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State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
State Bird: Eastern Goldenfinch

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Iowa History

Iowa was a part of the original Louisiana Purchase territory. Father Marquette and Louis Joliet visited the area of the present state in 1673 stopping at the mouth of the Des Moines River. The first settlement was made in 1785 by Julien Dubeque near the city that now bears his name. He was attracted by the lead deposits nearby.

In 1763, the entire region of Louisiana was ceded to Spain, and returned to France in 1800. In 1803, the United States purchased Louisiana. After the state of Louisiana took this name and entered the Union in 1812. The entire region north of the new state of Louisiana was changed to Missouri.

In 1821, the state of Missouri came to existence, leaving Iowa without a name or a government. In 1834 it became a part of the Michigan Territory and then part of the Wisconsin Territory. Iowa was established as a territory in 1838 and separated from the Wisconsin Territory. At that time, it embraced the greater part of Minnesota and all of the two Dakotas. On December 28, 1846 Iowa was admitted to the union as the twenty ninth State.

During the Civil War Iowa remained loyal to the Union and furnished nearly eighty thousand men to the federal armies.--by Applepie_43

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