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American Civil War Research Links

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African American Soldiers

Civil War Memorial to US Colored Troops
United States Colored Troops--Civil War
Preserving the Legacy of the US Colored Troops
Tracing Your African American Civil War Ancestor
TN Colored Pension Applications for CSA Service

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Associations & Societies

Confederate Memorial Association
Civil War Reenactors
Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States
Daughters of Union Veterens
National Society of Daughters of the Union
Sons of Confederate Veterens Homepage
Sons of Union Veterens Homepage
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Civil War Roundtables

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Battles & Rosters

Chronological Llst of Battles
Battle Summaries By State
Civil War Rosters Arranged by State
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
Union Civil War Regimental Histories Index
Confederate Civil War Regimental Histories Index

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Cemeteries & Prisons

Andersonville Prison
Elmira Prison Camp Online Library
Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery
Fredericksburg Union Cemetery
The Confederate Cemetery List
National Military Park Service--Gettysburg
USCWC Cemetery Listings

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How-To & Reference

Finding You Civil War Ancestor
Researching Your Civil War Ancestors
Regulations for the Army of the United States 1861
Rutgers University Libraries Research & Ref. Gateway--Civil War
Vocabulary of a Civil War Soldier
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
National Archives Civil War Resources
Civil War Resources at Virginia Military Institute
Verse & Tunes of the Civil War
Civil War Music

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Key Links

Military History Civil War 1861-1865
The Civil War Home Page
The Civil War
USIGS Research Library--Civil War
War of the Rebellion
The Civil War Archives
Civil War Interactive
The American Civil War
American Civil War Homepage
US Civil War Center
Museum & White House of the Confederacy
American Civil Hall of Heroes
Virginia Civil War Page

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Maps & Photos

Civil War Battlefield Photos
Military History Civil War Photographs
History of Mapping the Civil War

Historical Maps of the United States
The following maps are listed with other historical maps at the main index(the above url) of The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection which is housed at The University of Texas at Austin. Please be patient. These maps are large and do take some time to load but are well worth the wait.
Civil War, 1861-1865 (645K)
The Civil War Area of Operations (516K)
Battle of Bull Run July 1861 (258K)
Peninsular Campaign May-July 1862 (194K)
Battle of Stones River Dec. 31 1862 (194K)
Vicksburg Campaign March-July 1863 (194K)
Battle of Chancellorsville May 1863 (581K)
Battle of Gettysburg July 1863(258K)
Battles near Chattanooga Sept.-Nov. 1863 (258K)
Wilderness to Petersburg May 1864-April 1865 (194K)
Drive to Atlanta 4 May-2 September 1864 (452K)

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