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Recent Photos

This year we spent a week (Dec 21-Dec 28) in western Maryland at DEEP CREEK.
We had (at one time or another) all our children (Shannon, Heather, Ryan, and Chris)
visiting.  We had a great Christmas.  Nearby was WISP ski resort that opened the day
after we arrived.  There was also hiking at the Swallow Falls State Park.

 Grandma give little Logan (his first Christmas) a smooch!

Connor visits Santa Claus, but doesn't think much of the Raindeer hat!

Christmas morning, opening presents and stockings!

Logan and Mom!

Tyler at Swallow Falls State Park.

Kelly feeds her new doll that Santa brought her!

Connor rides the new "front loader" he got from Santa (and hard hat)!

Uncle Chris and Tyler find an icescicle factory!

Logan Patrick Cleary -- I'm going to crawl anyday now!

Two cool dudes (Dad and Chris)--Deep Creek at Swallow Falls

Shannon and little Miss Kelly Houston

Pat Rayburn and daughter Jana on her graduation day!
February 8, 2002
Now Pat can get her tickets fixed!!

Grandma Kelly and Officer 818 (that would be Jana)

Jana let's her beau (Jason) know who's boss!!

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