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Oh God, keep alive in our memories all of those who have gone before us, and those now living, who by their efforts and by their experiences have brought us to this time and place.  Forgive us when we have no regard for the past and act as though everything had its beginning with us.  Help us to remember with gratitude the acts of faith of those who have lived in other days and in other circumstances.  May we learn from them in order that our faith will be as vital, our commitment as sincere, our worship as alive, our fellowship as deep.  May our lives be more than a routine, more than a spending of days and may we have a heritage to pass on to those who come after us.  In Jesus name, Amen.
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Check out the cemeteries button to view locations of the dead and many tombstone photographs. 
The immigrants button will show a listing of those forefathers who immigrated to America, the date they came  and on which ship. 
The location button will take you to various states and their counties.  Here you will find the main forefathers of the the PACHOLKE, HENNING, SCHMITTEL, and LUKE genealogies. 
The military button will show you those who served in the military and during which war they served. 
Check out the photographs of many of the relatives.  I am interested in any that you might be willing to submit.  This page will be growing, as I have many photographs to add.
The surnames buttons will take  you to the link for the complete GED of over 35,000 individuals.  You will also find all surnames related to the PACHOLKE, HENNING, SCHMITTEL, and LUKE genealogies.  They are color coded for easy separation.  You will also find hyperlinks to many sources for the family surnames. 
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