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God Bless America!

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It has been well over a year since I have been able to update anything on this site. Keep checking back often, as many changes are coming. Thanks!! 08/06/2005

WARNING: Do not assume any of the information on these pages to be absolute fact unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true or you have researched it for yourself.


I have tried to make this site as easy as possible to navigate. The best way to find who you are looking for is to go to my ancestral table and click on the surname that interest you. With very few exceptions, only those surnames to which I directly relate are listed on my ancestral table. If you do not see the name you are looking for click on the surnames link to the left. I have 9,472 names listed on World Connect but over 225,000 in my personal file. I welcome e-mails but prefer that you sign the guestbook so everyone can see your post.

My Family

This page is dedicated to all of my ancestors. A special effort is in learning more about my DRUMMOND heritage but I actively research all branches of my family tree. If you have family from the any of the locations mentioned within these pages, or see a name that looks familiar please sign the guestbook and let me know. I have much more information that is yet to be put on the site and I'd be happy to help you in your journey. Bookmark this site and check back often, as I will update it regularly.

I come from...

God Bless the USA!     An American Family     One nation, under God

Most of my American roots are in Orangeburg, South Carolina, NW Georgia (Polk, Floyd, Chattooga, Bartow (formerly Cass County), Fulton and possibly the surrounding counties) and Florida. They migrated from North Carolina, Virginia, England, Ireland and Switzerland among other places. My closest direct lines are DRUMMOND, BOLIN, HARRISON, LANIER, JOYNER, ROBERTS, HORNE and JORDAN. To my knowledge at this point in my journey, all of the direct lines from which I descend have been in the United States for at least 200 years. A couple of lines that I know of were even here over 300 years ago. Many of my ancestors fought in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War in the CSA, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII and the Korean Conflict. They served in the Army, Navy and Marines. Semper Fi, granddaddy.

Schweiz     A Swiss-German Heritage     Deutschland

The oldest line I have thus far is the SÄLI one. The modern American spelling of the surname is Salley or Zaley. My Säli family has been traced back to Switzerland to the 1620's. Also in that line are BIERDERMANs, SUTERs, YONNs and THOMANNs. My 8th great-grandmother Maria von Arx married into the Säli family. I have just learned that her parents were Martin von Arx and Maria Wurtz. I believe that they were from the City of Speyer in Palatinate of Germany.

England     England     England

Although my gggggg-grandfather, Edward BOLIN, Sr., came to America from Cork County, Ireland around 1767, he was most likely an Englishman. My COOPER, GLEATON and PHILLIPS lines also began in England, in the 1720's, 1740's and 1760's, respectively. My sixth great-grandfather Joseph Isaac Gleaton, Sr. served in the British Royal Navy.

The Scottish flag is the cross of St. Andrew, also known as the Saltire. It is said to be one of the oldest national flags of any country, dating back at least to the 12th century. 
Tradition suggests that St. Andrew, an apostle of Jesus, was put to death by the Romans in Greece by being pinned to a cross of this shape.     Scottish-Irish Heritage     Northern Ireland

I have traced my DRUMMOND roots to the early 1790's. My gggggg-grandfather, Daniel Drummond, as well as his first son and my ggggg-grandfather, Henry, were born in Antrim County, Ireland. But like most DRUMMONDs, I believe that mine originated in Scotland. Daniel's parents were possibly my first Drummond connection to Scotland. God willing, I will find them there someday.

Land of the free     Scottish Royal Flag     The flag of the United Kingdom - known as the Union Flag or Union Jack - is made up from the flags of Scotland (the Cross of Saint Andrew), England (the Cross of Saint George) and Ireland (the Cross of Saint Patrick).      Ireland     Wales

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