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BIOLOGICAL-Genealogical primarily indicates biological relationship; BLOOD-BASED KINSHIP, ancestral heredity. Such relationships exist between peoples mention. Establishing the presence is in part found upon showing actual physical/hereditary connections (THE FAMILY TREE) between ancient ancestors and their descendants.

Their are two type of genealogies found in ancient literature. The LINEAR genealogy gives a single (1) line of descent from an ancestor. The SEGMENTED genealogy, of which Genesis 10 is one, describes more than one (1) line of descent from an ancestor. It was used for different purposes including POLITICAL, LEGAL, DOMESTIC AND RELIGIOUS purposes. It emphasized group interrelations over against individual relationships.

About LaTour Research Services

Business Type:   Consulting There is no specific state license needed to operate this business. There may be specific occupational licenses required, depending on the circumstances and type of activity.
LaTour Research Services specializes in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century records and orginal documents of Louisiana and parts of Oklahoma, and specifically St. Landry Parish, Louisiana and Muskogee County, Oklahoma. However, I have extensive experience in several other geographic regions of the world. My personal family genealogy and history research covers: France, England, Scotland, Canada, New France, Quebec, Acadia, Nova Scotia, Louisiana, and finally Oklahoma.


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 Saint Landry Parish Bible Records 



September, 1986
Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.

Lufroy Pierre-Auguste was born in St. Landry Parish about 1830. He was the son of Pierre Pierre-Auguste and Gabriele Tessier, free persons of color. The 1860 census shows that Lufroy worked as a stockherder for Francois P. Pitre, Jr. Lufroy left his farm and joined Captain Daniel Gober's Big Cane rifles, which became Company K, Sixteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment. The first two muster rolls of this company list him as a free man of color-the only such instance found in researching these men. None of the men discussed in this manuscript, except for Lutz and possibly Gabriel Grappe, pretended they were white. The other men in their units undoubtedly knew them as free blacks. The Sixteenth Louisiana fought in the battles of Shiloh, Farmington, and Perrysville. On December 8, 1862, while in camp at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Lufroy received a discharge from Confederate service. The reason given for his dicharge was that he was a "colored man." Apparently superior authorities had finally discovered that he was black and ordered his separation from the army. Lufroy went home, but he did become involved in one other incident before war's end. On May 13, 1865, he surprised two Jayhawkers near Opelousas. These men made up part of a band of outlaws, deserters, and draft dodgers who resisted Confederate authority. The two Jayhawkers fired at him, and he returned fire, hitting one of the men. Lufroy married in 1869, but no further information on his life after the war has come to light so far.

Francois P. Pitre Jr. 33 farmer, $2500 real estate, $9100 personal, wife Azeline C. Pitre 28, Francois 10, Estelle 9, Arthure 7, Azeline 5, Armant 3, Octave 2 months, Diomel S. Durio 16 stock holder, Lufroid P. Auguste 30 stock holder; slaves: male (black) 15 [p. 151/I11]

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