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William Moore Wells Sr.

William Moore Wells Sr.

B. 8 Dec. 1844- Reading, Pa.

d. 9 June, 1917- Reading, Pa.

M. Margaret Ruth

b. 31 May, 1846

d. 9 June, 1924- Reading, Pa.

William Moore Wells

Father- William Arthur Wells - Manager a fire brick est. on Canal St.

b. 1810- Delaware

d. 14 Nov. 1855- Reading, Pa.

Mother- Lydia Moore- sister of Dr. William Moore of Womelsdorf, Pa.

b. 1817 reading, Pa.

d. 10 June, 1884- Reading, Pa.

William Moore Wells

Lived at 329 N. 2nd St. Reading, Pa.

Was a private 42nd Pa. "Co. C"

Was a Private 46th Pa. Vet. Vol. Co. "E"

Worked as a machinist with the P&RR Shops in Reading, Pa.

Buried at Charles Evans Cemetery.

329 N. 2nd. Street, Reading, Pa.

Pictures taken by Justine Walter

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Margaret and William Wells

Picture taken July, 1915.

Picture taken by Justine Walter

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Margaret Wells

Margaret was married to my GGrandfather on 10 March, 1867, 1st. Reformed Church, Reading, Pa.

Margaret was born 31 May, 1846, and died 6 January, 1924 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Lydia Mull wife of John Mull.

Margaret's maiden name was RUTH, and at the time of her death she was survived by 2 brothers, George W. Ruth, and Harry Ruth.

Margaret and William lived on 329 N. 2nd St. , and is buried at Charles Evans, Lot 127, Sec. B1.

William and Margaret Wells had the following children:

Lydia Wells Mull- 11/13/1867- July, 1955.

Dan R. Wells-09.12.1869-01/06/1949

Anna Wells -02/12/1873- 08/15/1873

William M. Wells -11/05/1875- 08/02/1942

My Grandfather

Esther R. Wells-08/01/1877-08/17/1900

Dr. Margaret Wells-10/18/1879-09/?/1952

Taught in N.Y.C.

I don't have much information on Dan R. Wells, except for his wife's name and one child. Same for Dr. Margaret Wells. She never married, and are all buried at Charles Evans with their parents.

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Capt. William H. Andrews

Here is the picture of Capt. William H. Andrews. He married Rebecca Wells, sister of my GGrandfather William Moore Wells.

Rebecca was born 5 October, 1838 at 6.53am. Baptized 03/13/ 1839 Christ Episcopal Church by R.U. Morgan. Married William H. Andrews 5 July, 1859, Died 9 /9/1860.

William H. Andrews was born c. 1837 and died at Antietam, Sharpsburg, Md., 09/17/1862.

He enlisted in the Pa. 1st Reg., Co. G mustered 04/20/1861, and the 128th Pa. Inf. Reg., mustered 08/13/1862.

This particular unit was very inexperienced when engaged in one of the most horrible battles of the Civil War. I did not know he was buried at Charles Evans until recently. I also think it is pretty amazing that his body was sent back to Reading after his death. The Wells' had hardly the money to get by, so maybe his family had something to do with it.

I have not been able to find information on the Andrews family. He and his family are all buried in the plot owned by Jacob Knabb, who was born 1818 and died 1889. His estate records contain 70 pages, so he must have been someone important. He is also the same age as William Moore Wells, and Rebecca Wells mother, Lydia Moore Wells(1817-1884), so they must have been friends.

Capt. Andrew

Rebecca, Capt. Andrew's wife.

Pictures taken by Justine Walter

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William Moore Wells Jr.

Grandfather William Moore Wells Jr. was born in Reading, Pa. 5 November, 1875- and died in Columbus, Ohio, 2

Aug.,1943. My father always said he went to Germany at high school age to study music. When he returned he ended up in New York City where he was first cellist with Walter Dameroch in the New York Symphony. I don't have the dates.

He and his wife Virginia Eckelberry(from Ohio) moved to Columbus, Ohio c. 1921, where he taught music for private students, and at Ohio Wesleyan, Capital University, Otterbein, and Muskingum Colleges. My father William Moore Wells is their only child. It is thought that these pictures were taken in Germany.

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Dr. William Moore Wells

This is a picture of my father Dr. William Moore Wells. He was born in New York City, 07/04/1915, and is currently living in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. I am guessing this picture was taken c. 1933-40.

After leaving N.Y.C. they moved to Columbus, Ohio where he completed school and started a medical practice in Newark, Ohio.

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3 Generations of the William Moore Wells Family

This picture is one taken soon after our son William Moore Wells was born. This is the only one we have with all of us together.

I was born 06/23/1950 in Newark, Ohio; and my son was born 07/14/1986 in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. William M. Wells

7-4-1915 9-4-2000

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Thomas Moore, b. 3 Feb., 1781, d. or was buried at Charles Evans Cemetery 2/13/1849. Married Esther Heckman, b. 27 Oct., 1790, d. 21 July, 1856. Both are listed at Charles Evans lot 13, Sec. M., but Esther is at Grave #3, and although Thomas is listed don't know what grave he is in unless he is in Grave #3 with his wife. Thomas Moore was a leading citizen of Reading in the early days of the ancient borough.

Thomas and Esther had 8 children. Their births are all recorded in the bible. As follows.

Mary Moore- b. 15 March, 1809; d. 17 Sept., 1890. Never married. Lot13,M.Dr. Wm. Moore- b. 28 July, 1810; d. 23 May, 1872. Womelsdorf. 6 children.

George W. Moore - b.12 March, 1814; d. 21 January, 1887. 2 children. Lot13 Lydia Moore- b. 21 Feb. 1817; d. 13 June, 1884. (my GGGrandmother.)

Lot 13 Catherine Moore- b. 6 April, 1819, d. 17 June, 1894. Lot 13. John Moore- b. 4 Nov., 1821 d. bef. 1884--no other info. James Moore- b. 17 Jan., 1825; d. bef. 1884- no other info. Elizabeth(Lizzy) Ann Moore- b. 12 Nov. 1829; d. 25 Feb. 1886-m. David E.

Evans-b. 1814 in England, d. 5 Nov. 1881. 8 children.

Catherine Moore married Jacob Arnold on 03/22/1848, but died 03/22/1851. Pretty strange because Jacob was born 03/23.1820. He is buried at Zion Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery in Womelsdorf.

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Capt. William G. Moore

1. Capt. Wm. G. Moore b. 1841; d. 1898, Married ELMIRA SELTZER 23 May, 1865, Lincoln, Ill. 3 children; William M.S.Moore, b. 21 April, 1866, d. 1927, m. Sarah Miller 1891. Mary C. Moore, b. 19 Aug., 1867; and Paul Walter Moore, b. 5 Mar., 1876.

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The picture of the girl is that of Mary(May) Catherine Moore. It was taken in 1870.

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George Moore

GEORGE MOORE- b. 12 March, 1814; d. 21 January, 1887. m. Sarah b1825, d. 17 March, 1864. Both are buried at Charles Evans, Lot 13, Sec. M.

They lived in Womelsdorf at 436 S. 4th St. George was a brickmaker.

They had 2 sons: Thomas-b. c.1851, d. 12 Sept., 1857

William-b. ?. 1858,d. 21 March, 1890.

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Lydia Moores' line.

Thomas and Esther Moore's 4th child Lydia. This is the family that I am decended from. Lydia is my GGGrandmother. She married William Arthur Wells and had 9 children from 1837- 1854. All were born in Reading, Pa., and baptized at Christ Episcopal Church by R.U. Moran( or Morgan).

William Arthur was known as "Squire Wells", he was a pioneer in the manufacture of fire brick . His establishment was on Canal St., He also held the office of Justice of the Peace. His home was at 33 S. 4th St. (This information is from Lydias obituary pasted in the bible). Unfortunately I have no known pictures of these 2 that I know of, unless they are included in the unknowns.

Lydia Wells.

William A. Wells b. 27 Nov. 1810- Cantwells Bridge, New Castle Co., Del. d. 15 Sept., 1855- Reading, Pa. m. 9 June, 1836- Christ Episcopal Church

Lydia Moore b. 21 Feb., 1817 d. 10 June 1884

Children:1. Olivia-b. 31 Mar., 1837- d. 9 Dec., 1859@4:00am

2. Rebecca- b. 5 Oct., 1838- d. 9 Sept., 1860-m. 5 July, 1859 to William H. Andrews.

3. Matthew Richards- b. 1June, 1840- d. 1 Oct., 1840

4. Stillborn son-1 Oct., 1841

5. Mary- 4 Aug., 1842- d. 18 Aug., 1859

6. William M. Wells- b. 8 Dec., 1844- d. 9 June, 1917.

7. Arthur Allston- b. 28 Dec., 1847- d. 11 Aug., 1918-m. Ellen McDonald Aug.1872.

8. James M.- b. 18 Oct., 1949- d. 28 Aug., 1876

9.Esther(Ettie)- b. 19 July, 1852- d. 31 Mar., 1870

10. Thomas McDowell- b. 18 Nov., 1854- d. 13 Feb.,1942. Worked at the Post Office.

Arthur Allston Wells

Arthur Allston Wells with 2 other people who are unidentified.

I have little information on James Wells. The estate records of his parents show he married a Emid, and had 2 daughters Jenny(b.1870) and Rebecca(b.1872, married a George High). James died of Typhoid Fever.

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Catherine Moore

The 5th child of Thomas and Esther Moore was Catherine. She was born 6 April,1819, and died 17 June, 1894. She was married to Jacob Arnold, b. 03/23/1820, d. 03/22/1851, on 03/22/1848. They were not married very long and there is no record whether they had children. Jacob was buried at Zion Lutheran Reformed Cemetery in Womelsdorf, and Catherine was buried at Charles Evans.

Here is a picture of Catherines Grave at Charles Evans, and a picture of a Aunt Kate Moore, who indeed may be Catherine.

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Henritta Moore

The 6th and 7th children of Thomas and Esther Moore are John and James and other than birth dates I have no nformation.

The 8th child of Thomas and Esther Moore was Elizabeth (Lizzy) Ann, b. 12 Nov., 1829, and d. 25 Feb., 1886. She married David E. Evans, b. 1814 in England, and d. 5 Nov., 1881. They are buried at Charles Evans, Lot#10, Sec. N. I have no pictures of these markers, and there are 7 other Evans' buried with David and Elizabeth. They resided at 303 Chestnut St, Reading, Pa. David and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Mary E.-b. 1853-d.1880- Lived at 3d& Chestnut St.

2. Esther M. b. 1861-d. 1941

3. Rebecca A. b. 1862-d. 1942

4. William Moore-b. 1864-d. 1935 m. Laura-d. 1942

5. Kate Moore- b. 1866-d. 1899- Lived at 206 Douglas St.

6. Margaret(Maggie)- b. 1873-d. 1902- Lived at 206 Douglas St.

7. Henrietta

303 Chestnut Street, Reading, Pa.

206 Douglas Street, Reading, Pa.

Pictures by Justine Walter.

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Miranda James

Here is a set of pictures taken by a studio in Philadelphia with Miranda V. James written on the back of the womans picture,and Wells on the back of the young mans picture. It appears the man is wearing a Civil War uniform??

I don't know who Miranda James is, nor I cannot figure out who the man is unless it it either my GGrandfather William, or his brother James E. Wells (18 Oct., 1849- 28 Aug., 1876). If it was James in 1865 he would have been 16 years old, but his other brother Arthur Allston Wells joined when he was only 14, so it's possible. Their father(William Arthur Wells) died young, at 45 years, so the family was in need of money.

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Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth(Lizzy)(Moyer) Moore wife of James E. Moore, son of Dr. Wm. Moore of Womelsdorf, Pa.

Lizzy was born 1849 and died 1915. Her husband James was born 28 Sept. 1846 and died 2 April, 1894. Both are buried at Womelsdorf Zion Union Cemetery, Section 2, Row 11. James was a R.R. Station agent.

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Children of Elizabeth Pilgrim(Moore)-b.1843-1894, daughter of Dr. Wm. Moore. She married Frederick Pilgrim b. 1837-1896, a Reverand Reformed Church Lititz. They had 1 other child, Charles E.1875-1900 and are buried at Womelsdorf Union Cemetery, Section2 Row13.

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Lily Moore

I am assuming Lily is short for Elizabeth and am still trying to figure who she is.

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Wells Portrait.

Here is a beautiful group picture of my GGrandparents and their children. This picture was taken the same day as the picture of William and Margaret on the Wells Family site. Notice their clothes and Margarets hat. This picture was taken in 1915 in New York City, most likely right after my father was born. My father was their first grandchild, and his birth must have been important to them. Since I do not have any pictures of William and Margarets daughters Lydia(Mull), and Margaret, I do not know who is who. In 1915 Lydia (Mull) was 48, and daughter Margaret was 36. The man standing is my Grandfather(the Cellest) and his wife,my grandmother is all the way on the right(I think).

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Headstone pictures at Charles Evans Cemetery taken by Justine Walter.

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2000 Pictures and comment by William Wells.WILLIAM