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Special thank you to Applepie_43 who did the original GCF Acadian Genealogy Research Page

A Bit of Canadian History

Both France and Great Britain based their claims to Canada territory on the landings of explorers: John Cabot on Cape Brereton and that of Jacques Cartier on the Gaspe Coast of Quebec for France. in 1534. The French explorer Samuel de Champlain tried unsuccessfully to establish a settlement in the Bay of Fundy in 1604 and 1605. After a harsh winter and no help from France. There people returned to France. In 1608 he was able to locate a settlement in Quebec. The French government chartered private trading companies to exploit New France for more than half a century. Their settlements were persistently harassed by the English. A post set up by Champlain at Port Royal was destroyed by a Virginia raiding party in 1613. Louis XIV declared New France the combined settlements of Acadia, Bay of Fundy area and Canada in the St. Lawrence Valley-- to be a crown colony in 1663. For a century New France developed under this regime, although in the early stages of the French and Indian Wars much of Acadia was lost to the British. With the total cession of New France to Great Britain in 1763. But in 1774 the former New France was reorganized to what is now called Quebec. Parliment enacted the Quebec Act in hopes of enabling the French character. This is only a brief synopsis and there are many sites that explain this heritage in vast detail and would suggest you utilize the Internet sites below to learn more of our heritage. --by Applepie_43

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