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                        Genealogy Resources

GenTutor Approach to Genealogy - Genealogy Tips
Genealogist Beverly Whitaker offers suggestions for successful research

Instructions for Genealogical Charting
Instructions for how to fill out the two most basic forms used by genealogists

Federal Census Descriptions
Learn the different information covered each ten years in Federal Census (PDF download)

Web Sites for Genealogy and History
Some of Beverly's favorite Internet sites.

Relationship Chart
Figure out cousin relationships the easy way.  Also use
Cousin Calculator

Bibliography for Genealogy and History
My recommended reading list, divided into categories.

Pedigree Plotter
One way to gather the information needed for a pedigree chart.

Genealogy Research in Kansas City
Get a head start on your family history research in the KC area.

Kansas City History
Historical chart for a four-county area.

American History Events: It Happened At Christmas
Events that occurred in the month of December, a timeline and description


          Religious Resources

What Church Did Grandpa Attend?   
A study of the churches of our early American ancestors. 

Women in American Churches
Contributions of women in church and society.

Susanna Wesley
A "first person" account, suitable for presentation as a program, with written permission from the author; no fee.

Protestant Denominations established in Colonial America
Links extend from colonial to the present 1600 - 2000.

United States Religious Groups and Archives
Links for religious groups that emerged dramatically during the period 1800-2000.

American Church Denominational Reference Sheets.  Each has a church history chronology.
Download any or all of 16 reference sheets; no fee. Note sources for church records.

Quaker Heritage
Lists my more than 30 Quaker surnames; Quaker Internet links; plus a downloadable photo essay:
A Vist to Wrightsborough, Georgia, a historical Quaker colony, A Photo Essay of 14 pages which downloads as a PDF file.

Women of the Bible
Short,first-person-style sketches of 19 women of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.
These are suitable for oral presentations; written permission is required; no fee.
Scriptural references are provided for each woman.

Mothers of the Bible Devotional
A study of mothers in the Bible.
Suitable for oral presentation; written permission is required; no fee.

               Migration Routes

American Migration Patterns
Beverly's comments and photos relating to American migration patterns.
With LINKS to related sites.

Rivers and Waterways
Focus on alternate transportation for migration; includes many links.

A Mini-Glossary of Terms relating to waterways and land formations
(Developed due to  viewer request. - Primary Source: American Heritage Dictionary and Thesaurus)

American Migration Facts Sheets
- 2 pages for each of 18 Early American Migration Roads and Trails
- Each set is produced in PDF Format (can be printed for personal use only; not for distribution)
- Traffic, Features, Timeline, Route, Map sketch
- (Based on the preview paragraphs on RoadTrails, but greatly expanded and improved)
- All 18 links appear at:


 American Roads and Trails Paragraph Previews and map sketches for 18 early American roads and trails.
Short summaries.  For expanded information, download the free Fact Sheets described above

The RoadTrails site (American Roads and Trails) received recognition
 from FamilyTreeMagazine’s “101 Best Web Sites for 2010” for genealogists

Family Connections for Beverly and Bob Whitaker

 Our Surnames  Listing of more than 100 surnames in Beverly's and Bob's family lines.

Lineage Links to All 8 of Our Family Trees    
Direct links to our own family's WorldConnect genealogy files.
Search also for specific names at where I have several public trees.

James Matthews and Susanna Laughlin
James Matthews, Revolutionary Soldier of North Carolina and a founder of  Friendsville, Tennessee
Susanna Laughlin, wife of James Matthews; daughter of Hugh Laughlin and Mary Harlan

Thomas Pullen and Lydia Bowers
Thomas Pullen, 1752-1828. Immigrant. Revolutionary Soldier. Descendants in Georgia.
Married Lydia Bowers, daughter of Morris Bowers and Esther Bonner, in James City Co., VA, 1777.

Our Colonial Ancestors
List of our colonial ancestors, linked to biographical sketches -- do we share any with you?

Postcard Memories 
Postcards from 1907-1918 from my grandparents' collections. 
Download the much improved PDF version (free). It is composed of  28 pages, more than 75 postcards.

Faces from the Past   
4 digital scrapbook pages, an example for you to follow.
In preparing these pages, I used examples from several generations of my paternal grandmother's family:

How I Create Digital Family History Scrapbooks    
Download as a PDF document.

WHITAKER Family Links and more  
Includes a summary, still in progress:
Whitaker Families in Colonial America.

WHITAKER Genealogy Exchange for Family Researchers  Over 350 WHITAKER researchers.
Various spellings. Alphabetized by given names.      NO LONGER UPDATED.


                Beverly’s Blog
Visit Beverly’s BLOG for stories and pictures of many of Beverly’s direct ancestors:
                Ancestral Stories – Family Heritage
Share with me the joy of exploring family heritage and getting to know one’s ancestors.
Knowing about our family heritage teaches us about ourselves.
Family History is a collection of stories: His-Story and Her-Story.

        About Beverly
--Beverly began researching her own family tree in 1976.
--She taught "how-to-do-genealogy" courses for Community Education.
--She completed a Master's Degree in Education in 1981.
--For 11 years, Beverly was on the faculty of Maple Woods Community College, Kansas City.
--Meanwhile, she began writing and publishing genealogy books and learning aids.
--For 5 years, she held certification by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.
--Having lectured at genealogy conferences, she prefers to teach via her web pages.
--She prepared 3 courses for Canada's National Institute for Genealogical Studies.
--She holds memberships in several genealogical and historical organizations.
--She distributes surname newsletters and digital scrapbooks.

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Note:  Beverly no longer accepts new clients and recommends that persons
needing professional research seek assistance from these listings:

Association of Professional Genealogists           The Board for Certification of Genealogists



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