl
sealin2 says, [hi, jlegge
jleggeusa says, hi aunt jay
  angelbear_s says, hi jl
jleggeusa says, hi sealin
  vickyal_124 says, hi jl an doggie
Cub_2 says, the URL for the library logo is http://www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/gcflogo.jpg
jleggeusa says, hi lady
jleggeusa says, hi sealin
Cub_2 says, a URL does not have to point to a web page....
jleggeusa says, hi shadow
Cub_2 says, and techinically, I dont believe the URL has the http:// part
Cub_2 says, so it would start with the www.
Cub_2 says, does everyone understand that?
ladyfish86 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, y
  angelbear_s says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, y
jleggeusa says, yes
  Marieclassof86 says, yes
Cub_2 says, the http:// specifies how the computers should access the URL
  Marieclassof86 says, rh
Cub_2 says, http = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Cub_2 says, M?
  Marieclassof86 says, what about the addys that start off like http://freepages......
  Marieclassof86 says, and don't have the www
Cub_2 says, the URL would start at the freepages
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  Marieclassof86 says, just wondered
Cub_2 says, the http:// is still the transfer method
Cub_2 says, another transfer method is the dreaded ftp://
Cub_2 says, or File Transfer Protocol
Cub_2 says, There are a bunch of different transfer methods or Protocols
Cub_2 says, I want you to understand this so you know what to enter when I say enter a URL  
Cub_2 says, now, in your state page.  I want you to add a BACKGROUND attribute
Cub_2 says, using the HTTP transfer method to  the following URL
Cub_2 says, www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg
Cub_2 says, once you think you have it entered correctly, let me know in the room.. when everyone is done, I will show what it should look like
Cub_2 says, no fair cheating by looking at the source of the state.html page
Aunt_Jay says, I have to remove background color too?
Cub_2 says, you dont have to
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, but the background will take precedence
sealin2 says, is it supposed to be black??
Cub_2 says, is what supposed to be black?
sealin2 says, the background?
Cub_2 says, no
lookin_back_2 says, got it but don't understand
  angelbear_s says, ok got it
Cub_2 says, it should be the same as what you see on the state.html page I showed you earlier
  vickyal_124 says, mine looks blue 
Aunt_Jay says, I did it wrong I guess
  angelbear_s says, mine looks taupe
Aunt_Jay says, I did BG= and the URL
Aunt_Jay says, what should I have done instead
ladyfish86 says, me too aj
  angelbear_s says, ok can we do that way too?
Cub_2 says, everyone have it entered?
ladyfish86 says, no
  angelbear_s says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, mine doesn't work at all
lookin_back_2 says, y
jleggeusa says, ok
  angelbear_s says, but i spelled out bg
Cub_2 says, I dont want to wait for it to be right.. just entered
sealin2 says, I have it entered but it isn't working yet
Aunt_Jay says, If it doesn't do anything how do we know if it is right
  vickyal_124 says, i went from blue to white again after i fixed it ho hum
Cub_2 says, the attribute name should be BACKGROUND  not BG
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, those that have BG change it now
  vickyal_124 says, i did 
ladyfish86 says, entered
  vickyal_124 says, went from a blue background to a white one again
Aunt_Jay says, did not help
Cub_2 says, did it fix anyones?
sealin2 says, bingo!
ladyfish86 says, no
Aunt_Jay says, I tried taking off the color I had and now it is white
Cub_2 says, ok.. what should be after the attribute name?
  vickyal_124 says, i got mine you have to have the http:
  vickyal_124 says, or it wont show the color
lookin_back_2 says, I had to put the http://in front of the www
jleggeusa says, i did too
Cub_2 says, hello...
  angelbear_s says, i put < BODY BACKGROUND="http://www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg" > and it worked
sealin2 says, ="HTTP:// AND THE url
Aunt_Jay says, that works, I put in the http://
  angelbear_s says, is that the way we should do it
Cub_2 says, ok.. folks.. lets slow down just a bit, I dont want to get people confused
  angelbear_s says, it did not work with out the http://
lookin_back_2 says, too late
Cub_2 says, and I want to make sure people understand what they are doing
Aunt_Jay says, it works now with the http://
Cub_2 says, so do what I say or answer the questions I have, and then wait...
  vickyal_124 says, non of ours did angel
Cub_2 says, please?
Aunt_Jay says, ok
sealin2 says, ok
  Marieclassof86 says, k
  angelbear_s says, ok
lookin_back_2 says, k
ladyfish86 says, i have a square of tan instead of purple background
Cub_2 says, everyone could have had a different problem and once we tell everyone the right way, they dont know what was wrong
Cub_2 says, what comes after the attribute name?
  angelbear_s says, rh
Cub_2 says, angel
  angelbear_s says, background
Cub_2 says, no
Aunt_Jay says, Hi bdowns
lookin_back_2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, looking
lookin_back_2 says, =
  angelbear_s says, hi bdowns
bdowns_1999 says, Hi Aunt Jay
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, what is the word background?
bdowns_1999 says, Hi angel
sealin2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, sealin
sealin2 says, the attribute
Cub_2 says, the attribute name
Cub_2 says, is the = required?  why or why not
ladyfish86 says, rh
Cub_2 says, lf
ladyfish86 says, yes..... to tell you what color should be used
ladyfish86 says, nevermind that isnt right
Cub_2 says, what are the 3 parts to an attribute?
Cub_2 says, 1.  attribute name
Cub_2 says, 2. assignment type.. here almost always =
Cub_2 says, 3. attribute value...
Cub_2 says, name=value
Cub_2 says, everyone understand?
lookin_back_2 says, y
  vickyal_124 says, yep
Cub_2 says, all 3 make un the attribute...
  Marieclassof86 says, y
Aunt_Jay says, yees
Cub_2 says, so the attribute name is background
Cub_2 says, the assignment type is =
Cub_2 says, and the value is an http method to a URL
Cub_2 says, what is the value we entered for the attribute?
ladyfish86 says, rh
Cub_2 says, lf
ladyfish86 says, =
Cub_2 says, nope
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, thats the assignment type
Cub_2 says, aj
sealin2 says, "http://www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg
Aunt_Jay says, the URL
Cub_2 says, sealin you forgot something
sealin2 says, closing"
Cub_2 says, yep
sealin2 says, I hit the return instead   
Cub_2 says, so the entire attribute should be the following less the spaces
jleggeusa is away (Auto-Away)
Cub_2 says, BACKGROUND="http://www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg"
Cub_2 says, BACKGROUND="http: // www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg"
Cub_2 says, now, if you have the BGCOLOR attribute in your BODY tag,
Cub_2 says, your page will be that color if you entered the BACKGROUND attribute wrong
Cub_2 says, that is why some had blue pages, etc....
Cub_2 says, and when you took it out, it turned the default background color or white
Cub_2 says, does everyone understand?
Aunt_Jay says, think so
sealin2 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, yes i understand
  angelbear_s says, rh
Cub_2 says, angel
ladyfish86 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, I didn't have the " in mine and it worked anyway.  I have fixed it now
  angelbear_s says, i took the body part out and now my page is white
Cub_2 says, what body part?
  angelbear_s says, i told you earlier
  angelbear_s says, i had < body background etc >
Cub_2 says, what is the word BODY
  angelbear_s says, that worked but without it my page is white
  angelbear_s says, body was my attitribute
Cub_2 says, anyone tell her wy?
Cub_2 says, why?
ladyfish86 says, rh
Cub_2 says, lf
sealin2 says,  white is the default page color?
  angelbear_s says, i have body by itself
ladyfish86 says, the background has to be inside the body tag
Aunt_Jay says, Body is the tag
Cub_2 says, yep
Cub_2 says, BODY is the TAG, not an Attribute
  angelbear_s says, so do we leave in the body or not
  vickyal_124 says, should have 
Cub_2 says, BACKGROUND is an attribute of the BODY tag
Aunt_Jay says, the background is attribute
Aunt_Jay says, sorry i type slow
Cub_2 says, so yes, you have to have the BACKGROUND within the BODY tag
  angelbear_s says, i did not see you say that  - sorry
Cub_2 says, I didnt say take out the tag  
Cub_2 says, I said take out the BGCOLOR attribute
Cub_2 says,  
sealin2 says, LOL,  
Cub_2 says, ok, that probably took up quite a bit of space on your line in your file right?
Aunt_Jay says, Cub needs a little bull whip to keep us all in line?
ladyfish86 says, yes
  angelbear_s says, sorry when you said BACKGROUND="http://www.genealogychatfriends.org/Images/wall.jpg" i thought you wanted me to change it
Cub_2 says, making you have to scroll in your notepad
sealin2 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, y
Cub_2 says, what can you do to cut it down some?
Cub_2 says, to make it not as wide on that line
lookin_back_2 is back.
lookin_back_2 says, rh
Cub_2 says, lookin
Aunt_Jay says, rh
lookin_back_2 says, shorten the URL
Cub_2 says, nope
Cub_2 says, aj?
Aunt_Jay says, you can put it on two lines and it won't affect anything with ou the 
Cub_2 says, you can split it onto a different line yes...
Cub_2 says, if you put the BR tag in, what do you think would happen?
Aunt_Jay says, that is a better way of saying it
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, aj
Aunt_Jay says, mess it up since the 
Aunt_Jay   means new line
Cub_2 says, well.. try it and see, I am not 100% sure, but it will either ignore the BR or ignore the background
Cub_2 says, or error out because you cant have one tag inside another
Cub_2 says, so split your body tag onto 2 lines just before th background attribute
Cub_2 says, and then add a 
Cub_2   after the word BODY and see what happens
  vickyal_124 says, shows the url on page an goes back to white 
  vickyal_124 says, if you do that
ladyfish86 says, thats what i got vicky
ladyfish86 says, i took the br back out
Aunt_Jay says, The background doesn't appear
sealin2 says, please..I got disconnected...what did i miss/
Aunt_Jay says, Take out the BR and all is well again
ladyfish86 says, yep
Cub_2 says, thats because the > after the BR makes it think the BODY tag is complete
Cub_2 says, did you hear the talk about splitting your body tag?
ladyfish86 says, no
sealin2 says, no, I didn't
  angelbear_s says, rh
Cub_2 says, well, I will catch you up after class for that
Cub_2 says, angel?
  angelbear_s says, what would be the purpose
sealin2 says, why wouldn't you want to scroll in the notepad/
Cub_2 says, cause I HATE scrolling
Cub_2 says,  
ladyfish86 says, im losing it
  angelbear_s says, who would be looking
ladyfish86 says, lol
Cub_2 says, I like to see it all on one page
Cub_2 says, its personal preference
  angelbear_s says, who looks at our notepad?
sealin2 says, Oh, I see..ty
Cub_2 says, but what I want you to know is that you CAN  split attributes to a tag onto different lines
Cub_2 says, you do when you are editing it angel
Cub_2 says, thats why its personal preference
  angelbear_s says, ok ty
Cub_2 says, ok...
Cub_2 says, the next thing I want to talk about is the LINK VLINK and ALINK attributes of the BODY tag
Cub_2 says, these are 3 different attributes
Cub_2 says, each one will have the name, assignment and value
Cub_2 says, the LINK attribute sets the color of an unvisited link
Cub_2 says, the VLINK sets the color of a visited link
Cub_2 says, and ALINK sets the color of an Active Link
Cub_2 says, I will explain what that is in a bit
Cub_2 says, the value of these attributes is a color....
Cub_2 says, up till now, we have used a name for color
Cub_2 says, and I know you have been talking about color codes so we can get into that now  
Cub_2 says, each color is made up of 3 colors... red blue and green  (RGB)
Cub_2 says, RGB
Cub_2 says, you can specify colors by setting values for each of these
Cub_2 says, the values can be from 00 to FF
Cub_2 says, This is getting into a computer term called hexidecimal
Cub_2 says, hexadecimal
Cub_2 says, the numbering system we have uses a decimal based on the numbers 0 - 9
Cub_2 says, once you get to 9, you add one to the left and start over with 0
sealin2 says, 00 not OO
Cub_2 says, in hex, you are based on the numbrs 0-9 and the letters A-F
Cub_2 says, zero zero
Cub_2 says, so in hex, the next value is A
Cub_2 says, it gives you up to 16 numbers for each position
Cub_2 says, does that make sense?
Cub_2 says, not the reasoning, just that it does
  vickyal_124 says, yea
sealin2 says, yes, instead of base ten using base 16
Cub_2 says, to specify a color for an attribute, you need to specify 4 things
Cub_2 says, actually, I think its 3..
Cub_2 says, we will have to see
Cub_2 says, the first thing is a #
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, then 3 sets of 2 hex numbers
Cub_2 says, AJ
Aunt_Jay says, how are the numbers and letters used together?
Cub_2 says, i will get to that in  aminute
Aunt_Jay says, ok
Cub_2 says, after the # (and I dont think that is required) is 6 numbers
Cub_2 says, 2 each for Red Green and Blue
Cub_2 says, by entering these values, you are setting the hue of the color.
Cub_2 says, what you end up with is a hexadecimal value for a color
Cub_2 says, the value 000000 is black... or the absence of color
Cub_2 says, the value FFFFFF is white... the combination of all colors
Cub_2 says, and you have thousands of combinations between
  angelbear_s says, rh
Cub_2 says, Marie posted a link to a color template at the beginning of class
Cub_2 says, there are a lot of those on the net, and they usually are a grid of colored squares
Cub_2 says, and the hex value
Cub_2 says, angel
  angelbear_s says, can everyone see the color combos? or are some "blind"
  vickyal_124 says, http://cedesign.net/colors.htm is the one i use
Cub_2 says, there are 256 'Web Safe' colors
Cub_2 says, these are viewable by all browsers...
Cub_2 says, if you use one outside of that, most browsers will display it, but could be different
Cub_2 says, especially on older monitors
  Marieclassof86 says, http://kresch.com/resources/browser_safe.htm
  angelbear_s says, ok ty
Cub_2 says, like VGA or EGA monitors
Cub_2 says, if you use one of these, it will still be displayed, only in a color that the monitor can handle
Cub_2 says, so it would show, just be a slightly different color.
Cub_2 says, anyplace in your web page that you use a color, you can specify it by the hex value
Cub_2 says, It will be more accurate to use hex values because the browser doesnt interpret the word to a colore
Cub_2 says, different browsers could interpret the word BLUE into different hex values
  angelbear_s says, hi dslacourse
Aunt_Jay says, Hi DSL
  DSLaCourse says, Hi everyone.. didnt mean to distrube the class
Cub_2 says, I talked about LINK.. that is the color for a link BEFORE you have visited it
Cub_2 says, its ok dsl, we are almost done
Cub_2 says, once you have clicked on it, it will change to the VLINK color
  DSLaCourse says, Thanks Cub  I'll just sit and watch
Cub_2 says, that is why when you click on a link, it changes color
Aunt_Jay says, rh
Cub_2 says, the ALINK is used when you have multiple links on a page...
Cub_2 says, AJ
Aunt_Jay says, we didn't program the changes into our page but they happen, is that a default of the browser
Cub_2 says, yes
Aunt_Jay says, I didn't know if I used the right words
Cub_2 says, it is done so you can tell what links you have visited and what links you have not
Cub_2 says, there are default colors for each of these...
Aunt_Jay says, thanks
Cub_2 says, by specifing them, we are changing the defaults
Cub_2 says, now, when you are on a page that contains a number of links.. like our indexes
Cub_2 says, and you press the tab key, you can see the different links being selected
Cub_2 says, that 'selects' or activates that link.. meaning if you press the enter key it will be like clicking on it
Cub_2 says, jump to your page and press the tab key a few times.. you should see the links change color as you do
Cub_2 says, does everyone see what I mean?
  angelbear_s says, yes
ladyfish86 says, no
vickyal_124 is back.
  vickyal_124 says, moves but doesnt change colors just gets a white box around it
Cub_2 says, lf are you on NS?
sealin2 says, mine does the same as Vicky's
ladyfish86 says, no
ladyfish86 says, IE
  vickyal_124 says, in on NS
Aunt_Jay says, Where should the cursor be when the tab is pushed?
sealin2 says, NS here
Cub_2 says, it doesnt matter when the pointer is at..
Cub_2 says, the cursor jumps to the active link
Cub_2 says, or active object on the page... it doesnt have to be a link
Cub_2 says, I will show you lady what i mean after class.. I want to finish up soon
Aunt_Jay says,  I see it scrolls down the page
Cub_2 says, the ALINK attribute sets the link color when it is active
Cub_2 says, without it, your ALINK could be ste the same as one of the others
Cub_2 says, what I want you to do.. is add these 3 attributes to your BODY tag
Cub_2 says, for now, specify the LINK value as BLUE, the VLINK as RED and the ALINK as GREEN
Cub_2 says, so your BODY tag is growing more...
Aunt_Jay says, do we need any "  in this?
Cub_2 says, it is not required, but it doesnt hurt to use it
Aunt_Jay says, around the color names?
Cub_2 says, that is where it would be, yes
Aunt_Jay says, ok
  angelbear_s says, ok got it
lookin_back_2 is back.
lookin_back_2 says, K
sealin2 says, by color name, do you mean color hex codE?
Cub_2 says, no, use the color name for now
Cub_2 says, I want you to use these to get an idea of the different colors when you tab through them
sealin2 says, got them
Aunt_Jay says, got red links that blink green when I push them
Cub_2 says, green is your ALINK right?
Aunt_Jay says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, me 2 AJ
Cub_2 says, so when you click it, it firsts becomes the Active link
  Marieclassof86 says, they are red cause you have visited them
Cub_2 says, it starts red because you have already been there
  angelbear_s says, i never understood that before - thanks
Cub_2 says, vicky, yours are turning green too?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, how about when you tab through them?
ladyfish86 says, mine are turning green too
  vickyal_124 says, no but if click on them they turn green for a split second
sealin2 says, mine are only green when I press them, then turn red
sealin2 says, vicky & I are in Netscape
Aunt_Jay says, when tab, the one in the lower left corner turns green
Cub_2 says, what are your alink and vlink values sealin?
Aunt_Jay says, the only blue is the name of the categories and that is because I have text blue
sealin2 says, alink is greedn and vlink is re
sealin2 says, dthe is green   not greedn
Cub_2 says, ok, yes, when you press them, they will turn green.. that should happen to everyone
sealin2 says, and vlink is red
ladyfish86 says, cool
Cub_2 says, once you come back from it, it should be red
Cub_2 says, ok... enough for this week
Cub_2 says, what I want you to do for the next week, is to find a background image you like
sealin2 says, will you be able to tell me what I missed about the split noW?
Cub_2 says, for your page...
Aunt_Jay says, would the only links that would be blue be ones we just entered but have not tried yet?
  angelbear_s says, when i come back to the page that link is green
Cub_2 says, depends on your text color AJ.. if your text is blue, it will be hard to tell what is link and what is header
Cub_2 says, do you have vlink=green or vlink=red?
Aunt_Jay says, ok I will change text to black and checkit
Cub_2 says, You can use just about any jpg or gif as your background image
  angelbear_s says, v=red  a=green
  Marieclassof86 says, well isn't it good for them to be red...cause the means we have visited them..and hopefully we are checking out the links
Cub_2 says, but I would suggest you find one that is not busy or not too bright

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