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Here are some other map web sites:

Great Britain and Ireland

  • Great Britain - Medieval Maps 
  • Historic Cities
  • Channel Islands - Old Maps
  • Ireland Historical Maps (Ireland History in Maps)
  • Welcome to the Bodleian Library Map Room (Oxford University)
  • National Library of Wales
  • The Tithe Maps of Wales - a guide. (National Library of Wales
      • Chorographica Britanniæ  1742 Thomas Badeslade. pub. W. H. Toms
        (High resolution images of the 1st and the extensively revised  3rd states of this atlas)
    • Europe


  • The David Rumsey American Map Collection: (Thousands of Zoomable Images)
  • Maps of the Pimeria (New Spain in the Americas) - University of Arizona Collection
  • Library of Congress Map Collections
  • Pacific Northwest Railroad Maps (National Railway Historical Society)
  • An Exhibition of Maps and Navigational Instruments, University of Virginia
  • World:

  • Iceland - Antique Maps of Iceland
  • Khazarian Historical Maps (Richard Burd)
  • Ortelius - Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1570 (American Memory Project) including 53 detailed maps
  • The Madaba Map (Jordan)
  • Jerusalem Maps
  • Map Collections:

  • Rare Map Collection (University of Georgia)
  • Harvard Map Collection
  • Cartographic Images Database (Jim Seibold) Ancient through Renaissance
  • Facsimiles and Reproductions (University of California, Berkeley)
  • The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas, Austin
  • The Earth & Heavens: The Art of the Mapmaker (British Museum)
  • Map Collection of the Galleria delle Navi del Rettorato - University of Bologna (in Italian)
  • Historical Atlases and Maps:

    Cartography / History of Cartography / Map Collecting

    WW1 and WW2 Maps

  • Commercial Map Dealers

  •            Map Mogul
              Robert Frew


              Cartographic Arts
    Heritage Antique Maps

    Paulus Swaen

    Philadelphia Printshop
    Antique maps, antique atlases (Raremaps.com)

    Heritage Map Museum

    Baldwin's Old Prints and Maps

    Landmark Map Company - Antique Map Reproductions

    Pacific Shore Maps

    Richard B. Arkway
    The Old Map Shop

    Link Sites

    Oddens's Bookmarks: Maps and Atlases

    Medieval Web Links (Fordham University)

    Historical Map Web Sites (University of Texas)

    CGRERNetSurfing: Maps and References (University of Iowa)

    Internet Cartography Links (Harvard University)

    Images  of Early Maps on the Web  (Map History, 600+ links)