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Welcome to our Little surname web site  

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Welcome to our Little surname web site.

I believe I have found the father of William Joseph Little.

A William Little Jr. was killed in 1781 by Torres in in 96 District of South Carolina. I don’t know if it was a battle or a massacre. Form what I have found everyone was killed or taken captive, turned over to the Indians and then were killed, Except 2 small boys who were later given over by the Indians. The first evidence of this was found in the pension application of James Lockrige who apparently knew him and lived near him. The Canes comes to mind. Secondly was James Little and Elisabeth Little were named as administrator and administrix to his estate. Thirdly DAR lists him as being killed but not as having been in the military, and no pension was paid. This also gives us the 3 William Little’s in a row, William Little Sr., William Little Jr., and William Joseph Little.

There are many surnames within these pages however Little is our primary interest. Our family is said to have come from Dumfries Scotland by way of South Carolina via three brothers and then onto Georgia and states beyond. Come join us in our search for our heritage. You might even find that you are already listed. We have found quite a few living relatives on the web and are looking for more. If you find a link to us be sure to drop us a note.

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