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I am researching these NAMES :-

PLACES where my ancestors came from:-
DINGWALL - my home town

DARLINGTON - John Dryden
YORK - all the Potter family
ADDINGHAM - all the Whitaker family
BARNSLEY - Potter Dryden Whitaker and Whewall - Betton

Updated 26 March 2013




    Brompton by Northallerton
    John Dryden born 1798 in Hurworth, Darlington
    John married Martha Bosten ( born 1802 in Brompton ) on 15 Jun 1822 in Brompton.
    He was a hand loom weaver and died 1854 in Barnsley. Martha remarried later.

    Their children were William ( b1822 ), James (b1824), John (b1826), Anne (b1828), Sarah (b1831), Thomas (b1831), George (b1833), Mary (b1835), Barnabus (b1837), Charles (b1838) (Charles married Mary E Ashton - see link below ) and Christopher (b1843).
    Most of this Dryden family moved to Barnsley between 1843-1851.

    Thomas Dryden born 1831 in Brompton by Northallerton married Ann Brooks in Silkstone Church, near Barnsley on 19 Jan 1852. He was a miner.
    Their children were Martha born 1853, George born 1856, Elizabeth born 1859, John born 1866.
    Ann died c1872 and Thomas got remarried to Mary Robinson.
    Thomas and Mary's children were Frances 1877, Robert born 1880, William (b1884), Annie (b1886), Charles (b1888) and Sarah (b1890).

    George married Jane Joy born 1857 and came from Knaresborough.
    They are pictured here outside 39 Grace Street, Barnsley [ Click picture to enlarge ]
    Their children were Martha born 1877, George 1879, Thomas 1880 , Lily (b1895) , Lizzie (b1887) and Florence (b1883).

    Lily (who was my Grandmother) married in 1919 to James Henry Potter

    Their son Thomas Henry Potter was also a miner. Four generations of miners in Barnsley.
    Up until the 1881 Census, every Dryden in Barnsley had descended from John and Martha. Most of the men were miners or weavers.

    Much more information is given in the family trees.
    Liz Edwards traced John Dryden back to Hurworth.
    Lots of other information came from R Sykes, J Keith and G Warburton.
    Melvyn Jones has a detailed article published in 'Aspects of Barnsley'.
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  • CLICK HERE For a link to Peter Knowle's website which has information about the ASHTONS who originated in Hyde, Cheshire and lived in Barnsley

    The Potters came from the slums of York in Walmgate. They are difficult to trace because of the size of the City.
    William Potter was a blacksmith married 3 Mar 1833 to Mary Foster in St Lawrence, York.

    Their children were Mary Ann (b1833) and John Potter (b1834), George (b1839), William (b1843) and Thomas (b1850).

    John Potter an engine fitter, whitesmith and farmer! married 25 May 1856 to Alice Taylor (b1836)
    John's children were William (b1857), Elizabeth (b1860), Mary A (b1862), James Potter ( b1863), George (b1867), Louisa (b1869), Joseph (b1871), Sarah (b1873), John (b1875), Thomas (b1880)

    James Potter was a glassblower married 25 Dec 1884 to Annie Kettlewell of Acomb
    James'schildren were Annie b1885, James Henry Potter, Alice b1886, William b1884, Tizzie (Sarah) b1891, George b1899, Amy b1899, Mary b1895, Ethel b1893, Louisa b1900 and possibly Belsa?
    They lived in Walmgate, York but moved to Barnsley around 1900.

    James Henry Potter was a miner married Lily Dryden lived in Grace Street, Barnsley
    Their children were Ruby b1920 Thomas Henry b1921 a coal miner, Renee b1925 and Ronald

    Thomas Henry Potter married 1946 Doreen Whitaker
    Their son is Geoff Potter - this is me !!! I live in Dingwall near Inverness

    CLICK HERE to view the POTTER Family Tree

    Do you know any more or can recommend any sources ?

    Addingham, Yorkshire
    All my Whitaker ancestors came from Addingham. Addingham is full of many Whitaker families.

    Joseph Whitaker (b c. 1773) a weaver of Moorside married 1800 Sarah Smith
    Their children were William b 1801, Joseph b 1803, Mary b 1805, Ann b 1809, David b 1811, and Elizabeth b 1813

    David Whitaker was a weaver married 1830 Hannah Brown
    Their children were Sarah b1831, John b1832, Elizabeth b1838, Margaret b1841, Thomas b1842, Jane b1846, Robert b1848, David b1850, William b1853

    Robert was a fancy weaver he married Ellen Selby
    Their children were Margaret b1870, Thomas b1873, Robert b1874 a silk mill worker, Charlotte b1877, Hannah b1880

    Robert Whitaker married Martha Taylor from Chorley
    Robert and Martha's children were Wilfred,
    Walter b1899 served in the Northumberland Fusiliers he was born Addingham, Edward b1903 in Barnsley, Mary b1907, Arthur, and Robert b1908

    Walter Whitaker married Florence Betton b1901
    Their children were Walter b1920, Doreen b1923, Elijah b1922, Mabel b1930, William, Pauline b1940
    Doreen Whitaker married 1946 Thomas Henry Potter
    these are my parents

    Robert and Martha are buried in Pensilva, Cornwall.

    CLICK HERE to view the WHITAKER Family Tree

    Can you give any further information ?
    Nic Wilson of Wharfgen had lots of earlier information but I have lost track of his website.

    My information is sketchy ( but is getting better thanks to information from J Davies who has an old family tree) and is mainly based on a newspaper report from the Barnsley Chronicle about George who died in a mining accident in 1935
    Ironbridge, Salop and Wolstanton Staffordshire
    James Betton, who was born in Ironbridge, Salop in 1798, married Elizabeth Gibson
    According to the IGI they were married in Wolstanton on 4 Nov 1822
    They had 6 children who were born in Audley and afterwards Chesterton and Wolstanton :-
    Thomas born 1823, John born 1825, James born 1828, George born 1830, Martha born 1833 and Enoch born 1836

    Their third child,James Betton, a miner, married Caroline Handley from Tunstall.
    Their son, George James Betton was born 15th March 1869, in London Road Chesterton,
    near Wolstanton, near Newcastle under Lyme

    George James Betton married 1893 Mabel Elizabeth Whewall.

    Their children were George Betton Whewall b1893 d1936, Elsie, Jim, Florence Betton b1901

    George Betton Whewall married Emma Palmer their children were Ernest, Winnie, May, Joyce, James
    George Betton Whewall was killed in a mining explosion at North Gawber coal mine 13th Sep 1935.

    Florence Betton married Walter Whitaker
    See the Whitaker family

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    CLICK HERE to view the BETTON Family Tree - 3 of 3
    CLICK HERE to view the WHEWALL Family Tree
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