War of 1812


48th Regiment of the 12th Brigade

Hart, Robert - Quarter-master
Jones, John - Lieutenant-Colonel
Keene, Henry - Paymaster
Keene, Samuel - Major
Pattison, Thomas J. - Major
Sullivan, James B. - Surgeon

Brohawn, John - Captain
Travers, John - Lieutenant
Pattison, Henry - Ensign
Harrington, Peter - Ensign
Cator, Joseph - Sergeant
Keene, Benjamin - Sergeant
Richardson, Tristram - Sergeant
Travers, Samuel - Sergeant
Woolford, Levin - Sergeant
Aaron, John - Corporal
Carmine, Samuel - Corporal
Cryer, Jacob - Corporal
Timmons, Moses - Fifer
Trigoe, John - Drummer

Abbott, Edward
Abbott, George
Arnold, Thomas
Askridge, William
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, William
Brooks, Joseph
Buckler, William
Busick, Thomas
Callie, Daniel
Carmine, Thomas
Cator, Abel
Claridge, Edward
Cook, Hudson
Creighton, Varnall
Edmonson, Samuel
Fitchew, Ezekiel
Fuller, Richard
Fuller, Thomas
Geoghegan, Moses
Geoghegan, Phillsman
Geoghegan, William
Gore, Edward
Griffin, Caleb
Griffin, Levin
Harris, Levin
Harris, William
Hooper, John
Hooper, William
Hubbard, William
Jackson, Isaac
Jones, Acquila
Keene, Henry
Keene, John
Keene, Levin
Kelley, William
Kilman, Martin
Linthicum, Francis
McCotton, Charles
Marshall, Levin
Matthews, William
Moore, Levin
Munn, Eli
North, Hicks
North, Richard
North, William
Owens, Edward
Owens, John
Pagan, William
Powers, William
Reddish, Holton
Roberts, Hugh
Robson, William
Ross, William
Simmons, Edward
Simmons, John
Spicer, John
Spicer, Jeremiah
Standfield, John
Tall, Elijah
Thompson, Absalom
Thompson, William
Tolley, John
Travers, Henry K./H.
Travers, Jeremiah
Tregoes, Levin
Tubman, Richards
Vickers, William
Vinton, Perry
Voss, Ebenezer
Wheeler, Charles
Wheeler, Nehemiah
White, William
Willey, John
Willey, William
Williams, Charles
Willow, Thomas
Woodland, Matthias
Woolen, Zachariah

Please let me know of any changes or additions.  I have made every attempt to make the above information accurate.    Please use this as a reference to do further research.   The above information was found at the Dorchester County Library and Enoch Pratt Library in Maryland.  
Dorchester County page 67 and 71 and Dorchester County Appendix page 207.

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