Gen Chat Friends Brickwall Page

Gen Chat Friends Brickwall Page

The most frustrating thing in genealogy is running into a ancestor(or ancestors) that you just can't seem to find anything about beyond a certain point. Some of us researchers refer to them as our brickwalls. Rootsweb has a very informative page called Tips for solving those brick-wall (and other) research problems. The purpose of this page is to allow researchers a place to post what they feel is their genealogical "brickwall" in the hopes that others will see their posting and have additional information and/or ideas. Submit your Brickwall post. Remember to include as much detail as possible--names dates locations etc.

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SOLVED--Click here to learn more
I've hit a brickwall in my attempt to find the parents of William Leon Acuff. He is my great great grandfather. The first record I have of him is when he marries my great great grandmother Sarah McElroy in Van Buren County Tennessee on January 5,1871. I have tried countless times to find a William Acuff near his age in the 1860 & 1870 Census Records. I did find several but I am in the process of finding all these William Acuff 1860 1870 & 1880 Census Records. My William Leon Acuff is in the Van Buren Co. TN Census for the year 1880. I was told that he met Sarah McElroy in 1869 when he went to Old Antioch Christian Christ. He was a circuit preacher in the Christian Church. Also he had at least two brothers--one named John and another named Jasper. John M. Billingsley signed with William on his marriage records so I think John may have been an uncle or cousin of Williams. The Bledsoe County Acuffs intermarried with the Billingsleys a number of times. John M. Billingsley's father lived in Bledsoe Co. Tn. This leads me to believe that Wm. is somehow related to one of the Acuff/Billingsley couples from the Bledsoe Co. area.
William Leon Acuff
Born Jan. 25, 1842
Married January 5,1871 to Sarah McElroy in Van Buren Co. TN
Died Feb. 3, 1898
William & Sarah are both buried in the McElroy Cem. in Van Buren Co. TN.
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James "Cubby" Anderson----don't know when he was born but his birth place was NC. He married Rebecca Watkins in Habersham Co.,Ga in 1821. He had two sons Samuel and Lemuel. Lemuel is my direct. I have not had any problems tracing him after he married but I can't find him anywhere before then. I have him from 1821 to 1870.
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William Anderson (Calhoun Calheed) or (Bill)----He married Licene(Lucenda)Thomas in Lumpkin Co. Ga, and had several children, Ann Maranda, Archie, Levi,and Lizzy. He supposedly died in 1880s. This information is according to a family bible, I can't find the physical proof of it. I haven't had any luck at all with getting information on William. Ann Maranda is my direct link to him, she was a medicine woman. He was supposed to be Native American
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I need help finding information on my great grandparents , on my mothers side . The only thing i know about my grandmother is her name and birth date . Her name was Martha Florence Dodd , maiden name Basey . Born on Jan. 28 , 1902 . Died Sept. 1970 in Indiana , some where near Zionsville . She had 2 sisters and 4 brothers . Their names were Azza Glee ( b: July 13 , 1921 ) , Thelma ( b: Nov. 30 , 1906 ) ? , Glen ( b: Jan. 25 , 1891 ) , Ralph ( b: Oct. 24 , 1893 ) , Wilbur ( b: ? ) , Lester ( b: ? ) . I would appreciate any help i can get . Thank you .

Contact: Debbie

Looking for any information on Theodore R. Beguin, born in July 1935 and died in Douglas County, Oregon in July 1972. Thank you for any help.

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I am trying to find the parents of George Michael Bachman born Mar. 2, 1832 in Baden, Germany. He died Oct. 17,1884 in Goodell, Iowa. He married Gertrude Marie Schmitt on Aug. 2, 1859 in Baden, Germany. Her birthday is Feb. 11, 1838 in Baden, Germany. She died April 27, 1907 in Goodell, Iowa. Their children are Martin, Henry, Jacob, Fred, John, Martha, William and Mary. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Contact: Sharon

Hello All I have had this brickwall for quite sometime. I can not find my any information to get past my great grandparents to continue my family tree. My Mothers name is Shirley Comtois, maiden name Boutin. Her parents were Regina Birdsall, Boutin, Bourassa. and Edward Boutin. Regina's parents names are Daniel Birdsall and Grace H. Laudenau? Birdsall Clark. Laudenau is supposedly her maiden name. I can not find anything prior to the 1920 census on either Grace or Daniel. From the death certicicate evrything indicates all were born in NY but it does not say where. Grace would have been born approximately in 1886 if the 1920 New York census information is correct. And Daniel would have been born approximately in 1883 going by the 1920 census. Regina was born according to her death certificate September 2, 1918 and has 7 or mor siblings. One brother named after Daniel and one sister named after Grace. There is also a Hester I believe died young, a Marting, Adeline, Theresa, Annabelle, Shirley and a Laura. These are all names on the census and also in obits for my grandmother. If anyone has any suggestions or information please contact me
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My grandfather John (Janos) BOGNAR born 29 Nov 1875 in Szemere, Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen, Hungary died 24 Jun 1962 in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY. He immigrated from Austria-Hungary area to NY, NY arriving 19 Apr 1906 via SS Main, from Bremen, Germany. And my grandmother Elizabeth (Erzsebetha) M. Bognar (maiden name Varga) born 07 Nov 1882 in Tet, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary died 30 April 1973 in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY. She immigrated from Austria-Hungary area to NY, NY arriving 17 Feb 1914 via SS Amsterdam of Holland Am Ln with their oldest daughter Elizabeth. The immigration info was taken from Alien Registration Forms of the US Dept of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization Service dated 25 Nov 1940 and 30 Oct 1940 respectively. Grandmothers listed parents were Joseph Varga and Rosalia Hirs. They both resided in Buffalo, NY their entire lives. Any and all assistance in finding relatives etc would be greatly appreciated. Two daughters had visited the Hungarian towns/cities but refused to share any info. One has since died and the other continues to ride her broomstick. Thanks.
Contact: Vance

I have a gr grandfather that i can't find anything on before about 1900. His name is John Breault and all I can find of him is him living in Bay City, Michigan. The only thing is that I know he had been married before and had two sons (born in Mass.) from the first marriage that lived with him after his second marriage. This leads me to believe that possibly his first wife died early. Otherwise I only have what census records tell me. I know his second wife was Mary Lafond. (I have found her family) And I have a birth record for their first born. A daughter Anna. I also have found a death record for him but it gives no pertinent info on family members. I have even found the correct cemetery. I'm just wondering about his early life. Census records states that he was French-Canadian, immigrated in 1880, and was born in 1838. WHAT a Headache!
Contact: Carol Nikisch

I am looking for information confirming Sarah Jane Briant, born in Georgia on May 10, 1838, was a Cherokee Indian. Her parents were John and Rhoda Briant. She married my gg grandfather on February 19, 1865 in Cooper County, Missouri. His name was James Browning. They had five children: Matilda A., John Calvin, William Grant, Charles Sherman (my g grandfather), and George William.
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my ggrandmother, Amanda Brothers was in born 1833 in Carroll County, Ohio & married Dr. David F. Eakin also from Ohio. They moved to Iowa where their children were born and then after moving around a bit settled in Spokane, Washington where my ggrandfather practiced medicine. Amanda died in 1906 and is buried at Spokane, Washington. During my search of the census I found a number of Brothers from the same area but I found no mention to an Amanda Brothers. If anyone has any information on this family or has any ideas of where to look I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks
Contact: Marie Harris

I have a brickwall that my family and the LDS has been working on for 15 years.. looking for Charles Bruyere born abt. 1820 in France and moved to canada with his father and then moved to Pa. and lived with his son Charles Bruyere Jr. in the 1880 census of Titusville,Pa. Charles Bruyere Sr. was born abt 1819 in Bermeries, Nord, France. His father, Pierre Joseph Bruyere was born in Bermeries, Nord, France abt. 1790-1800. ANY onformation will be sufficiently and GREATLY appreciated.
Contact: Randy Bruyere

I know your going to find this odd, but I somehow feel connected Id like nothing more then to gain some insight, but I have little to work with. Her name is Anna Burns Doyle, She was married to James Doyle, James was born in Ireland, Anna I dont know. She died in 1884, in Erie Pa, she had one son William, who would have been two at that time. William was my grandfather and he died in 1946. Anna died from Typhoid, in Feb of 1884, she was 28 or 30 years old. I have little more then that on James, whom I thought might be a lead to more about her, I believe there was at least a 20 year difference in there ages also, but I could be wrong, there is no indication that he ever married again, he died in the old Erie County Almshouse, but I cant find out how to locate records from there. Thank You, Linda Dougan

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Another of my brick walls is Helen (Hellen?) Duncan Cannon, born December 6, 1880 in Brownsville, Fayette, PA. She married George Washington Jones on June 21,1900. Family recalls the following siblings' names .. Blanch or Blanche Cannon, married to Bert White, one dau. Marion Quinn, all possibly from Englewood, W.VA. Bess Cannon, married to John Grant, son John, dau. Helen, all possibly from Burbank, CA. Brother from Somerset or Sandpatch, PA, William Cannon, possibly married to Nettie? I found a Cannon family in the 1880 Census for Bridgeport, Fayette, PA, but haven't been able to track them back or forward from there. At least Helen and her sister Blanche are said to have grown up in an orphanage in PA, don't know where or the reason. Can anyone help with this family?

Contact: Trish Randolph

My grandparents, James Henry Edwards and Gracie Belle Carter Edwards are my brick wall. I know from their death certificates that they were born in Belknap, Ill. James was born Nov.26,1887. Gracie was born May 26,1893. I have been to Illinois and could not find them. I did find them on the 1930 census in Arkansas. My cousin found James on the 1920 census living in Illinois. My grand-mother wasn't listed with him. I know that their oldest son, Roy Farris Edwards, was born March 2,1915 in Bauxite,Arkansas. I have been told that they married in Illinois. I have also been told that they could have married in Missouri. Maybe someone could help me. I have been at this for the past 5 years. Thank you in advance.

Contact: Debbie


What a fantastic site , and thank you for allowing me to post my brick wall.

My brickwall is my grand father, I have recently found out his complete name, and have been able to trace my ancestors back quite a ways , I have also been able to trace all my grandfathers siblings and their marriages as well as their childrens marriages, but I am very stuck with my grandfather, It seems that i may have some conflicting information

Here is what I have so far.

JAMES SLATER CHADDERTON was born in Farnworth Lancashire to John chadderton and Ellen Slater in 1891 (8c 358 )

4 July 1913, James arrives in Montreal Canada, aboard the Empress of Britain , his occupation is listed as spinner and he is single, his destination is Hamilton Ontario, Canada ( i have the manifest )

1 aug 1914 James marries GRACE WHALLEY, at St Pauls Methodist Church in Montreal Quebec Canada ( I have the marrige certs )

from 1914 to 1919, James is listed in the Montreal Lovell Directory as living at 192 d'aragon Street , Montreal

27 june 1917, a son is born to James and Grace, this is my father, his name is Harry Chadderton. ( i have the birth certs )

!919, Grace and Harry go to England, address on manifest is 137 cannon street bolton.( I have the manifest )

1920, James goes to England , he is listed as being from Bolton, but his occupation is listed as ship builder, this bit throws me off.( I have the manifest )

25 June 1927,Grace and Harry return to Montreal, the manifest lists James Chadderton as Harrys father and states that he is living at 1859 Jaques Hertel Street ,Montreal However when I check the Lovell Directory from 1927 onwards this is no such number on that street.( I have the manifest )

And thats all I know.............I am not sure that the return in 1920 is actually my grandfather, nor am I sure that the info on the 1927 manifest is correct.

I would truly love to know what became of my grandfather, when my nan returned to canada in 1927, I dont think that she was with James as a wife, because sometime after their return and before 1939, when my father enlisted in the Army, Grace and Harry's surname had become PONTING, of this change I know nothing, My family has always told me that Grace never remarried, therefore I am asuming that she and James never divorced, I dont think that my father ever saw his dad after 1927, as he passed away when I was 7, I never had the chance to ask him anything about this.

I would really appreciate any help that I can get, I have grown up with a surname that isnt realy mine, and I feel a little empty,I would like to find out where my grandfather is buried, and maybe pay a visit to his grave and let him know that his son, and his families did okay.

Contact: Brenda Burton

I am looking for the parents of Archibald Christy, born in 1833 in Canada & who was married to Elizabeth (Eliza)also born 1838 in Canada. He was father to my ggrandmother, Anna (Annie) Christy born 1864 as well as Ellen, John, Archibald, William (Willie), George & Mary in Elk Point, South Dakota. When Anna was a young girl, Archibald & Eliza moved their family to the Victor- Corvallis Area in Montana, where Anna & her brother Archibald are buried. She died in 1942. If anyone knows anything about Archibald & Elizabeth or has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks
Contact: Marie Harris

Thomas Colloway-- Thomas.....Married Jemina Whisenhunt in 1825 in Habersham Co., Ga. Their children were Joseph Berry (Joeberry), Charity, Melinda, Thomas C. Thomas Jr. FIFTH: Nancy ?....was born around 1780 in NC(?) she married Rondol Lee I have been told that they might have married in VA the only child I know of is Randall. She died in SC. There is alot of mystery surrounding her. She was supposed to be Native American.
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My brick wall is my great granfather, James Clifford Cook, Also went by Clifford Cook. He was born some place in Kansas on July 4,1876. He married Pearl Chamberlain in Ashland, Nebraska in 1901. According to family history they stayed in Ashland until 1914 when they moved to Colorado. Their 5 children, Elwin, Ernestine, Donald, Faye, and Earl were all born in Nebraska. If my grandmother knew his parents she never revealed it to anyone. He died in Fowler Colorado in 1964.
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Another of my "brickwalls" is my Great Great Grandfather William Clifford Cook. He was born April 4 1811 in North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Putman in Williamson Co. TN on Sept. 27, 1831. I've not been able to find any info on his parents. I'm not really sure when he came to Tennessee but I feel it was probably around 1830. He died Jan. 1 1882. He and Elizabeth are both buried in the Simpson Cemetery in Bedford Co. TN.
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Searching for WEIR and COPELAND I have been searching without success for my grandfather's ancestors, and have had him take a YDNA test, and it came up with a perfect match with a COPELAND family from louisiana. I still don't understand where the COPELAND'S come into the picture but a perfect match is a perfect match. Our research is as follows, my grandfather WILLIAM IAN WEIR, is the son of WILLIAM WEIR and SUSAN CRAW, WILLIAM is the son of JOHN WEIR and MARY ANN LOGAN, JOHN is teh son of ROBERT WEIR and SARAH GRAHAM / DRYNAN / GREEN / GREENAN / GRANAN / CRANNAN. Anyone got any ideas? Does anyone know where COPELAND may have come into the tree?
Contact: KAARON

My brickwall is Hezekiah and Nancy Culver from New York. They are my grgrgrgrandparents. They lived in Waterloo, New York in 1820 and 1823 where my grgrgrandfather was born. (Charles Henry Culver). Any information on this family would be appreciated. Thanks,

Contact: Jean Bunt

I am researching the Dabbs family from TX., VA., MS., and possibly TN. My brick wall is I cannot find my gggg grandfather Aaron Dabbs b. abt. 1830. unk. d. I have located his wife Caroline Upchurch (unknown maiden name) b. 1832, remarried to a Theoffilus Upchurch in Mount Pleasant, TX on the 1870, 1880 census. All offspring have been located as well. I do understand that records listing an African American and Native American family prior to 1870 are pretty much useless. My question is...should I stop with what I have and call it a success since I have records up to 1870, or should I continue searching for information that other researchers will not or cannot help me with? My frustration remains however, with the fact that there are very few records for blacks and if there is a hint it is at best suspect. I know, I know, everyone has heard this before I just really wanted to vent and maybe a tip or two.
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I have hit a brick wall with one of my ancestors, and it is driving me crazy, makes me feel like just stopping with him and be done with it all, but my frustration is making me work harder, to get some facts His name is Andrew Dalgarno, Could be spelt dalgardno, he was married to Jean cheves in Longside Aberdeen, His parents were Andrew Dalgarno (Dalgardno) and his mother was Katherine Wright I have hit a brick wall with Katherine and Andrew's children they all seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, I have the death certificate for one of them, and all the others don't appear to have died in Scotland, as when i type in the names for a death, there is nothing comes up at all, which i find really weird, i have tried variations of the names, with and without birth dates, and still zero, I also can find no information on Andrew's parents, which is even more frustrating, they could be Andrew Dalgarno and Isabel Clark, but i have no idea, until i can get at least somewhere with the Andrew who was born in 1796. then get some info on his father also Andrew, born? as the only other Andrew born was in 1703 I really don't know where to go from here anyone have any idea's?

Contact: Kirsteen>/p>

My brick wall is Edward Dalton came to this country in 1849 by ship to port in Philadelphia,PA. His emigration papers were in 1853. I need to find his ship list to find out where in Ireland he came from know they lived in or around Trenton,NJ. I would like to find his age and where he came from. He married Annie Welsh. Do not know when or where. Thank you for any help you could offer me.

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I have hit a brick wall in my search for my great grandfather's parents or any family. My ggrandfather's name is Solomon Darst. According to his obit. he was born in Fairfield County, OH on April 15, 1856.

Family rumor is that at some point after arrival in the United States the family's last name was changed to Darst from Durst? or Duerst? - don't know for sure what the last name was originally. Rumor says that the name was of German or Dutch origin. We have not been able to find the names of Solomon's parents or any relatives. Rumor says that his parents were killed in a horse and buggy accident when Solomon was a young boy in Ohio. No record either of any siblings. Rumor also says that he was raised by an Aunt and Uncle after his parents' death, but no names are attached to this rumor.

My grandfather thought Solomon's parents names were Jacob Darst & Martha Darst. Solomon appears in the 1880 census in Sidney, Fremont Cty, IA. He is married to Martha Alice Hiatt, no children had been born yet.

There is a Solomon Darst that appears in the 1860 Bloom Twp, Fairfield, Ohio census, born before 1850, living with another family. In 1870 this Solomon was living with Abner L. Courtright, still in Bloom Twp., his age is shown as 20 yrs.

Although this Solomon certainly seems to geographically match, his age certainly does not. Does anyone have any additional information that would help me in my search for Solomon's family?

Contact: Trish Randolph

My Gr Gr Grandfather creates a brick wall for me. Here is the information that I do have, however, I do not know who his parents are. ,

Andrew S. Davis
B 1821 in Pensylvania
Married Anna Schafer, in Clay County, Iowa - B 1836 and D 01/24/1915
Andrews died 11/24/1898 and is buried at Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines
He was a corporal and has a GAR stake next to his gravestone there.

Children of Andrew and Anna - George W. Davis and Zena Davis

I would love any help.

Contact: Mary

I am looking for info on Joseph Asbury Dison who was married to my grandmother Lottie Eugenie[Genie] Carpenter in the early 1900's and possibly lived in or near Avery County N.C. Also William Andrew Dison who was married to Margie Vance.

Contact: [email protected]

I am also looking for Bernard DORFNER who was living in the 1950s. My dad always said he was his half brother but I can't find him anywhere in my tree.

Contact: [email protected]

Looking for info on my g.g grandmother Ellen Duggan born in Co. Clare, Ireland in 1833
Father: James Duggan(butcher)
Mother: Ann nee Sayers
Don't know when her parents died. Ellen migrated to Australia in 1852. and I know it's very difficult to get info from Ireland. I hope someone can help.

Contact: Terry

my brick wall is finding a death date for my grandfather elijah "lige" duncan in clay,fayette,nicholas,co .also my aunt clara".duncan"brown. died sometime in the 1930's TO 1945.IN WV.

Contact: aelongwv

I have been searching for any connection to my GG father Gustave and his son Henri Albert who was educated on the Island of Marautiaus in 1871 -1875 but I can't find out anything before this of how they got to Australia and where they came from. I have death certificate but the writing is too hard to read but they did originate from France. Henri died in January 1901 in Norwood, Adelaide, he was married to Anne Forster Gilles. Her family was related to Osmond Gilles the first colonial treasurer for South Australia and the family home is known as Woodly and it still stands. But the Durand side of the family is a real mystery. Can anyone help please. Heather Smith (nee Hodson)

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I hit a brick wall with Trammel Elliott (B) 1891 in Alabama who married Levonia Pevy (B) Feb 1900 in Alabama (D) Aug 1962 Escambia, FL and had Clara, Howard T, James Curtis and Patricia Elliott. Cannot locate ANY info on Tramell. And Levonia stops at her parents. Levonia/Levina's parents are James Pevy (B) Aug 1874 and Ella Day (B) July 1880 (guessing on last name of Day as this is Levonia's last name) Their children are: Willie (B) 5-1898, Levonia (see above) and Almerta (B) 1905. They were all born in Alabama.

1. Betty June Elliott born Aug 17, 1945 in Brooklyn, NY. She was the daughter of 2. Howard Tramall Elliott and 3. Elizabeth Dragone. She married (1) Horace Lee Cormier 1965. He was born Dec 29, 1944 in Lake Charles, LA. He was the son of Horace Cormier and Ella Mae Monceaux.

2. Howard Tramall Elliott, born 1921 in Florella, AL; died Oct 12, 1965 in Pensacola, Florida. He was the son of 4. Trammel H Elliott and 5. Levina Day Pevy. He married 3. Elizabeth Dragone Sep 30, 1944 in NY.

3. Elizabeth Dragone, born Jan 12, 1925. She was the daughter of 6. Carmine Charles Dragone and 7. Maria Stella Vasile.

4. Trammel H Elliott, born Aug 28, 1891. He married 5. Levina Day Pevy 1913.

5. Levina Day Pevy, born Feb 1900 in Alabama; died Aug 1962 in Escambia, Florida, United States. She was the daughter of 10. James Pevy and 11. Ella Day.

6. Carmine Charles Dragone, born 1896. He married 7. Maria Stella Vasile 1922.

7. Maria Stella Vasile, born Oct 05, 1902 in Italy; died Mar 15, 2001 in Westlake, LA. She was the daughter of 14. Joseph Vasile and 15. Elizabeth Mandarano.

10. James Pevy, born Aug 1874 in Alabama. He was the son of 20. Delaney Peivey and 21. Catherine ?. He married 11. Ella Day 1896 in Ewell, AL.

11. Ella Day, born Jul 1880 in Alabama.

14. Joseph Vasile, born 1873; died 1931 in New York. He married 15. Elizabeth Mandarano.

15. Elizabeth Mandarano, born 1873.

20. Delaney Peivey, born 1823; died Bef. 1880. He was the son of 40. Isaac Peavey and 41. Ann Delaney. He married 21. Catherine ?.

21. Catherine ?, born 1843.

40. Isaac Peavey, born 1805. He married 41. Ann Delaney.

41. Ann Delaney, born 1812 in North Carolina.

Contact: Sherry Cormier

Gertrude Florence Fischer was born in Germany in 1858.It is said that she came to Australia with her half sisters the( De Byers) on an all women's ship from Germany around 1874-1877.Does anyone have any idea what ship that could be as this is all I have to go on...Thanks
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I have been in search of my great-great grandfather, Mr. Fleming, the name he is referred to in a book of the history of Stewart County Georgia. It states he was married to Maggie Perkins and they had a son John William, who I know to be my great grandfather, and that he married a Maggie Kimble, who I know to be my great grandmother...etc., but the mystery lies with the "Mr. Fleming" the book speaks of marrying the Maggie Perkins and how prominent her family was in that part of Georgia at that time, early 1900s. You see, I am married to a Fleming and my grandmother was a Fleming before she married...I have just been very curious about my husband's roots and my roots perhaps connecting somewhere back there...if you can help in any way, I would appreciate it greatly. Please give me hints on how to go about knocking down my brickwall! Sincerely, D. Fleming, Athens, Georgia.

Contact: Deborah

My brickwall is my Great grandfather, Irvine or Gardiner Germain, supposed to have been born in Chicago. Married Georginia Beatty/Beattie of Nova Scotia, Canada, had two sons. Ira born 1870, and Thomas born 1872. Have never been able to find their marriage or deaths. Georginia was in Nova Scotia in the 1871 census, living at her father's house and unmarried.Never found her after that date.
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I am looking for info on NORMAN GRIFFIN and HARRIET BARNHART time and place of death and marriage date. Any info on Norman's parents would be appr. Here is what I have so far.

1. ALVAH b. 1831 in NY

They move to MICHIGAN about 1878.
GEORGE had 7 kids,
2. LITTLE GIRL 1879 lived 14 hrs

HUGH had 2 children


NORMAN had 4 children my sisters and me.

I am also looking for info on URIAH GRIFFIN b. 1780 WASHINGTON CO. NY because he lived by HARRIET'S dad HENRY BARNHART and my sister has a receipt that a URIAH GRIFFIN and NORMAN bought land together in HARBOR CREEK PENNSYVANIA. I am looking to find out how uriah is related to Norman. I have 1850,1860 and 1870 census on NORMAN and HARRIET GRIFFIN [then I lost them-- maybe they died] I also have census in Michigan for GEORGE NORMAN GRIFFIN [my grandfather]

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I am kin to Hales thru my maternal grandmother, Minnie Acuff Luna(Oct 26, 1899- July 5, 1957). She was the daughter of James K Polk Acuff(Jan 12, 1872-Nov 23, 1939) and Emma Frances Hale (Nov 5 1875-Sept 5 1939). Although I'm at a stand still on the Acuff line I know quite a bit more about the McElroys and Shropshires(J.K P Acuff's mother's lines). Emma's parents I know very little about. I do have a copy of Emma Frances "Fannie" Hale Acuff's death certificate. It just list her father as William "Bill" Hale and whoever was giving the info did not know the name of her mother. Finding out that Emma's father was named Wm. Hale was not much help to me as Hale was a popular name in that area..and I guess many of the families decided that they needed a son named William. I have narrowed it down to two though which I feel is a real accomplishment. Emma's dad, William Hale was either
William P. Hale--son of Wm Taylor Hale & Eliza Adeline Elsie
William Hale--Husband of Nancy A Hitchcock
Recently I found info from Emma's obit(1938) which named two surviving brothers Sam and Charles Hale of McMinnville TN. From this I was able to conclude that Emma was the child of William Hale and Nancy Armenta Hitchcock as I found an Emma Sam and Charles in the 1880 Census with William & Nancy A. Hale. This still doesn't tell me who William's parents were...I'm beginning to feel that William husband of Nancy ....and William son of Wm. T and Adeline Hale are the same person. I cannot find them both in census records for the same yr. Wm and Adeline's son was William P. Hale. William husband of Nancy A. Hitchcock is buried in the Mt. Vernon Cem. in Warren Co. TN. I find no record of the William(son of Wm. T & Adeline) after he moves out(prior to 1880)
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Archibald Haney b 1798 NC m Edith Unknown b 1810 NC
Found A. Haney in Decatur, Ga. in 1840,
Found A. Haney in Sumter Co., Ga. in 1850 with Ch: Henry b 1832/Priscilla b 1835/James b 1834/ Eben b 1837/ Andrew J.b 1840/ Mary Ann b 1844/ Missouri b 1847/ George Washington b 1848/ William Archie b 1849

Coffee Co. Al. census shows Ch; Mary A. /Missouri/ George W./ Wm. A./ Martha b 1856. Would like to share info with anyone from these lines.

Contact: [email protected]

GEORGE HEIMBARGER, general farmer, section 31, Jefferson Township, Adams County, was a native of Germany, born November 26, 1828, a son of Jacob and Louisa (Nei) Heimbarger. When he was seven years old his parents immigrated with their family to America, settling in Fairfield County, Ohio, where they lived till their death, engaged in agricultural pursuits. They were members of the Allbright church. They had a family of twelve children, nine sons and three daughters. George, the subject of this sketch, grew to manhood in Fairfield County, Ohio, receiving a limited education, attending school only three months, he being obliged from an early age to assist his father on the farm. When he was old enough to work out he engaged in the manufacture of brick. He finally purchased a small farm and engaged in farming for himself. This farm he subsequently sold and with the proceeds purchased the farm where his widow now lives. He met with excellent success in his farming operations, and to his original purchase of 240 acres he was enabled to add till his farm contained 480 acres of well-improved land, under a high state of cultivation, he having resided on the same farm from 1865 until his death. Mr. Heimbarger was twice married. He was first married in 1849 to Mary Baler, who was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, by whom he had three children - Isaac, Lewis and George A., the two latter deceased. Mrs. Heimbarger died in 1869, and January 24, 1861, Mr. Heimbarger married Louisa Lawrence, born in Pickaway County, Ohio, February 26, 1830, and to this union were born six children - Levi (deceased), Mary, Cinde, Aaron and Andrew (twins), and Jacob. Mr Heimbarger, as is also his wife, was a member of the United Brethren church. Mr. Heimbarger died March 25, 1887. My brickwalls are: 1. When did they arrive in America? (note according to George's Cem. records he died 25 Feb 1887 aged 62y 3m 26d so there there is a 4 yr differnce in the birthdate listed above, also his first wife was b. 7 Jan 1824) 2. Where in Germany did they come from? 3. who were George's siblings?
if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.--Robin.
Contact: [email protected]

I've hit a brick wall, with the Hines family. my grandmother's name was Anna Theresa Hines.
b: Nov 21, 1899
p: Unionville, CT
d: Apr 1967
p: Bristol, CT
I found she had two brothers Matthew and Francis.
They were both living in upstate NY. at the time of her passing.
They may have moved back to CT
if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.--Robin.
Contact: [email protected]

I have a John Holland who shows up in the censuses of 1790 and 1800 in Brooksville, Maine. (Remember that Maine was part of Massachussetts at that time). He lived in the "Howard's Point area of Brooksville, and although I don't know his wife's name, I know he had two children, Mical (Michael?) born Dec. 23, 1819, and John born March 28,1822.

The original John (of the 1790 and 1800 censuses) died by drowning on September 22, 1823. I would like to find out who he married, where and when he was born, who his parents were and anything else that would help me through this "brick wall". Many thanks in advance to anyone who can drop a clue.
Contact: [email protected]

Looking for the parents of Jesse G. Lee, born about 1805 in Wilkes Co., NC. m. Elizabeth Jane Holland, born about 1800, in Wilkes Co., NC. They show up in the 1850 census with one son William 4 years old. I have hit the proverbial brick wall with Jesse and Elizabeth. If you have any information, please help. Thank You,
Contact: Patricia Whitlow

Looking for birth or immigration info for Robert William Holt. Born c1792 in England, probably Warwickshire, possibly Birmingham (our specific family crest is traced to Aston Juxta Birmingham, it is on a window in Sts. Peter & Paul church). He traveled from England to Boston, Massachusetts between 1815-1830. I could not find him on any ISTG lists. I found a notation in an 1830 Boston Directory which listed him at 255 Ann Street employed as a mariner. He traveled from Boston to Honolulu, Hawaii between 1830-1837 and began a shipping company. It was rumored he moved to Boston to join relatives already there, but none are in the shipping industry at that time.
Contact: [email protected]

I am looking for My Great Grandfather John Hook/Hooke family He was born in 1837 in Mobile Alabama. His father came from Kentucky his Mom Ohio John and his little brother made the trip from Alabama to Illinois in 1846 their parents for what ever reason did not accompany them John later served in the Civil war in the 49th illinois infantry when he signed up he was living in Vandalia after he war he met my Great Grandmother Louisa Negley of Bushnell Illinois. I am looking for johns parents etc.
Contact: [email protected]

I have a stubborn wall with my ggggrandad I know Hollis P. Hudson was born 12 Nov 1813 in SC and that he died Tuscaloosa Co. AL on Apr 15 1902 . He is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cem near the Kellerman/Searles region of Tuscaloosa AL . His first wife's name was said to be Emma/Annie/Anna/Ann no known last name. His 2nd wife was Mary Ann Beck . He may have had a sister named Elizabeth and he lived in Shelby Co AL for a while. He was a probate judge in Tuscaloosa Co. AL. I have been unable to find his parents.
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I am researching the surname JAITE. I have this family back to Krotchin Posen Prussia, in 1857, where my gr gr grandfather Johann Wilhelm married my gr gr grandmother Christiane Stark. One of their children Wilhelm Emil states on his declaration that he arrived in July 1860, I cannot find any information as to where they arrived. This family is not in the book "Germans to America". Johann's name was changed William John. Christiane was shown as a widow in 1880. Most Jaite's lived in Ohio. Can anyone out there help with this family surname? Thank you
Contact: Jeanne Arledge

My brickwall-my grandmother-Carrie Bell Johns born May16,1904,in Anniston,Alabama.She married my grandfather William C.Perry in 1920 prior to that I cannot find her.Her mother was Francis&father Gus {supposedly}She would not speak of her family very much.She had two half sisters Era Davis&Louise Canada{married names}.She also had an Aunt Nancy Waters.This is my Fathers mother & their has always been said their was Indian on her side,but unconfirmed.If there's anyone who knows anything,pleasecontact me.Thank-You.
Contact: Pam Bourrell

Would really love to find out what happened to our Great Grandfather. Loton Wheat Johnson married Kittie Viloa Tanner (Catherine) born August 1868ÖDoes anyone know what became of Loton??? Thanks!
Contact: Robin Hatfield

I am searching for a Moses Jones born c 1821,Cefn Mawr,Denbighshire Wales.This man must be the most elusive character since Genealogy was invented!He is listed in both the 1881 and 1891 Census'.However I can find no record of his birth.If anyone could help me in this matter,I would be eternally grateful.
Contact: William Russell Jones

I have hit a brick wall trying to locate the family of George Washington Jones, born July 17, 1879 in Clearfield County, PA. From discussions with a couple of living family members I believe the following people would be some of his siblings.....Effie Jones, Rosana (Rose) Jones, Daniel Jones, Tom Jones. I have an old photo of George with Effie and Rose (don't know married names). One of these sisters may have lived in Braddock, PA and one of them may have married a Welch. I located a Jones family in the 1880 Census for Sterling Twp, Clearfield Co PA, but have not been able to find them prior to 1880 or after 1880 so I'm not sure this is the correct family. The family believes that George's parents were both Welsh and that they were both born in Wales (or England?). Don't know if there is any truth to this. George married Helen D. Cannon on June 21, 1900, assume in PA somewhere. The family also believes that George's family lived and maybe died in or around Sterling or Ramey, Clearfield, PA. Can anyone help?
Contact: Trish Randolph

Thomas S. Jordan was born on 3 January, 1832 in Macon, Bibb county, GA (according to his obit). Both of his parents were born in GA (according to his later census info).

In 1847, he began apprenticeship as a printer in "the Advertiser" office (this is from his newspaper obit in Ashland, AL - I am assuming that this means the "Advertiser" newspaper in Montgomery, AL, given that, according to that same obit, in 1852 he was foreman of the job office that printed the Code of Alabama - Brittan and DeWolf, State Printers, Montgomery, AL).

I can not find him anywhere on the 1850 census.

On the 10th of October, 1859, at Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama, Thomas married Mary Creel, who was born in Carroll county, GA; she was the daughter of Jordan Creel and Mary (Polly) White, both of Carroll county.

The 1860 Randolph Co., AL, census, Wedowee, Dwelling 17, has:
T.G.W. Jourdan (28, male, printer, born in GA, married within the yr)
Mary Jourdan (22, female, HW, born in GA, married within the yr)
Cinthia Jourdan (38, female, HW, born in SC)

T.G.W. Jordan married Cynthia Smith in Harris County, GA, July 14, 1853. Thomas S. Jordan and Mary Creel married in 1859. Apparently, the man listed in the 1850 Randolph county census is Thomas S., not T.G.W. Where was T.G.W., and what relationship is he to Thomas S.? Cynthia died of some sort of fever shortly after this census was taken, according to the 1860 mortality schedule. The only additional mention of T.G.W. that has been found is on a muster of the Camp of Instruction in Talladega during the Civil War.

Thomas S. was a courier for the C. S. A. between West Point, GA and Talladega, AL during the Civil War. I can not find him on a muster roll, but am told couriers were often not listed on a muster.

On July 21, 1860, Thomas and Mary's first son, Joseph Wiley Jordan, was born. A second son, William Dotson Jordan, was born in 1862, and in 1864, a daughter, Mary.

After the war, Thomas farmed for a while near Opelika, AL, then worked as a printer until starting his own newspaper, The Opelika Reformer.

Little Mary died at age 7, and is buried in Girard, near Opelika.

Thomas and Mary later adopted Mary Dyson/Dison, b. 1876. Apparently they did not legally adopt her, since she kept the surname Dyson until her marriage.

In 1876, Thomas moved from Opelika to Coosa county, AL, where he and his sons published The Coosa News. In 1878, he moved to Ashland, AL, in Clay county, where he began publishing another newspaper.

At 9:15 PM, 6 May, 1894. Thomas S. Jordan died in Ashland, AL. He had been a Baptist, a longtime Mason (he had a Mason's funeral, but no Masonic records can be found), and he was active in politics.

Any assistance in finding anything more about this most frustrating brick wall would be much appreciated!!

Contact: Carol

My grandmother's first husband was William Jordan, alias George Pickard. He spent time in and out of jail in Colorado and various other places, escaping several times. We know he was in the Indiana Reformatory and in later in the Idaho Reformatory in March 24, 1916. At this time he changed his name to George Jordan and later to George Pickard. His charges in Idaho were for forgery and he was in for 1-14 years. He escaped from there on July 9, 1917 and was wanted by the Idaho warden. He "married" my grandmother December 30, 1918 in Riverton, Wyoming. He was married once before. We think her name or nickname was Stella, as he would accidently call my grandmother Stella. My grandmother's name was Bessie Etta Moon, daughter of John D. Moon and Amy Williams. We know he was in the penitentiary in Cheyenne, Wyoming when my grandmother finally left him. We lost track of anything about him after that. My aunt Mildred is his daughter and is now 83 years old and dying of cancer. Her brother Bobby died at 5 years old. She would like to find out something about her father and any of his relatives and we can't track down much about him and nothing about them. Who were they? Were they good people? Are any left? He stole horses, embezzled, robbed, a con man, etc. in Idaho. We suspect he may have been involved with the Pickett Corral Gang in Idaho in Payette County east of the town of Emmett, but that is not proven. He had a brother named Fred Jordan who was also in the Indiana or Idaho Reformatory. If anyone has any information, contact my dad, Jim. He is Mildred's half brother. Contact: Jim

This is all the information I have about Benjamin B. KING. Any assistance in finding parents or siblings for him would be much appreciated, as would any clues about his life prior to 1823.

1802 - born in SC
1810 - migrated to TN when he was a "young child" (family history)
1823 - October 2, m. Newton Co., GA, Elinor/Ellen S. WOOD (d/o John and Elizabeth WOOD)
1824 - couple moved to Forsyth, Monroe county, GA
1824 - daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, born (m. John R. COOK, d: 1883)
1825 - son, Cary Adolphus, born (m. Mary C. GETSINGER, d: 1894)
1827 - son, Thomas W., born (m. Mary A. LUNSFORD)
1829 - daughter, Salome S., born (m. James M. Asbury)
1832 - son, James Hunter, born (m. Nancy Emily PURSLEY)
1835 - son, Benjamin H., born
1838 - son, William Abe, born
1840 - daughter, Ellen Ophelia, born (m. Sampson BOONE)
1842 - son, George B., born
1843 - sons, Benjamin H. and William Abe died - buried in Forsyth cemetery
1844 - son, Henry Clay, born
1845 - son, George B, died, buried Forsyth Cemetery
1845 - son, Charlie, born
1847 - daughter, Mary Emma, born (m. #1 M. M. BREWER, #2 W. T. SPRAGGINS)
1857 - family moved to Americus, Sumter county, GA
1866 - died, buried in KING lot at Oak Grove cemetery in Americus, GA

Contact: Carol

Ephream Lee---He married Kizzah? I have found them on the census book "Whites among Cherokees in Lumpkin Co., Ga. in 1838. There children were Thomas Lee, Didemia, Diadem, Alena, Henry, Kizzah and Ephream Jr. I can't find anything on Epream or Kizzah before this date. According to the census their place of birth differed, VA, KY, NC, SC.
Contact: [email protected]

Florence Mary Linklater Born: About 1881 Saskatchewan, Canada Died: 01/April/ 1958 in Seattle, Wa. Buried: Port Blakley Cemetery, Port Blakely, Wa. Florence was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and at some point moved to Lethbridge Alberta, Canada where she said she grew up. At age 12, she was abducted by the family she was working for as a "Mother's Helper" and move with them to Spokane, Wa., where she lived. She was married at abt. age 19. She moved to Eagle Harbor, Wa. 2 or 3 yrs. after her marriage, where she and her husband Carl Victor Eakin, raised eight children. Florence who is my Grandmother, said her mother was Half Cree Indian. On my search, I was told by the Saskatchewan Library that there are no birth records before 1885. I would appreciate any information or help you can give me.
Contact: Marie Harris

Thomas LLOYD who married Bridget MURPHY. Can anybody help me, that would have been early 1800.
Contact: Lola

My paternal grandpa Peron Lee WHITE was born out of wedlock 1-23-1903 in Lee county, AL. His mother was Sarah (Sara) White, she gave grandpa her maiden name, the only thing he ever knew was his father's name was "somebody McBride". I am trying to track down his birth records in AL. Any ideas on how I can find out who his father was? Thank you, Pam
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I am searching for my great grandmothers's parents and my ggrandmothers sister and two brothers. This is the information that I have:
Mary Evelyn McCoy born 4 July 1911, in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma county, Oklahoma...She died 11 December 1992, in Liberty, Liberty county, Texas

She was the daughter of James Hamner Terry Ferrio McCoy, born about 1868 and died about 1949, and Earnestine Virginia Harrison. Earnestine and James were possibly married in Calhoun county, Arkansas, or Ouachita county, Arkansas before July 1911. James and Earnestine had four children: two girls: Mary Evelyn McCoy and Bertha McCoy and two boys: T.W. McCoy and Fred McCoy.

I dont know in what order that they were born, year,place, anything...... Mary Evelyn McCoy married Jesse Ray Crossno(son of Patrick Core Crossno and Ada McClain). They were married before 9 April 1930, in Calhoun or Ouachita county, Arkansas. They divorced in Feb 1943, in Edenburg Texas. Mary married again but I am not sure as to who he was and then married the third time to: last name is Williams..dont know first name...

1. James Hamner McCoy born about 1868 and died about 1949

Mary E. McCoy and Jesse R. Crossno had three children: 1. Billy Ray Crossno born 9 April 1930 and died March 1984(brain tumor) 2. WathaLee Virginia Crossno born 2 December 1933 and died 3 May 1983(hit and killed by drunk driver)in Little Rock, Pulaski county, Arkansas. (married Gordon Arlice Funk,1945/46, & divorced about1951, married Bill Kuykendall about 1951/52in Pulaski county, Arkasas. 3. Frances Evelyn Crossno born about 1935...married John Spiro Broomas in Feb of 1956 in Pulaski county, Arkansas.

So I need information for James Hamner Terry Ferrio McCoy, Earnestine Virginia Harrison, Fred McCoy, T.W. McCoy, and Bertha McCoy **I dont know why my great great grandfathers name is so to be story there somewhere...

Contact: Deanna Kuykendall

My 2nd great grand-parents:

James Washington McCreary b about 1805 either NC or SC.
Mary Ann (Polly) Vance b about 1812 KY.

They married 12 Feb 1829 in Washington Co., Missouri. They died in St. Francois Co., Missouri---she before 1870 and he after 1883 and before 1896.
We are looking for the parents and siblings of the above couple. We have extensive information on the descendants----we need information on their ancestors.

Any information (or speculation) on this very much appreciated.
Contact: Donna

If you look up the name "Patrick Lynn" in the 1880 US Census for Fall River, MA you will see:
Patrick Lynn
Anna Lynn
3sons: Martin, John J, Thimothy.

This is my Patrick MCGLYNN married to Annie LYNCH. All three boys were born in Manchester, NH. The 1880 census is the only time I see the Lynn misspelling.

In 1892, in the Pawtuxet Valley, RI city directory, there is listed "Annie McGlynn, wid of Patrick."

In between I cannot find Patrick or his sons or Annie.

Beware of a second couple--also Patrick and Annie McGlynn, married in Providence, RI, at St Joseph's church in 1875. This is Patrick McGlynn and Annie MCCARTY.

Not mine. THis Annie McCarty McGlynn died in Prov, RI in 1885. A Patrick McGlynn died in the poorhouse in 1888 as a widower and I think this is the Patrick McGlynn married to Annie McCarty. This couple had children born in RI but my Patrick and Annie McGLynn had three boys born in Manchester, NH all around 1874-1877.

After 1892 (Pawtuxet Valley dir, Annie McGLynn, wid of Patrick) the boys start showing up and the rest of the McGLynn line goes on to live and die and get buried in West Warwick, RI. Everyone except Patrick who disappeared after the 1880 census.

I cannot find any US records showing the existence of the McGlynn boys (birth) or the marriage of Patrick McGLynn and Annie LYNCH. I have checked all civil and parish records--nothing.

All the bodies of this family, including Annie's sister, Mary LYNCH are buried in ST Mary's cemetery, West Warwick, RI and know everytlhing about all of them---EXCEPT Patrick.

What happened to him??
I've tried, I really have.

James Leach
Smithfield, RI

Contact: James Leach

am trying research those Maces, my father's side of the family.I have hit so many dead ends and been e-mailed dead end information.Originally they settled in Maine but some originated in Massachuettes moving to New York and Pennsylvania.I have traced back one relative to 1816 and I believe his mother to 1775.I get totally lost with the James Maces and the Edward Maces as I think they are one and the same person,I have obtained birth certificates and I think my great grandfather was a bigamist.He is on alot of birth certificates but the mother is not my great grandmother.I refuse to spend the hundreds of dollars for,I cannot afford it, so I go to the library ,find information get on a roll and pow---there is that dead end .Alot of historical societies and libraries in New York are very helpful and they do try, but even they get frustrated.My mother's side just about jumps out of the computer at me and do cart wheels to get my attention and point the way...not literally but the information does make itself known.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
Contact: Judy Quaintance

Brickwall Search Name: MACKLIN, John
Born         Cir 1789    Co Tyrone -    in the Ardcarne district - Strabane to Dunnamanagh
Married      Dec 13, 1813 at St John's Anglican Church in Longford, Co Longford, Templemichael parish
Spouse       Mary Murtagh [RC]
Children     3 born in Longford up to 1819 - children were raised Anglican - probably explains the return to Co Tyrone
Moved        back to County Tyrone mid to late 1820's were other children were born including William, Henry and Edgar
Child        William Macklin [my ggf] born 1832 Co Tyrone [later immigrated to Canada via JJ Cooke in 1850 along with 
             brothers Edgar and Henry - unable to locate Passenger record for 1850]
Profession   John Macklin was a linen merchant and hatter by trade - ran a series of men's dry goods stores
Death        Date of death - unknown - estimated to be cir late 1840's to late 1850's
Headstone    Certainly could afford one - would have been in limestone and recorded in the Journal of the 
             Memorials to the Dead
Parish       Unknown
Church       Unknown
Cemetery     Unknown Anglican or possibly a Union cemetery
Death        Spouse 1860
Griffith's   Mary is mentioned a couple of times in the Newry and Banbridge - looks like she continued one of the stores 
             and ran it as a women's clothing store as opposed to a men's store as had been the case for John Macklin
Thank you.   
Eric Macklin

Contact: Eric Macklin

Jinny (Virginia) Moore married to John W. Wright. They lived in Lousia, VA. I believe Jinny may have been born or raised in Fluvanna. They had 2 children, Charles L. Wright b.3/25/1889 and Flossie, b 7/18/1894. Jinny died shortly after Flossie was born and Flossie went to live with her cousin Eugene Moore in Fluvanna Co., VA. Charles was sent to live with a family named Burgess, he was about 9. John W Wright remarried but I do not know if he had more children. I suspect it did. Any information you might have would be appreciated.
Contact: Patricia Whitlow

I have hit a brick wall searching for the parents and family of Margaret "Maggie" Viola Mortimer (Randolph). Her death certificate shows her father as Lemuel Mortimer, born PA, mother's name unknown. Margaret was born in Clarion County, PA on March 13, 1871. She married Harry E. Randolph on April 17, 1895 in Rimersburg, Clarion, PA. My request for a copy of their marriage certificate came back as not on file with Clarion County Courthouse. I am going to request her birth certificate, but don't know if I will have any luck. Can anyone help me locate these ancestors?
Contact: Trish Randolph

I need help finding the obituary of someone I knew back in the 70's. He was and still is very special to me. I believe I have seen him, (or his presence) once after he died. This has been eating at me for years. Can you help me? I can't seem to locate an obituary for him, all I know is, he died in a car wreck. I would like to see his obit., and be able to find out where he is buried, so I can go there.
His name is Preston Mosher. He was 18 yrs. old when he died 7/24/72 in China Maine. Please help. This is very important to me.
Contact: [email protected]

I am looking for Bridget Murphy married to Thomas LLoyd who came out on the "Blanch Moore" boat in 1842, from Tipperary Ireland, with 4 children, can't find the shipping list, or where her Husband was at. Can anybody help? thanks Lola Contact:

I need information on William Riley Nations and Francis Wheeler Nations family in 1870 Habersham County Georgia. A list of the family members would validate that they were my paternal great grandparents since my grandfather, Alexander Terrell Nations was born in 1864 and he was the youngest child of 13 children. Thank you for any information.
[email protected]

John Palmer b abt 1792 SC, VA, NC (have seen all three on census)married Nancy (nee unknown) probably about 1800 give or take 5 years). John is on the 1830 WC census and I believe the 1840 but nothing after that. Only Nancy Palmer and Louisa Palmer, Budley Palmer and Thomas Palmer married to Elisabeth and their children. Budley no info if he was ever married, always listed alone or with Nancy. John may be deceased at this time. Nancy is on the 1850, 1860, census but none after that, so thought that she passed away between 1860 or 1870. No birth/death certificates available even for the children. Washington County Court has no information of death on any of them.
Thought to be children:
Wm Washington Palmer b 08/02/1819 d 09/22/1902 born GA
In Washington County, Alabama census from 1820 until his death.

Wm married Mary Elizabeth Koen and they have 10 children which we have their info.

Siblings of Wm (Thought to be)
Ann Margery Palmer Ann b abt 1810 have her marriage/children info
Thomas Palmer b abt 1808 GA married to Elisabeth (nee) unknown from MS or GA have children info

Budley T or D Palmer seen both ways b abt 1812 GA

Louisa C Palmer b abt 1832 WC Alabama married Solomon Cribbs, Perry County AL 1860

Grimes, Stanley, Smith, Knight, Koen, Caton, Beech, Beach, Phillips, Carpenter, Everett, Atchison, Bozeman, Loper, McIlwain, Davis, Cook, Benefield, Anderson, Moseley and others.

Contact: [email protected]

I am looking for the parents of E/ Elvi Napolean Peltier, who was born 1838 in Canada. He was married to Josephine Fanny April/Avrill, who was born 1846 in Louisiana. They Had 3 Children: Napoline Regina B. 1867, Lovele Alae B. 1868 & Wilfred Joseph B. 1871. After the death of their mother in 1871 the children were adopted by an Uncle, Moses C. Peltier & his wife Margaret, who lived in Nevada and then Fruitland, Washington. I believe (but have no Proof) that Napolean had at least 2 brothers Moses C. Peltier & Isaac Peltier. In a biography of Moses Peltier, from the Washington state library, it stated that Moses' parents were Isaac & Aurelia (Rocheleau) Peltier of St. Roch, Canada. I have seen the "Walz master file" with the listing of descendants of Pierre Pelletier, on this list there is a Isaac & Aurelie (Leperche-Rocheleau) Pelletier but the children listed do not match. I also found a record of Isaac Pelletier b. 1814 of St. Roch, Canada, who's wife is Henriette Aurelie Rocheleau but I can't find any children they might have had, if any. If anyone has any information I'd appreciate the help.

Contact: Marie Harris

Looking for info on Ulysses Grant Perkins me. Rachel Bolton She was born July 1882 in Tenn. Died Jan 28, 1923 in Whitley Co. Ky. Parents were Frank Bolton me.Tilde Meyer. She married Marshall Siler 1898 in Campbell Co., Tenn. Children from that marriage are: Joseph Minton Siler, Elizabeth Siler Sheppard, Nannies Siler. After Marshall's death she married Ulysses Grant Perkins born in Tenn. Children from that marriage are: William Thomas Perkins, born March 25, 1914 in High Cliff Tenn., Carrie or Caroline Perkins born in Tenn., Rosey or Rosanna Perkins born in Tenn. I appreciate any info that you are able to find.. Thank you so much. Cathleen M. (Ogg) Burwick

Contact: Kathy

What a wonderful group to help searchers in this way!! I have been actively searching for my past (genealogy from the 1800's). My brickwall is Wm. Florence Perry and family. He was born in Maryland in 1838 (parents/sibs unknown to me), signed up for Civil War infantry at Camp Moore in 1861 (New Orleans, LA), moved to Columbus, GA post war and worked in Columbus (Muscogee County) as a clerk in a dry goods store, married my gggrandmother in 1870...her name Mattie Elizabeth Bussey (LDS marriage listed as Mittie wrong there), and moved to Longview, TX in 1872 or 73. Some family must have a William Florence Perry listed somewhere...or one would think. If anyone has any info on Maryland families and this name is listed I would love to hear from you or at least where I may obtain this info. Thank you for any help.

Contact: Linda M.

Samuel Pierson aka Pearson was born 14 Feb 1821 in PA according to all his census entries. He died 28 Aug 1888 in Meigs County, OH. He married Sarah A White, 11 Dec 1840 in what is now Jackson County, WV. Sarah came with her family to jackson County from Beaver County, PA shortly after the 1840 census. I believe that Samuel Pierson came with them because their first child, my great grandfather, James Morgan Pierson was born early July 1841, just 6 months after their marriage.

Sarah also died in Meigs County 1897.

They had:
1.James Morgan Pierson, born July 1841, three wives many children
2.William Henry Pierson, born Nov 1843, married once, many children
3.John Jackson Pierson, born between 1844-1849, married once, but fathered children with two women
4.Samuel Pierson, born 5 march 1848, married once
5.Sarah Pierson, 7 April 1852 married once
6.Susan Myra Pierson, 20 jan 1853, married her sister's widower
7.Mary Pierson born ca 1855, died 1857
8.Lucy Frances Pierson, born 26 May 1858
9.Winfield Scott Pierson, born ca 1860, disappeared after 1880
Contact: Merry Anne Pierson

ROBERT CRAFT (b:15 OCT 1814) & LUCY WARNER WORTHAM (b:07 JAN 1821) were marriedon 04 APR 1839, possibly in Georgia. They had eight (8) known children:
1) SEBASTIAN CABOT b:26 DEC 1839 - m: SARAH ELIZABETH CROWDER(b:17 NOV 1845)on 20DEC 1845
2) SARAH FRANCIS b:12 MAY 1841 - m: (a) WALDEN
3) JULIA AMANDA "ANN" b: 05 MAY 1843 in GEORGIA - m: (a) BROWN
4) SAMUEL HOUSTON b:14 DEC 1844 - married to ?

Jesse Mercer & Elizabeth Turner Pullen Davis were my GGrandparents and we have their information almost complete. We need info on the PULLEN Family up to and including PEYTON/PADEN & ELIZABETH PULLEN who may have been Robert Craft Pullen's parents.
Contact: [email protected]

I have hit a major brick wall with my 2nd great grandfather:

Charles H. Rice, born about 1805 in Georgia.

Married Asena/Asenath/Aseneth Leverett 5 Jan 1828 in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Found in the following locations:
1850 Stone Mountain, DeKalb County, Georgia
1860 Randolph County, Georgia
1870 Webster County, Georgia
1880 Stewart County, Georgia

Both were alive in 1880.

The question about the birth location of Charles H. Rice's parents was left blank in the 1880 census. All I know is that he himself was born in Georgia.

Their children:

Nathaniel Garland b 1832 (my gr grandfather)
Benjamin b 1835
Elminia M. b 1839
Charles W. b about 1840
Celia Ann b about 1846
Tabitha b unknown

****My real need is to know the parents and siblings of Charles H. Rice. I am trying to connect him to the Rices of Wilkes County, but can find nothing definite except that he married in Wilkes County. There is a Nathaniel Garland Rice b 1792 (unknown GA) d 1880 in Wilkes Co., GA., who might be Charles H. Rice's brother, but I have no real evidence of the connection ---- except that Charles H. Rice named his own first son Nathaniel Garland.

Note:::: My Charles H. Rice is **not** the Charles H. Rice who lived in Houston County, GA during the same time period.

Any information or speculation would be very much appreciated.

Contact: Donna

My brickwall is who Amanda Jane Rose's father was. Amanda was born in 1867 in Illinois. Amanda's mother was Marguerite Johnson. In the 1880 census Amanda was in the home of her step father Oliver Wood in Hamilton County Texas. They have Amanda listed as a child of Oliver Wood but I have Amanda's marriage certificate that states her name was Amanda Jane Rose. I know that Marguerite married Oliver Wood in 1875 in Milam County Texas.In some census Amanda states that her father was from New York and that is all I know about him. Amanda's mother was born in Mississippi and her father was Jim Johnson. I can't find Amanda's family before the 1880 census.On Amanda's death and marriage certificate does not state who her father was. In the 1910 census Marguerite states she had 9 children and I know only 2 belonged to Oliver Wood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Elaine

My name is Mary Lee Rogness; I was born in Iowa City Iowa. I am looking for information on my father who died when I was 2 years old.

His name is Robert Roy Rogness, the groom in the above picture, born 02/15/1927, died 11/22/1963. He died of a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor , mostly because of his stubbornness and not going to the Doctor , even though he had headaches so bad he ate bottles of aspirin a day. One day he screamed out from the pain and fell from the top of his Semi Truck where he had been cleaning ice off. My mother called the ambulance, this is when they found the tumor.

He married my Mother in 1957 in Iowa City Iowa. I am getting conflicting information as to what his parents names are. He would not talk about his side of the family to my mother. He would get mad and change the subject, every time she brought it up. He would only say he was born in Gold Stone Montana and his mothers name was Rose. I ordered a birth certificate from Montana, and there was not one on file. I also ordered a birth certificate from Michigan and there was not one there either. He applied for his Social Security Card in Rugby North Dakota on May 25,1954.

On his Social Security SS5 application it says:
He was born Big Rapids Michigan
Father: Robert John Rogness
Mother: Alice McKinzie
DOB 02/15/1927

On his and my Mothers marriage certificate it says:
He was born Gold Stone Montana
Father: Gulleck Sven Rogness
Mother: Rose Swenson
DOB 02/15/1927

My mother met my father in 1956 , they went to the First Church of the Nazarene. They were married up until he died in 1963. He left my mother with 3 kids , 2,4, and 6 years old, and 8 months pregnant with a fourth. My youngest brother was born 2 weeks after our dad died.

We drew death benefits from that SS# , so I know it is the correct one. We lived at 1205 S. Riverside Drive, Iowa City Iowa, up until he got to sick to work. Then we moved to 603 1st avenue, Iowa City Iowa. He was there 2 months then had to be put in a nursing home, until he died. He died the same day as Kennedy was assassinated.

In July 1958 he told my Mom that they were going to move, they loaded up the truck and drove to Caldwell Idaho. My mother remembers that he cried on the way there. Taking my oldest brother who was 11 months old , they stayed in a Motel for a week. He left my mother and brother in the motel and was gone everyday for 8-10 hours.

I have been told (by my uncle of course), that he bought and sold guns. he also told me this story:
My Dad and my grandfather were in a bar. After my dad left ,a guy came up to my grandfather and told him "I knew Bob, when he lived in California and had 4 kids.

My uncle also used to ride with my dad in the moving van (TransAmerican Van Service), my dad was always looking for a place that had Western Union services. Also , when my father was in the hospital with the brain tumor that killed him, some lady called our house looking for him, several times.

I do not know any of his family. If he has brothers or sisters. Where he went to school. My father used to write to the Government allot. My uncle was at our house one day when he got a reply from the White house. To a letter he had written, saying "So and So" was worse than Hoffa". My uncle could not remember the So and so's name.
Contact: Mary Stickney

I am trying to search my great grandparents. My grandfather's name was Isaac Jesse Sapp b. 1899 Irwin County, GA - d. 1968 Lake County, Fla. His mother's name was Sophronia Bussell Sapp b. 1864 GA ( I think either Irwin or Dooly county). According to Isaac's death certificate, his father's name was Jesse Sapp, however, according to my great grandmother's (his mother - Sophronia) death certificate ( she died 1929 Lake County, Fla.) her husband's name was Sam or Sam'l Sapp. I have searched all over the internet for a marriage record for Sophronia and have found nothing. My grandfather either never knew his father or would never speak of him. Family history is that Sophronia's husband abandoned the family early on. She was listed as a widow in the 1900 Irwin County GA census. Sophronia's parent's were listed as William Bussell and Nancy Lewis on her death certificate. I have found her in the 1870 census with a William and Nancy Bussell at 7 years of age, however, the parents were listed with ages 68 and 40 ( they didn't say if they were the "parents" on the census). Again, family folk lore says that Sophronia was actually full blood Creek Indinan and was reared by the Bussells. I am determined to solve these family mysteries because all living relatives ( children of Isaac and descendents) want to know what their ancestry is. Anyone that can give me any hints, ideas, or information on this family would be welcome. Thank you! -Tonya Sapp Equevilley
Contact: [email protected]

Searching for information on William R. Sapp, no birthdate or birthplace. Married 13 May 1887 in Pulaski Co., GA to Everlina Elmira (Ebbie) Pritchett. Died in same county in 1895. Children: James Washington Sapp, Robert Phillip Sapp, Nettie L. Sapp. Everlinaís maiden name was Pritchett. She was married 4 times: Willis G. Allen, Andy C. Perdue, William R. Sapp, John F. Akin (the Black Widow? Scary!) We are trying to find William R. Sappís parentage so that we can continue our lineage research. Thank You!
Contact: Douglas & Patty Jager

I am searching for Lilly SHERMAN and Edgar SHERMAN. Lill would be born in the middle to late 1800s. Edgar and Lill had a daughter named Bessie (my grandmother) and Celia. They lived in Chanengo Co. NY state.

I also would like to know about Bessie LOUDON,HATTON, SHERMAN. I know she married William Hatton in 1905 and since that time I have seen her name as SHERMAN and as LOUDON.
Contact: [email protected]

Cliff Singleton, b. Waverly, Humphreys co,Tenn about 1879. Last known location is in Mississippi co in the mid to late 1940's. ( nothing more on grandpa!)
Eva Whitlock Singleton, b. 1894,, Mo d. Oct 31,1936, buried in Oak Grove cem. (cant find grave) Their marriage date/place unknown.
Alma Jean Singleton, b. 1920, Mo. d. murdered prior to 1975, married to Goldie???? , one child born Dec 1939 or early 1940, name/sex unknown. STILL LOST!
Charles Henry Singleton, b. March 3,1923, Sikeston, Mo. d. Feb 22,1982, Hannibal, Mo. (found him)
Edward Lee Singleton, b. May 22,1917 Menton, Mo. d. June 9,1986, Hannibal, MO.(found him)
Violet Elizabeth Singleton, b. 1932 Hayti, Mo. living in Alabama. ( found her, alive!!!)
Elsie Ellen Singleton, b. May 11,1932 Charleston, Mo. d. Sept 28,2001, Hiawatha, Ks. (MY MOTHER)(She lived with me)
Contact: [email protected]


FREEMAN RUSH SMITH, b 25 Oct 1814 in North Carolina and d 5 MAR 1883 in Cherokee Cty TX. Freeman married NANCY ANN PRICE, b 20 Jan 1824; d 22 Apr 1841, on 12 Apr 1838 in Choctaw County Alabama.

Children of FREEMAN and NANCY were
JOHN ALLEN SMITH b 2 Sep 1839 d 1914 (my gg-grandfather)
JAMES W SMITH b 14 Apr 1841.

Nancy died 6 days after James was born.

Freeman then married ELENOR B JARRELL on 23 Apr 1845.

I am descended through JOHN ALLEN, who married SUSAN E CHANDLER b abt 1835. John and Susan were married around 1861.
They had 8 children:

JAMES LEWIS SMITH b 1 Jul 1861 d 12 Aug 1932
THOMAS JEFFERSON SMITH b 27 Apr 1870 d 9 Feb 1956
EDWARD FRANKLIN SMITH b 2 Dec 1876 d 4 May 1974 (My g-grandfather)
MARY ELIZABETH SMITH b 10 Apr 1879 d 7 Apr 1962
MARTHA "MAINT" SMITH b 8 Feb 1888 d 7 Oct 1904

My line is through Edward, my G Grandfather.

Edward married MARY CATHERINE STEADMAN b 20 Aug 1876 d 28 Nov 1919 in Cherokee County TX on 10 Nov 1897

Edward and Marys children were:

JESSE WILBURN SMITH b 10 Nov 1900 d 9 May 1969 (my grandfather)

After Mary died, Edward married ETTER MAE SPIKES

Edward and Etter Maes children were

Contact: Kent Smith


1. Reuben Henry Smith, born Jul 06, 1878. He was the son of 2. Emanuel Smith and 3. Abeline Cox. He married (1) Ida Belle Williams. She was born Jul 13, 1877 in Smith Crossing, Bedford, and died in Daughters home in Bedford. She was the daughter of George M Williams and Mary Jane Hoover.

2. Emanuel Smith, born Nov 1844. He was the son of 4. Charles Smith and 5. Mary A ?. He married 3. Abeline Cox.

3. Abeline Cox, born Nov 1856. She was the daughter of 6. Henry Cox and 7. Elizabeth ?.

4. Charles Smith, born 1802 in PA. He married 5. Mary A ?.

5. Mary A ?, born 1815 in Maryland.

6. Henry Cox, born 1835. He married 7. Elizabeth ?.

7. Elizabeth ?, born 1836.

Contact: Sherry Cormier

Our brick wall is Joseph Anderson Taylor. He was born around 1826. We do not know where. He showed up for the first time in the Grayson Co., Virginia 1850 census. He was in the home of Nancy Vaughan Bourn(e) as a laborer. He later married her daughter, Mary B. Bourn(e). Mary was also called Polly. We donít think they were married at the time of the census as Mary is listed still as a Bourn(e). We canít find any thing on Joseph before the census. We have looked for the marriage bond but havenít been able to find one. He does show up in legal records, at the transferring of a piece of land, as the husband of Mary. There are other Taylorís in the same area of Grayson. We believe he is kin to them but canít find the link. He died around 1864 during the Civil War but not of war related causes. I have his Civil War records but they were not helpful. We donít know where Joseph or Mary was buried. Her parents had a grave yard on their land and we assume that they were buried there in unmarked graves. There are field stones on some graves in that cemetery. We would like to have ANY information, no matter how small or unimportant, that any one may have on them.
Contact: [email protected]

Michael TOBIN
Born in Ireland or possibly in NY city area in US . Only certain fact is he had a son James Buchanan Tobin born ca 1862. Don't know the names/location of parents or siblings.
Contact: Frank Tomeo

Collins Turner b. 16 Oct 1811 d. 23 Mar 1900 Northport AL married Mary Ann Snyder b. 28 Aug 1820
Collins & Mary Ann had the following known kids:
John W. b. 1838
Mary Ann b. 1839
Barbara/Barba b. 1841
William(Bill)b. 1844
Sarah Roan b.1855
Cherokee(Cherry)Jamison b. 1859
Collins had a brother Kellis/Killis Turner b. ca 1805 wife Elizabeth. Collins & Kellis were born in SC. Haven't been able to find their parents.
Contact: [email protected]

I am searching for the Levi Valentine family that lived in N W Missouri. I was wondering if you know of a Levi Valentine who married Emily Jane Walker. I do know they had one daughter,Lennie May Valentine b. 1877 who married William Thomas Ruch.April 23, 1911, Gentry co, Missouri. They had my grandmother, May V(valentine) Ruch. This family name may have originally been Vanentine. Thanks for your time and consideration
Contact: [email protected]

Johanna/Hanna Vogel a widow, approx. 34 yrs old, born in Germany came to the USA in 1838. For whatever reason she traveled from England to Boston. Her final destination was the Hamilton Cty. OH/Dearborn/Ripley Cty Indiana area. Traveling with her were her children, 5-14 yrs old as follow: John the oldest and sisters ---Hannah "Anne" , Maria, Catharine, Carrie and Margaret.

Catharine was born Aug 11, 1832 and married my ggf Jacob Rademacher/Rodmaker at Hamilton Cty Ohio in the year of 1852. In 1856 they moved to Dearborn Cty. Indiana and bought farms and spent the rest of their life there.

I have never been able to find a passenger list of the trip to the USA or record of Catharine's Vogel family. Any ideas or info? Thank you !
Contact: [email protected]

My maternal grandmother Catherine Walsh was born in Bond St Collingwood,Victoria,Australia on the 19th Aug 1881 to David and Bridget(nee Maloney)Walsh.She had 2 brothers Thomas and Patrick how do I find out more information about them? I know their wifes names but how do I track down their families. Can anyone give me some clues???
Contact: Liz

William L. Webb born about 1847 MO. died sometime before Sept.17,1904 in Hannibal,MO. May be buried in Hope Cemetery in Hannibal. Need death date and birth parents. 15 June 1871 William L. Webb married Harriet(Elizabeth,Lizzie)Flick. After being a widow of WILLIAM L. WEBB she married Howard Lee McQueen. Some one out there has to be connected to William.
Contact: [email protected]

I have found alot on my other family lines but have hit a brickwall on my grandmother. The most i know is her name Isabe (Barbara) Welter. She was born in Oregon around 1887 married 1 Clyde Heflin (my grandfather) and 2 ? Cooksey. she died in Kentucky but not sure of the year probably around 1930 because my dad was a teenager at the time. The 1920 Ky census lists a brother living with them as Nicholas Welter he was born about 1892 in Oregon and died July 7 1942. She had a brother named Frank also whom i met when i was a child. i found him in Oregon b Dec 30 1896 died June 7 1967 in Oregon he was married to Ellen (Olive)? b Sept 16 1923 d Oct 23 1997 in Oregon. My grandmother's 2nd husband was a Cooksey. he may be related to the Cooksey family store in Grayson Ky so if any one has info on that i would appreciate it. thanks for any help i get.
Contact: Barb

Actually this is a double brickwall, both of my grandpas were born out of wedlock, my maternal grandpa was Ernest Herman WENZEL born 11-22-1883 somewhere in MO. His mother was Harriet (Hattie) McKee, she gave grandpa his father's surname. I can locate no birth records for grandpa in MO. Any ideas on how to find grandpa's father? Thank you, Pam
Contact: Pam

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