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Scotland.   16th Century

Scotia.   1565  Gerard Mercator from a reproduction of Mercator's Atlas of Europe
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Descritione dell Isola di Scotia.  1572  Thomasio Porcacchi engr. Simon Galignani in  L'Isole piu' Famose del Mondo.

Scotia.   1574  Abraham Ortelius

Scotland.   1580-90  Timothy Pont
The first large scale maps of Scotland in 77 maps.
High resolution Zoomable images from the National Library of Scotland.

Scotia.   1595  Abraham Ortelius in Epitome Theatri Orteliani

Regnum Scotia.   1595  Gerard Mercator for his Atlas Part III

Part of Scotland it is called of the inhabitants Stranauerne with his borderers " (most of the Highlands) 1599  Pieter Van den Keere
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Scotia.   1607  Abraham Ortelius in his Epitome Atlas

Scotia II. (Southern Scotland.)   1609.  Gerard Mercator/Jodocus Hondius in Atlas Minor
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Scotia III. (Northern Scotland.)    1609.  Gerard Mercator/Jodocus Hondius in Atlas Minor

Scotia.  1609.   Gerard Mercator/Jodocus Hondius in Atlas Minor     Byron Books

Scotia Septentrion.   1618  Bertius

Scotia Australis.   1618  Bertius

Scotia Septentrionalis 1628  Gerard Mercator. eng H. Hondius

Scotia Meridionalis 1628  Gerard Mercator. eng H. Hondius

Scotia Regnum.  1628  Gerard Mercator   Classical Images

Southern Scotland   1628  Gerard Mercator   Classical Images

Scotiae II Tabula.   1632  Mercator, Gerardi. Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica mundi et fabricati figura. De novo multis in locis emendatus novisq tabulis auctus Studio Judoci Hondy (Amsterodami, Sumptibus Johannis Cloppenburgii, )

The Second Table of Scotland. 1635  Gerard Mercator / M Sparke, London, cosmography.com

Extima Scotiae Septentrionalis Ora. (Northern Scotland )   1635   William Blaeu

Scotia Regnum.   1650  Jan Jansson

Scotiae pars Septentrionalis. (Northern Scotland)   ca.1650 Jan Jansson

Scotia Regnum.  1662  Joan Blaeu

Scota Regnum.   1676  Gerard Mercator in van Waesberge's edition of Atlas Minor

SCOTLAND: ORKNEYS/SHETLAND/FAROES.   1683  Alain Manesson Mallet

Scotland.  1683   Alain Manesson Mallet Postaprint- Antique Maps and Prints

Scotia Regnum   ca.1690  de Wit Robert Ross & Co.               

Scotland   1693(1708) Robert Morden in Patrick Gordon's Geography Anatomiz'd (1708 edition)

Scotland.   1695  Robert Morden

Le Royaume D’Escosse.  ca. 1700  Nicolas Sanson              Map Mogul

L'Ecosse.   ca.1710  A. Leide. pub. Pierre van der Aa

Magnae Britanniae Pars Septentrionale Regnum Scotiae. .  1710  J.B. Homann   Classical Images

The North Part of Great Britain called Scotland.   1715  Thomas Taylor,  engr. Wenceslaus Hollar in England Exactly Described.                                             M4RK1S-ANTIQUE-MAP-AND-PRINT-SHOP

Scotland.   1719 Alain Manesson Mallet

A New Map of the North Part of Scotland.   1722   Andrew Johnston in Camden's Britannia

Scotland.  ca.1732  John Ainslie

Carte Du Royaume D'Ecosse.   1733  D. Martineau Du Plessis in Nouvelle Geographie

A New Map of Scotland.   ca.1733 Robert Morden in P. Gordon's Geography Anatomiz'd or A New Geographical Grammar

A New Map of Scotland from the latest observations.   1733 John Senex  Baldwins Old Maps and Charts

Nova et Accurata Totus Scotiae.   1735 Mattheus Seutter

A Map of the Kingdom of Scotland from the latest and best Observations.  1741   R.W. Seale in The Continuation of Mr. Rapin de Thoyras's History of England from the Revolution to the Accession of King George II. by N. Tindal. vol. III) , pub. John & Paul Knapton, London.  M4RK1S-ANTIQUE-MAP-AND-PRINT-SHOP

Scotland.   1744  John Senex

Scotland.   1747  Emanuel Bowen

Scotland.  1751  Robert de Vaugondy

La Mer D'Ecosse. 1753  Jacques Bellin

North Britain or Scotland.   1754  Thomas Kitchin

Scotia. 1760 Tobias Conrad Lotter

Scotland.   1762.  Thomas Kitchin,  engr. Jefferys in  A Small English Atlas

A New Chart of the Coast of Scotland with the Islands thereof." 1764. William Mount & Thomas Page
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L'Ecosse. 1766  Brion de la Tour.  pub. Alain Desnos in Atlas Eccliastique

A New and Accurate Map of that part of Great Britain Called Scotland.   ca.1770  Thomas Bowen for The Complete English Traveller

Carte du Royaume d'Ecosse.   ca.1770  Brion de la Tour in Atlas Moderne

Scotland.  ca.1770  Thomas Kitchin for Guthrie's New Geographical Grammar   M4RK1S-ANTIQUE-MAP-AND-PRINT-SHOP

L'Ecosse. 1771  Robert de Vaugondy

Scotland.   1773  Thomas Kitchin  pub. J. Payne

Scotland. 1775  Captain Andrew Armstrong.    Classical Images

A Map of Scotland divided into Counties    1777 J.Cowley and Emanuel Bowen

Scotland.  1778  Thomas Kitchin in Moore‘s New and Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels

Scotland.   1779  Thomas Kitchin (a different map to that above)

Scotland.   1779 Thomas Kitchin in  J. Carver's Travels

Scotland. 1799  John Barlow

Scotland. 1782  J.Rapkin in The Circle of the Sciences

Scotland.   1782  Thomas Jefferies in Salmon's Grammar (an updated version of Jefferies' earlier work for Salmon and with his name removed)

A New & Correct Map of Scotland.  1783   Thomas Kitchin for Barnards New Complete and Authentic History of England.

Scotland.   1784.  Andrew Bell

Scotland.   1787  Rigobert Bonne in Atlas Encyclopedique

Scotland.   1788  William Guthrie  Cartographic Arts

Scotland.    1788  William Guthrie

Des Konigreichs Scotland Sudlichertheil.   1789  Franz Jozeph von Reilly

Scotland.   1790 Gillray

L'Ecosse.   1790  Brion de la Tour & Alain Desnos

An Index Map to the Antiquities of Scotland Showing the Situation of Every building described in the Work.   1791  Francis Grose in Antiquities of  Great Britain

Scotland.  1794 Thomas Conder  in Robert Wilkinson's A General Atlas....

Scotland.  1794  John Ainslie in R. Brookes' The General Gazetteer(8th edn.)

L'Escosse Suivant Les Dernieres Relations.   1795  Nicolas Sanson

Scotland. 1798  Scot and Allardice

Scotland.   1799  John Payne.  engr. A. Doolittle in A New and Complete Universal Geography (New York: John Low)

Scotland.   1799 William Darton in Walkers Geography   Classical Images              

A New Map of Scotland. 1800 A. Doolittle. in A New and Complete Universal Geography (New York: John Low, 1799-1800.)

Scotland. ca. 1800  William Darton            Lindisfarne Prints

Scotland.   1801 George Millar in The New, Complete, Authentic, and Universal System of Geography

Scotland from the Best Authorities. 1801 engraved by Barlow and published by C.Brightly & E.Kinnersley, Bungay in Suffolk, in A General View of the World by Rev. E. Blomfield. Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Scotland. 1802  Aaron Arrowsmith,  engr. Lowry

A New map of the North part of Scotland.    1805  John Cary   Classical Images

Scotland.  1807 Kirkwood and sons for Guthrie's Grammar

Charte von Scotland. 1807 Homann heirs.

Scotland.   1808 John Arrowsmith in Abraham Rees' 1820 Cyclopaedia

Scotland.    1808  From The General Gazetteer; or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Compiled by R. Brookes, Revised by W. Guthrie and E. Jones. Eighth Edition, Dublin, 1808.

Scotland.   1809. T. Bowen for William Guthrie's New
     Geographical, Historical & Commercial Grammar and Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World

Scotland.   1810  Robert Wilkinson               The Map Room

Scotland.   1810  John Smith in A System of Modern Geography

L'Ecosse.   1811  Herisson, eng. Glot in Nouvel Atlas Portatif Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Scotland.   1811  J.C.Russell, pub. Ostell's New General Atlas   Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps          

Scotland. 1812  John Pinkerton (engr. Samuel Neele) in his Modern Atlas.   

Scotland.  1815 William Barlow for Barclay's Dictionary (2nd. edn.)   Classical Images

Scotland.   1818  Charles Smith in New General Atlas.- 1818 edn.

Scotland.   1818  J. Wallis in A System of Universal Geography               Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Scotland.  1819  James Wylde, engr. N.R. Hewitt in A General Atlas published by John Thomson, Edinburg

Scotland. 1820 Sydney Hall

Scotland.   1822  Sydney Hall

Scotland.   1823  John Arrowsmith

Scotland.   1824  Sydney Hall

Scotland from the Best Authorities. 1825  cartographer not known.

Canals in the South of Scotland.   1825  J.Lowry  Baldwins Old Maps and Charts

Scotland.   1827  Samuel Neele

Scotland.   1827  J.Pass for the Encyclopaedia Londonensis

Scotland  1829  Sidney Hall in Butler's Modern Atlas

Scotland.   1829  Henry Teesdale in the New British Atlas

Scotland   1830  Wilhelm von Schlieben in Atlas of Europe

Scotland   1831   Alexander Finley,  Philadelphia.

Scotland.   1832  Robert Fullarton  pub. Blackie & Sons

Scotland.     1833 Sidney Hall in A New British Atlas   rookesfineart

Scotland. 1840 Sidney Hall

Scotland-1 (Central Scotland).   1837  J. & C. Walker for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Scotland.   1842  SDUK Society for the Diffusion of Universal Knowledge

Scotland.   1846.  Cowperthwaite

Scotland. 1846  J.Gellatly, pub. Chambers.

Fraserburgh.  1850  Alexander Fullarton in Ports on the North East Coast of Scotland

Lossiemouth.  1850 
Alexander Fullarton in Ports on the North East Coast of Scotland

Scotland.  1852 or 1854.  Sydney Hall in A Travelling County Atlas.
This work was first published in 1842 and went through numerous updated editions until 1880.
This is one of the first editions to distinguish between completed railways (thick black line) and projected railways (thin hatched line), some of which were never completed.

Scotland.  1851  Tallis

Scotland.  1851  in Samuel Butler's Atlas of Modern Geography

Scotland.  1854  J.Bartholomew and Sons

Scotland.   1857  Sidney Hall in General Atlas of World pub. A.& C. Black

Ports and Harbours on the West Coast of Scotland   1857 pub. A.Fullarton & Co. in The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland

Scotland.   1868  William Harvey (Aleph) in Geographical Fun

Scotland.   ca.1870  W Hughes

Scotland.   1870  Alexander Fullarton in The Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland

Scotland.   1887  Cram  Appalachian Arts

Bridge of Allan , Airthrey. 1867 A & C Black,   Black's Guide to Scotland

Scotland.   1875  Adolf Stieler

Scotland .  1878  James Monteith. Monteith's Comprehensive Geography

Scotland.   1880  J.Bartholomew  pub. W. & R. Chambers

Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth . 1884  Appleton, New York

Scotland-Northern Section.  1888  J.Bartholomew in the Handy Reference Atlas of the World

Scotland-Southern Section.  1888 
J.Bartholomew in the Handy Reference Atlas of the World

Eastern Scotland. ca.1893 Cassell & Co.

Western Scotland.  1893  Cassell & Co.

Ports and harbours of East Scotland. 1893 G.H. Swanston for A.Fullarton in the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland.
ports included:
Map of the North East Coast of Scotland. 1893
Port of Peterhead. Plan dated 1834.
Port of Boddam. Plan dated 1834.
Port of Aberdeen. Plan dated 1833.

Scotland. 1897  Century Atlas

South_West Scotland   ca.1900  W. & A.K. Johnston

Western Isles.   1900  Cassell and Co.