The Peralta Stone Maps

The basic history of the Peralta Stone Maps has typically been drawn from a book written by Travis Marlowe entitled "Superstition Treasures". Travis Marlowe was a ficticious name used by Clarence O. Mitchell who had formed a corporation called MOEL that sold stock to finance the search for minerals and lost treasure.

Funds from MOEL were used to purchase the Peralta Stone Maps in about 1962 from the widow of Travis Tumlinson of Hood River, Oregon. According to Mitchell, Tumlinson had found the stones in 1949 buried near Queen Creek at the foot of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona Travis Tumlinson had died in 1961.

Bernice and Jack McGee became aquainted with Clarence and Grace Mitchell in early 1965 and they corresponded until 1972. That correspondence is included in the Bernice McGee Collection. Bernice was also in contact with several other treasure hunters during this period and many of those letters also provide background on the maps.

Also included here are the files of the Securities and Exchange Commission trial versus Moel Inc., Moel corporation annual filings, and other related material.

Literaly hundreds of people have used the stone maps to search for the buried treasures of the Peraltas. Although many have tried to decipher the maps, few have bothered with the provenance and history aspect. It is hoped that someone can mine these documents to reach a better understanding of that history. Although there are a lot of "experts", I believe that some of what they have offered as fact are simply tales that have been repeated until they have become fact in some people's mind. I have seen almost no documentation.

Some of the information included here may appear marginal but each scrap helps paint a picture of the activities and timeline surrounding the maps.

I have not attempted to post any information regarding the history of the maps before Clarence Mitchell. The time period that Travis Tumlinson held the maps will be addressed in the future.

The Bernice McGee Collection

The Bernice McGee Collection is a series of letters that read like a whose who of dutch hunters, many of whom had an interest in the Peralta Stone Maps.

The Travis Tumlinson Story

Travis Tumlinson was the individual who allegedly found the Peralta Stone Maps. Recent stories and artifacts suggest that Travis may have carved the stones himself. We will try to develope references that document Travis Tumlinson's timeline and involvement with the Peralta Stone Maps.

Printing Comparisons

In February of 2011, we photographed a sandtone carving that Travis had created. It was not associated with the Peralta Stone Maps but did have uppercase printing that we felt might be used to compare with the upper case printing on the Peralta Horse/Witch Stone. It was hoped that it might lend weight, one way or the other, as to whether Travis also carved the Horse/Witch Stone.

MOEL Corporation (1960-1968)

There has been a lot of misunderstanding regarding the facts surrounding MOEL's history, their connection to the Peralta Stone Maps, the charges brought against MOEL by the SEC in 1964, and even who owns the stone maps. These documents will provide a foundation for a better understanding of the activities of MOEL and their officers.

MOEL Corporation Filings

In December, 2006, we obtained this information by mail from the Neveda Secretary of State's Office in Carson City, Moel Inc., December 6, 1960, entry Number C1556-1960. Document Number 00001092401-97.

MOEL Corporation Litigation Proceedings (1964)

In February 2007, my wife Carol and I visited the National Archives and Records Administration Pacific Region (Laguna Niguel). We obtained copies of the MOEL Case files. (Record Group 21, Phoenix Division, Civil Case Files - 1965, Folder Title 5287, Box Number 642)

SEC Investigation Documents of MOEL Corporation (1964)

MOEL and the Stone Maps (1965-1971)

After the Moel trial and new set of officers was elected and they had possession of the Stone Maps until Moel was disolved and the stone maps ended up with the Flagg Foundation.

The Richard Peck Story (1964-1968)

Richard Peck read the article on the Peralta Stone maps that appeared in Life Magazine in June of 1964. He became interested and quickly became involved with Moel. These documents tell the story of his imvolvement.

"Superstition Treasures" (1965)

Clarence Mitchell wrote "Superstition Treasures" and it was published in late 1964 or early 1965. Clarence authored the book using the pseudonym of Travis Marlowe, the same name he had used in the Life magazine article that was published in June of 1964. The book followed shortly after the SEC Litigation against MOEL Inc.

The Bob Corbin Story - 1966-1969

Bob Corbin passed a story aong to Jim Hatt in the 1990's that he talked with an FBI agent regarding the Peralta Stone Maps.

Arizona Highways 2005

The stone maps were analyzed by three researchers from Desert Archaeology Inc. and their conclusions suggest the maps are forgeries.

Arizona Mineral Museum and Foundation - February 2007

We visited the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum to research the trail of the ownership of the Stone Maps and try and sort out wome of the various stories.