London Old Maps


(see also: Middlesex, Surrey, Essex)

 London.   c. 1553-9   One of the first known maps of London. No original copies are extant, but two of the estimated 20 copper engravings survive.

Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis.   1560   Georg Braun & Franz Hogenberg
                                                                                                                                historic cities

London.  1560  anon. 1739 reproduction of original, from Maitland's History of London

Fleet Street, The Temple etc.   1563  Ralph Aggas, from London,Old & New  by Edward Walford, 1881

Whitehall and Westminster.   1563  Ralph Aggas from London,Old & New, Edward Walford, 1881 (264kb)

La Ville de Londres. Londinium Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis.    1575.  François de Belleforest

London. 1593  John Norden/Pieter Van den Keere ( 3.8mb-large file!)

London.   1593  Pieter Van den Keere

Londinum Feracis: Ang. Met.   1598  Sebastian Munster

London. 1611  John Speed in The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

 London.(detail) 1611  John Speed in The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

 Westminster. 1611  John Speed in The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

London. 1616.  Visscher (large file! - 7722kb)

London. 1616.  Visscher (smaller version of above - 1342kb)

A Plan of The City & Environs of London as Fortified by Order of Parliament. 1642/43  Walter Harrison in his History of London (1777)

Sir John Evelyn's Plan for Rebuilding London. 1666
(Bodleian Library - please read copyright notice)

London.   1666  Wenceslaus Hollar

  A Plan of the City and Liberties of London after the Dreadful Conflagration in the Year 1666,   maker and place of origin unknown. After 1666.

 London,   c.1667     Richard Blome,  Wenceslaus Hollar .
       Etched plan of pre-Fire London. dedication  to Sir Robert Vyner, a city alderman
       elected 1666: however as there is no mention of his being Sheriff (June
       1666 - June 1667), dates this state of the map to after this office ended

London & Suburbs after the Great Fire. 1840 reproduction of original

London. 1673  Richard Blome engr. Wenceslas Hollar in Blome's Britannia.

The Actual Survey of London, Westminster, and Southwark.   1690  Robert Morden & Phillip Lea

Londra.   1695  Vincenzo Coronelli

London.   1695  Robert Morden (detail from Middlesex in Camden's Brittannia)

Map showing London glass houses producing drinking glass in the late 17th century

A Map of the Hamlet of Mile-End Old-Town in the Parish of Stepney alias Stebunheath.   1703  Joel Gascoyne

Plan des Villes de Londres, de Westminster et leurs Faubourgs avec le Bourg de Southwark.  1704  Nicholas de Fer
Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

 Accurater Prospect und Grundris der Königl: Gros-Britañisch: Haupt und Residenz Stadt London.. .   c.1705,  Johann Baptist Homann,  Nuremberg,
(see also MOTCO's  large image of this map in box at bottom of this page)

Westminster . ca.1720 John Senex

St. Giles Cripplegate Without.  1720  John Strype  engr.attrib. to Richard Blome

Fleet Street, The Temple etc.   1720  John Strype, reprinted in  London,Old & New Edward Walford, 1881 (173kb)                                             Re-publishing

Moorfields and its Neighbourhood   1720  John Strype, reprinted in   London,Old & New Edward Walford, 1881 (141kb)                                    Re-publishing

Southwark.   1720.   from London,Old & New Edward Walford, 1881 (158kb)  Re-publishing

Hampton Court.   1720  John Kip.

Londinium Augusta.(London in the Reign of Augustus)   1722 John Stukely

A Plan of Hyde Park as it was in 1725 . -from a Plan of the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the Vestry Room of that Parish  .   Cartographer not known  ca. 1820 ( British Library St. Pancras Map Library ; Maps 3620.(5.) -)

The Wards of Farington within and Baynards Castle .  1720    John Strype  engr.attrib. to Richard Blome

Londra.   1728  Mattheus Seutter

Platte Grond van Londen, Westmunster en Southwark . c.1730,  Daniel la Feuille

Regionis quae est circa Londinum (Environs of London)   1741   Homann (with prospect of London after Thomas Bowles)

The Environs of London.  1741 Homann heirs. Map probably by John Bowles and Prospect of London by Thomas Bowles

Plan of a Portion of Westminster . between 1734 and 1748 from London,Old & New by Edward Walford, 1881 (236kb)                                              Re-publishing

London. 1746  John Rocque.  complete map in 24 highly detailed sections

Survey & Ground Plot of the Royal Palace of Whitehall with the Lodgings &
Apartments belonging to their Majesties.   A.D.1680.  
Fisher, Inigo.
George Vertue, 1747.

 A New and Accurate Survey Of the Cities of London and  Westminster, The Borough of Southwark,   1746/1748   J. Rocque  Martayan Lan Inc.

(see also MOTCO's  large image of this map in box at bottom of this page)

A New and Correct Plan of all the houses destroyd and damaged by the Fire ... 1748
  anon, published in the London Magazine

A Plan of the City of London and Westminster 1749 Gentlemans Magazine

The Ward of Cheape ca.1750 from  London,Old & New Edward Walford, 1881 (135kb) Re-publishing

Map of Farringdon Ward Without. ca.1750  from  London,Old & New         EdwardWalford,1881                                         Re-publishing

Broadstreet and Cornhill Wards ca.1750. redrawn c.1875

The City of Westminster, The Duchy of Lancaster and Places Ajacent.   1750  Benjamin Cole

A View of the New Roads etc. from Westminster Bridge.     1753 (Newington, Walworth, Lambeth...)Gentlemans Magazine

Plan of the intended road from Islington to Paddington.  1755 Benjamin Cole in Gentleman's Magazine vol.25

A Plan of the New Road from Paddington to Islington.  1756  London Magazine


London Ward & Parish Plans  1755

Engraved ca. 1690 by Richard Blome.
published 1755 by John Stow in
A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster

Aldgate Ward.

Billingsgate Ward.

Bishopsgate Street Ward

Breadstreet Ward and Cordwainer Ward.  

Faringdon Ward Without.

Langborne Ward and Candlewick Ward.

Lime Street Ward

The Parrish of St. John’s Wapping - The Parish of St. Paul Shadwell)

Parish of St. Margarets Westminster.

Queen's Hith and Vintry Wards.

St.Olave, St. Mary Magdalenes Bermondsey, Southwark.

Shoreditch, Norton Folgate & Crepplegate Without.

Spittle Fields and Places Adjacent. 

The Tower Liberty.

Tower Street Ward

Walbrook and Dowgate Wards.

The Parish of St. Mary's, Whitechapel & St.Katherine's by the the Tower.  

The Parish of St. Martins in the Fields.   

Bread Street and Cordwainers Wards.

St. James, Clerkenwell.  

The City of London as in Queen Elizabeth's Time. 

Aldersgate Ward and St. Martins le Grand Liberty.

St. Andrews Holborn. 

Portsoken Ward. 

Lambeth and Christ Church Parish, Southwark. 

Kaart van Londen Enz. en van het Naby Gelegen Land. 1754 Isaac Tirion, Amsterdam

Wallbrook and Dowgate Wards.   1755   William Maitland in his History of London

Details from"London and it Environs Described"  1761   R. & J. Dodsley.
Lincolns Inn to St Pauls.
Gt.Ormond St. to Lincolns Inn
from Kilburn-Stratford in North to Wandsworth-Peckham in South,
 from Windsor-Fulham in North to Woking-Epsom in South, 

London Drawn and Engrav'd from an Actual Survey.  1764 anon. in the Gentleman's Magazine.
The northeast sheet only of a set of 4 parts making up a map detailing the countryside around London. Covers from Cheshunt Common to Bisden and from London to Barwick with great detail.

Plan de Londres.   1765  Chossard

Londres avec le Bourg de Southwark.  ca.1765  P.M. Tardieu              Rookesfineart

A Plan of the Great Fire in Bishopsgate Street, Leadenhall Street and Cornhill on Thursday Nov 7th 1765.   Gentlemans Magazine.

The Road from... London to Islip. ca.1765   Gentleman's Magazine.

The Road from... London to Clifton (Berks). ca.1765
Gentleman's Magazine.

Plan of the Surrey Side of the Thames with a Plan for Laying Out the Roads.  1766  Gentleman's Magazine
Lombard Antiquarian Maps & Pints

The Wards of Coleman Street, And Bassishaw.   1766   London Magazine

Berkely Square .  1769   detail from Gentleman's Magazine

Lincoln's Inn   1769  detail from Gentleman's Magazine

London to Marlborough .  1768  page 1 of The Road from London to Bristol in the Gentleman's Magazine

A New and Correct Map of the Countries Twenty Miles around London.  1769  Thomas Bowen in England Displayed

London Ward Plans  1772

  originally engraved by Thomas Bowen for  the London Magazine and issued 1762-1772,
re-engraved 1772 for  Noorthouk's History of London  


Westminster.   ca.1780  cartographer not known.       Robert Ross & Co.

A New and Correct map of the Countries upwards of Twenty Miles around London.   ca. 1780  Thornton's New and Complete History and Survey of London and Westminster.

Die Gegend um London (The Environs of London).   1789   Franz Joseph von Reilly  in Schauplatz der Funf Theile Der Welte.

Environs of London    1787  Franz von Reilly in Schauplatz der funf Theile der Welt

London area. 1789  Franz von Reilly   Travis Hill Fine Estates  

Mr S. Wyatt's plan. The proposed London Docks compared with those proposed at the Isle of Dogs.  1793  engr. James Basire (published 1803)
(Wyatt proposed that new docks be constructed at Wapping and on the Isle of Dogs. Wyatt also suggested that the Wapping dock be connected to the Thames at Blackwall by a canal, which would reduce the time it took ships to journey up river. Although his canal scheme was not adopted, docks were eventually built at the locations he envisaged -the London Docks and West India Docks.)

Southwark 1799  Richard Horwood  (see also MOTCO's  large image of this map in box at bottom of this page)

Bermondsey to Rotherhythe,  1799  R. Horwood Rookesfineart

City of London  1799 
R. Horwood                        Rookesfineart

Architectural Plan for London Dockyards .  1800  George Dance.  engr.Gale & Butler

General Plan by Messrs. Telford & Douglass For Further Improvement of the Port of London.   1800  Thomas Telford,  engr. James Basire, pub. Luke, Hansard & Sons Classical Images

Plan of the proposed Docks and the line of a canal, with collateral cut on the Surrey side of the River Thames .  1803  John Arrowsmith, Engr. James Basire,  surveyed by order of the Committee deputed for the inhabitants of Southwark by C.F. Cracklow. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 11th of July 1799               Bygones2000

City of London.   1813  (detail from Laurie & Whittle's Plan of London)

Queen Elizabeths Free Grammar School in Tooley Street in the Parish of St. Olave, Southwark with a Plan of the ajacent Neighbourhood. 1813   Robert Wilkinson

Plan of London .(and details)  1814  John Luffman from An Atlas of Europe, Comprising The Empires, Kingdoms and States, as also The Principal Cities and Ports

An Entire New Plan of the City of Westminster   with the Borough of Southwark:
Comprehending the New Buildings and other Alterations to the Present Times"
             Vth edition  published by Edward Mogg,
              Robert Ross & Co.

Hornsey.   1819  from London,Old & New Edward Walford, 1881  Re-publishing

Leigh's New Map of  the Environs of London 1819  Sidney Hall (large file - 1mb)

A General Map of London.   1820  John Cary 

The Environs of London   1821  John Cary from Cary's New Itinerary

London. 1825  G. Jones

Greenwood's Map of London 1827
Clickable high resolution streetmap
(see also MOTCO's  large image of this map in box at bottom of this page)

Plan of the Improvements in St.James Park. 1827 Gentlemens Magazine

Plan of the City of London Divided into Wards.  1828  for Thomas Allen's The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark and Parts Adjacent. pub. Cowie and Strange

Country around London to the Distance of Thirty-Two Miles from St. Paul's.   1829  Alexander Findlay, pub R.H.. Laurie
(high resolution image)

Finsbury. 1830    R.Creighton, engraved by J&C Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary

Marylebone. 1830    R.Creighton, engraved by J&C Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary

Southwark.   1830  Robert Creighton, engr. J.& C. Walker in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

Westminster.   1830  Robert Creighton, engr. J.& C. Walker in Samuel Lewis's 
Topographical Dictionary

Tower Hamlets.   1830  Robert Creighton, engr. J.& C. Walker in Samuel Lewis's 
Topographical Dictionary

London.   1830  Robert Creighton, engr. J.& C. Walker in Samuel Lewis's 
Topographical Dictionary

Lambeth.  1830 
Robert Creighton, engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary.

Plan of London Docks, 1831
(from Bodleian Library collection - read copyright notice)

Improvements in The Strand & Charing Cross .  1831  London Magazine.

A Plan of London and its Environs.   1831  R. Creighton

Environs of London.   1834 Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Lambeth. 1835 R.Creighton, engraved by J. & C. Walker pub. in Samuel Lewis's
             Topographical Dictionary of England & Wales .

Greenwich.   ca. 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' 
Topographical Dictionary

Finsbury.             1835   Lt. Robert Dawson

City of London.   1835  Lt. Robert Dawson

Westminster.      1835  Lt. Robert Dawson

St Marylebone.   1835  Lt. Robert Dawson

London  1836  Thomas Moule

The Environs of London.  1836  Thomas Moule

The Environs of London.   1839  J. Pigot

Wallis's Guide for Strangers through London. 1841  Edward Wallis

Plan of the East and West India Docks. 13th April 1841  Anon.                  The Old Map Shop

London.   1844  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

London Docks.   1844  J. Bingley  pub. Harper, NY.

Hoxton.   1845  (detail from Reynolds New Map of London)

Deptford & Greenwich.   1847 detail from Cross's New Plan Of London

Peckham.   1847  detail from Cross's New Plan Of London

Vauxhall Bridge, Nine Elms & S.Lambeth   1847 detail from Cross's New Plan Of London

Plan of St. Katharine Docks.  1849  anon.            The Old Map Shop

Plan of the Up Town Warehouses Belonging to the East & West India Dock Co.  1849 
anon.                                                                                                                     The Old Map Shop

Plan of The London Docks.   1849 
anon.                                                            The Old Map Shop

River Thames, with the Docks from Blackwall to the Tower. 1850  Sydney Hall.

LimehouseChurch to Poplar,West India Docks and Isle of Dogs .  1854   Collins Illustrated Atlas of London

The Environs of London.  1855  J.R. Colton

Reynold's Map of London 1859
Clickable high resolution streetmap

London Tollgates . 1859  John Dower

Bromley and Blackwall. ca.1860 in Cassells The Suburbs of London              Rookesfineart

Peckham. ca.1860 
in Cassells The Suburbs of London              Rookesfineart

The Landmarks of London.  1860 
John Dower, pub. Cassells                 Rookesfineart

London & the Estuary of the Thames.   1860  A.Vuillemin.  Virtue & Co.

Smith's New Map of London.   1860  C.Smith & Son. (detailed zoomable image)

Fleet street area.   1860  Charles Smith & Son in Smith's New Map of London

Camberwell and Peckham.   1862  Edward Weller for the Weekly Dispatch

The Oarsman's and Angler's Map of the River Thames. 1876  Ernest George Ravenstein

London-sewerage map.   1882  from Rudolf Hering, Sewerage Works in Europe.

New Railway Map of London & Suburbs 1883 George W. Bacon in The New Ordnance Atlas of the British Isles

Woolwich and the Isle of Dogs.   1885 (1 inch to 1 mile) J.Bartholomew for Phillips Handy Atlas. (detail from London and Environs)

Poverty Map of London   1889 Charles Booth
Clickable high resolution streetmap showing levels of poverty and affluence

Inner London.   ca.1890  F.A.Brockhaus

London.   1890  Meyer's Kleiner Handatlas.

London. 1893 George Bacon Atlas of the British Isles

Westminster-Piccadilly.   1893  Detail from Encycloapaedia Britannica London(Central)

Waterloo-Westminster-Lambeth.   1896  Stamford  The Portsmouth Bookshop

Central London.   1900  Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Pocket Atlas and Guide to London.   1900  J. Bartholomew
(complete with index-resizable)

London-street plan.   ca.1900  G.W. Bacon in Bacon's Waistcoat
Pocket Map - Plan of London Showing Railways, Bus Routes, Theatres, Music Halls etc.

London. 1909 a selection of maps from Baedeker's Guide

Central London.   ca.1910   Stanford for Brown, Shipley & Co. Bankers.

City of London.  1918  Collier's The New Encyclopedic Atlas and Gazetteer of the World

London Ancestor
 London Ward/Parish Maps 18th century
                         Aldersgate / St. Martins
                         Parish of St. Ann
                         St. Mary Rotherhith
                         St. Olave and St. Thomas Southwark
                         Walbrook / Dowgate

The Crace Collection of Maps of London
677 maps of London over the centuries from The British Library's
Collect Britain virtual online exhibition.

COLLAGE - Guildhall Library Collection Image Database
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London and Its Suburbs 1862 Edward Stanford's Library Map (6 inches to the mile, first edition) 18,570 name index. Reproductions from this map now available.
London, Westminster & Southwark 1799 Richard Horwood (26 inches to the mile, first edition) 5500 name index. Reproductions from this map now available.
London 1830 Christopher and John Greenwood (8 inches to the mile, 2nd edition) 5000 name index.
London, Westminster and Southwark 1746 John Rocque (26 inches to a mile, first edition) 1500 name index.

The following maps are also indexed:

Fifteen Miles Round London 1786 John Cary (one inch to the mile, first edition). 2000 name index, probably the first "pocket atlas"
London and Westminster (and Docklands) 1802 John Fairburn (3 3/4 inches to the mile 7th edition) with commentary by Ralph Hyde and 2000 name index.

There are also the following lesser maps:

Prospect and Map of London c.1705 Johann Baptist Homann
London, Westminster and Southwark 1736 Homann Heirs
Cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark John Rocque 1749 (small version of the 1746 Rocque above)