Midlothian Old Maps



Edinburg.   1544 Sebastian Munster in Cosmographia Universalis
(detailed, high resolution images)
historic cities

Edinburgh.   1580 
Sebastian Munster

Edenburg.   1588 Georg Braun & Franz Hogernberg

Lothian and Linlithgow.   1596.  Gerard Mercator,  pub. Hondius. based on work of Timothy Pont

Louth and Lothian.   1630  J. Blaeu

Edynburgum.   ca.1650  R. van den Hoeije         Leiden University

Edimbovrg.   1683  Allain Manesson Mallet

A Plan of the City of Edinburgh with the Adjacent Grounds.  1759  Andrew Bell

Edinburghshire. 1763.  Thomas Kitchin for the London Magazine

Carte du Golphe D'Edinburgh.   1764  J.N. Bellin in Petit Atlas Maritime   Beach Antique Maps & Prints

Firth of Forth & Edinburgh(detail).     1794  John Cary in New Map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland.

 Edinburgh - Dundee - St. Andrews area.   1804 detail from: Scotland  drawn and engraved by J. Russell, published by J. Stratford

'General Plan of the Communications that will be formed by the Proposed
      Edinburgh & Glasgow Union Canal with other Navigations.' 1806 
W. & D.Lizars

Edinburgh - town plan.   1809  from Brown's Stranger's Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh.   1817  R.Scott for The Scot's Magazine

Edinburgh.  ca. 1820  G. Aickman   Lombard Antiquarian Maps & Pints

The Evirons of Edinburgh   1830  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK)

 Edinburgh .   1834,  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  Baldwin & Cradock,

Edinburghshire or Mid Lothian   1842  Fullarton

Edinburgh area.  1847  J. Bartholomew (detail from Environs of Edinburgh   pub A.& C. Black

North British Railway -Edinburgh to Berwick and Adjacent Counties.   ca. 1850  J. Bartholomew

Edinburgh.   1851  Blume

Linlithgowshire   ca.1856  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Edinburghshire   1853  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Edinburghshire.   1859  Edward Weller in The Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Edinburghshire.   1860  Edward Weller in Cassell's  Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Edinburgh.   1860  John Dower in Cassell's 
Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Edinburghshire.. 1863    Edward Weller in Cassell's  Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Edinburgh and Leith.   1864  G.H.Swanston

The North British Railway- Edinburgh to Berwick .  1865  A.&C.Black

Edinburgh.   1869  A and C Black

The Lothians & Edinburgh . 1870  W.Hughes.  Virtue & Son.

Edinburgh. 1880 Black's Reduced Ordndance Survey Maps, Edinburgh District,

Edinburgh-detail   1882  Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland,

Edinburgh -city plan.   1883  George W. Bacon in The New Ordnance Atlas of the British Isles

Plan of Edinburgh. 1883 Letts Popular Atlas

Edinburgh & the Firth of Forth.   ca.1885  A.Vuillemin,  pub. Virtue & Co.

Edinburgh. (Eastern Section)  1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.                                                                          London Ancestor

Edinburgh. (Western Section)  1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.                                                                          London Ancestor

Dunfermlin area. 1885 Ordnance Survey, Sheet 32, Edinburghshire

Edinburgh-London St. area. abt.1890 W & A.K. Johnston's New Plan of
                    Edinburgh, Leith & Portobello

Edinburgh.  1890  George Bacon

Edinburgh.    1892  Bartholomew

Edinburgh  1892  detail from  John Bartholomew, The Pentland Hills: Their Paths and Passes

Edinburgh-street plan.    1893  cerograph engr. Fisk & Sons. pub.Phillips & Hunt

Edinburgh-Musselburgh.   1894.  Adolph Stieler (detail from Scotland )

Estuary of the River Forth , including areas of Edinburghshire, Linlithgowshire, Haddingtonshire, Fifeshire and Kinross Shire.  1895   J.Bartholomew

Edinburgh.   -street plan.  1895   Cram

Edinburgh.   1896 from Meyers Conversations and Lexicon Atlas, Leipzig.

Edinburgh.   1894  from The Standard Reference Atlas

Edinburgh. 1895. in C.A. Gaskell' s Family and Business Atlas of the World

County of Edinburgh or Midlothian.   1896  Groome's Topographical Dictionary of Scotland

Edinburgh.  1898  Cram's Universal Atlas

Edinburgh.   town-plan(and detail)  1900 K.Baedeker

Edinburgh.  1922  G.Bartholomew. (detail from The Towns of England in The Times Atlas)

Central Edinburgh.   1925  Ward Lock