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R1b S21

   S21 (M405) in Meyers-Underhill Study              John McEwan's R1b SNP Table

   R1b Correlation Coefficients Matrix         R1b DYS492=13 Correlation Matrix

   R1b DYS492=12 vs DYS=492=13 Analysis    95% of S21+ has DYS492=13; 95% of S21- has DYS492=12

   R1b DYS390=23 distribution   56% of DYS492=13 has DYS390=23; only 7% of DYS492=12 has DYS390=23

   R1b DYS390=23 in Capelli

   R1b 67-marker tree (1883 haplotypes)          R1b 67-marker tree with DYS492=13 (same dataset)

   R1b 67-marker tree with DYS492 alleles   

   null439 (S26) Project (R1b1c9a)  S26 is downstream of S21.          S29 Project (R1b1c9b)  S29 is downstream of S21.


   Map of Western Europe after the Younger Dryas     Map of Europe in the LGM showing extent of Venus figurines

   Map of the spread of agriculture in Europe                Map of megaliths in Western Europe

   Distribution of Belgic Coins in pre-Roman Britain     Distribution of Oak and Lime trees after the Younger Dryas 

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