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The Genealogy Chat Friends Group has its home at Yahoo and was founded in Feb. of 1999 by jrfrost50. Feel free to visit the group and read the message board posts. If you wish to join(membership is free) the group, you will need to log on with your yahoo id. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you will need to register so that you can join. When you join the group you will be able to access the Group Chat room by clicking on the word chat in the left menu from the Group's Main Page and will be able to use other features such as the group calender, and photo albums. Membership also allows you to post responses to message board queries.

  • Brickwall Page--This page was made so that members who have hit a snag in their research may post their information on their "Brickwall" ancestor. Please read and see if you can help them out.
  • Classes--Check to see if were are having classes or to view transcripts from past lessons. Also check out the education committee's page.
  • Group Links-- A webpage courtesy of Aunt_Jay containing the links that were submitted by our members to the Group's Bookmarks section and then some..
  • GENEALOGY-CHAT-FRIEND--Our group mailing list which is hosted by Rootsweb and under the care of its "List Mom", KBIAM.
  • Members' Personal Webpages-- Many of our members have their own personal webpages.
  • Memorial Page--On a more personal note, this is a page in honor of members who have passed on.
  • Site Map--A map of our pages which are onsite. This doesn't include pages that we link to--only pages located here at our Rootsweb Acct. There are many other great pages which are offsite. These can be found by visiting each category in the menu to the left.

We hope you will take some time to get to know us and also let us know if we can help you. Be sure to check out all of our resources.

Thank You.
Genealogy Chat Friends Founders
jrfrost50, ritalace, aitkenms,
KBIAM, Aunt_Jay & Cub_2

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