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A Brief History of the Baxendell Family

David Barry Baxendell, Christchurch, New Zealand, August 1999

Hugh Backstondeineof Chorley,Lancashire, born abt 1558.

Children of Hughe Backstondeine

William Backstendine– chr. 23 Nov 1580 Chorley, Lancs. Married Alice Haughton abt.1600

Children of William(1580) and Alice Backstondine

William Backstendine or Bacstonden - b. abt.1600, Standish, Lancs. Married Jane (surname n.k.) 9 Jul 1625,Standish, Lancs.

Children of William(1600) & Jane Backstendine:

1. Brian Backstondeane:chr.7 Aug 1625, Standish, Lancs.

2. Roger Backstondeane chr.3 June 1627, Standish, Lancs. Married Margery

3. Thomas Backstondeane b.1630, Standish, Lancs.

4. Jane & Helen Backstondean b.1633, Standish, Lancs.

5. Nathaniell Backstondean b.1638, Standish, Lancs.

6. John Backstondean b.1639, Standish, Lancs.

7. Phoebe Backstondean b.1641, Standish, Lancs.

8. Josiah Backstondeane b. (?)

Children of Roger(1627) and MargeryBackstondeane:

1. Daniell Backstondeane. b. 1667, Standish. Lancs.

2. Allis Backstondeane. b. 1660, Standish, Lancs.

3. Thomas Backstondeane. b. 1664, Standish, Lancs. Married (?)

4. Rachell Backstondeane chr. 10 May 1668, Standish,Lancs.

Children of Thomas(1664) & ? Backstondeane:
1. Elizabeth Baxonden b.1692, Standish
2. Thomas Baxondenb. 1694, Standish
3. Roger Baxonden b. 4 Jan. 1699, Standish 4.
4.Josiah Baxonden or Baxendale b. 8 Mar. 1701, Standish. Married Elizabeth Smethurst, 6 Oct 1730, Aughton by Ormskirk, Died 1764 Liverpool.49 Josiah was a master Cabinet Maker in Liverpool.50
5. Henry Baxonden b.27may 1702, Standish

Children of Josiah(1701) & ? Baxonden or Baxondale:
1. Lloyd Baxendell c.1732 St. Nicholas, Liverpool, married 1756 (St. Peters, Liverpool) Ann Hartley. Common Law Marriage to Frances Bromley. Upholsterer with brother Joseph’s cabinet making-business. Children:
(1st Marriage)- Nanny(1759), Hartley(1760), Elizabeth(1761), Lloyd(1763)
(2nd Marriage)- Roger(1771), Gamaliel(1773)
(All children christened "Baxendale". All born in Liverpool.)
2. Joseph Baxendellch. 1734 St. Nicholas, Liverpool, married 1757 (St. Peters, Liverpool)
Mary Beadle Continued his father’s cabinet making in Oldhall St. Liverpool.51

3. Ann Baxendell chr. 1735, St Nicholas or St. George, Liverpool

4. Samuel Baxendale chr. 1736, St. George, Liverpool

5. Gamaliel Baxendale chr. 2 Dec 1740

Children of Joseph(1734) and Mary Baxendell:
1. Joseph Baxendell chr.1758 St.George, Liverpool.1 Married 1787 (Standish).1 Catherine,Kitty or Ketty Brindle(born Yorks. 1768, died Denton, Lancs. 1851)6
Joseph is recorded as being a Weaver in 1792 and a Banksman (in charge of a pithead winding engine) in subsequent entries.11,12,3

2. Josiah Baxendale chr.1761 St George, Liverpool. Married Mabella Salisbury, Child:
Lloyd Salisbury Baxendale b.1804

3. Thomas Beadle Baxendale ch.1780 St.Peter, Liverpool. Married 1808(St.Peter, L’pool)
Mary Bibby. Children- Jane(1813), Thomas(1816), James(1826),Ann(?)

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Children of Joseph(1758) and Kitty:

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1. -James Baxendell chr.14 Sep 1794, St. Margaret’s, Hollinwood, Oldham 1, 3, 11 married Sarah Anne Pirkin, Manchester Cathedral, 14 Jul 1831,14,  previously married to Anne Hayes.1, 14 Children- (1) Ellen Baxendell b. 23 Jun 1834 (2) Sarah AnnBaxendell b. 13 Sep 1838,married Peter Lawton 1859.
James continued his father’s business as a dealer in coal, corn & flour at 5 Ducie St. Manchester,18, 14.Later a publican at the Stag and Pheasant, Ashton St., Manchester (where the London Rd. Station stands now) 22. He died there of "General Dropsy" 11 Jul 1844, attended by his nephew Joseph(1st child of Thomas and Mary B.)35
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2. -Joseph chr.12 Nov 1797,St.Mary’s, Oldham 1, 3, 12Died.31 Dec 1869,Denton. 42
Married Jane Rowbottom,(father-Samuel Rowbottom)29 Jan 1820,Manchester Cathedral 1,14and had a son, John, and possibly another, William. Jane died and he married Hannah Cooke,1518 Oct 1825, St. Mary’s, Manchester. In 1830 18Joseph had a business making waterproof hats in Openshaw and Hooley Hill. In 1851 he was employing 3 men in his hatting business in Denton, and his nephew Thomas was apprenticed to him.5He extended his business to include cotton spinning and prospered. Died 31 Dec 1869,Moorfield House, Denton.41In his will he made generous provision for his nephews, except Edward who is not mentioned. Neither are the descendants of his first wife Jane. Hannah died 2 Oct 1867. She had been in poor mental health for some time previously.
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Children of Joseph(1797) & (1st Marriage)Jane:
1.John - b. 12 Aug 1821, bpt.12 Aug 1821,1,14Gorton, Lancs. Married Ann Ainsworth. (b.1823Halliwell)8. Died 1846,Chorlton? 16
  Children of John(1821) & Ann
1. Ann - b.2 Aug 1842, Salford.16,8Chr. 30 Oct 1842,Manchester Cathedral14 Married William Woodcock.16,8(1842-1876)8 161863 Manchester
2. John -bpt.22 Dec 1844 1,14,16Manchester Cathed. Married Matilda McKnight, (b.1847,Salford, d.1900,Manchester) 8,16,30.John’s occupation in 186930and in 18818was Printer, as was his father-in law John McKnight.30In 1869, he lived at 6 Home St, Manchester30, & in 1881 at 36 Rhoda St. Manchester.8
    Children of John(1844) & Matilda
    1. Wallace -b.1870, Manchester 16, 8. Married 1892, (Chorlton) Eliza Royle 16 Children of Wallace(1870) & Eliza:
    1. Ethel -b.1893, Chorlton16
    2. Wallace Hoyle - b.1896, Chorlton16
    3. Alfred - b.1900 Chorlton16married Edith Wray 1923 Manchester16(children-Wallace b.1923,Stanley b.1925, Edna b.1932, Roy b.1934)16
    2. Ellen -b.1872, Manchester 8,16, married 1899, Manchester (spouse n.k.)   3. John -b.1874, Manchester 8,16, married 1900, Salford(spouse n.k.)16
    4. William -b. 1876, Manchester8. d.1919, Prestwich 8, 37. Married EllenJohnson (b.Jun . 1879) 1902,Prestwich.8, 37(One son, John Alexdr.)
    5. Alfred -b. 1880, Manchester.8, 16Married 1901 Chorlton(spouse n.k.)
    6. Matilda-b.1883 Manchester16
3. Ellen- b.27 Apr 1847 Manchester, chr. 27 Jun 1847 Manchester Cathedral 14
Children of Joseph(1797) & (2nd Marriage)Hannah:
1. Hannah Cooke -b.1833 Hooley Hill. Married - JamesWalker(one son, Joseph Baxendell Walker)42
2. Ellen Brindle b.abt. 1840. Married -William.Gould 1859,Ashton16
Married -Edward Theophilus O’Brien bef.186942

children of Joseph and Kitty contd.:
3. William -chr. 8 Jun. 1800, St. Mary’s, Oldham 1, 3, 12Poss. emigrated to U.S.A.38
4.Betty Brindle - b. abt. 1810 married John Threapland 8 Sep 1831 Manchester Cathedral14
5. Jane – mentioned in her father’s Will. No other evidence.
6. Thomas -chr. 5 Feb. 1792, St.Mary’s, Oldham,1, 3, 12d.19 Jun 1874, Southport, Lancs41

Thomas & Mary(Shepley) had at least 6 children and fortunately his progeny are the best documented of the four brothers. I have not found a record for the marriage of Thomas and Mary . Thomas was a Land Steward,39, 40later branching into being a Land and Building Agent 31, 32. He lived in the Cheetham Hill area, spent his last years in Sale, Cheshire, and died at his son Joseph’s house in Birkdale.
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Children of Thomas(1792) and Mary:

1. Joseph - b.19 Apr 1815, Bank Top, Manchester 39, 40

Land Agent, Meteorologist, astronomer and physicist. Left school at 15, went to sea. Returned to Manchester in 1835, and assisted his father in Land Agency, while he privately studied astronomy and natural science. Erected with Robert Worthington the Observatory at Crumpsall Hall. Member of Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society 1858 until death. FRAS in 1858. FRS in 1885. In Feb 1859 became Astronomer to Manchester Corporation. Superintended erection of Fernley Astronomical Observatory in Hesketh Park, Southport, and appointed meteorologist for Southport. Pioneer in the fields of solar physics, terrestrial
magnetism, variable stars. Promoted the principle of storm signals and had a protracted controversy with the Board of Trade over their introduction. Predicted the long drought of 1868 enabling the Manchester Corporation to reduce its effects by regulating water use at an early date. Named after him is "Baxendell’s Unphotographable Nebula"(NGC 7088) which is situated 26’ North of M2.39, 40
Married Mary Anne Pogson, (1865-1902), daughter of the Royal Astronomer to Madras, 39, 9,lived mostly in Cheetham Hill area 6,39, 40.Last years spent in Birkdale, Southport. Died 7 Oct 1887 39, 40, 16
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Children of Joseph(1815) and Mary Ann
1. Joseph -b.1870, Cheetham Hill, Lancs. Occupation -meteorologist 6, 39, 40d.14 Jan 1940,Birkdale Lancs.41
2. Edward- b. bef. 1825. Married Mary Zipporah Elder, St.Pancras, 12 Mar 1846.32 Architect and Surveyor, 20, 21Clerk of Works forCamberwell, 1851. With their children, they emigrated to Australia in 1862 aboard the "Young Australia".They had five sons:
1. William Edward -b. 29 Sep.1851, Peckham Grove, CamberwellBirth cert.
2.John Gregson Herbert - b. 1854, Newington16
2. Joseph Arthur -b. 1856, Newington16
3.Frederick Charles -b.1 Oct 1858 St.Peter, WalworthBirth cert.
4. Alfred Henry -b.1861 Camberwell16
Joseph Arthur -became a teacher at Toowoomba near Brisbane,Qld., then started his own school, The Downs School.
Frederick Charles -emigrated to New Zealand where he married and then moved to Brisbane.
All but one of the Australian Baxendells (and there are plenty of them) are descended from these brothers. Most still live in the Brisbane region. The odd one out is the widow of a descendant of Joseph (the hatter, of Denton).
3. Mary Shepley Baxendell - b.1818, did not marry. d. 18 Jun 1875,Sale, Lancs. 16, 41

4. Thomas -b.1822 or 23, Manchester. 8, 9, 27Died 1909,Barton in Irwell, Lancs. 16 Married 26 Jul 1829 Eliza Bridge(1829-1919). 14
At 28 Thomas was living with his uncle Joseph at 176 New Rd. Denton, and gave his occupation as Hatter, 5 and his marriage in the Manchester Cathedral Register, in 1852, 14 says the same, as does the birth certificate of Charles in 1856.27In 1869,he inherited from his Uncle Joseph, 2000 pounds and his telescope.42The Earl of Wilton persuaded him to introduce cotton spinning to Denton and donated land for the purpose. He established the Alpha Mill, the first cotton mill in Denton, which eventually was destroyed by fire in 1915. He was instrumental in the establishment of the United Free Methodist Church in Denton and built 47 houses opposite his mill, which he named Alpha Terrace.48 In 1891 Thomas and Eliza were living at Rose Hill, Denton, with James Bridge, Eliza’s widowed brother. 9
My father (Thomas Geoffrey) lived with his grandfather Charles during the last year of Eliza's life.

Children of Thomas(1822) & Eliza:
1. Charles -b.29 Nov 1856, Denton, 27married Charlotte Heginbotham(b.1856, Bredbury, Lancs.) 15 Mar.1881,Ashton under Lyne, Lancs. (Marriage Cert.) d. 28 Jul 1939 Prestwick41
Children of Charles(1856) & Charlotte:
1. Harold -b. 16 Jul 1882,Ardwick, Lancs. 28 Married Mary Agnes Miles (b.1881, Kings Cliffe, Nhants.) 22 Aug 1903,Leicester. 33
2.Gertrude b.1884, Chorlton. 16m. Robert Gatley Bamber
3. Douglas b.1888, Ashton under Lyne 16
2. Arthur -b. 1865, Denton,Lancs.16Married Annie Rothwell, 1891 Ashton under Lyne16 d. 3 May . 1929, Mddx. 41
Children of Arthur & Annie:
1. Leslie Wilfred Edward -b. 1892, Ashton under Lyne 16
2. Phyllis Helen Frances -b. 1901, Bucklow 16
5. James –c.15 May 1826, Cheetham Hill, Lancs. 1, 8, 9Married Anne Gould, b.1937 sister of John Gould (husband of Ellen Brindle Baxendell) 11 Jun 1857,St.Lawrence,Denton.44
Annie died 1870, Ashbourne 16and James married Emma Simkins (b.1830 Stoke)1873,Salford.16
In 1873 they were living at W.High St, Paddington, Salford and James’occupation was . "Traveller." 14In 1881 they were living at 1 Mount Pleasant, Broughton -in-Salford and James’ occupation was "Estate Agent". 8James died 1884,Conway, Wales.16Emma died 1907,Conway, Wales. 16No children found.
Children of James(1826) & Anne:
1. Alice b.1866, Ashton-on-Mersey 16, 8 ,9
2.Edwin b.1870, Ashbourne, Derbs. 16, 8, 9Married (n.k.) 1902,Bucklow 16
6. Robert -b.1825, Manchester. 1.Married Eliza Hannah( HUGHES(b.1817Broughton,Lancs.8 3 Sep 1846, Manchester Cathedral. 31
In 1846 Robert’s occupation was Corn Factor.31
In 1851 his family were living at 133 Cheetham Hill, Manchester, with a housemaid and a nurse.
Robert’s occupation was Cashier. 6
In 1869 he was living at 43 New Bailey Street, Salford, occupation-Corn Merchant 41
In 1881 he was living at 36 The Crescent, Salford, occupation -Corn Merchant. 8
In 1895 he was living at 44 The Crescent, Salford, occupation- Corn Miller 41
Robert died 3 Aug 1895,Salford, 16, 41and Eliza Hannah died 1897,Salford. 16, 41
 For a fuller profile of Robert Baxendell(1825-1846) click here.
Children of Robert(1825) & Eliza Hannah:
1. Ada -b.7 Nov 1847,Ardwick, Manchester.1,16
In 1881 she was staying at a seaside boarding house in Layton with Warbreck,Lancs., with her . . mother and aunt(Christiana Hughes).8 She did not marry. Died 5 Feb 1917,Endcliffe, Silverlands, Buxton,Yorks. 16, 41
2. Walter -b. 1854, Salford. 16, 8Married Annette(surn. n.k. b.1856,Salford)8 1876, Salford.16
. d. 24 . Apr 1924,Birkdale, Lancs. 41
Children of Walter(1854) & Annette:
1.Eustace Milner- b.1877, Salford. 16d. 11 Dec 1918, 25 Westcliffe Rd, Birkdale, Lancs. 16, 41.. Married . Margaret Neill 1901,Ormskirk. 41, 16
  Children of Eustace Milner & Margaret:
1.Robert Holden-b.1902 16 Ormskirk, married Evelyn M.Crook 1925 16(children- Margaret- b. 1926,16 David . R. b.1931 16)
2.Beatrice b.1903, married 1924 Frederick Hulme16
3.Joan b.1904 16
4.Muriel Gladys b.1906 16
2.Hilda Margaret, b. 1879, Salford 16married 1902 16
3.Elsie Winifred b.1883, Salford, 16 married 1908 16
4.Mildred Gladys b.1887, Ormskirk 16
3.Mary Hughes b. 1856,Manchester,16m.Alfred Coleman 1882 16, 41.Lived in Birmingham
7. Ann -b. 4 Jul 1830,Cheetham Hill, Lancs. 1863,Manchester. 1, 10Did not marry. In 1874- Living with Mary Shepley Baxendell at Dunham View, Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire. 41
In 1891-Letting apartments at 150 Maitland Rd., Sale10
In 1917- Living at 142 Marshland Rd., Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire41
d. 21 Nov 1918, -Nursing Home, St Mary Rd., Ashton on Mersey, Sale, Cheshire 41

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