Web Page Class 9 Transcript

This is the transcript from the 9th Web Page Development Class held Apr 10, 2001

ladyfish86 says, i have some categories that arent finished
Cub_2 says, with your page.. with rootsweb
  angelbear_s says, i know lol
Cub_2 says, that good eh angle?
Cub_2 says, angel even
  vickyal_124 says, well cub
  angelbear_s says, i got my account, i checked all my links tonight for NM, i have not checked my links for ND since last week
  vickyal_124 says, rootsweb says i got space
  vickyal_124 says, but i cant get back in 
  vickyal_124 says, lol
Cub_2 says, the password is case sensitive vicky
  angelbear_s says, i aaaammmmmm nervous about uploading
  vickyal_124 says, cub i cant even find the place to put the password in
Cub_2 says, oh.. we will get there tonight then
  vickyal_124 says, see i had space i got from a long time
  vickyal_124 says, ago that i never used
Cub_2 says, you still have the password vicky?
  vickyal_124 says, yes got the password
Cub_2 says, lady and lookin, did you get rootsweb space?
ladyfish86 says, the one from freepages
Cub_2 says, yes
  Marieclassof86 says, I'm back
ladyfish86 says, yes i do
  angelbear_s says, wb marie
Cub_2 says, hows bunky
  Marieclassof86 says, Watching Nick Jr.
  Marieclassof86 says, or Nick
  Marieclassof86 says, think the Jr stuff has went off
  angelbear_s says, how old?
ladyfish86 says, wb lb
  angelbear_s says, wb lookin
  Marieclassof86 says, She just turned 4
Cub_2 says, wb lookin
lookin_back_2 says, ty
  angelbear_s says, i love 4 year olds
Cub_2 says, did you get the rootsweb space?
lookin_back_2 says, yes
  Marieclassof86 says, would you like one?
  Marieclassof86 says, just kidding
Cub_2 says, well, I am not gonna start the upload stuff right away.. there are a few more links I want to teack
Cub_2 says, or teach
lookin_back_2 says, I have mine uploaded
Cub_2 says, fine  
lookin_back_2 says, Michigan anyway, Indiana needs more work
Cub_2 says, lets open the state pages in notepad
Cub_2 says, I want to show you the DIV tag first
Cub_2 says, DIV stands for Divison
Cub_2 says, and allows you to specify spacings for a section of your page...
Cub_2 says, in your file, I want you to change the first < CENTER > tag  to
Cub_2 says, < DIV align="center" >
Cub_2 says, then go to the /CENTER tag and change it to /DIV
Cub_2 says, when you look at your page, it should look no different
Cub_2 says, than with the CENTER tag
  vickyal_124 says, .
Cub_2 says, CENTER is actually a shorthand version of the DIV Align=center
Cub_2 says, it really is up to you which you want to use... but I want you to know there is another way
Cub_2 says, I would not be surprised to see them add attributes to the DIV down the road
Cub_2 says, so you can set area defaults within the page, like color,  etc...
Cub_2 says, anyone got any questions other than why I would just confuse you all
ladyfish86 says, yes
ladyfish86 says, why use this tag instead?
Cub_2 says, personal preference...
ladyfish86 says, ok
Cub_2 says, I like the idea of using a division of the page and looking at it as a section of the page
Cub_2 says, but at this point, I dont know if one is any better than the other
Cub_2 says, moving on..
Cub_2 says, in your page, you should have your index at the top of the page centered
Cub_2 says, and when you click on one of the links, you jump to a  place in your same document
Cub_2 says, and then you should have a return to index link that jumps you back up
Cub_2 says, after your index, before the first link, you should have an image of the club logo
Cub_2 says, does anyone not have this?
  vickyal_124 says, ME 
  angelbear_s says, question RH
Cub_2 says, vicky, what do you have?
Cub_2 says, or what part of this dont you have
  vickyal_124 says, i have the return to index at each group
  vickyal_124 says, but not the index centred
Cub_2 says, was it centered before the DIV tag replaced the CENTER tag?
Cub_2 says, angel, your question?
  angelbear_s says, where do you want the state facts then - i have them between the logo and "Basic...."
  vickyal_124 says, well the catagories are centred
Cub_2 says, that works for me
  angelbear_s says, ok ty
  vickyal_124 says, but they dont link to anything
  vickyal_124 says, also dont have the catagories
  vickyal_124 says, by them selves
  vickyal_124 says, so can just to section
  angelbear_s says, State facts not centered of course
  vickyal_124 says, like in example page
Cub_2 says, hhmmmmm
Cub_2 says, we will get back to that vicky
Cub_2 says, I want to teach you the P tag
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, P is Paragraph
Cub_2 says, the P tag is like 2 BR tags together
Cub_2 says, it starts a new line, plus adds a line space
Cub_2 says, the P tag, unlike the BR tag, can have a closing tag /P
Cub_2 says, the closing tag will also start a new line and add a line space
Cub_2 says, take out your BR tags after your last index rows
Cub_2 says, you may have one or two of them if you havent already used a P
Cub_2 says, add a P tag there instead
Cub_2 says, then preview you page
Cub_2 says, your even
  vickyal_124 says, you coverd p last week so all mines been changed to p
Cub_2 says, did I?
  vickyal_124 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, or least started to
  angelbear_s says, RH
Cub_2 says, angel?
  angelbear_s says, all br tags in index?
  angelbear_s says, or just last one?
Cub_2 says, no
Cub_2 says, just those after the last one and before the next thing on your page
  angelbear_s says, change < BR > to P?
Cub_2 says, I would make sure the P is on a line by itself
  angelbear_s says, < P >
Cub_2 says,  but yes
  angelbear_s says, ok
  angelbear_s says, before or after /DIV
  angelbear_s says, after right?
Cub_2 says, after is where I would put it...
  angelbear_s says, it put a little space between line and logo - right?
Cub_2 says, does everyone see the difference with the P instead of the BR
Cub_2 says, yes angel
  angelbear_s says, ty
ladyfish86 says, no not really
Cub_2 says, lady, yours may be different because of the table
ladyfish86 says, ok
  angelbear_s says, table?
Cub_2 says, you can try changing the P back to BR and see if there is a difference
Cub_2 says, you didnt hear that angel
  angelbear_s says, lol
Cub_2 says, how many of you have state info next?
  angelbear_s says, i do after logo
lookin_back_2 is back.
lookin_back_2 says, I do
Cub_2 says, who has the logo above the state info?
  angelbear_s says, me
ladyfish86 says, me
lookin_back_2 says, me
Cub_2 says, Not on the file I saw ladyfish
ladyfish86 says, ok i looked at it wrong
  angelbear_s says, i have the logo between the index and state facts - logo centered, state facts on left
ladyfish86 says, mine is above the categories index
Cub_2 says, Marie, do you have a preference for the library?
  Marieclassof86 says, what?
Marieclassof86 is back.
  Marieclassof86 says, of the logo
  angelbear_s says, do you mean like logo on the bottom?
Cub_2 says, yes
  angelbear_s says, i liked how it looked on marie's page
Cub_2 says, I like the idea of having the link to the library at the top near the index
  Marieclassof86 says, I only have the logo on this one and the VA page I believe...I like it at the bottom
Cub_2 says, I guess I dont care
Cub_2 says, either way as long as the image is there and is a link to the library
  angelbear_s says, you tell us what you want
Cub_2 says, I am wishy washy tonight...
  Marieclassof86 says, Its up to you Kent...I really don't care
Cub_2 says, leave it where you have it for now...
Cub_2 says, does everyone understand the difference between the P and BR tags?
vickyal_124 is back.
  angelbear_s says, yes
lookin_back_2 says, y
  vickyal_124 says, yea
Cub_2 says, ok... lets move on to something that makes a difference...
Cub_2 says, everyone go to the basic links section of their page
Cub_2 says, We are going to learn how to do lists...
Cub_2 says, there are 2 types of lists... Unordered and Ordered
Cub_2 says, an Unordered list puts a dot in front of the list item
Cub_2 says, an Ordered list puts a number in front of each list item
Cub_2 says, both types of list require 2 different tags...
Cub_2 says, the first is the list tag  UL=Unordered OL=Ordered
Cub_2 says, I want everyone to add an Ordered List just above their first link
Cub_2 says, < OL >
Cub_2 says, the second tag you need for lists is the List Item or LI tag
Cub_2 says, before each of your links in the basic section, add a < LI > tag
Cub_2 says, after the last link, add a closing OL tag
Cub_2 says, last link of your basic section that is before the return to index
Cub_2 says, does everyone see that?
  angelbear_s says, yes
Cub_2 says, oops
Cub_2 says, you should see numbers in front of your links and the links should be indented slightly
  angelbear_s says, y
  vickyal_124 says, yep
  angelbear_s says, hi brbrooks
Cub_2 says, hi brb
ladyfish86 says, hi br
  vickyal_124 says, hi brb
  Marieclassof86 says, Hey Betty
Cub_2 says, ok, now add the attribute START=3 to the opening list tag
brbrooks99 says, HI
brbrooks99 says, sorry
Cub_2 says, does everyone see what the start attribute did?
  vickyal_124 says, where does it go lol
Cub_2 says, it is part of the opening OL tag...
ladyfish86 says, yes i do
  angelbear_s says, no
  vickyal_124 says, k i see
  vickyal_124 says, it moved #3 to top of list
Cub_2 says, what number does your list start with angel?
  angelbear_s says, 1
Cub_2 says, and where did you put the start=3?
  angelbear_s says, before the center at the begin of the line for basic....
Cub_2 says, the start is an Attribute of the OL tag, not a tag itself
  angelbear_s says, ugh
Cub_2 says, can anyone think of a reason why you would use the start attribute?
  angelbear_s says, ok it skipped 1 and 2
  angelbear_s says, no
Cub_2 says, how about if you start listing things...
Cub_2 says, and you want to add something to explain something
Cub_2 says, but make it appear like you are continuing the list afterward
Cub_2 says, It's a stretch, but thats about all I can think of using it for
  angelbear_s says, that makes sense
Cub_2 says, when would you want to use an ordered list as opposed to an unordered list?
Cub_2 says, which would you use most often?
  angelbear_s says, unordered - i think
Cub_2 says, is anyone beside angel and I here?
  angelbear_s says, lol
  vickyal_124 says,  here
lookin_back_2 says, I'm here
ladyfish86 says, im here
  Marieclassof86 says, I'm sorta here
Cub_2 says, when would you use an ordered list instead of a unordered?
lookin_back_2 says, I would use an ordered list for listing steps to complete a project
lookin_back_2 says, Do this first this next ect.
ladyfish86 says, i agree
  vickyal_124 says, me2
Cub_2 says, exactly
  angelbear_s says, good answer - i was thinking receipes
  Marieclassof86 says, when you are keeping track of the number of things on the list
lookin_back_2 says, or if they need to be done in a certain order
Cub_2 says, would you use the start attribute in an unordered list?
  angelbear_s says, no
lookin_back_2 says, no
ladyfish86 says, no
  vickyal_124 says, no
Cub_2 says, so lets change our list back to unordered
Cub_2 says, k, who has not figured out how to upload their pages to rootsweb?
  angelbear_s says, me
ladyfish86 says, me
  vickyal_124 says, me
Cub_2 says, if you have, you dont need to stick around for this but you are welcome to
lookin_back_2 says, OK cub, I think I'll go eat dinner
Cub_2 says, switch to your display page.. .and go to http://freepage.rootsweb.com
lookin_back_2 says, Nite everyone
Cub_2 says, bye lookin
  vickyal_124 says, ugg getin page cant be displayed
  angelbear_s says, that did not come up
Cub_2 says, switch to your display page.. .and go to http://freepages.rootsweb.com
Cub_2 says, try that
  angelbear_s says, ok
  vickyal_124 says, ok i see the trouble someone forgot the S the first time
  vickyal_124 says, on freepages
Cub_2 says, there are 3 links after the freepages banner
Cub_2 says, the bottom one says  Upload your pages...
  angelbear_s says, i see it
  vickyal_124 says, yep
Cub_2 says, click it
ladyfish86 says, yep
Cub_2 says, enter your rootsweb userid and password
  angelbear_s says, wait - i don't have all my "lists" done
Cub_2 says, its ok angel, you can reload it later
  angelbear_s says, phew
Cub_2 says, once you log in it will ask you for the community
  angelbear_s says, yes
Cub_2 says, if you click on the down arrow by that drop down box, you will see a whole bunch of options
Cub_2 says, select genealogy
Cub_2 says, make sure the html, jpg, gif and other extensions are all checked
Cub_2 says, then click enter file manager button
Cub_2 says, everyone get to their directory listing?
  angelbear_s says, is that what this is?
  vickyal_124 says, k got it
Cub_2 says, it is where you files will be listed
Cub_2 says, lets upload your state page
Cub_2 says, you can either click the link at the top of the page that says "here"
  vickyal_124 says, there are 2 that say here
Cub_2 says, or scroll down the page until you see the file upload utility
Cub_2 says, ok, the one that says upload your pages here
Cub_2 says, anyone not at the file upload utility?
ladyfish86 says, i am
Cub_2 says, kewl.. now I want you to close your notepad with your state page
  vickyal_124 says, im there
  angelbear_s says, hold on
Cub_2  hanging on to the keyboard
  angelbear_s says, ok i see the file upload utility
Cub_2 says, now, you see where it says convert file names to lower case is checked right?
ladyfish86 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, yes
Cub_2 says, you are actually connected to a UNIX computer here.. and UNIX computers are case sensitive
Cub_2 says, your windows is not
Cub_2 says, so you could have a page on your computer named STATES.HTML
Cub_2 says, with this box checked, the page will be saved as states.html
Cub_2 says, it makes it a bit easier to use lower case for your file names
Cub_2 says, cause people wont have to remember what is and is not caps
Cub_2 says, you should have 4 boxes with BROWSE buttons next to them
ladyfish86 says, yep
  angelbear_s says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, y
Cub_2 says, then a line that says send this many files at once
Cub_2 says, and in the box there is a 4
ladyfish86 says, yes
  vickyal_124 says, y
Cub_2 says, change the 4 to a 2 then click Refresh
ladyfish86 says, done
Cub_2 says, you will have to go back to your file upload utility
  vickyal_124 says, k
  angelbear_s says, k
Cub_2 says, and you should see just 2 browse boxes
ladyfish86 says, yes
  angelbear_s says, y
Cub_2 says, you can change the number of files that you upload at one time so you dont have to repeat the send command
Cub_2 says, how many files do you need to upload for your state pages to look right?
  angelbear_s says, is the background a sep line item
Cub_2 says, each line is one file...
Cub_2 says, so the background is a separate file, as is the images on your page and the page itself
  angelbear_s says, besides the page, the logo, the flags, the background - 
  angelbear_s says, 4
Cub_2 says, do you need to upload the logo?
  angelbear_s says, i guess we don't do we
ladyfish86 says, no
  vickyal_124 says, no
Cub_2 says, why not?
  angelbear_s says, since it's linked
Cub_2 says, the flags and background are linked too.. do you have to upload those?
  vickyal_124 says, no
  angelbear_s says, mine aren't
Cub_2 says, do they show on your page?
  angelbear_s says, yes
Cub_2 says, then wouldnt they be linked then?
  angelbear_s says, you don't have to up load jpg or gifs?
Cub_2 says, I didn't say that...
ladyfish86 says, they arent necessary links to be found?
  angelbear_s says, i don't understand then
Cub_2 says, yes, you have to upload them
Cub_2 says, the logo you dont need to upload because it is already on the internet in place you can use it from
  angelbear_s says, everything except the logo has to be uploaded then?
Cub_2 says, yes
Cub_2 says, but to start, just upload the html file
Cub_2 says, so click on the first browse button
  angelbear_s says, won't it give me squares
Cub_2 says, what number do you have in the send this many files box?
  vickyal_124 says, 2
  angelbear_s says, two
Cub_2 says, and you click refresh and the browse boxes are not there?
Cub_2 says, do you have 2 browse buttons angel?
  angelbear_s says, if i up load the file with out the gif/jpg won't it give me a square on my page?
Cub_2 says, we will get there angel...
Cub_2 says,  
  angelbear_s says, sorry
  vickyal_124 says, nothin you cant go back an do later right cub?
Cub_2 says, ok, when you click the browse button, you should get a choose file box
Cub_2 says, yes vicky
Cub_2 says, so find your state page on your C drive
Cub_2 says, C:\myhtml\page.html
Cub_2 says, this should be very similar to what notepad uses if not identical to it
ladyfish86 says, file name says:states
Cub_2 says, click one time on your file name then click the Open button
Cub_2 says, it should put the full path to your page in the box next to the browse button
ladyfish86 says, C:/states.html?
Cub_2 says, C:\ no C :/
Cub_2 says, \ not /
ladyfish86 says, well that one then
ladyfish86 says, i typed it wrong
ladyfish86 says, lol
Cub_2 says, another wonderful windows 'feature'
Cub_2 says, does everyone have their page in the be box?
  angelbear_s says, yes
Cub_2 says, click send files
ladyfish86 says, i hope so
  angelbear_s says, can you combine images and pages together?
ladyfish86 says, done
Cub_2 says, you can upload any file types at one time
  angelbear_s says, cool
Cub_2 says, but there is a reason I didnt have you do the images yet
Cub_2 says, its called file keeping
ladyfish86 says, awewsome
ladyfish86 says, hey, i have a banner
  vickyal_124 says, got the page but there is a add right i middle
ladyfish86 says, lol
Cub_2 says, in your directory list, you should see your page.. click on the view
  vickyal_124 says, of the first catogrie
Cub_2 says, the banners are a gift to your page from rootsweb
ladyfish86 says, this is soooooooooooo cool
Cub_2 says, almost all free web hosting sites will add some sort of banner or ad to your page
ladyfish86 says, oh well....... at least its free
Cub_2 says, rootsweb actually adds 2.. one at the top and one at the bottom
ladyfish86 says, yes i have that one too
Cub_2 says, if you clicked view, click your back button to go back to the directory list
  vickyal_124 says, well this added right in middle of basci catagory
  vickyal_124 says, *basic
Cub_2 says, then you have a BODY or /BODY in there vicky that doesnt belong
Cub_2 says, cause thats what triggers it
Cub_2 says, because of the time, I wont get into subdirectories tonight
Cub_2 says, go ahead and upload your images
  vickyal_124 says, nope the only body is at the top w/the background
ladyfish86 says, my images are already on it
Cub_2 says, on what the directory list or the page
ladyfish86 says, the page when i uploaded it and viewed it
  angelbear_s says, new mexico is there!
Cub_2 says, where are your images linked to?
  angelbear_s says, i don't know
Cub_2 says, lf.. are you using the internet addy for the IMG SRC
  angelbear_s says, the little dots under the page
  vickyal_124 says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~alpg2/states.html
ladyfish86 says, yes
Cub_2 says, thats why you can see them
  angelbear_s says, i still have to send north dakota
Cub_2 says, did you save them to your C drive?
  angelbear_s says, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gen4abear/newmexico.html
ladyfish86 says, no, i just added them to my notepad
Cub_2 says, is that ok with the site you got them from?
ladyfish86 says, the site said they were free to use
Cub_2 says, to link or use
ladyfish86 says, i believe they said to use
Cub_2 says, you should copy them and then upload them to your rootsweb account
  angelbear_s says, brb
Cub_2 says, if you havent already, upload your images to your directory too\
ladyfish86 says, i just checked the site
ladyfish86 says, they said do not link to the site save them and then upload them to your site
Cub_2 says,  
ladyfish86 says, do not link directly to  our sites
ladyfish86 says, gifs i mean
  Marieclassof86 says, will save yourself trouble if you save the images to your site
Marieclassof86 is back.
ladyfish86 says, did i do a booboo?
Cub_2 says, no, just fix it
ladyfish86 says, how?
Cub_2 says, go to the image on their site
Cub_2 says, right click on it, then select save as or save picture as
Cub_2 says, I am getting too tired to continue...
Cub_2 says, I need to stop thinking for awhile....
Cub_2 says, is that ok with everyone?
  vickyal_124 says, k
Cub_2 says, is that ok with anyone?
ladyfish86 says, yes
Cub_2 says, lol  thanks
  vickyal_124 says, only trouble i see is  i an add in middle of my basic links 
Cub_2 says, vicky, send me your file from your C drive...
  angelbear_s says, ok back
Cub_2 says, angle got her images loaded  
Cub_2 says, angel did too
  angelbear_s says, did you see it?
Cub_2 says, yep
Cub_2 says, I like the background you picked too
  angelbear_s says, ty
Cub_2 says, I gotta quit now...
  angelbear_s says, i am getting ready to send north dakota
Cub_2 says, I'm sorry
  vickyal_124 says, ok cub 
ladyfish86 says, i do believe mine is uploaded now but that is ok
  vickyal_124 says, you take care we got time to work on this 
Cub_2 says, k
Cub_2 says, bye all talk to you soon
ladyfish86 says, bye

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