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Surname Submissions: Jan 1, 2006-Dec. 31, 2006

Sun Jan 22 08:25:35 2006 Linda Dougan Surnames Being Researched: Doyle, Burns, and Schuda Locations Researching In: Erie Pa, Titusville Pa, Ny, and Canada Comments: Resarching the family of William Doyle, father James Doyle, mother Anna Burns. My grandfather was there youngest son, William Dole Erie PA, Married to Emma Schuda.

Sat Jan 28 03:55:52 2006 Janet Brandon Surnames Being Researched: Brandon, Hodges, Chaffey, Kneath, Heddon, Minter, Hewlett, Bridges, Locations Researching In: Australia, U.K. Wales, Isle of Man Comments: new to the internet, hoping this will kick me along. great site

Tue Jan 31 19:52:55 2006 Diane Emery Surnames Being Researched: Amory/Emery Locations Researching In: Northern France,England,GA,,SC,NC,Tenn,MO,KS,CA,TX Comments: My ancestor's so far begin with John Amory & Sarah Wilson who came from England,and imigrated to America. They first lived in Savannah,GA,then SC. The name Amory later changed to Emery. My Father was LLoyd Dwaine Emery b. 8/21/1932 in Wichita, Kansas. His Father was Chester lloyd Emery,and his father was Arandow R. Emery,and his Dad was Emanuel Thomas Emery. His Dad was James Lee Hembree and his father was Abraham Emery/Hembree,and his father was William Emory,and his father was John Amory from England who died in 1746 in Charleston,SC.

Mon Feb 6 15:45:18 2006 kelly Surnames Being Researched: Chastain,Blevins,Crowe (Crow),Ruckert,Rose Locations Researching In: louisville kentucky Richmond and estill county kentucky Comments: I am trying to research lease names for my family mostly my mom her father Joseph Chastain died when I was 2or 3 years old about 1968-69

Tue Feb 7 18:29:09 2006 Susan Murphy Surnames Being Researched: Comer ,Bricker, Dunlap, Steinbrook Locations Researching In: OH,VA. MD Comments: Some other surnames; Greathouse,Long Neal,Taylor,Moody, Chamberlain, Cowles, Pennell, Wing

Wed Feb 8 15:36:47 2006 Donna Poissant Surnames Being Researched: Poissant , Britt, Fox , Moore , Delehanty, Locations Researching In: Ancestry .com Comments:

Wed Feb 8 15:43:09 2006 Donna Poissant Surnames Being Researched: Poissant , Britt, Fox , Moore , Delehanty, Locations Researching In: Ancestry .com Comments: Ok , big deal you found your great grandfather. Do you know how long I have been looking . You old timers know since before this room was created. He is Patrick Delehanty born in 1860 in New York ( I think it is Renseller because grand ma took trips up there) Anna his wife was born in New York in 1861 but have no idea of her maiden name will tackle that next week poor woman. I will try working on the Moores the rest of the week. Mine are all in Yonkers, NY some of which is part of the Bronx.

Mon Feb 13 21:18:46 2006 Le Anne Mandery Slater Surnames Being Researched: Mandery, Tipton, Charles, Penry, Slater, Wahl, Lavene, Krubak Locations Researching In: Lincoln Comments: I also do research in the Lincoln Nebraska archives. Feel free to inquire. ~Le

Fri Feb 24 15:02:19 2006 Ken Martin Surnames Being Researched: MARTIN, BUSBY, CRANKFIELD Locations Researching In: South Carolina Alabama & Delaware Comments:

Mon Feb 27 17:00:23 2006 Kim Moya Surnames Being Researched: Jones, Rainer, Smith, Simmons, Simpson Locations Researching In: Butler & Covington Counties, Alabama Comments: I am researching the JONES,SIMMONS/SIMPSON, SMITH, and RAINER surnames from Butler/Covington Counties in Alabama. I am researching the descendants and ancestors of: Joseph Jones b: abt 1799 in Georgia who married Ruth Simmons (or Simpson) b: abt 1800 in Alabama. They had a daughter named Martha Ann Jones b: 11 May 1832 in Covington County, AL and d: 25 Mar 1932 in Butler County, AL. Martha married Robert K. Rainer on 18 Feb 1846 in Pike County, AL. Robert K. Rainer married Mary Frances Smith born 14 Aug 1873 in AL. Her parents were Henry C. Smith and Ione Ann Wallace. Their daughter Kate E. Rainer is my grandmother.

Sun Mar 5 10:18:11 2006 Vivienne Lenore Coleman Surnames Being Researched: Arnold, Coleman, Sine, McKinney, Locations Researching In: Georgia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida Comments: Researching and planning a family reunion for all related families, relatives and descendants

Sun Mar 5 10:57:52 2006 <> Surnames Being Researched: Locations Researching In: Comments:

Fri Mar 17 14:54:00 2006 donnalee hubbard nicholas Surnames Being Researched: Hubbard and Pecon Locations Researching In: Mormon churches Comments: I have tried to find some of the relatives, a little luck with Hubbard but no luck with Pecon. But i really enjoy looking for the names of people.

Tue Mar 21 12:18:08 2006 azibble Surnames Being Researched: roster, olinger, tralle, zibble Locations Researching In: Comments:

Mon Apr 17 19:51:58 2006 Mark R Lort Surnames Being Researched: Lort,Hudson, Brown ,Wiltsee,Sweeney Harris, Horton Locations Researching In: Niagara, Orleans ,Erie Counties N.Y , Canada ,England ,Germany Comments: My Lort's Landed In New York In 1856 by the 1900 Census they were from Germany Hudson came from England MY Brown's from New York one of My Great Great Uncle William Brown Was on the trek to Utah in Sept 1847 thanks Mark Lort

Sun Apr 23 16:21:18 2006 Donald Keith Wise Surnames Being Researched: Wise, Jackson, Mansfield, Cuthrell Locations Researching In: North Carolina, Virginia Comments: Just beginning to search my family as well as my wife's. Wise/Jackson's located in the Clinton, NC area or Mansfield/Cutrell's in the Elizabeth City, NC area. Any information will be of interest. Thanks,

Mon Apr 24 19:09:04 2006 Ruth Basquez Surnames Being Researched: Vasquez, Basquez,Patterson,Harrison & Grant Locations Researching In: Spain,Oregon,Idaho, Califorina Comments: I'm having trouble finding my great-granfather's mother and father names. My great-grandfather is Rudolph Vasquez that is all I know for right now so please help.

Wed Apr 26 09:21:17 2006 patricia Surnames Being Researched: dewberry Locations Researching In: georgia Comments: hello my name is patricia i have been into research for the last five years started out as a hobby turned into files i have began research on all the surnames in the family i now have six books i am workin on it take a lot of time and patience but it is worth it thank you

Fri Apr 28 19:28:09 2006 palenewski Surnames Being Researched: dewberry, akins clemons, gigger Locations Researching In: georgia Comments: if anyone have any infom on these line i would apperricate if you have any infom. thank you

Mon May 8 16:42:06 2006 Yvonne Legge Surnames Being Researched: HIGDEN,HIGDON, HOWELL Locations Researching In: Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada Comments: I am researching the surnames listed above, any help would be truly appreciated.

Tue May 30 11:32:14 2006 tlewis Surnames Being Researched: brazier Locations Researching In: alabama and georgia Comments: researching brazier s in alabama and georgia looking for tom or thomas brazier

Sun Jun 4 14:40:23 2006 Rose Surnames Being Researched: Covey, Daggett, Gross, Winn Locations Researching In: Comments: I am looking for information about my family genealogy. I know nothing about my grandmother Covey's (Gross) side of the family.

Thu Jun 15 22:33:02 2006 Wanda Goins Surnames Being Researched: Rowe, English, Biggs, Goins, Locations Researching In: England, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois Comments: My Rowes came over from England in 1888 to Indiana. English I have in Indiana & Illinois. Biggs from Kentucky and Indiana. Goins only have husbands Grandfathers information from Indiana.

Mon Jun 19 21:32:18 2006 april Surnames Being Researched: Everett Clayborn Locations Researching In: Ark, Ill, TN, Ok Comments: I'm searching for information on Pearl Clayborn Everett. She died in Kingston ok. 1973. She was married to Barrett Everett, they had 5 daughters Nobie Lemons, Hazel LeFlore, Dixie Wilson, Mildred Bearden. Norma Nail, and 1 son, Jahue Barrett Everett. All were born in Enos Oklahoma. She has/had a sister who lived in New York. Any information would be great. Feel free to email me.

Mon Jun 19 21:36:35 2006 april Surnames Being Researched: Roberts, Robinson, McKinnley Locations Researching In: Tx, Ok Comments: I am looking for information on my g-grandmother. She was Mary Ray. married a man by the nameHenry Robinson, had one son, also known as Henry. She then married Francis M. Roberts in Grayson Co. Texas in the early 1880's. They had a daughter Nancy Ann Roberts Mckinley Bearden. A son Earl Alec Roberts was born in Nov. 1884 in Denison Texas. She died shortly after giving brith to him. She is buried at Lark Oklahoma. Mary Ray had a brother that they called Buck or Bud Ray. Francis M is buried at Colbert Ok

Sat Jul 1 08:47:38 2006 Melinda Sue Cust Surnames Being Researched: Cust Locations Researching In: Maine, Ireland, England, Canada Comments:

Sat Jul 1 08:49:06 2006 Melinda Sue Cust Surnames Being Researched: Rose Locations Researching In: Kentucky, Ohio Comments:

Sun Jul 9 20:37:29 2006 Sandra Camille High Surnames Being Researched: High, Evans, Fulford,Tarrent, Weeks, Kitchens Locations Researching In: Florida, Georgia,Virginia, North & South Carolina Comments: ggg grf Julius High,b Norfolk VA @ 1782; shows on 1810 cen Bladen Co NC; again in 1830 on cen of Leon Co FL; 1840 & 1850 cen of Jeff Co FL. M Hannah H. before 1808. They brought a large family to FL with them. He is not one of the Thomas High line of VA and we don't know his parents. Could he be Hye,Hite or Hoch,Hock? Or could he have been adopted or raised by a family of Highs' and taken the name??? Any info will be much appreciated.

Sun Jul 9 21:46:49 2006 Joy Moloney Surnames Being Researched: McCarthy Leask Anderson Gourlay McVicar Craigie Knauf[f] Discher Beard Locations Researching In: Ireland Scotland England Australia Germany Comments: Great site with good resources.

Sat Jul 15 07:58:59 2006 khaki Surnames Being Researched: erichsen Locations Researching In: iowa Comments: hans erichsen from denmark

Sun Jul 23 07:40:44 2006 Tina Klaugh Surnames Being Researched: Lee, Fowler, Gorman, Wilson, Hodgman, Huntoon, Richardson, Locations Researching In: Maryland, Maine Comments: I am currently researching the Lee's of Maryland along with the Wilson's of Maine. Other surnames in Maryland include Fowler, Gorman, Plummer, Duncan, Cole, Pindle and Waters. For Maine, the surnames I'm researching are: Huntoon, Richardson, Greenleaf, Crowther and Rosebush. Any help will be much appreciated!! Also researching the Hodgman line in Maine.


Mon Aug 21 08:49:31 2006 J. Gordon DeLong Surnames Being Researched: DeLong Locations Researching In: Nova Scotia Comments: Want ot know the name of Simon DeLong's Father and where he was born

Mon Aug 21 08:51:32 2006 <> Surnames Being Researched: Locations Researching In: Comments:

Thu Sep 7 19:55:21 2006 Becky Gish Surnames Being Researched: Reagan Locations Researching In: Kirkllin, Indiana Comments: I am looking for thomas Reagan born abt 1749, moved to Ohio then Indiana. Buried with a DAR stone in Kirklin IN

Sun Sep 10 22:34:34 2006 Mae Pederson Surnames Being Researched: frasier Locations Researching In: wisconsin and new york Comments: I am looking for further information on Daniel Benjamin Frasier. The information I have is that he was born in Troy, Ny in 1869. He married Rosetta Reynold. They had Norman, Lee, Clifford and Hazel. His mother's name is Margaret I think. His fathers name was either Joseph or Lucas. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sun Sep 17 03:16:38 2006 Jim Hargey Surnames Being Researched: Hargey & Hargy Locations Researching In: Ireland Comments: I think this surname came from Ireland and we have a rare spelling with Hargey but i have heard from a Hargey family from the states and one from south africa who were acually cane from india who all believe they have the origin of our surname so any help from any member would be grateful I am actually a Scot but i heard my grandfather came from Larne N. Ireland .

Tue Sep 26 04:19:26 2006 john ferren Surnames Being Researched: millette Locations Researching In: canada and USA Comments: looking for all info on the millette family

Thu Oct 5 09:53:08 2006 Chuck Porter Surnames Being Researched: Porter, Wempen, Twitchell, Hornecker, Burnett, Herford, Schipper, Fite, Locations Researching In: Family History Centers, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Comments: I have an extensive database, verified, and recorded, please e-mail me with any information that you can provide and i will also try to help in filling in any holes that you may have.... Thank you so much, C

Mon Oct 16 06:03:00 2006 H. Bates Surnames Being Researched: Haney/Boutwell/Moore/Wood/Johnson/DeVolin /Mote/Baxley/JAckson/Henderson/Ell Locations Researching In: NC/GA/Al 9South Al., Coffee Co. & surrounding counties) Comments: This is my families that I am searching for: Archibald Haney b 1798 NC m Edith Unknown b 1810 NC Found A. Haney in Decatur, Ga. in 1840, " " " Sumter Co., Ga. in 1850 with Ch: Henry b 1832/Priscilla b 1835/James b 1834/ Eben b 1837/ Andrew J.b 1840/ Mary Ann b 1844/ Missouri b 1847/ George Washington b 1848/ William Archie b 1849 Coffee Co. Al. census shows Ch; Mary A. /Missouri/ George W./ Wm. A./ Martha b 1856 Would like to share info with anyone from these lines.

Thu Nov 30 08:00:59 2006 Marian F. Wildmone Surnames Being Researched: Curran, Gaudian, Flesher, Fleischer, Rockenfield, Powers, Pettyjohn, Jones, Locations Researching In: IL CA IN TX OH VA WV PA Comments: I will take all the help I can get, and if I can help any one, just ask.

Fri Dec 1 22:34:16 2006 Shirley Love Surnames Being Researched: Love/Stalker/Runyan/Codner/Allbee /Erckenbrack/Quac kenbush/Taylor/Wolf/Wolfe Locations Researching In: NY, WI, KS, OK. MN, NE, points west and north Comments: We are researching the descendants of Clinton Love 1804 and Mary Stalker 1808, both born in NY. They moved to WI. in the mid 1840's. They had ten children whose families have migrated across this nation. We have a large file available for these descendants and names include, besides the ones listed above, McKee, Galusha, Codner, Bradeen, Travis, Abbott, Huntington, Haltom, Mullenax, and others. Thanks, Shirley Love

Tue Dec 26 22:22:23 2006 David A. Cowdrick Surnames Being Researched: Cowdrick Hyers Worth Kushlap Whinen Laffer Kaplan Locations Researching In: Comments: These are my grandparents surnames and those of my spouse. Especially looking for the pre-Revolutionary roots for Cowdrick and Hyers. Whinen, Laffer and Kaplan don't go back very far at all at this time in my research.

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