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Final Update: June 28, 2009

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Although the Whitaker Exchange pages will remain on the Internet, we are no longer accepting new or revised entries.

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How This Site Evolved

This WHITAKER EXCHANGE web site began several years ago because we were getting requests for WHITAKER family information pertaining to many different lines. We have focused our research on colonial Whitaker immigrants. Our own special interest is Joshua Whitaker and his wife Jane Gracey, both born in North Carolina, but found soon after the American Revolution in Richmond and Columbia Counties in Georgia. Research suggests Joshua is a descendant of 1721 immigrant William Whitaker who married Elizabeth Carleton.We have much interest in DNA studies of the Whitaker surname (by any of its various spellings.)
Because we also research several dozen of our other surnames, we couldn't keep up with all the Whitaker Family Lines and thus invited other researchers to submit names of early WHITAKER ancestors with the goal to encourage the trading of information among persons researching the same line. Early on, it wasn't that hard to scan the entire list and spot matches. As the list grew to exceed 100, then 200, and�then over 300, that became more difficult.
In response to Reader Request, we alphabetized the entire WHITAKER RESEARCH EXCHANGE LIST by given name. The most popular names seem to be Jabez, James, John, Joseph, Richard, Robert, and William. The Whitaker Exchange List now spans several linked web pages. New entries were marked as such and inserted into the appropriate alphabetical page. Entry numbers�were retained as an alternate finding aid, with highest numbers being the newest entries. We wish you much success in your research!

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