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These photos are from the 1994 Calendar. It was the McKeesport Hospital's Centennial Calendar. Thanks Kathy!!

City dignitaries gathered together on a rainy Saturday in October 1891 to formally lay the cornerstone for McKeesport Hospital. The ceremony was held on what was then known as Evans Street (now Evans Avenue)

It's 5:30 p.m. at the Center Street crossing and workers are leaving the National Tube Works after a hard day of work. They are met on the other side of the train tracks by family members. - 1914

Making the rounds in a horse drawn dairy truck through downtown McKeesport is the Menzie Dairy Company. The dairy was located at 1905 Riverview Avenue.

An undeveloped Walnut Street between 15th Street Bridge and Christy Park Mill. In that day, forms of transportation mainly consisted of: horse and buggy, cable car, train and boat.

At the National Bank of McKeesport, customers attend to their banking needs. The bank was located at Fifth Avenue and Sinclair Street in downtown McKeesport. - 1920

Jenny Lind Street, 1894. On a typical day, a cable car travels down this residential street in McKeesport.

McKeesport's Fire Station No. 2, located on Evans Avenue, proudly displays its fire fighting equipment drawn by horses - 1900

Passengers of the Pittsburgh & Elizabeth Daily Express Packet, eagerly board the riverboat named "Elizabeth" while family members watch. This vessel provided access to Pittsburgh and neighboring towns by traveling up and down the river. - 1890

A busy day on the corner of Market Street and Fifth Avenue, this photograph was taken from where the McKeesport Elks Lodge is currently located. - 1900

This is one of two free kindergartens established in 1907. The schools were located in the Fifth Avenue Public School building and in the gymnasium of the Christian Church at Jenny Lind St. and Penney Ave. The schools were known to have large enrollments and a waiting list. - 1910

Located next to the Old Main is the entrance to the McKeesport and Versailles Cemetary. This final resting ground was established in 1890 and the entrance (minus the house on the left) remains virtually the same today. - 1894

This youth play contained a cast of nearly 70. The stage production was performed in the Memorial Theater located on Fifth Avenue. - 1910

Constructed on land that was purchased for one dollar, Old Main was McKeesport Hospital's original building. The first patient was brought in for treatment in April 1894, after being kicked by a mule.

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