About Genmaps


Genmaps is a site devoted to online images of  English, Welsh and Scottish maps from their beginnings to the early 20th Century.

It is intended to be for the use of historians, educators and genealogists for non-commercial research purposes.Although the maps shown are free of copyright, in most cases the images are not. These remain the property of the image creator.  Any commercial use of these images is expressly forbidden without the permission of the copyright holder of the image. 

Where possible, Genmaps acknowledges the source of each image and provides a link to the original site where appropriate. For copyright reasons, some images are linked directly to the host's site. Should there be any objection to an image appearing on our site, please contact Genmaps and it will be removed.

A proportion of the map images on Genmaps are, at present, only available in low resolution. These will be replaced as higher resolution images become available.

Many of the images are from scans donated by the owners of old maps. If you have any mid or high resolution images (free of copyright other than your own) of old British maps which  could appear on the site
contact email address
(text-only email). We will then contact you with an alternative address for mail enclosures.

We are happy to answer any queries regarding  old British maps, but we do not buy or sell maps. Please consult the list of commercial map dealers on our Links page and contact one of them.

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable help of the many contributors of images to this site, to the hundreds of sites who provide links to us, and, above all, to Free Pages at Rootsweb for making  Genmaps possible.