Marge Belcher and Gower Champion

    Marge Celeste Belcher

    Ernest Belcher born 1882 London England
    Studied Ballet in London and founded the Celeste School of dance in 1916 in California
    Considered the father of ballet in Southern California.

    Marjorie Celeste Belcher
    born: September 2, 1923 Las Angeles California
    Father Ernest Belcher a ballet teacher.
    1...Art Babbitt 1937-1940 divorced
    2...Gower Champion 1847-1973 born in Geneva Ilinois June 22 1921
    died 1980
    3...Boris Sagal 1977-1981 Marge and Gower Champion were popular dancers in the 1940-50 era.
    Gower done most of the choreographing.
    Ernest belcher was Marge's Father, a ballet teach who got Marge started dancing at a very early age.
    Her first dance partner was Louis Hightower.
    Gregg Champion