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Notes on Joseph Anthony

American historical magazine and Tennessee Historical Society quarterly By William Robertson Garrett, Tennessee Historical Society, John M. Bass, Albert Virgil Goodpasture, Peabody normal college, Nashville Published by A.V. and W.H. Goodpasture, 1904 Item notes: v. 9

Pg 130...Joseph Anthony, a wealthy and excellent citizen of Henry County. He was the father of fourteen children, of whom Agnes was the eighth and Winifred the eleventh. It is clear from his will, dated September 24, 1785, that Joseph Blakey must have married Winifred Anthony after the death of her father. The following provision in the will is worthy of mention: "And it is my will that if any of my children should refuse to keep the negroes which I will to them, that they be returned to my estate and equally divided amongst the rest of my children."Conscientious scruples about the ownership of slaves were very customary at that period in Virginia; but in the family of this Joseph Anthony it is claimed that they were reinforced by Quaker sentiments and proclivities. Indeed, it has been reported that Elizabeth, his wife, removed to Georgia after the death of Joseph, where she was much esteemed as an able and effective Quaker preacher.

There was another and very different Joseph Anthony in Henry County at this time, who attained distinction and success as a Baptist minister, but no proof has ever been brought to show that there was any kind of connection or relation between the two.


Bryant, C. B. "Henry County: From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et Seq. (Continued)." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Oct., 1902), pp. 139-144

From the records in the clerks office, by C. B. BRYANT, Martinsville, Va.

Joseph Anthony L4.5.0. for 425 lbs Beef to same.
Joseph Anthony 28 |- 2 bbls & 4 bus. Corn to same.
Joseph Anthony 11 | for 1 bush. Corn & 9 Diets to Capt. Erwin.
Joseph Anthony L2. 9. 2. for 3 bushels Corn, 32 bundles Fodder, 24 lbs Bacon & 41/2 Gallons Whiskey
to Q. M. of Lt. Col. Lee's Legion.


Bryant, C. B. "Henry County: From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et seq. (Continued)." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 10, No. 4 (Apr., 1903), pp. 356-360

From the records in the clerks office, by C. B. BRYANT, Martinsville, Va.

Joseph Anthony L200 for a pair of Stillards impressed for the militia when ordered to join Gen' Greene, March, 178I.
Joseph Anthony 15 Bushels Corn & 500lbs Fodder for the use of Col. Crockets Light Horse, March 7th, 1781.


Bryant, C.B. "Historical and Genealogical Notes and Queries." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 9, No. 3 (Jan., 1902), pp. 327-333

Anthony-Cooper (IX, 229) - Permit me to enlarge, and slightly correct, the publication of Mrs. P. H. Mell, Auburn, Ala., on page 220 of this Magazine for October, 1901.

The will and the inventory and administration of the estate of, are recorded in the clerk's office of this (Henry) county, Va., in Will Book No. 1, beginning on page 120. He was born in Henrico, afterwards Goochland, now Albemarle county, Va., May 2, 1713, married 27th April, 1741, Elizabeth Clark, as stated, who was born February 15, 1720, and lived on "Lawyer's road," in what is now Franklin county, near Staunton river, and died November 23, 1785. After his death, she, with most of her children and their families, removed to Georgia, as stated by Mrs. Mell, where she lived to be more than a hundred years old.

This Joseph Anthony has sometimes been confounded with a Baptist preacher of the same name, living contemporaneously with him, in this county, and whose will is also recorded here. I fear that the Rev. Samuel Boykin, in his History of Georgia Baptists, has fallen into this error. The Joseph of the text was a Quaker. Joseph Anthony, the Quaker, by his will, makes ample provisions for his widow, and then proceeds to devise and bequeath his large landed estate, his numerous negro slaves, and his personal property, among his fourteen surviving children, his son Charles Anthony having died unmarried and without issue. These children were:

I. Sarah Anthony, born August 15, 1742, married, February 6, 1762, Captain Thomas Cooper, Sr., member of the House of Burgesses, captain of militia in the Revolutionary period, and with John Marr, represented this county in the Virginia Convention of 1788.

II. Christopher Anthony, born March 24, 1744, married, first, Judith Moorman; and second, on the 5th June, 1775, Mary Jordan, daughter of Samuel Jordan and Hannah (Bates), his wife, and died in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 28, 1815.

III. Elizabeth Anthony, born March 10, 1746, married in 1761, William Candler, who was born of English parents at Belfast, Ireland, in 1738, and with him removed to Georgia in 1762, where in 1771 he was made a deputy surveyor, and in the Revolutionary war served under Colonel, afterwards General, Elijah Clarke, in the attack on Augusta, at King's Mountain, and Blackstocks, and rose to the rank of colonel. He was a member of the Georgia legislature, 1784-85, and appointed to a judgship. He died at his seat in Columbia county, September, 1789, and was the great grandfather of the present Governor Candler, Bishop Candler and Judge Candler, of Georgia.

IV. Penelope Anthony, born July 26, 1748, married James Johnson, and died a widow in Leesburg, Ohio, July 26, 1822.

V. Joseph Anthony, Jr., born 28th March, 1750, married Elizabeth Clark (?), and moved to Georgia.

VI. James Anthony, born 18th December, 1752, married ---, and moved to Georgia. He, with Colonel George Hairston, in 1790, donated the fifty acres of land as a site for the courthouse and public buildings, where the central part of the town of Martinsville is now situated. He was the father of Dr. Milton Anthony, the distinguished physician, who founded the Medical College in Augusta, Ga.

VII. Mary Anthony, born 17th November, 1754, married Carter.

VIII. Charles Anthony, born 20th March, 1757, died as above stated.

IX. Micajah Anthony, born 23d February, 1759.

X. Agnes Anthony, born March 7, 1761, married William Blakeley.

XI. Rachel Anthony, born March 8, 1763.

XII. Wineford Anthony, born April 8, 1765.

XIII. Mark Anthony, born October 8, 1767, married Nancy Tate.

XIV. Boling Anthony, born August 23, 1769.

XV. Judith Anthony, born October 23, 1771.

Sarah Anthony (I) by her marriage with Captain Thomas Cooper had nine children, viz:
1. Elizabeth, who married Thomas Stoval, of Henry county, Va. He died in Hancock county, Ga., leaving
six children, viz:

i. George; 2. Sally, who married Benj. Simmons; 3. Polly; 4. Joseph; 5. Pleasant; 6. Ruth. John Weeks
married their mother, the widow.
2. Joseph Cooper, Jr.
3. Agnes, who married George Hamilton, of Henry county, Va.
4. Thomas Cooper, Jr. born in Henry county, Va., 1767. who married Judith Harvey in Georgia. Their
children: Patsy, Obadiah. Patterson, Mark A.
5. Polly, born August 5, 1774, married, November 30, 1790. John Waller, of Henry county, Va., born
October 12, 1765 (not Williams as Mrs. Mell has it), where he died, near Horsepasture Store, March 7,
1842; she died December 23, 1853. There were fifteen children, viz:
1. Penelope, born August 12, 1791.
2. George, born September 22, 1792, died September 27, 1875.
3. Sarah, born March 12, 1794.
4. Nancy, born June 12, 1795.
5. Thomas, born February 5, 1797, died November, 1868.
6. Elizabeth, born May 6, 1798.
7. Polly, born July 13, 1800.
8. Edmund, born March 16. 1802, died July 31, 1890.
9. Margaret Henning, born May 17, 1804.
10. John, born April 14, 1806.
11. William B, born January 28, 1808
12. James A., born January 18, 1810, died April 25, 1872.
13. Patsy, born November 7, 1811.
14. Winston, born January 17, 1814.
15. Judith, born January 24, 1816.

6. Penelope, who married Dr. James Nisbet in Georgia.
7. John, Jr., who married Weeks in Georgia.
8. Sarah, who married Lancaster in Georgia.
9. Micajah. I have no record of any James Cooper.

I would be glad if some one in Georgia or elsewhere would take up this genealogy and perfect it. Mr. A. H. Pugh, an accomplished genealogist, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is at work upon one, but needs information since the family removed to Georgia. My wife is a great grand daughter of Captain Thomas Cooper, and Sarah (Anthony) his wife, and the facts here stated have been mainly gathered from family Bibles preserved in her family.
C. B. Bryant,
November 5, 1901. Martinsville, Va.


Todd, George D. "Historical Notes and Queries." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Jan., 1894), pp. 325-335

Editor of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography:
I send you a copy of Specific Taxes collected in Henry County, Virginia, in 1780. The original is among
the papers of Judge Innes now in my possession.
Yours truly,

Account of publick Grain received of Henry Lyne & Thomas Thrailkill,Com'rs of the Specific Tax in Henry
County August, 1780, and sold at Henry Court House as below:
Whom Sold too. Joseph Anthony
Bbls. 5
Price L60


Woods, Edgar. 1901. Albemarle County in Virginia; giving some account of what it was by nature, of what it was made by man, and of some of the men who made it. Charlottesville, Va: Michie Co., printers.

Pg 165
Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph Anthony, who entered two thousand and forty acres in Biscuit Run valley, and moved to Bedford County, and a number of whose descendants intermarried with members of the Cabell family, Sarah, the wife of Charles Lynch, Rachel, the wife of Thomas Moorman, and the wife of Benjamin Johnson.

Pg 238
Orlando Jones appears at the earliest date. In 17 60 he bought four hundred acres from John Scott, and fourteen years later four hundred more from Joseph Anthony, both tracts being on the waters of Totier.

Pg 239
In 1762 a James Jones bought eight hundred acres from Joseph Anthony at the northeast corner of Dudley's Mountain. His home was on the old Lynchburg Road, and Jones's Still House, and Jones's Branch constantly occur in the early records as marking the lines of the road precincts.


All of the information is from C.B. Bryant - "Genealogies of Virginia Families" from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography V. 1.

Page 4 - Virginia Taxpayers 1772 - 1787 "Anthony, Joseph Sr., 18 slaves Henry Co."


Information sent from another researcher:

The DAR Patriot Index (Daughters of the American Revolution. 1966. DAR patriot index.) lists Joseph Anthony, Sr. as having been in the "Patriotic Service" of Virginia during the Revolutionary War. Joseph Anthony, Jr. (Christopher's brother) is also listed as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Virginia service.

Descendants get into the DAR by stating that he served in the capacity of a Patriot, having taken the Oath of Allegiance in Henry Co., VA in 1777 and by furnishing supplies for the Revolutionary Army for which it is said the Tories cut off his silver knee buckles.

The Lineage Book, National Society of Daughters of American Colonists, Vol. 5, p. 252 says Joseph Anthony (1713-1785) of Hanover County, VA served in the French and Indian Wars.


Compiled information from other researchers:

Joseph was born in Henrico County, afterwards Goochland County, and now Albemarle County, Virginia on May 2, 1713.

Joseph is sometimes confused with a Baptist minister of the same name who lived at the same time and whose Will is recorded in the same (Henry) county. The Joseph of our interest was a Quaker who from 1722 to 1739 patented 4926 acres in his own name in Hanover County, Virginia.

The first academy in Henry Co. was at the Anthony place.

In 1782 Joseph was living in Henry Co. at which time he sold John Clark of Campbell 550 acres of land on the head waters of Beaver and Seneca Creek, north side of Otter River along Clement's line to Lady Mary Reed's corner. It is thought that due to his advanced age and his Quaker religion that it was not he but Joseph Jr. who was appointed 2nd Lt. in 1778 in Bedford Co.

2,040 acres entered by Joseph Anthony, Sr. in Biscuit Run Valley, Albemarle Co., and moved to Bedford Co. Va.

Louisa Co. Va. 1795. Turner Anderson deed to from Joseph and Charles Anthony, David Terrell, and wife Mary, William Ballard and wife, Elizabeth, Hudson's creek. Will of Charles Moorman. Deed Bk I, p. 275.

They lived on "Lawyer's Road" in what is now Franklin Co. near Staunton River.

Military: Rev. 2nd Lt. Militia, Oct. 26, 1776, Bedford Co. VA.
Occupation: Land owner in Louisa, Hanover, Albemarle, Bedford Co. VA.
Religion: Quaker
Residence: Will in Henry Co. Will Bk I, p. 120, abt 1786

The story that Joseph had in his possession a detailed family tree going back to Julius Caesar, etc. He was, as the story goes, made by his Quaker in-laws to burn the information as a sign of vanity/militarism? In light of the slaves, which obviously no one made him sell, the question on Quakers and slavery becomes more interesting, and may suggest that the conflict between values and economic necessity helps determine what is acceptable at a given time period (ie, I understand that some biblical scholars explain accepted bigamy in the Old Testament by the need to have many children to ensure the continued existence of the families and a labor force to provide) "Joseph Anthony is said to have had the papers showing his descent, but his Quaker in-laws supposedly burned them as a sign of vanity"

His parents are known (father Mark, Genoa Italy>Holland, captured and sold as slave, escaped a ship, picked up by British ship on way to VA.. rest is history), but beyond that it is all conjecture. Mother was Isabella HART.

The Joseph Anthony in question was b. 1712, St. Paul's Parish New Kent Co VA and died 1785 in Henrico County. The Quaker in-laws referred to who apparently didn't appreciate genealogy at the time were the parents of his wife Elizabeth Clark. She was the daughter of Captain Christopher CLARK and Penelope JOHNSON. The Anthonys and Clarks, and allied families have been extremely well researched, much information, etc. they are covered about 7 or 8 times it seems on each of the FTM discs (Vol 1-5)