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Surnames Submissions--Sept. 1- Nov. 12, 2000

Jamie Cummins - 11/08/00 16:34:06
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Morris, Archibald; William Marion/Mariou; John Archibald
Surname 2: Holt, Michael King; William; Jeremiah; John; Hans Michael; Hans Martin; Jonas
Surname 3: Overton, Daisy Alice; Major Watson; Edward; William
Surname 4: Earnest/Ernst, Felix; Heinrich (Henry); Felix Sr.; Ulrich; Hans Heinrich; Hans Jakob; Hans
Surname 5: Stephens, Mary; Lawrence; Peter
Surname 6: Hite, Mary Elizabeth; Jost; Johannes

I would be glad to share and receive any information! Thanks, Jamie Cummins

Nanene2000 - 11/08/00 01:04:22
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: McGinnigle
Surname 2: McGinigle
Surname 3: McGinnigal
Surname 4: McMinigle
Surname 5: McGinigal
Surname 6: McGunigle

Searching these names mostly in Scotland. These spellings probably incorrect on some records. Anyone with a simular name please contact me. Thank you.

beaniejca - 11/05/00 21:25:22
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Woodroffe

I am just beginning to look for my ancestors. I do not have very much info on my father's family I need info on how to begin my search. Any help would be appreciated.

Mrs Caroline Drake - 11/05/00 15:11:51
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: WINGATE
Surname 4: SHERATON
Surname 5: CORNISH
Surname 6: ROWE

- 11/05/00 00:19:21
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Duvall
Surname 2: Lee

My brickwalls: Charles Duvall, b abt 1780, d 1828 Franklin Co., Ky.. Joseph R. Lee, b 1787, d 1874, Frankfort, Ky. Wb site: Thank you,,,eddy

williejohnwillie - 10/25/00 00:38:47
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Poaps
Surname 2: Poapst
Surname 3: Pabst
Surname 4: Papst
Surname 5: Paupst
Surname 6: Popps

I am a descendent of Johan Adam PAPST who was born in Germany. He died in 1807 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario. Johan married Eva Maria HAMM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Johan Adam PAPST and Eva Maria HAMM had the following children. Ann Maria PAPST orn 1761 and she married John Fetterley , Elizabeth PAPST born 1758 married Johan Gottlieb OTTO born Nov. 6/1758, died July 21/1803 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario, Maria Barbara PAPST who was born Nov 3 in Schoharie, New York married Franz OTTO born Nov. 7/ 762 in Schoharie, New York, died March 4/1855 in Perkins, Erie, Ohio, Rudolph PAPST was born in 1760 in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, USA he married Elizabeth ZETTLE (SETTLE) born in New York, died March 1858, married November 2/1786 in Helderberg, New York USA. Rudolph PAPST died July 29/1829 in Toronto, Ontario, Margaret PAPST was born August 8/1767 in Montgomery County, New York, USA and she married Johannes LENHARDT., Daniel Frederick PAPST was born June 23/1768 in Schoharie, New York, USA. He died Marc 28/1848 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario married Mary WERELEY born Dec. 13/1776, married April 24/1794 in Helderberg, New York, USA. Catherine PAPST was born July 30/1773 in Scholharie, New York married Jacob SHEETS born abt 1769 in Schoharie, New York, USA, John Adam PAPST was born July 12/1777 in Brunswick, New York. He died Jan.20/1869 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario he married Elizabath McWilliams born 1784 in Montreal, Quebec, died 1861 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario, married June 10/1800 in Osnabruck Center, Ontario John Adam Papst and Elizabther children were John J POAPST born 1797 died 1875 married 3 times, ( I have names of wives if needed), Margaret POAPST born 1801 in Osnabruck Center married Peter HAHN, Rudolph PAUPST born 1803 married Ann WOOD on Oc . 11/1838, born July 28/1807 in Cornwall, died May 28/1895. Their children were, William George POAPST born 1827, Robert Benjamin POAPST born 1830, Sophia POAPST born 1833, Collon W. POPPS born 1836, Isabelle POAPST born 1839, Lois POAPST born 1844, A n POAPST born 1846, Nancy Margaret POAPST born 1846, James Rudolph POAPST born 1848, and Matilda POAPST born 1851.

mistyred69 - 10/22/00 12:34:27
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Tewkesbury
Surname 2: Holston
Surname 3: Bradshaw
Surname 4: Unsworth
Surname 5: Boggess
Surname 6: Martineau

kunoichi99 - 10/21/00 00:33:55
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Zadrozny
Surname 2: Zadorozny
Surname 3: Rozny
Surname 4: Wallace
Surname 5: Kersey
Surname 6: Uhl

I am researching my Zadrozny genealogy. Specificly looking for lost Uncles and Cousins that changed their last name from Zadrozny to ROZNY and WALLACE. I recently found out from an Aunt that our own Zadrozny family that immigrated from Poland all had the original spelling of ZADOROZNY. Don't ask me how you're soppose to pronounce that! As it is people have enough trouble pronouning are name. Now searchin for any known Zadrozny & Zadorozny's. Feel free to post your message on our Zadrozny Yahoo Club message board Just to find another Zadrozny is rare. If you have any information about the Zadrozny's in your family tree I would like us to share information. Maybe we'll have a link somewhere. To know more about me and my family visit our Zadrozny Genealogy web site

beanbustersbaby - 10/12/00 00:24:58
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Cadwell
Surname 2: Waldo
Surname 3: Wookey
Surname 4: Schmuck
Surname 5: Gottsnurick

Snapdragon-CAR - 10/10/00 14:22:33
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: LATHRAM
Surname 2: MORELAND
Surname 3: GATES
Surname 4: SHEPARD
Surname 5: TOWNLEY
Surname 6: HILL

Tanimara_2000 - 10/04/00 05:14:43
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Hill
Surname 2: Cude
Surname 3: Bridges
Surname 4: Robb
Surname 5: Maddox
Surname 6: Moore

Most of these names are Southern in Migration

Tanimara_2000 - 10/04/00 05:11:57
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Harrington
Surname 2: Pope
Surname 3: Petty
Surname 4: Harmon
Surname 5: Thomas
Surname 6: Towles

Most of my surnames have come from the Southern states. All culminating in Ripley Co. MO by 1870.

soft fawn - 10/02/00 00:05:18
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Raines

William D. Raines husband of Emma Gerboth. West Virginia area. Parents of Jesse, Celia, Silvia, Goldie, Archie and Arby. William is my brick wall.

Dandttrujillo - 09/29/00 12:17:55
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Trujillo
Surname 2: Maldonado
Surname 3: Sailas
Surname 4: Fernandez
Surname 5: Pacheco
Surname 6: Martinez

- 09/25/00 16:47:36
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Amber
Surname 2: Scott
Surname 3: Barnes
Surname 4: Wagoner

bobbill_2000 - 09/23/00 11:45:12
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: LINGARD
Surname 2: ALEXANDER

Lingard is my surname and my immediate family were farmers in Lincolnshire. My father was the first to leave the land and move to the "big City of Lincoln." All of 70.000 people! Alexander is my mothers maiden name. She researched as far back as 1810 before her death and unfortunately I have no notes pertaining to here research. She originates from Glasgow in Scotland. Her father was a steel worker during the 2nd world war.

Leeanne - 09/15/00 01:13:04
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Lowry
Surname 2: Albanah
Surname 3: McCullough
Surname 4: McDearmon
Surname 5: Pence
Surname 6: Pilkinton

swartswoman - 09/11/00 00:28:44
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Mortensen- NY
Surname 2: Newton
Surname 3: Rugg-NY and WI
Surname 4: Krieger-NY
Surname 5: Seager
Surname 6: Swarts

I have just started doing the basics, Alot of my Newton's were born at home so their are no birth records.....But im not giving up...

Halo_77632 - 09/05/00 23:09:28
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Slenzak
Surname 2: Slezak
Surname 3: Patterson
Surname 4: Wooley
Surname 5: Copel
Surname 6: Thibault

Tanimara_2000 - 09/04/00 21:36:36
My URL:Jackie Wood
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: Towles
Surname 2: Bridges
Surname 3: Robb
Surname 4: Moore
Surname 5: Riley
Surname 6: Maddox

its_NA_NA - 09/03/00 23:34:09
My URL:jamie collins
My Email:[email protected]
Surname 1: hunt
Surname 2: mayfield
Surname 3: knox
Surname 4: garzard

these are my paternal great grandparents. i know very little about them except they all settled in attala county miss in the second half of the 1800.

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