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Bintliff, Barbara


Boehmer, Karen (Cruse)

Brearley, Robert Jay


Brooks, Larry & Martha


Brooks, Michael


Brooks, Stacy


Callahan, Michael & Jeanne


Callahan, Patrick


Cherry, Bob & Bonnie (Becky, Laura, David)


Cleary, Timothy & Heather (Tyler)

[email protected]

Cruse, Gary & Charlene

[email protected]


Cruse, Ryan G.


Cruse, Christopher M.


Cruse, Jay & Doris


Cruse, Lowell


Cruse, Lowell Jr. & Susan (Katherine)


Cruse, Wayne & D'Elva (Loretta)


Emmet, Wes & Sachiko (Sho)


Granderson, Randy & Janet (Lindsey, Corey)


Houston, Thomas & Shannon (Connor)


Ikerman, Jim & Carol


Lovett, Rick & Diane


Lovett, David


Rand, Floyd & Lorene


Tarkington, Doyce & Lana (Marcus, Gaylon, Scarlett)


Whiddon, Don & Kelly (Katie)

[email protected]

Wood, Samuel & Kristen (Colin, Alex)

*  I won't put anyone's phone number in here unless the listed persons contact me to do so.

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Current Projects

Main Web Page

Working on creating the main Gary & Charlene Cruse Home Page

Creating Home Page connections

Cruse Family, Kelly Family, Houston Family, Cleary Family web pages


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Biographical Information

Zemeriah P. Crews and Susan Jones (to be added)

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Last Revised: 2/17/2002