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      ....One of the early surname connected to the Belcher line here in America is Bartlett. William Thomas Belcher married Tabitha Bartlett in 1636, in Isle of Wright County, Virginia. At this time, We believe that Tabitha to be the daughter of Richard, or William, . These seem to be the best possible candidates.
      Several Bartletts are listed in Northamptonshire England where William Thomas migrated from.

      .....The surname Bartlett originally Bartelot in England. Bartelot dates back to Adam Bartelot, of Stopham, Sussex County in England in 1066. A direct descendant of Adam was John Bartelot married the daughter of the Earl of Stopham, and acquired one-third of the Manor of Stopham. In 1555, William Bartelot purchased the remaining two-thirds of the Manor. With this, the Bartelots became the Lords of Stopham. "A History of the Castles, Mansion, Manors of Western Sussex: by Dudley Elwes." Many of these Bartelots are buried at Stopham Church in Sussex, England and also at St. Mary's Parish at Puddleton, Dorset England. Dorset, Somerset, and Wiltshire are also three counties where the Bartelot's are found.
      .....In spite of the family's relatively short period of existence in England, many records of the Bartelot family records have survived, due to it's eminence as soldiers. Similar families have virtually disappeared from record books without a trace.
      .....Several Bartletts appear in early Plymouth, Massachusetts. Robert came from England on the ship "Ann" in 1623. He met Mary warren on the "Ann" and married her. A Robert Bartlett made his will in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and the will was proven 01 May 1679. Whether this is the same Robert Bartlett is unknown. A Lieutenant William Bartlett was with the Virginia Company in 1619 Virginia. "Virginia Company Records" There is also a Sir William Bartlett listed as the Governor (1655-66) in the " Virginia Colonial Records Project".
      .....Richard Bartlett settled in early Virgina in 1616. We are leaning to Richard as Tabitha Bartlett's father. According to the "General Register of the Society of Colonial Wars 1899-1902" Robert Bartlett served in Captain Myles Standish's Company in 1632.
      .....The Bartlett line is presently being researched. Anyone having documents or information on this Bartlett line is invited to contribute it. Bartlett is a common name on down through generations of Belcher.
      ..... Variations on the name Bartelot are:
      Bartlett, Bartley, Bartle, Barttelott, Bartte and just plain Bart.

      Richard Bartlett land grant in 1643 Virginia

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