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New in Spring 2005

Contents of an Auction Sale at the Bradee Farm, Brookfield, Wisconsin in 1916

Profile of the Family of Anastasia O'Connor and Frank Twiss

Tedburn St. Mary's, Devonshire

Mark Triggs' c. 1890 letter from Exeter, describing changes

in the village of Tedburn between 1871 - 1890.

April 2000 in the city of Hannover, Germany

From the tangled woodlands of New Hampshire to the cold lakes of eastern Germany, our family stories are the stories of adventurers. At its best, genealogy discovers and retells the tales of those who imagined and created a better present from a treasured past. Our family's research and our website aim to reimagine and to recreate the mundane and the daredevil, the audacious and the everyday, from the shards uncovered through pooling the records, recollections and discoveries of many family members and associated genealogists.

New Feature: Genealogy Notebook

This page highlights a page of family tree information, with notes, to facilitate trading facts and correcting errors among family historians. Please check the current page, featuring Paul A. Giencke of Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

To find links to our family history in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Pomerania, please select from a link below. Other pages of interest follow.

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 Our Family in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties

Our Family in Pomerania


An overview of the practical aspects of our trip to Pommern

Digital photo of painting from Pommern church

The Ziemer surname page is still just a list, and does not include further links at this time:

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Paul and Marge Ziemer at the Pampa Spokesman, Pampa, Texas, early 50's.

Paul Ziemer and Margaret Triggs met at the University of Wisconsin School of Jounalism in the 1940's. Their marriage merged two very different families, each less than one hundred years away from their "old country." The American ideal of a free press inspired Paul and Marge to found careers that brought them in touch with complex stories of struggle, triumph and loss.

Our German Family and Places:

Schoeningen, Germany was the home of Carl Sommer, who settled in Brookfield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin in 1858. He and his wife Wilhelmina Ties were married in Schoeningen.

Hannover and Schoeningen

Pictures of Schoeningen Today

St. Vincenz Church, Schoeningen




Maria (Mary) Sommers, daughter of Karl and Mina Sommer(s), married Wilhelm Bradee / Brede at Evangelische Dreieinigkeits Kirche (Trinity Church) Brookfield.

Originally, the Sommer family came from Hannover. Carl Sommer and his wife lived in Schoeningen until 1858.

Schoeningen's pedestrian mall on a Saturday morning, April 2000





The Hintz Family Arrives


Johann Hintz, his wife Fredericke (nee Bischof), and his daughters and son arrived in Baltimore from Bremen on June 8, 1868 aboard the ship "Ocean."

   Learn more about the land and people of Pommern, ancestral home of the Hintz family

What happened in Pomerania?

Brede family history includes two ancestors who were part of Napoleon's attack on Russia in 1813.



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