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Peter Smith 

  According to Samuel Stelle Smith (NYBG Record, Vol. 85, 1954) Peter Smith, son of Peter and Mary (Denton) Smith of Hempstead was born 23 Jul 1687, as was recorded in a Denton family Bible.  He was probably born in Hempstead.

 In the 1698 census of Hempstead, he was enumerated with the family of Thomas Ellison (see explanation in material for Peter Smith of Hempstead). 

 No marriage record has been found for Peter, but there is no reason to believe his wife was not Hester Michell or Esther Mitchell as the author stated.  Their year of marriage in 1709 is an estimation based on the birth of their first known child in 1710. 

 Esther was also from Hempstead, and her family was enumerated in the census as “John Michell, mary Michel, May Michell, Robrd Michell, John Michell, hester michell”.  Since the census appears to list head of household first, spouse where applicable, and children in descending order of birth, Hester was the youngest child but there are no records indicating when she was born. 

 On 5 Feb 1710, Peter registered his earmark in Hempstead.  At a General Town Meeting there on 9 Aug 1726, the freeholders passed a rule for that year disallowing the penning of sheep “that Runs upon the Plains”.  Nine men including Peter were voted full power to sue on behalf of the freeholders, any persons not abiding by the ruling.   At a General Town Meeting on 18 Oct 1732, the freeholders passed a rule forbidding any person from penning sheep or cattle within the bounds of Hempstead, and at the same time, they voted that no horses or mares should be allowed to run at liberty on Hempstead Plains.  At this time, Peter protested against the vote about the sheep.

 On 27 Jun 1735, a petition was drawn up for the charter for St. George’s Church in Hempstead.  Among those signing were Peter Smith and his son Peter Smith, Jr. 

 On 8 May 1736, Peter and his wife Esther of Hempstead, sold to their son Peter Smith, Jr., forty-four acres of land in Hempstead bounded on the north by Jacamiah Mitchell, on the east by John Smith Rock by “ye Road which leads from Westbury to Jamaica”, and west by the Great Plains.  Also included were two hallows of land on the Great Plains about a mile and a half south of the forty-four acres.  On 16 May 1738, Peter and Esther again sold to their son Peter Smith, Jr., about 150 acres lying partly in Hempstead Township and partly in Flushing Township.   

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 Peter donated ten shillings toward rebuilding the rectory of St. George’s Church on 13 Mar 1743, the last time he was mentioned in Hempstead records.  The dates of death for Peter and Esther (Mitchell) Smith are not yet known. 

 Their only known children were Peter Smith, Jr., born in 1710, and Hezekiah Smith born 3 Jun 1714, both of whom migrated to New Jersey. 

 Sources:  NYGB Record, Vol. 85, 1954; The Annals of Hempstead, 1643 to 1832, Henry Onderdonk, Jr., 1878; LI Source Records from the NYGB Record, compiled by Henry B. Hoff, Gen. Publishing Co., 1987; Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island, NY, Vol. III, ed. Benjamin Hicks, Long Island Farmer Print (1898).  

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