Genealogy   by   Jackie  Genealogies of the Pacholke, Henning, Schmittel and Luke families






Tombstone Photographs
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Pauline    Howard    Jeanette    Betty   Charles   Catherine    Ralph
      AFFELDT Bertha    Bernhard    Fred    Lucy    Edna
      ARNOLD   Thomas     Frances     Mary
      BARLOW   Nathan
      BOHLEY   Gertrude
  BRABANDER   Louis   Louise


  Samuel     Rebecca


  Albert    Charity    Mary 
       CAHOON Tirza   Huldah   Levi   Willie   Wells   Doris   Wilbur   Ella   Roger   Belle   Dyrrell   Sandra   Cora  
     DRABAND  (No stone for Minnie)
           FIELDS Olive
      FRANKLIN     Nathan     Sally
        FROST   James
       GALPIN    Nathan
      GEMPEL    Herman
  GRUNZWEIG   Jonas   David    Christina
    HANNAFORD   Ralph      Ethel
    HAYLOR   Hugh   Ann    Hannah
    HENNING John   Alma


  James        Hannah    Lydia
      IRISH   Almira
      JONES   David   Ruth


Jacob  Sarah  Frederick   Tyra     Margaret
      LUKE   Norman   Amelia  Alba   Minnie
      MAY  Amos  Sylvester  Samuel   Louisa   Lucina   Sayles  Henrietta   Anna  Ann   Carrie
     MERRY   Carl
      MILLER   Joseph   Priscilla
      MOORE   Joseph  Theron  Keziah  Stephen  Clyde   Marion   Lottie   Carl   Mair   Menzies   Raynor   Ethel   Mary   Guy    Ruth
     MORRISON Almira   John
      PACHOLKE   Frederick   Amalia   Ferdinand   Ida   Wilhelmina   Elvera   Herman    Karen    Albert    Anna


Donald     Ruth
      POWERS   Eunice  Joseph   Rebecca   Salmon   Abner    Manly
      SCHMITTEL  John    Elizabeth    Jack
      TAYLOR    Bert     Gladys
      WICK      Carl     Charlotta

Sites Relevant to Cemeteries and This Family


Avon Mounds Cemetery, Lorain Co., OH


Cemeteries of Cumberland County, New Jersey


Cemeteries of Hampden County, Massachusetts


Cemeteries of Sauk County, Wisconsin

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Cemetery Symbolism


City of Cleveland (owned) Cemeteries

                        Evergreen Cemetery, Clinton Co., NY
                                Find A Grave  (photographs)

Funeral Directors in 1997 Cleveland, OH  


Garfield Cem.,  ( Lorain Co., OH)


Hampden County Massachusetts Cemeteries


Lake View Cemetery (Cuyahoga Co., OH )


Lutheran Cemetery ( Cuyahoga Co., OH)

Macomb Co., Michigan Cemeteries




National Obituary Archive


Needham Cemetery (Madison Co., NY)


New Forest Cem. (Oneida Co., NY)

                        New York Cemetery Information Index
                                  New York Cemetery Records

Obituary Central


Old Marcellus Cem. (Onondaga Co., NY)


Old Riverside Cem. (Middlesex Co., CT)


Old South Farms Cemetery  (Middlesex Co., CT)


Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project
St. John's Union Cemetery (Carbon Co., PA)
United States Funeral Home Directory
USA Funeral Homes Online

  Walnut Hill Cemetery  ( Sauk.Co., WI)                                    

Where is George Aldrich Buried?
Wisconsin Tombstone Photograph Pages

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