Bedfordshire Old Maps

Bedfordshire.   1577  Christopher Saxtonin An Atlas of England and Wales

Bedfordshire   1607 Christopher Saxton,  engr. William Kip for the Latin edn.of Camden's Britannia

Bedfordshire.   1610  Christopher Saxton,  engr. William Kip for the English translation of Camden's Britannia

 Bedford   1611  John Speed in The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

Stodden Hundred 1610 John Speed  The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

Bedfordshire. 1622  William Hole to illustrate Michael Drayton's Polyolbion (34kb)
                                                        Richard Nicholson

Bedfordshire.   1630  Pieter Van der Keere (English edition published  by Humble)

Bedfordshire.   1646 Jan Jansson. (418kb)

Bedfordshire.   1648  W. Blaeu (240kb)

Bedfordshire   1660  J.Blaeu (152kb)

Bedfordshire.   1673  Richard Blome in his Britannia

Bedfordshire.   ca.1695  Robert Morden in Camden's Britannia

Bedfordshire   1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop

Bedfordshire. 1742 Thomas Badeslade. pub. W. H. Toms in Chorographica Britanniæ
(High resolution images of the 1st and the extensively revised  3rd states of this atlas)

Bedfordshire.  1745  Thomas Badeslade from the second edition of Chorographia Britanniae engraved by W. H.Toms  
Postaprint- Antique Maps and Prints

Bedfordshire.  1747 Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jefferies  in The Small English Atlas

Bedfordshire. ca. 1747 Thomas Kitchin for the London Magazine

Bedfordshire.   1749  Emmaunuel Bowen in The Large English Atlas

Bedford (Street map) 1765 (55kb)

B edfordshire . 1769 Thomas Bowen in England Displaye d  

Bedfordshire.   ca.1787 John Seller(1694), republished  in Francis Grose's Antiquities of Great Britain              Richard Nicholson

Bedfordshire.  1787 John Cary (397kb)

Bedfordshire.   1787  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas   Your Old Maps Online

Bedford, Dunstable-Luton areas.   1787  John Cary. (detail from county map)

Parts of Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire.   1794  John Cary   rchampagnewishes

Bedfordshire.    1795  John Aiken in England Delineated

Bedfordshire.  1797   Thomas Kitchin  published by Alexander Hogg in Walpole's British Traveller

Bedford.street plan   c.1801  G.Cole and J.Roper (detailed clickable map)

Bedfordshire.   1814  John Cary in Cary's Traveller's Companion   The Old Map Shop

Bedfordshire 1817 Edward Langley in Langley's New County Atlas of England and Wales,

Bedfordshire.  1822  John Cary in Cary's Traveller's Companion

Bedfordshire.  1825 C. & J. Greenwood in Atlas of the Counties of England,

Hertford,Bedford,Huntingdon and Cambridge.   1827  Aristide Perrot  From L'Angleterre ou Description Historique et Topographique du Royaume uni de la Grande-Bretagne . A miniature map of the county with highly decorative border engraved by Adrien Migneret.

Bedfordshire.   1828 Gardner  pub. Fullarton Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Bedfordshire.   1831  James Pigot in A Pocket Topography and Gazetteer of England

Bedfordshire.      1833 Sidney Hall in A New British Atlas   rookesfineart

Bedfordshire.   1831 R.Creighton, engraved by J&C Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary
                          Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Bedfordshire.   1833  John Archer. printed from woodblock  published W. Pinnock  in The Guide to Knowledge  

Bedfordshire. 1833 John Archer (negative print of above map) 

Bedfordshire   1835 R. Creighton, engraved by J. & C. Walker for Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

Bedfordshire .  1836  W. Thomas Moule's The English Counties Delineated; or, A Topographical Description of England.

Bedfordshire.   ca.1840  T.Dugdale. from Dugdales Curiosities of Great Britain (525kb)

Bedfordshire .  1840 J.Archer 

Bedfordshire.   ca.1848  Robert Creighton,  engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary.

Bedfordshire. 1852 or 1854. 
Sydney Hall in A Travelling County Atlas.
This work was first published in 1842 and went through numerous updated editions until 1880.
This is one of the first editions to distinguish between completed railways (thick black line) and projected railways (thin hatched line), some of which were never completed.

Bedfordshire 1857  I.Slater  in  Slater's New British Atlas (a later edition of Pigot & Co.'s British Atlas)                          Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps   

Bedfordshire.  1860    Robert Creighton, engr. J. & C. Walker for Lewis's Topographical Dictionary.                      The Old Map Shop

Bedfordshire.   1863  B.R. Davies in the Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Bedfordshire   1880  Ordnance Survey  (large scale and high detail)

Bedford area.   ca.1880  detail from County Map pub. William Mackenzie

Bedfordshire. 1880  Cartographer not known

Bedfordshire. 1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.
London Ancestor

Bedfordshire. 1890  F.S. Weller for William Mackenzie & Co.   Your Old Maps Online

Bedfordshire.  1892  George Phillp and Son in Phillips Handy Atlas 

Bedfordshire and Northampton.   1876  Encyclopaedia Britannica