Working With Rootsweb FreePages Accounts EBook

The EBook is in the process of being revised to reflect all of the changes with RootsWeb accounts.

This Free EBook, Working With Rootsweb FreePages Accounts  brings together some of the tutorials from this site and our sister site Genealogy Web Creations. The tutorials take you through understanding your freepages account setup and working on your freepages website. The EBook consists of 23 pages including the Introduction and Table of Contents with screenshots. The book is in pdf format so you will need the free Adobe Reader to view and/or print it.

Contents of the EBook include:

Working With RootsWeb Freepages Accounts and Websites.

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with RootsWeb FreePages
    • Request Your Account
    • Username and Password
    • Getting Started On Your Site
      • Planning and Organizing your Site
      • HTML
      • FTP
      • Naming Your Pages
    • Summary and Resources
  • Understanding YOUR FreePages Account Structure
    • Setting up Your site on YOUR Computer
    • Publishing Your Sites
  • Using FileZilla
    • Configuring Site Manager
    • Publishing Using FileZilla
    • Additional Resources
  • RootsWeb FreePages Banners and XHTML Doctype

Your feedback on the EBook would be most welcome. Also, please feel free to let me know what further tutorials you might like to see as part of the EBook and any errors or omissions you might find. Please use the Contact Form or send an email to my email located on the footer of this page.

Pat Geary.