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Historic Pittsburgh
Go to the Text Collection. Put "McKeesport" in the search engine.

The Early History of McKeesport, Pa

Detailed History of McKeesport, Pa

Genealogy and Biographies of Early McKeesporters

Pictures and Biographies of Prominent Early McKeesporters

Pictures of Life in 1900s - Western Pa.

Wilkinson - Topley Family (Site has Duquesne Times and McKeesport Daily News Clippings plus a lot more)

Old Pictures Belonging to McKeesporters

Judy Russell

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Maps of McKeesport, Pa

Old & New Pictures of McKeesport, Pa

Pictures of Pittsburgh Flood - 1972

Mon Valley - Pittsburgh Pictures

Do You Remember Any Of These Items? (NEW)


OK, good news: The PAMCKEESPORT mailing list is ready to roll. The list was created for anyone that has any kind of interest in McKeesport, Pa. You may use the list to find people you knew at one time and lost track of them, to share stories, little known facts about McKeesport or anything pertaining to McKeesport. Briefly (very), people can subscribe to the list in mail mode by sending a message to that contains the word


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McKeesport Aerial
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