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Melissa Mae Huff

At age 15, taken in 1918. This is a studio photo that has been torn and I touched it up with my photo program. It is one of my favorites. I hope someday to have it restored.

Melissa Mae Huff

As a young woman, in front of an old car and a bicycle. I have no idea where or when this photo was taken.

Melissa Mae Huff

Another photo with date unknown. This is a small black and white which has been hand tinted.

Melissa Mae Huff and Friends

This photo is of Melissa and 4 other women which are unidentified. Two of them may be her sisters, Mary and Edna, but I just don't know. It was taken in front of Dr. Marek's office. If you can ID these women please let me know, Melissa is the first on the left. This jpg file is larger in order to maintain quality for identification purposes. 109KB

Huff Women

Mary Susan "Baker" Huff with her three daughters: Edna Cookerly, Melissa Umstot and Mary Whittington.

Huff Children

These are the children of Wesley Leonard Huff and Mary Susan Baker, left to right: Mary, Melissa, Charley, Edna.

Charles Wesley Huff

Charley as a child, posed with a cow. This photo is in very poor condition, date unknown.

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Huff

Wesley Leonard and Mary Susan "Baker" Huff. I suppose this is taken outside their home, but maybe they were visiting someone else. I love the automobile in the background!

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Huff

I like the above photo better because they are both smiling, but for history sake, this photo is much clearer.

Wesley Leonard Huff

The inscription on this photo reads, "L.W. Huff and That's enough Finnegan, 1952." Got me? Maybe he named his walking stick. Documents vary with reversals in his first and middle name. Since his father was also Leonard Wesley, I assume he probably went by Wesley to avoid confusion.

Elijah & Minnie Sions Family

This is the family of Elijah Sions and Minnie "Lyon" Sions: Haven, Stella, Floyd, Fausta, Gilbert, Sidney, Berrel, Lottie, Cread, Calvin, Sampson, Elijah and Minnie.

Read more about the Sions Family.
Samuel Gilmore Umstot

As a young man, studio portrait, date unknown.

Samuel Gilmore Umstot

Location and date unknown, but he is standing in front of a large building or factory. Possibly taken when he worked as an automobile salesman.

Ulyssess Gilmore Umstot

This photo shows 3 generations, Ulyssess Gilmore Umstot, his son Samuel Gilmore and his son, Sammy Jr. I am uncertain who the other man and boy are, but I believe it is Ulysess son, LLoyd and his son Gary.