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Pacholke family
Henning family
Schmittel family
Luke family
KOREAN WAR           
                   Air Force    Staff Sgt. Jack A. Schmittel

          20th OH Independent Battery  Pvt. Jacob Bohley

                      Co. K  Unit 96 NY             Pvt. Charles J. Doty
          Co. F. Unit 122 NY Infantry  Pvt.  Amos S. May

                                               Robert McDaniel

WAR of 1812
    Co. 3 , 37th Regiment, NY Militia    Corp.  Theron Moore  1814

  Ammidon' s Co., Tyler's regiment. RI  Sgt. Stephen Aldrich   Jul 28, 1780-Aug 8, 1780

                 PA Militia                      Pvt.  Peter Bricker      
  Capt Andrew Kichline, Commander     Pvt. Philip "Ludwig" Fluck  Aug 10, 1775   Buck Co., PA
  Battle of Bennington and Saratoga NY Militia  Pvt. Nathan Franklin  Aug 1777-1781
                                           Pvt. Joseph Kingsbury
                  NH Militia                            Peter Labaree
      4th Co., 13th Regiment of CT     Capt.  David Leavenworth
            Boston Tea Party            Maj.  Samuel May
 Aaron's Co., Moselye's regiment. MA  Pvt.  Joseph Miller III Sep 21, 1777-Oct 23, 1777
        Bodyguard to Gen. Washington  Pvt.  Joseph Moor/Moore Mar 18, 1771-17 Dec 1783
  Battle of Bunker Hill   NH Militia        Sgt. Joseph Powers/Powars Jun 7, 1775-Apr 1779
               NH Militia              Corp. Nathaniel Powers
                                                  Henry Rosenberger
                                                               Philip Sellers
                                                              Hans Philip Thoman
                                                   Samuel Bartlett    (died soldiering 1755)
                                                   Samuel Galpin
    Committee of Safety of Charlestown, NH     Peter Labaree  (taken prisoner by Indians)      
KING GEORGE'S WAR  (1744-1748)
QUEEN  ANNE'S WAR 1702-1714)
KING WILLIAM'S WAR  (1690-1697)
                                                    Benjamin Galpin
KING PHILIP'S WAR  (1675-1676)
                                                   Samuel Galpin
             (killed by the Indians)     Capt. Daniel Henchman
             (killed by the Indians)     Capt. Isaac Johnson     1675
                                          Lieut. Thomas Minor

            Lieut. William French    26 May 1647

                                                                                      Henry Kenney /Kenney    1654
                                                                    Capt.  Isaac Johnson        1645
                                                                                       John Johnson    1638
                                                                                       William Robinson   1636
                                                     John Stowe    1638

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Treason of Arnold

      Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on Public

  Square, 1890s.  WRHS                                  

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. 

(Jacob Bohley's name is inscribed)



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