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Surname Submissions: Jan 1, 2003-Dec. 31, 2003

Thu Jan 2 13:36:28 2003 Dianne Moore [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: More/Muir Locations Researching In: New york state, USA Comments: Have hit major brick wall with my great-great-grandfather John More. He was born Dec. 2, 1801 in New York State and died in Walsingham township, Canada Apr. 13, 1885. I know nothing of his parents. Any help greatly appreciated.

Sat Jan 4 08:35:34 2003 Shirley [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Lake, Atwell & Miteff, Saubert Locations Researching In: Comments: Leonard Lake & Ada Bell Atwell are my father's parents. Stavro (or Starvo) Miteff (orignally from Turkey prior to 1920) and Saubert (traced back to Germany) are my mother's ancestors. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.

Sat Jan 4 15:04:24 2003 Elizabeth [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Walsh/Maloney Locations Researching In: Collingwood,Victoria,Australia Comments: David & Bridget(nee maloney)Walsh, married St Pat's Catherdal Melbourne on 8th Nov. 1874 had 2 sons Thomas and Patrick and 3 daughters Mary,Johanna and Catherine(my grandmother)

Sat Jan 4 17:43:46 2003 [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: TAYLOR, WHITE, MARTIN, CRUMLEY, PEDERSON Locations Researching In: EAST TENNESSEE, WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, NEW YORK, NORWAY Comments: 1. TAYLOR I have two sets Cincinattus Taylor born 1822 in South Carolina and his son Samuel Jackson Taylor born 1844,NC?, descendants. other set Reverend John Isaac (Ike) Taylor born 1879 in Monroe County, Tn. 2. Winfield White Married Malinda Adeline Martin in Tennessee, or John O. White married Euphemia (Fimmie)Davis 3. John Martin married Martha Jane Cline in eastern Tennessee. 4. Jesse Crumley Killed in Railroad Accident. Jesse married Jennie Lea White, in Tennessee. 5.Thomas Edward Pederson, stowaway on boat came to America ,lived in ? New York, Married woman? and had son?, later married Jennie Lea White in Tennessee. Thomas was an Carpentar.

Thu Jan 9 10:10:02 2003 M Hillman [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Hazaleus, Mott, La Mott, Lee Locations Researching In: Minnesota, Virginia Comments:

Sun Jan 19 08:42:09 2003 mary (braman) carlson [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: braman, Locations Researching In: mass, Comments:

Wed Jan 22 22:09:22 2003 adacu1948b/Linda [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: BOYER, BLASCH, FISK, GINGERICH, LOWE, MUSSELMAN, ROSSITER, TROUP,UMBERGER Locations Researching In: Iowa, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon, Ohio, Kentucky Comments: My brick wall has been Christian TROUP born: 1793 Washington Co, MD and married to Sarah MILLER born: 1806 Hopewell Twp, PA married: April 01, 1828 in Perry Co, PA. Looking for parents and siblings of both Christian and Sarah. I own the following Genealogy books : Cavilers and Pioneers by Nugent ...vol 1,2,3 Burton and Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 Virginia Elizabeth City Co, VA Deeds, Wills, Court orders, ect 1634, 1659, 1688- 1701 by Neal Vestry Book and register of St peters Parish, New Kent Co and James City Co, Virginia 1684- 1786 Association of American Boyers vol 1,2 Generals in Blue.....Union Officers of the Civil War Bloomsbury and St Giles Past and Present , published in 1890 England Virginia Marriages Bath Parish Will be happy to help someone!!!

Sat Jan 25 17:30:03 2003 penny holland [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: holland,clemow,hunt,evans, Locations Researching In: london,kent Comments: any info welome, as i'm new to family research

Sat Jan 25 18:32:56 2003 Donna Hacking Walsh [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Hacking, Pearson, Glines, Clarke, Saul, Beck, Atkinson Locations Researching In: Burton in Kendal, Westmoreland, Eng, Preston, Lancashire, Whitehaven, Engla Comments: Hacking families, James Hacking born 1757 married Ann Pearson 1799. Son William and James Hacking. William susposedly drowned in the English Channel, Doctor, single. Other story is William married Ann Pearson 1826, 9 children. Can't find information on which one is the descendant of James, the married one or the single one. Church was St. James parish. Families on all sides, came from this little valley. Somewhere there has to be a story. A record for the truth. James Hacking 1757, was an English Earl. James was disowned by mother for marrying a commoner. William inherited fathers estate and title. There might be a connection between Bannister Hall and the family. Hacking Hall, Holcombe Hall also. Anyone with any information please email me. I need closure and answers. Directions would be nice too. Donna Hacking Walsh

Wed Jan 29 20:06:03 2003 Carol Peele [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Hunt - Beard- McAllister- McAlister- Cagle- Andrews Locations Researching In: Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas South Carolina North Carolina Pennsylvania Comments: Lines I am workong on

Sun Feb 2 02:55:50 2003 Ann Nix [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Stotts Locations Researching In: Texas Comments: My name is Ann Stotts Nix. I am the daughter of Bill (Almeran Ferd) Stotts and Jenettie Jessup Stotts of San Augustine County, Texas. I am looking for the family of my paternal grandfather, John Stotts. John Stotts was born in 1867. He married Minnie Prince on 08-27-1900 in Shelby County, Texas. He was shot to death in Shelby County, Texas in 1921. He is buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery. Anyone with any advice, information, or rumours, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks for any help that you can provide!

Tue Feb 4 21:14:49 2003 Donna Payne [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: HEY Locations Researching In: ENGLAND Comments: Looking for family of REV. John HEY and wife Ann. Came to America on the ship Cornelia

Thu Feb 6 13:52:32 2003 Joanne Cooper [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: KEY, BRIDGES, MIERS/MYERS/MIRES, SMITH Locations Researching In: GEORGIA, ALABAMA, S.CAROLINA, N. CAROLINA, VIRGINIA Comments: I am researching family history for myself and my husband. I am having the most trouble finding anything on MIERS/MYERS/MIRES. I assume that this is German. I have this line back to Civil War, Sumter County, GA with William C. Miers who died in the war. Looking for his father now.

Fri Feb 7 14:54:28 2003 paul sidebottom [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: sidebottom Locations Researching In: indiana--kentucky Comments: joseph sidebottom was in indiana in 1830,married and had 2 children,both boys under age 5.this was in shelby county. my search is for the names of these boys and the maiden name of joseph wife at that time. any help welcome and appreciated.

Tue Feb 18 17:39:11 2003 Olga Hiern- Cooke [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Hiern (Heirn, Heirne, Heern) Locations Researching In: Uk and US Comments: I want to demolish a brickwall! Capt. Charles Alden Hiern, married Catherine Christian from the Isle of Man, had one daughter(1835) who never married. He was Master of the Ajax between 1826 and 1836 and Master of the Virginia 1845, both immigrant ships voyaging between UK and America. I can't discover whether he was from the English or American branch of the Hiern family. Hope somebody can help!

Fri Feb 21 09:49:19 2003 DAWN SCHONASKY [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: kronemann Locations Researching In: denmark sweden germany us Comments: looking for any information on the surname KRONEMANN any info or help would be greatly appreciated

Fri Feb 21 14:06:58 2003 juliette [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: leto,giovinco Locations Researching In: ????? Comments: looking for any one with the leto name that is still living in italy if any. also giovinco. thats all

Sun Mar 9 20:05:46 2003 kandii [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Favuzza Locations Researching In: Illinois Comments: Looking for family of Tony and Philapino(sp) who lived Chicago, Illinois during the 1920s. Children Mary, Annie, Theresa and Tony. Parents born in Italy and Children born in Chicago. Don't know any of my relatives. Can any one help? I am at a dead end.

Sun Apr 6 21:49:48 2003 Kimberly Sue Sanford Colwell [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Sanford Locations Researching In: PA, West Virgina , and Virgina Comments: Hi know my gg grandfathers name is Preston Sanford have his SS# his mother's name is Sarah Amanda Thompson Sanford and fathers name is Edward Howard Sanford, heard they were both from Virginia originally before moving to West Virginia, looking somewhere in the 1800's, also know that she was 20 years older than Edward, but at a dead end there cannot find any more info on either one of them, please help, it would be greatly appreciated so much.

Wed Apr 9 22:54:03 2003 Teena [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: LaLone Locations Researching In: MI Comments:

Wed Apr 16 09:59:58 2003 ELIANA CONTIOSO BROCK [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: contioso Locations Researching In: spain Comments:

Thu Apr 17 09:34:24 2003 Eve [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Erenburg, Sorkin Locations Researching In: USA, Israel, Europe Comments: Hatzkel Erenburg from Parichi, Belarus, a blacksmith, son of Jocel, born in 1864 had 9 children. Any information on this or any Erenburg line will be helpful. email: [email protected], call in the USA 9179759667

Thu Apr 17 20:13:15 2003 Christine Jones [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Jarm, Dyer, Dooley, Russell, Gaughan, O'Toole, Grisco, McDonald Locations Researching In: Canada, Scottland, Ireland, Germany, PA, IL, OH, CA, NY Comments: I am searching my tree and my hubby's. I have actually found out more about my husband's family. They have been here since the constitution was signed. My family tree is full of people who were fleeing their countries for various reasons, leaving me little info to go on. I am more than happy to share all info I have, and would love any leads you can offer.

Mon Apr 21 15:07:27 2003 Sheryl Barnette [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Flint, Pipkins, Hall, Moore, Jordan, Tucker Locations Researching In: Missouri, TX Comments: I am looking for information on Charles (Carl) Flint b.18 December 1893 d. 21 January 1969 spouse was Nellie Belle Hall b. 23 October 1898 d.21 May 1973. They lived in the SW Missouri area around Poplar Bluff. Also Lester M. Pipkins b. 22 February 1885 d.02 December 1964. First wife unknown. Second wife is Mary Ann Moore. Charles Flints parents are Charley Flint and Jenny Jordan. Jenny's Father was Coleman Parker Jordan mother unknown. Lester Pipkins mother was Sarah J. ? Mary Ann Moores parents were Maggie Kirk and Fred Acie Moore. Nellie Belle Halls parents are Richard Hall and Amy Belle Spaulding.

Thu May 1 08:14:43 2003 Val [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Bistoquet, Gradsire, Locations Researching In: UK, Mauritius, Seychelles Comments: I am looking for relatives of Victor Bistoquet who lived in UK from 1900approx. also his nephew Joe Gradsire who was in the Pioneer Corps in 1949.

Sun May 4 17:48:00 2003 Martha Wilson [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Fessenden, Dudley, Durrell, Epley, Snyder,Frost, Locations Researching In: Maine, Ma., N.H. Comments: I've been looking for these names for a long time. I'm beginning to think they came from Pluto.

Wed May 7 22:44:19 2003 Tim Culler [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Culler, Shidler, Wise, Neff, Unger, Marsh Locations Researching In: Stark County, OH; TenMile Creek, Wash. County, PA Comments: I am back to the 1700's on my lines, but am now stuck. I am happy to help others working either on the same families, or in the same areas of the country.

Sat May 17 19:03:43 2003 Mary Johnson [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Myler Locations Researching In: Iowa, Indiana, Ohio Comments: I am looking for a George Washington Myler, who, according to the 1900 OK census was born in Iowa in 1851. This Myler is my great grandfather. His father is also believed carry the name of George Washington Myler, and may have been born in Indiana or Ohio. There are conflicting statements in census reports about this. Some of the brothers and sisters of the George (Iowa) may have been Charles or Charlie, Henry, Thomas, Myriah, Isabel or Bell, Anna and Laura (twins.The 2nd George(Indiana) was a farmer somewhere in Iowa. Family heresay is that he was married 2X, and the second wife was a sister of Henry Ford, and her name might have been Anna or Laura. I would very much appreciate any help, as this is a needle in a haystack search. Thank you.

Fri May 23 19:07:24 2003 peggy (ATT: change at to @ when emailing)> Surnames Being Researched: STEWART, CRISMAN, REYNOLDS, DALTON, ALLEN, IRBY, POOVEY, CRAFTON, Locations Researching In: North Carolina, Virginia Comments: surnames in North Carolina are: CRISMAN (CRISMON) POOVEY STEWART surmanes in Virginia are: IRBY

Wed May 28 16:23:04 2003 Eva Eidesen [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Siu Locations Researching In: North America Comments: Gerald Park Siu, Grace m. Siu, Jacob Elmer SiuRonald Cowles Siu, Jacob Gilbert Siu, Eric, Stacy, Tgeresa - anne, Patricia Lynne and Pamela Lea siu

Fri Jun 6 20:53:18 2003 gabbee [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Brown, Schenck, Tibbals, Baldwin, Van Couwenhoven, Provoost, many others Locations Researching In: KY, MA, CT, OH, NJ, Comments:

Thu Jul 3 15:21:23 2003 Betty Hackett [email protected] or [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Hatley, Williams, Lemly Locations Researching In: Stanly County, North Carolina Comments: Have quite a bit of information on Hatley but need to verify accuracy of dates, etc. My father's name is William Winfred Hatley and mother is Hazeline Williams. From what I've been told, Williams ancestors came from Cornwall and Hatley ancestors came from Cambridge, England. Lemly (my mother's mother) ancestors came from Germany.

Sun Jul 20 14:05:26 2003 Cynthia Segraves Lovely [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Lovely, Mineau, Dumoulin, Staley, Newsom, Hale Locations Researching In: Massachusetts, North Carolina, Indiana Comments: My dead ends: * Leo Joseph Lovely (1897-1958) m Dimple Rose "Violet" Mineau (1903-198?); Worcester, MA - Top Priority Right Now! * Moise DesMoulin m Josephine Veaw; Boston, MA? (born mid-1800s) * Abel Gregoire m Elizabeth Scott; Boston, MA? (born mid-1800's) * Antonio Freitas Santos m Maria Julia Costa; Portugal (born late 1800's) * Melinda Segraves born approx 1800 in/near Surry County, NC * Michael Johnson Swaim m Sarah Pinnix; Surry County, NC (born mid 1800's) * Samuel Staley m Mattie Johnson; Wyoming/NC (born mid 1800's) * Abram Mathis m Polly Curry; NC (born early-mid 1800's) * William Love m Susan Combs; NC (born early-mid 1800's) * Meredith Henderson m Sarah Bryan; NC (born mid 1800's) * Ennis Redding m Sarah Walker; NC (born mid 1800's) * Arnold Culpepper Newsom (1899-1928) m Letha Ann Hale (1903-1957) * Floyd Smith m Cathering "Betty" Barnett * Cedie Tingle (born approx 1800); father of Jeddiah Tingle m Liddie Raybourn * D. Oswagn and Lydia Jones (born approx 1800); parents of Armistage Jones m Ann Marlene * D. William Brown m Martha Jane Bannet (born late 1800's)


Tue Jul 22 09:49:40 2003 Josephine Elsken [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: ABBOTT-CREASON-CRISMON- Locations Researching In: ROBY,Tx county (surrounding area's) Comments: Hello, I am searching for information on my G- Grandmother an her family...Edith Abbott b.9-16-1892.Birth place..(unknown) She married one Owen Hampton Creason...they had two children..Ada and Etta. Edith had 13 or 14 siblings. Edith remarried a Rowe Crismon. There may have been one child born to them... Any information would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you very much..Josephine

Wed Jul 30 19:37:52 2003 winds2strong [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: North Locations Researching In: England, CT, IN, MO, CA Comments:

Sat Aug 16 05:47:43 2003 aimz [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Midgley, Middlebrook, Haigh, Chadwick, Dolby Locations Researching In: Barnsley, Bradford and yorkshire Comments: If u know anything these surnames plz get in touch , how ever small it is , thabkj u and good luck with ur family history by [email protected]

Wed Aug 20 02:11:42 2003 jan derk sterenberg [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: sterenberg, steerenberg, sterrenberg, sterenborg, sterenburg, s Locations Researching In: europe and amerika Comments:

Fri Aug 22 13:50:33 2003 Nat Scavone [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Scavone, Albano, Petrone, Pacello Locations Researching In: U.S. & Basilacata,Italy Comments: The names should be associated with Pignola,Potenza ,Italy

Wed Aug 27 20:20:50 2003 Cheryl [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Bonham, Kinnan Locations Researching In: Oregon, North Carolina , Nebraska Comments: pre-1900's to connection to Neville Bonham (last residence in Oregon)also some connection Virginia and N Carolina. Kinnans from Nebraska, especially North Platte.

Sun Aug 31 15:51:54 2003 sheena wilson [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Sliger, Bradfield, Evans, Sandridge, Fent, Wilson Locations Researching In: TN, OK, KS, TX, AR, IN Comments: Currently searching the Sliger/Slyger lines. Sure need some help.

Thu Sep 4 09:33:04 2003 Dina [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Belford, Kane, Hoffner Locations Researching In: PA- Carbon, Schuylkill, Columbia, Luzerne Counties Comments: Abraham Belford, was born about 1848 in Columbia County. He married Ann Williams, of Wales, in 1862. Charles Kane married Lucinda Hoffner in Mauch Chunk (Jim Thorpe) Carbon County, PA in 1872. Seeking their parents. Most of their descendants would end up in Luzerne County Trying to go further back for these people. Dina in SE GA

Tue Sep 9 22:36:03 2003 Elwood Neal Rousey [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Mitchell, Rousey, Frachiseur, Clinkinbeard, Woodring Locations Researching In: Misdsouri, Oklahoma, Texas Comments: Need info on above surnames plus several more.

Thu Sep 11 00:19:24 2003 Sylvia [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Meacum; Mecum; Mecham; etc. Locations Researching In: Lycoming co PA; Stephenson co IL Comments: Looking for information on Prudence Meacum born March 25 1820 in Lycoming co PA; died Sept 9 1865 in Stephenson co IL Any info would be appreciated.

Fri Sep 19 16:49:50 2003 Paula Brooks Schwein [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Wiefering, White, Brooks, Schwein Locations Researching In: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Comments: Hello, I have been searching for information on my gr gr grandfather, James Armistead Brooks of Claiborne County, Tennessee. I know he was a circuit riding preacher, but very little else. Anyone searching for Brooks family in Claiborne County, Tennessee? Thanks, Paula

Mon Sep 22 18:50:50 2003 Patricia Crowder Yaw [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: CROWDER and connecting Surnames1619 to 1840 Locations Researching In: Virginia Comments: While reseaching my Crowder family line to 1718, I put together an Event list listing all Crowder records by date in Virginia from 1719 to 1840. Please see my webpage:

Thu Sep 25 06:57:22 2003 Tami Long [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Warrington, O'neil, Shouse, Locations Researching In: Oklahoma Comments: Bud Warrington married Rosie O'Neil in Oklahoma, would love to know any history of the family before them, and if the family had any history of Chawktaw Indian decent.

Thu Sep 25 09:39:16 2003 dorothy christen [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: vandusen/lockwood Locations Researching In: any Comments:

Thu Sep 25 17:54:58 2003 Patsy [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Applegate,Bennett,Clayton, Frazee,Marks, Patterson,Reynolds,Tice,VanArsdale Locations Researching In: New Jersey Comments: Hi Most of my famlies that I'm looking for are from Monmouth & Ocean County,New Jersey. Thank you. Applegate m. Reynolds Marks m. Reynolds Bennett m. Frazee Bennett m. VanArsdale Tice m. Clayton Tice m. Cowdrick Woolley m. Patterson

Sun Sep 28 21:48:52 2003 Lisa Floyd- Crowe [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Goddard, Sappington, Hudspeth, Baker, Stonebraker, Floyd, Heard, Torres, Va Locations Researching In: NC, MO, KY, AR, Comments: I am looking for any information about these names. They are my family's names and I am trying to do a family tree. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lisa


Mon Sep 29 09:38:45 2003 Beverly [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: De Armitt Locations Researching In: Arizona,Pennsylvania and Calif. Comments: The person trying to do research on is Berry Hill De Armitt.In the 1800's.

Tue Sep 30 03:42:07 2003 carolann Padgett [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Taylor,Parker,Massey. Starks.Aungst,Chase,Doney Locations Researching In: Michigan,Indiana,England Comments: Have lots of informaion and Photos

Tue Oct 7 06:03:25 2003 DeLena King [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: FARIS FARRIS RIGGAR RIGGER UNICE Locations Researching In: Pennsylvania and West Virginia Comments: I am looking for Elias Faris or Farris or Anne Faris or Farris they were married in Martinsburg West Virgina. I am also looking for Thomas and Aliah Unice they are from Leabaon or West Virgina. I am also looking for Harry and Jennie Riggar they were from Connellsville Pa.

Sun Oct 12 16:15:47 2003 Barbara [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Kolakowski, Kupis, Olkowski Locations Researching In: Delaware, Poland Comments: Czeslaw Kolakowski immigrated to Delaware in 1911, Helen Olkowski immigrated in 1910. Both were from Russian Poland. Jan, Frank & Andrzej (Andrew) Kupis immigrated frpm Poland to Delaware in early 1900's.

Mon Oct 13 21:32:38 2003 Bama [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Exum/Axum/Axium Locations Researching In: Al. Ga. N.C. S. C. Comments: I have picked up info. on the internet of the name I am researchering. But to my knowledge, Some dates, names, also marriages are incorrect? I am looking for a Sylvester V. Exum. (internet info)Born 8/1867 in Dale Co. Al. no death date? Father (according to census) born in s c ? I have no info. of any siblings, mother, or dads name? Would love any info. if anyone has acurite, or might think they know this person? Thanks! Internet info again, Sylvester V. Exum married Arenna M. Spivey? I do have a marriage record on them.dated Sept 25, 1887, BUT? Wife name appears on marriage record as Anna M. Spivey? She was also born in Dale Co. Al. 8/1867. She has gone by the name Irene, rennie, rena, and Arenna? So I dont know what her true name is? Please any info??? WOULD BE SO GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thanks So much Bama. ps, if this would help? It appears that the JOP was a, A. K. Alston. and (must be witt:) P. L. Thomas?? This info is on Marriage License, from Dale Co. Al.

Sun Oct 19 10:46:10 2003 Antoinnette Maize [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Maize,Gray,Black,Applegate,Smiley and Henry Locations Researching In: Missouri,Kentucky and California Comments: The information I seek is on the women. Margaret Jane Gray, Anna Applegate, Elizabeth Smiley, Elizabeth Henry, with on exception, James Black of Mo, married to Elizabeth Smiley. All of the above are women of the Maize family, all are from Missouri. Thanks, Toni Maize

Tue Oct 21 12:41:11 2003 Lana T. Lucas [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Taylor, Bourn(e),Vaughan,Justice, Brown,Toliver,Wingate, Layne,Hagy,Hedrick Locations Researching In: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina Comments: These surnames are of people that lived in Virginia-Wythe, Smyth,Grayson and surrounding counties. West Virginia- Mercer Co. Princeton area and into Tazewell,Va. North Carolina-Alleghany Co.and Winston Salem area. Lane,Morris, Grubb,Umberger and Felty are in these lines also. This is a wonderful site. Will let my gene friends know about it.

Fri Oct 24 13:24:23 2003 Lisa Floyd- Crowe [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Goddard, Baker, Hudspeth Locations Researching In: AK, MD, MO, IL, England, SC, TN Comments: Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lisa

Mon Oct 27 12:21:43 2003 Sarah Begley [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Keen/e, Ryan, Rose, Chandler, Desper Locations Researching In: Comments: I am just getting started, but I do have some lines that go back as many as 15 generations. I don't have any information on the individuals' lives - only their basic information (birth, death, sometimes marriage) and sometimes their place of birth/death.

Sun Nov 9 18:59:15 2003 Jill [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: Wedge/Young/Overholt Locations Researching In: Canada Comments: Looking for the parents of Racheal (Wedge) Young. Know her father was John Wedge and mother was the daughter of a Chief of the Six Nations of Indians - Grand River. John moved to Canada about 1800. Looking to find name of mother and the tribe she was from. Any help to start seach would be great. (Could possibly be Cayuga). THANKYOU!!

Tue Nov 11 19:04:35 2003 Rosina Medd [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: McNamara Cogswell Hall Proctor Upton Perry(Poirier) Forgeron(Sauvage) Locations Researching In: Ireland England USA Canada France Comments: I am trying to locate the names of the parents of my ggg grandfather David McNamara b.c1766 Cork Ireland . Believed to be diocese of Cloyne.

Sun Nov 23 04:05:26 2003 elisabeth [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: rodriguez martos Locations Researching In: españa. Comments: Hello. I´m a spanish girl who want to improve my English and meet new and interesting people. I can help you with you spanish if you want. My sincerely Elisabeth

Sun Nov 23 22:22:28 2003 PEGGY [email protected] Surnames Being Researched: HARBIN Locations Researching In: TENNEESSE Comments: Trying to find a Harbin that was shot and killed about 1930. I think his name was Joe.And i also think his dad is John & mothers name Polly.This i was told for i haven't found anything not even their names.Joe would be my grandfather when he was killed my grandmother{mandy ) gave their children away,my mother i heard was about 2or 3 months old.They lived in Hamilton Co. or Ooltewah,TN . THANK YOU PR

Wed Nov 26 09:53:49 2003 Krystal Black Surnames Being Researched: Black; Coons; Cannon; Gidcumb Locations Researching In: Kentucky & Indiana and Beyond Comments: I am new to the search of ancestral lineages. I know as far as my great grandparents. I am finding that there are many, many lines and whew! its a bit overwhelming deciphering which line a person belongs to not having much info. I would never of thought there were so many lines; or should I say, I never thought the population was so expanded back then. Good luck on your searches. Krystal

Tue Dec 2 15:59:58 2003 Kathleen Carrow Ingram Surnames Being Researched: Carrow Kirwan Conover Edenfield Kees Young Locations Researching In: Delaware and the Delmarva peninsula.Salem County NJ Comments: My Carrow ancestors were in Kent and New Castle County..Delaware City.Kirwan and Conover are my GGreatGrandmothers maiden and 2nd married names.The rest are persons who my Carrows married. I am originally from Southern New Jersey in Salem County. The other side of my family of origin Faunt, Swanson, Lynch, Duggan from Beverly NJ are better documented.

Mon Dec 8 01:10:25 2003 Tonya Equevilley Surnames Being Researched: Bussell; Sapp; Trujillo; Lopez; Newton; Cortez Locations Researching In: Irwin County, GA; Las Animas County, CO; Costilla county, CO Comments: I am currently working on my family tree as well as my fiance's family tree. Looking for any info for the surnames I listed and counties listed. Lopez, Trujillo from Las Animas county, Colorado; Newton from Costilla County, Colorado; Bussell and Sapp from Irwin County, Georgia and Dooly county Georgia as well as Tobin from St. Louis Missouri.

Fri Dec 12 20:29:00 2003 Jill Overholt- Pidsadnick Surnames Being Researched: Pidsadnick, Pidsadnuiuk, Pidsadniuck Locations Researching In: Ontario,Canada, Poland, Ukraine Comments: Looking for any information on Stefan or Anastasia Pidsadnuick. Came from Ukraine-Poland in early 1800's to Canada. They had son Micheal and two daughters for sure. Any information on this family or relations would be wonderful!! THANKYOU!!

Sun Dec 14 17:45:19 2003 Diana Danley Surnames Being Researched: COLLOP CULLOP KOHLHEPP COLE BRANSTETTER BRASSFILED POST WILCHER CHAPMAN BUC Locations Researching In: not sure where they were from all over i think. Comments: Just trying to find some of my mom and dads people

Thu Dec 25 18:30:03 2003 chris Surnames Being Researched: Hutchens, Furman, Allen, Walker, Lassiter, Locations Researching In: Virginia, North Carolina Comments:

Sat Dec 27 19:00:48 2003 Darlene (GOFF) Roy Surnames Being Researched: Goff, Winslow, Grimsley Locations Researching In: Comments: Goff - I have hit a wall!! It seems to have all started with Salathiel Goff - He came outa no-where! Harmon Grimsely changed his name to Winslow - no idea why! Can't find out anything prior to his grandfather's name (lewis Grimsely) Winslow - should I even be researching this name??? Harmon's mother is listed as Ethyl Sabrina Winslow Rawls (does that mean her last surname was Winslow or Rawls or was that part of her middle name - she died prior to her husband) Confussion has set in....

Tue Dec 30 10:08:52 2003 wendy allen Surnames Being Researched: allen,mckinty Locations Researching In: belfast,northern ireland Comments:

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