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Established in 1150

Brochterbeck-primarily a farming community.  In 2000 it has about 2400 inhabitants and is located to the south-west of Tecklenburg on the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest.  It has often won ' the most beautiful village competition.  The castles of the Lords of Brochterbeck was located near where the Protestant church currently stands.  Due to inheritance disputes Brochterbeck was seperated from Tecklenburg in 1515 and given to Count Nikolaus IV - the founder of the province of Lingen. By 1702 it had come under the rule of both Holland and Spain.  It then became part of Brandenburg via the Orange Inheritance.  Finally 5 years later in 1707 it was rejoined as part of the Tecklenburg area.

This website is to help people researching their family lines which can be traced back to this village.

            Last updated: April 12, 2001

Brochterbeck GEDCOM data - Over the last year I have downloaded all of the records stored in the IGI from Brochterbeck.  I have since spent a considerable time merging the records into families.  With the help of Jeff Alexander we augmented this file with records which were found in either the Evangelican or Catholic files for the village, as well as updating the IGI raw data with full names and birth dates as noted on specific lines of interest to both of us.

Please note, it was not always possible to note the multiple marriages of an individual so individuals could be listed twice within this file. As more data is found, this file will be continually refined.Be aware - there were many variations of the same surname - even for the same individual.  Surnames which started with 'C' were often seen also under 'K'.  Likewise for 'Gr' and 'Kr'.  If you have Brochterbeck data you would like to submit, please forward to Ginny Chung

Brochterbeck, Evangelican.:
        C981221 1736-1805 .   C981222 1806-1875    C981223 1815-1874
        M981221 1736-1806    M981222 1806-1885    M981223 1815-1874
Brochterbeck, Catholic
       C981201 1702-1840        C981202  1841-1875
       M981201 1702-1840       M981202 1841-1875
Westfalia Misc Records   Miscellaneous other records extracted from Westfalia (Ibbenburen, Versmold) - focus'd on specific surnames
Local area websites DEU-LADBERGEN. A mailing list for anyone conducting genealogical research centered in the town of Ladbergen, Kreis Steinfurt, Westphalia, Germany.  Members also have numerous connections to neighboring towns, in particular Lengerich, Lienen, Brockterbeck, Saerbeck and Greven. To subscribe send "subscribe" to [email protected] (mail mode) or [email protected] (digest mode).
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Various Maps

Timeline of Brochterbeck history - summarized from 850 year Jubiliee book pages 428-431 by Von Gisela Schwender and Hubert Heemann
Tax lists shows some of the various derivatives of the surname over the years
Legend tree in Brochterbeck  found in the center of the village

German white pages - looking for someone living in Germany with your ancestor's last name?
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Dictionary of terms  - In doing research - we continually came across terms which were unfamiliar.  I would often go out to various newsgroups to understand what these terms meant.

Dierksmeier family pictures from Brochterbeck
Summary of Family trip back to Brochterbeck - August 2000

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